tagNonHumanMy Demon Lovers

My Demon Lovers


“Maybe in order to get the preternatural world to leave me alone…I should stop sleeping with half of it.”


Oops. My internal dialogue must be broken. I grinned at the gorgeous pair sitting across from me and shrugged. “Nothing, guys. I’m just sorta tired. And possibly drunk.”

Twins! They were twins! Wait, is this internal? Checking…yes. Okay, these guys were twins--freaking gorgeous twins! And yes, they were supernatural twins, although I wasn’t quite sure what sort of supernatural race I was looking at here. Both had fine, shoulder-length hair that tried to be silver and white at the same time, both were very sharp-featured, and both had horns. What was it with horned guys and me lately? They were twisted horns that curled back over their heads and almost as white as their hair.

I just wanted to stroke them.

Both were on the slender side--slender, not skinny. With those sharp features, it also made them appear extremely androgynous. Wait, now that I was really looking at them, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. Their nails were rather longer than most men wear them, and perfectly manicured. Their mouths were soft and almost effeminate, and I couldn’t tell if those red lips were natural or lipstick. Their lashes were dark with either natural coloring or mascara, and was that eyeliner?

Not that I’m all that picky about gender, mind you. There was this elf girl once…

Right, getting distracted now.

Both were wearing fishnet shirts, leather pants and buckled, steel-and-leather boots. Part of their hair was pulled back and knotted on the back of their heads, held in place with singular silver chopsticks. One had a silver hoop in his left ear; the other had one in his right. Both were drinking snakebites (half cider and half lager), and both were grinning quite charmingly at me…

…with really, really sharp fangs.

Okay, vampires don’t have horns…so what did that leave?

“Demons?” I asked curiously, pointing at them both.

They glanced at each other, smiling.

“She has good eyes,” said the one on the left.

“And good knowledge,” said the other.

“And belief.”

“And spectacular breasts.”

Demon Left blinked at Demon Right, who shrugged and grinned sheepishly. “Well, she does.”

I giggled into my Coke and rum. “Aww, you’re just saying that to get me into bed.”

They looked at each other, then at me. “Did it work?”

Ah, unison. And I was so damn drunk. Twin demon guys were speaking in unison at me. Sexy twin demon guys. And I was so damn drunk. I jerked a thumb over my shoulder.

“I live about three blocks away,” I announced carefully, trying not to slur my words. “’f you can get me home, you can stay the night and do wicked, naughty things to me.”

“Including your breasts?” Demon Right asked hopefully.


They looked at each other again, grinning hugely. “All riiiiiight!”

Demons can move really fast--really fast. The minute they got me outside and figured out where my apartment was, I got hoisted onto one of their backs and we were off! Over the river and through the woods, to Briar Rose’s loft we went. Okay, that’s never going to be a song, but you get the idea.

They let me make about three passes at the lock before Demon Left took the key away and unlocked the door for me. Demon Right slung me over his shoulder and as soon as Left opened the door, both were rushing for the loft and my bed. I just giggled and grabbed Right’s ass through his pants, getting a startled noise for my efforts.

“She’s playful,” Right commented to his brother.

“We like them playful,” Left replied.

The world spun and I found myself bouncing on my bed and watching as the boys stripped down to bare skin. What made it even better was that they had to help each other get out of the boots, and they were doing it at the same time. Why was that so damn sexy? Because it was. One peeled the other out of his shirt, and then the other did the same for his brother. They helped each other out of their pants, the leather so tight on their legs it was like watching someone being skinned. I propped myself on my side and just watched them, trying not to visibly drool.

Ohhh, yes. They were male. They straightened and preened for me, letting me get a good look at each lovely, naked detail. They weren’t exactly... proportionate, but I don’t mean that in the bad way, mind you. They were hard and ready for me, and I wasn’t even undressed yet.

I plucked at my shirt and pouted. “Clothes...”

“Do let us help,” they purred.

Ooo, unison again. So sexy.

They crawled onto the bed, Left sliding behind me while Right kneeled in front. I felt myself behind pulled up from behind, and quick fingers slid under the hem of my shirt and drew those long nails lightly over my skin. I shuddered and bit my lip, holding back the whimper as my belly jerked under the teasing touch. Right grabbed the shirt and pulled it quickly over my head while Left’s hands left my stomach and slid up my back, working the clasp of my bra. As soon as it was undone, Right grabbed the front of it and peeled it away, tossing it over his shoulder and sighing happily as he stared at my free breasts.

“Oh, I knew they would be beautiful,” he said, raking his nails lightly over the nipples. I suddenly had an idea why they had them long. I squirmed and squeaked, then squeaked again as Left leaned forward behind me and bit my shoulder gently. I felt the press of those sharp fangs and shut my eyes, pressing back against him. I felt another set of fangs press into the flesh of one breast as Right slid his mouth over it, hand cupping the other almost painfully.

Here’s a great thing about big breasts. They aren’t as sensitive as smaller ones, so they can take a lot more damage--or so I’ve found. Okay, mine can. I like rough tit treatment. Right bit a little harder, squeezed a little harder, and there was no way I was stopping the happy gasp tearing its way out of my throat.

“Oh, stop holding back,” Left chastised, breath hot against my ear. “It’s no good if you don’t sing for us.”

“But it’s not good to encourage demons too much,” I replied breathlessly. “Sometimes you forget when to stop.”

“Oh, but darling,” Right cooed, lifting his mouth from my breast. “Don’t you trust us?”

“Like pretty horned cobras.”

Right’s head dipped as Left pulled me further back, tongue licking a long, wet line down my stomach. He rolled his eyes up at me, grinning wickedly. “Maybe you’ll change your mind.”

“Or better yet, maybe you won’t.” Left licked the back of my neck like some lazy great cat. “Maybe we’ll make you cry out and beg even though every instinct cries against it.”

I shut my eyes tightly, clamping my lips against the whimper. “I ain’t that drunk. And getting less drunk by the minute.”

“Want us to stop?” Right asked wickedly against my skin. The whisper of his lips against my stomach caused several internal things to flutter wildly.

“I won’t--ah!--dignify that with an answer.”

Hands dropped to my waist as Right pulled away, sitting lazily on his heels as he watched his brother unbutton and push down my jeans. He slipped off my shoes, then grabbed the hems of the legs and yanked, sending me flying backwards against Left as my legs and ass left the bed. The jeans disappeared somewhere over the edge of the loft at the same time Left’s fingers disappeared under the edge of my panties.

Nails...on...clit. Shit! My head pressed against his shoulder as I arched, hands clutching at his arm to either hold him there or pull him away. Maybe I was just looking for balance. All I knew was that I was making my first loud cry of what was starting to look like a long, promising night.

“Responsive,” Left purred, curling his hand around my breast while his fingers moved under the scrap of satin.

Right pushed my legs apart and ran his tongue over my inner thigh. “And sweet. Perhaps we should keep her.”

“.... excuse me?”

“Tonight will tell,” Left said thoughtfully. “All we’ve done is taste.”

Right grabbed the crotch of the panties and yanked them down, and I watched them flutter onto the potted plant in the corner. Red against green--how festive. And then a wet tongue was curling against my clit, Left’s fingers leaving it open and vulnerable to his brother’s attack. I wiggled and squirmed and made little noises as Left’s fingers slid between my folds and spread them back, giving Right unhindered access to now exposed depths.

Panting, panting, riding his tongue and-oh! Fingers now, fingers sliding in to join the questing tongue, sliding in and out. Higher brain functions were completely gone at this point. I mindless thrust against his tongue and fingers, feeling the familiar tingle of orgasm spreading across my stomach and all the way up to my scalp. I was so close, so close, so...

They dropped me, both sliding away with predatory grins as it dawned on me that they weren’t touching me anyway. I twisted onto my stomach, making a little mewling sound as I reached for Right, but he ignored me and held up two fingers wet and glistening from my arousal.

“A tassssssste,” Left hissed, leaning forward and wrapping his tongue around Right’s fingers. “Oh. Oh yes. Sweet indeed.”

A hand rubbed up along the back of my leg, pausing in its ascent to squeeze the curve of my ass. “Sweet little human. Did we leave you in a bad place?”

“Fuck yes,” I snarled, glaring at him over my shoulder. “I know demons are supposed to be evil, but that’s just wrong.”

A broad, hard expanse of thigh slid into my view, and I looked up and found myself staring face-to-cock with Right’s arousal. “Hey, careful with that. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, you know.”

“I want your mouth, sweetness,” Right said darkly, running his thumb over my lips. “I want to feel it warm and wet around me.”

I propped myself up on one elbow, running my palm against his cock. Hot and smooth and hard--I could feel the thrum of his pulse beating against my skin. I flicked my tongue in a quick flash across his slit--and felt a tongue mirroring my own as it licked just as quickly across my clit. Startled, I looked back over my shoulder and found Left settled between my legs (and when had he done that?), and he was grinning like the cat that had the cream.

Alright, drunk and horny is a bad combination. It can lead to horrible punning.

He leaned forward again, tongue snaking out to lap at the wetness that had my pussy absolutely soaked at this point. If his tongue hit my clit, it was accident more than premeditation. Both had a fascination with my taste.

Oh God, what was it with me and creatures that wanted to eat me?

“Sweeeeeeetness,” Right sang, touching his fingers to my cheek to bring me back to him. “Lips and tongue, sweetness. Show me your power.”

I touched my tongue to the tip of his cock, distracted by Left’s rapidly aggressive attack on my pussy. His hands were gripping my hips, fingers digging in until I knew I’d have bruises, mouth pressing harder against me and tongue sliding deeper--

Right moved, slipping his cock between my lips while I was curling my fingers into the sheets at the little twinges starting to pop under my skin. At that point, autoslut kicked in. While my mind was happily occupied with Left’s lower attentions, my mouth gave the hard length the attention it so definitely deserved.

It was--ahem--harder than I thought. Left really had me distracted. I found myself pulling on his cock with a strong suction that mimicked Left’s tongue between my legs. We found a rhythm, his hands on my hips rocking me back and forth as I sucked. I wrapped an arm around Right’s waist for balance, and slipped my free hand between his legs to cup his heavy balls in my palm. I stroked the soft skin with my thumb, also matching the rhythm, and Right was rocking slightly against me, and the rhythm caught me and held me in its grasp until even the little waves rushing over my skin were flowing to it.

And just as the waves started to break, the bastards moved off the bed in perfect unison.

I screamed in frustration, curling into a little ball amid the sheets, hugging myself tightly as the denied climax racked my body with throbbing pain.

“So is this how it works?” I demanded through gritted teeth. “You tease and tease until I sell my soul for a good fuck?!”

“We’re not in the market for souls at the moment,” said Right somewhere near the foot of the bed. “No actual value to us. We’re not hellspawn, you see.”

“And don’t worry, sweetness,” said Left. “We won’t leave you wanting.”

“Yeah?” I asked, teeth bared in a pissed off snarl. “Well, if you don’t put an end to the wanting quick, I’m going to find a banishing spell and finish myself off with a vibrator. I don’t like to be teased.”

“Aw, that’s not nice. And here we’ve been so nice.”

“We could be much worse, you know.”

“We could show you what we really look like.”

I rolled my eyes. Talk, talk, talk. They were so fond of the sounds of their voices, weren’t they? I flipped over onto my stomach and leveled a glare at them.

“Look, either stop yappin’ or start fappin’, ‘cause my patience is worn out.”

Right let out a delighted little howl of laughter and leaned down, catching my mouth in a fierce, possessive kiss. I could taste myself inside of his and sent my tongue on a quest for every little last bit of it. He made a pleased growling sound and got back onto the bed, pulling me up and anchoring me against his chest without missing a beat of his lips’ rhythm. I grabbed his shoulders and gave as good as I got, and then I felt the other one behind me.

I felt one single exploratory nudge, and then he was fully inside me.

The noise that exploded out of me at the feeling was swallowed by Right’s mouth, as were the moans and the eager little whimpers. His fingers were digging into my shoulders, hurting, but it was a distant pain easily overridden by his twin’s cock pounding in to me. He was leaning up over my back, sharp teeth grazing the spot at the top of my back—and then he bit deep as his hips jerked in one last, hard thrust.

That little combination of pain and bliss, added to the fact that I’d been so close in the first place, sent me screaming over the edge as the climax hit me. But not a single decibel was heard as Right swallowed the noise greedily, as if my orgasm was the finest of ambrosia. And while I was still shuddering, still clinging to his mouth, I felt them both come: Left deep inside of me, and Right in a hot, nearly scalding wave against my stomach. Then he let go of me, and I slid limply down his chest, landing in a boneless mass across his lap, still quivering.

I hadn’t felt Left withdraw, but when Right slid out from under me and off the bed, the mattress shook with twin quakes. I laid my cheek on one arm and watched them dress, the sight just as delightful as watching them getting undressed had been.

“Leaving so soon?” I murmured drowsily.

“So sorry to fuck and run,” Right said, yanking on a boot.

“But we’ve got an interdimensional portal to catch in about fifteen minutes,” Left finished.

“Or else we’re stuck here for the next five years.”

“Ah.” I pushed myself up and touched the mess still on my stomach. “Fair enough. Well, next time you’re in the neighborhood, give me a ring. We can go drinking.”

“Or maybe just skip right to the good part?” Right asked.

“Maybe.” I grinned and ran a shaky hand though my hair, trying not to giggle. “Well, you two better get moving if you’re going to catch your, uh, portal.”

They both returned to the side of my bed and kissed me, both quite chaste compared to what we had been up to the past half hour. Right gave me a wink and clicked his tongue. “You really do have spectacular breasts, you know.”

I smiled drowsily, knowing I would be out cold before they made it out the front door. “Thank you.”

“Bit of a shame there’s only two.”

Somehow, I found the strength to rise up and smack him.

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