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My Delicious Little Witch


(Author's Note: A big thank-you to everyone who read and voted on my first, and only, other story, Sweet Young Stephanie. I got lots of private messages and I am very happy that so many of you enjoyed the story. This is a straight tale, a little different than the other one, but hopefully just as hot. Be warned, it gets pretty steamy. If you like it, please take a moment to vote. Enjoy!)


It was a few days before Halloween in the mellow city of Olympia, Washington and I was trying to decide where to take my sister's kids for the upcoming holiday weekend. As a single mom, she counted on me to help out on holidays, especially since she often worked nights while I had a flexible schedule since I ran my own electrical contracting business. We would go kayaking, or roller skating, or to the movies. I think they felt Mom was a stick-in-the-mud, but Uncle Dave was the cool one. And I could always take them right back home if they got sassy.

Anyway, I was looking for something to do on the upcoming fright night, which is how I ended up in the parking lot of a haunted house. It was actually an abandoned K-Mart, empty and out of business for over a year. Some clever real estate agent must have realized that it was better to make a few weeks lease money than just let the place sit empty. The signs had been up for almost a month: Giant Haunted House. World's Scariest Warehouse of Doom. Biggest Cavern of Terror in Washington.

Sounded like a bunch of marketing hooey but the billboards, corner signs, radio spots, and ads in the local paper were hard to miss. No doubt it was the largest haunted house in the area. In any case, I thought it might be a good place to take my niece and nephew so I stopped by to take a look. It was late Thursday afternoon, one day before the holiday weekend, and the parking lot was almost empty.

I walked through the main entrance into the foyer where they used to keep the shopping carts. About the size of a single-car garage, the walls were all glass but had been covered with black paper so no one could see into the main space. A life-size Frankenstein monster roared and reached for me as I went past, obviously some kind of automated thing. Paper skeletons hung on the walls and the light came from several lamps made from fake human bones. At least I hoped they were fake.

But the four cute girls sitting behind the ticket table were definitely real. I was suddenly glad I'd made the stop. They were all leaning together and whispering furiously, nodding and sneaking looks at me. Apparently they reached some sort of decision because they all sat up straight again and looked me up and down. It was only fair that I return the favor.

A more delicious quartet would be hard to imagine, though I could only see them to the waist. A voluptuous blond with massive tits wore an I-Dream-of-Jeannie outfit, in a push-up halter top with sheer sleeves and a conical Genie hat. Next to her sat a sexy zombie chick, with long auburn hair and a face like Taylor Swift, wearing a tight-fitting white dress with rips strategically place to reveal her lacy pink bra and firm young breasts. She had a few blood stains on her dress but she must have been recently killed since she looked quite fresh. Beside her was an dark-haired Hispanic girl in one of the outfits from the original Star Trek series: blue skin-tight top cut much lower than I remembered, with an upside-down V insignia to one side of the plunging neckline.

Finally there was a saucy little witch. With long, ebony hair, she wore a silky black bustier that pushed her medium-sized breasts defiantly skyward, and fishnet armlets that stretched from wrist to mid-bicep, with loops over the middle finger of each hand to keep them in place. She was a petite thing, shorter than the others, with narrow shoulders and pale skin. Her luminous green eyes, high cheekbones, pointed chin, and pouting lips made her look almost elfin. She would have made an awesome hottie elf chick from Lord of the Rings. My gaze lingered on her longer than the others. She had a wry smile, like she knew something I didn't.

"Hi," she said. "Just one?"

"Well, I'm really just checking it out for now," I said, letting my eyes drift down to her tits and back up again. "I'm thinking about bringing my niece and nephew here tomorrow. Their mom doesn't want 'em to see anything too scary though. Is there a lot of gore?"

The girls again looked at each other as if communicating telepathically. The witch nodded.

Rising from her chair, she said, "Want to take a look?"

Since it was Halloween and she was in costume, I figured I could get away with ogling her in a way I would never do under other circumstances. "Absolutely," I said with another look at her tits.

With a backward glance and a half-smile for her friends, she sashayed toward a door marked with a leering human skull and the words, "Enter If You Dare". She walked through and I followed.

The view of her backside was, if anything, even more delicious than her front. Her bustier plunged to the small of her back, where it laced closed. A ragged-hem skirt that stopped at mid-thigh clung to her high, tight ass. I thought her hair might be a wig but I wasn't sure. Though she couldn't have been more than five foot three, she was high-waisted and her long, lean legs were encased in netting hose that matched her armlets. Ankle-high boots with three-inch heels finished the outfit. The only things on her tight young body that weren't black were the silver necklaces at her throat and the rings on her fingers.

I happily followed her through the paper-covered door and into the giant space of the store itself. They had replaced all the overhead florescent lights with black lights and the whole place was laid out like a maze. The ceiling was maybe twenty feet high but with the only light coming from the purple UV lights, it seemed much higher.

After admiring her pert ass again, I sped up to walk beside her through a creepy graveyard. A rusty wrought-iron fence separated the path from the graves. Tombstones and a mausoleum lay to either side and hidden fog machines pumped acrid-smelling smoke across the floor. Horror sound effects echoed in the vast room: women screaming, a cackling madman's laugh, monster's roars, and squealing bats. A robot ghoul popped up from behind a bush, making me jump. The witch giggled.

"There are two routes through here," she said as we rounded a corner and stopped at a "T" intersection made of what looked like office partitions. Pointing left she said, "That way is for the younger kids. It's pretty tame."

"And the other?" I asked, pointing to the right.

She strolled that way, taking me through a mad scientist's lab, a woodland scene with some sort of shambling beast, and a Gothic living room complete with murdered family. We chatted a little. I didn't really care about the haunted house anymore, I was just happy to be in the company of such a ravishing girl.

When we stopped in front of the Inquisition torture chamber, I looked at her approvingly and said, "That's a really great costume."

She gave a shy smile but kept her gaze on me. "You think so?"

She had to know how delicious her taut little body looked in the clinging skirt, push-up bustier, and spider-web netting. And those big green eyes, both innocent and worldly at the same time. My dick, already half-hard, inflated further and I had to fight the urge to push it to a more comfortable position.

"Oh yes," I replied with a smile. "You are the sexiest witch I've ever seen."

Now, I'm a reasonably good-looking guy but I was probably twice her age, so I figured she'd make some polite evasion and escort me to the exit as quickly as she could. Instead she took my hand. It was almost like an electric shock, this unexpected gesture of openness. With another shy smile she said, "You looked at me the longest."


"When you came in," she explained. "You looked at me the longest."

Without even thinking I blurted out the obvious reply. "Well, you're the most beautiful."

She frowned as if not believing me. "I don't know. Amanda is pretty hot. All the boys want her."

I didn't know which one Amanda was and I didn't care. "No way," I said firmly. "You are the fairest of them all."

"That's Sleeping Beauty, silly. I'm a witch."

"Still..." I trailed off. Surely this is just teenage flirting, right? There's no way she actually wants this to go anywhere. But the way her pale skin turned a dusky gray under the UV lights, combined with her jutting breasts and the sexy netting on her arms and legs pushed aside my logic and reason. If I had even the tiniest chance to kiss this gorgeous creature, I would take it. She still held my hand so I pulled her gently toward me.

She looked up at me and stepped closer. Her tits almost brushed my chest. I didn't need any more invitation than that.

Cupping her angelic face with my free hand, I tipped her head up and kissed her full lips. Her mouth opened easily and our tongues met, tangling as we made out like high school lovers. She moaned a little bit and I took the opportunity to slide my hands around her slender waist. She reached up and draped her wrists over my shoulders.

My cock was hard as a pipe and I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. After another minute of increasingly passionate kissing I thought I'd see just how far I could get, so I slipped my hands down and gently squeezed her firm ass. She made soft "mmmm, mmmm," sounds and ground her hips against mine. She seemed really into it. Who was I to argue?

I slid my right leg between her knees. She must have gotten the hint because she spread her legs and pushed her crotch against my thigh, though her skirt was still in between. The kissing went on, both of us breathing heavier, lips locked and tongues snaking together. She was a great kisser and I sensed she wanted more.

Throwing caution to the wind, I pulled her skirt up so her panty-cover pussy rubbed on my thigh. I reached around and kneaded her wonderfully firm ass with both hands and moved my leg up and down against her mound. She kissed harder and shamelessly humped my thigh. This was getting really hot and I wondered if someone might walk into the exhibit at any time. She didn't seem to care so I didn't either.

Suddenly she clutched my head with both hands as if wanting to make sure I couldn't get away. Her kisses grew more frantic and I felt her tiny body tense up.

"Mmmm," she mumbled into my mouth. "Oh yeah. Mmmmm."

She started to vibrate and her thighs clamped on my leg. She pressed her lips to mine almost painfully, cramming her tongue into my mouth and grinding her pussy against me. Her spasms got closer together until every muscle locked up. She just stood there, squeezing me with all her strength and making little gasping moans against my lips.

She clung to me like that for maybe thirty seconds. I held her tight, feeling what could only be an orgasm wracking her small body. My cock was ready to explode.

Then, just as suddenly, she relaxed. She looked down, unwilling to meet my eyes, and stepped away. She tugged her skirt back into place but wouldn't look at me.

"Did you just have a...?" I started to ask.

She nodded. "I'm really sensitive," she said, sounding ashamed as she studied the floor.

I reached for her delicate chin and pointed her pixie face up at me. Giving her my best smile, I said, "That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"Really?" she asked.

I could barely look at those big, innocent eyes without cumming right in my pants. "Oh yes," I said, "Is there somewhere more private we can go?"

She gave a half-smile that seemed like a cross between lust and trepidation. Taking my hand, she guided me through the torture room, between tables covered with horrible instruments, past an iron maiden and a withered body hanging from chains on the wall. She pulled aside some black fabric to reveal a door at the back of the display. Opening it, she stepped into a short hallway with several more doors on either side. Must be the old K-Mart dressing rooms, I guessed.

She peeked inside one and I saw a bunch of boxes before she closed it and moved on. The next one was apparently empty because she said, "In here."

The whole thing felt surreal. For some reason this naughty witch was leading me into a very private dressing room. Must be my lucky day, or maybe Halloween just brings out the devil in some girls. Or the witch, I suppose. I stepped inside after her, closed the door, and locked it.

It was a typical changing room: about six feet square, with a built-in bench along one wall, a full-length mirror on the next, and a bunch of clothes hooks on the third. Cheap linoleum floor. It had no ceiling but the walls were about ten feet tall and the rows of black lights high above cast an eerie purple glow over everything. It was dim, but still plenty of light to admire her young body. Her skin was a light gray in the UV light, smooth and flawless. My skin was gray too, but darker than hers. The only things in the room were a pile of blue workshop paper towels, a squirt bottle of cleaner, and a stack of neatly folded cloth towels glowing white on the bench.

I pulled her close and caressed the back of her neck as I kissed her again. It had been so many years since I'd tasted innocence, I had given up on ever doing it again. Her sweet, floral taste plus the tentative movements of her young body brought back memories of when I was much younger. Even if I got no further than kissing her, I had already had the best night in a long time.

She gave her tongue to me enthusiastically. My lips traced her cheeks, then her slender neck, before kissing and licking at her ear. She gasped a little as I drew my tongue through the folds of her ear, then lightly probed its opening. I massaged her taut ass again and kissed her neck some more. She smiled and made little "mmmm," sounds, and ran her hands down my side, then squeezed my butt.

She finally worked up the nerve to rub my crotch. Her hand stroked my rock-hard dick through my jeans and I knew it wouldn't take much to bring me off. I didn't want to embarrass myself so I tried to ignore her touch and concentrate on licking her neck and rubbing her ass. She squeezed harder and rubbed more enthusiastically. I couldn't take much more.

Stepping back, I made eye contact and slipped my fingers into the elastic waist of her skirt. I dropped to my knees, starting to pull her skirt down with me. She gave me a panicked look.

"I don't know..." she stammered.

Thinking I had pushed it too far, I stood back up. "We can do whatever you want," I said, my hands on her waist now, "but you are so damn sexy. I really want to lick you."

"I know...it's just..." and she looked away with embarrassment.

"What is it, baby? Don't you like that?" I asked, unsure what was bothering her.

"I want you to, I really do," she said, at least looking at me now. "You're really sweet. I bet you do it good."

I've always considered myself quite talented at eating pussy. I love doing it and truly enjoy hearing and feeling a woman climax from my attention. I said, "You'll never forget it, I promise. But what's bothering you?"

She again glanced away and said, "I get a little messy. You know...down there."

Holy crap, she's a squirter! I stroked her cheek and said, "God, that is so hot. Anything you do down there is great with me." I again sank to my knees and looked up at her angelic face.

"Okay," she breathed, as if crossing a bridge she'd never crossed before.

I tugged her clinging skirt down over her slender hips. Underneath she wore only thigh-high hose and white cotton panties. The panties fluoresced in the black light, glowing a brilliant neon white. This only made the moisture more obvious. The entire crotch was soaked with a dark stain, almost as if she'd peed herself. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on her dripping slit.

She put one hand on my shoulder and stepped out of the skirt, and I tossed it on the bench. A musky smell drifted to me, unmistakably the sweet aroma of pussy. I patted the bench and said, "Put your foot up here."

She hesitated but then raised her knee and rested a boot on the bench. The smell was stronger and I could see her inner thighs were coated by a glistening liquid. I reached around to rub her ass and brought my face to her crotch. She started to pull away, no doubt self conscious about her extra-moist pussy, but I pulled her closer and licked between her legs. Right up the middle, starting where I knew her hole was, up over her clit, and back again. Moaning, she stopped trying to escape.

A few more passes and she was mine.

My tongue traced the shape of her labia through the wet cotton, which got wetter with each passing minute from both her juice and my saliva. I mapped the contours of her sweet mounds, probing into her folds to tease her bulging clit. Moaning again, she made more of those tantalizing "mmmm, mmmm" sounds. Her raised leg gave me perfect access. My hands stroked the coarse fishnet on her firm thighs, then around to her ass again.

Even though my knees ached from the hard linoleum and the air echoed with the sounds of howling werewolves and shrieking women, I was in heaven. Every minute or two a chainsaw roared to life. Her moans picked up and I was glad for the piped-in sound effects.

"Ah, yeah," she said, grinding against my face. "Oh that's good."

Based on her last orgasm I thought she might be getting close already. My aching knees demanded that I move, so I flopped on my butt and sat cross-legged on the dusty floor. I slid both index fingers under her panties, careful not to pull her pubes, and tugged them aside. My left finger held them away as my right gently explored the shiny folds of her young pussy. I took a moment to admire it.

She had almost no lips but her swollen clitoris thrust out from her pubic bone, demanding attention. The soft mounds around her opening were shaved smooth. A triangle of neatly trimmed hair perched modestly above her throbbing clit. Though it was hard to tell in the weird light, her pubes seemed almost rust colored. Was my witch really a redhead?

Stroking her moist opening with a fingertip, I lightly drew my tongue across her engorged clitoris.

"Oh, oh, oh," she whispered. "Oh yes."

Her fingers tangled in my hair and she pulled me closer. I knew just what she needed. My finger probed at her hole, remarkably tight in spite of her wetness. Giving slow, languid slurps, I circled her pulsing clitoris with my tongue. I could feel its warmth, hotter than my own body temperature. Under normal lighting her clit would be beet red, I was sure. Her moans increased as I lavished attention on her tiny girl cock-head.

Pushing gently, I managed to slip the first joint of my index finger into her hole.

"Ah," she exclaimed, tensing up like I was trying to stick my whole hand in.

She felt tight as a virgin. Hell, maybe she was. I withdrew my finger and slid it up and down her inner thighs, partially to relax her and partially to coat it with her juice. The delicious curves where her taut legs merged into her crotch shined with a slippery fluid I could only compare to my own pre-cum. A single drop trickled down her standing leg, slow as honey. Sticky proof her her growing pleasure.

I again moved my finger to her opening.

"It's okay," she whispered.

Pushing, the first joint of my finger slid inside. She gave a low groan. I licked a bit faster, slurping her clit like a lollipop, but lightly. Too much pressure and she might lose her orgasm.

Women's cums are more ethereal than men's. Just work my shaft and suck my cock-head and you'll get a mouthful of sperm every time. But chicks are different. A distraction, guilt, an excess of pleasure, or even a stray thought and it could vanish like smoke in the wind. I worked to stay in tune with her young body, going harder when she pressed her pussy into my face, backing off when she pulled away. It didn't help that the crotch of her panties kept interfering with my tongue.

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