tagLetters & TranscriptsMy Dearest Betty

My Dearest Betty


My Dearest Betty,

I write these words tongue in cheek, as you know I hate you and I know you hate me. After your malicious lies got me fired, I have been plotting revenge and now I feel I have it.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you I have been fucking your husband. Not only fucking him but also using him for my pleasures and debasing him into deeper humiliation every week. As soon as he enters my house, he must take his clothes off first then bow down and kiss my feet. I always make him beg to kiss my pussy and I love to allow him to lick me for hours as I spend my time reading a good book and enjoying a glass of wine. After tiring of him licking me I make him kiss my ass, then to stick his tongue inside me as I spread my cheeks apart for him.

He also has bathroom duty, for the pleasure of watching me pee; he has to lick me clean afterwards. He enjoys this so much I have been thinking of just pissing in his face to see how fast he can swallow. I just love sending him home to you with my scent all over his face, first my juices then my piss. I always think that every time you kiss him on the lips you taste my piss.

Betty, do you have any idea how big a dildo your husband can take up his ass? I love to make him beg me to let him suck my big black strap on before I fuck him with it. My favorite position is he on his back with his legs over his head; I just love watching his face contort with pain as he takes my plastic cock. I like to tell him my fake cock feels more like a real one than his pathetic little boy's dickie. I rub his cock in time with my assault on his rectum and when he cums on his belly I tab it on his lips with my finger.

Your husband tells me he was your first man but I still cannot figure how you would fuck a man with such a tiny cock. I only reason I have done it was to show him what good pussy really feels like. Maybe I should send my boyfriend over to fuck you so you could see what you have missed by accepting a man with a boy's dick to try to satisfy you. I always make him clean his filthy seed out by sitting on his face, oh yeah; I make him clean my boyfriend's spunk too. He seems to enjoy this most as I sit on his face rubbing my messy cunt all over him I always belittle him and call him my little cum sucker. I tell him he is tasting cum from a real man's cock.

Your husband is truly my slave and I'm thinking of getting him tattooed just to prove it. Would you like that Betty, would you like to see you husband with 'property of Victoria' tattooed on his ass? Well, maybe not, I'm sure I will be bored with him soon enough and I won't want him around here begging me to take him back.

If you are wondering why your husband hasn't wanted to make love it is because I have put him in a cock cage. Go ahead make him pull his pants down, first thing you'll see is probability my dirty panties he always begs me to allow him to wear them. The next surprise is his cock cage he has been wearing it for two weeks now, I think it looks cute. If you're wondering about the key, I wear it on a necklace and I always make him kiss it before I release him. Isn't it amazing that you are living with a man and don't even know that his manhood is locked up and the only way he can be released is with the key around your biggest enemy's neck? I just love this, he always begs me to let him out to go home, he is so afraid you'll find out and you don't even have a clue. I guess you don't enjoy sleeping him any more than I do or you would have known about his little cage.

I have waited this long to write this letter simply because I have enjoyed abusing you pathetic wimp of a husband. I have wanted to see how much he would take before he would say no but I guess when in front of a real woman there isn't anything he would say no to.

I sincerely hope this letter has ruined your life,


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