tagLoving WivesMy Dirty Little Wife Ch. 02

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 02


"Are you ready to watch some porn?"

"I am," I answered eagerly.

"Do you mind if we watch 'Corruption' again?"

This was going to be a great night. "Not at all."

It had already been a good night. My wife had done a little shopping at the Frederick's of Hollywood summer clearance sale, and her order had arrived earlier in the day. We had a few beers, and she had spent the last half an hour trying on her new outfits and modeling for me as I flipped through the digital music stations on the cable to give her a little beat to sashay to. She had ordered a new baby doll and chemise, and couple of pairs of crotchless panties, but had settled on a black lace and mesh teddy to wear right now. Her back was completely exposed, as the only material on the back of the teddy were a series of six straps that held the lingerie in place. I looked over at her D-cup breasts, and roamed my eyes down to the g-string covered crotch. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I kissed her deeply on the lips, and got up to put her favorite movie on.

We drank a couple of more beers as we watched the beginning of the movie, and talked a little about which scenes in particular were her favorites. She admitted they were the scenes where the heroine was dominated. I knew she liked the movie, but hearing her specific favorites was a turn on and very enlightening. I had a hard time watching the action on the screen, as enamored as I was by my wife's hot body and new outfit. She would seductively run her hands over her body, and gently stroke her nipples whenever she caught me looking at her rather than the film. I was stroking my cock through the thin material of my shorts, and had a raging hard on as we were sitting there.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "I want to see your ass in that outfit," I said. She took a sip of her beer, and dutifully got on her knees on the couch, leaning forward to place her elbows on the arm next to her. "That does make your ass look hot. And those straps across your back make it look like you are all tied up and ready to be used by me." She shook her ass back and forth, and continued to watch the movie in that position.

I reached out and ran my hands over both her cheeks. I gave her a couple of squeezes, increasing the pressure each time I grabbed a handful. I gave her a couple of playful whacks on her bottom, and I heard a little moan escape from her lips. I dropped my shorts and got on the couch behind her, one leg kneeling behind her, the other outstretched to the floor to give me support. I placed my cock in the valley between her ass cheeks, and she responded by pushing back on me. I grabbed my stiff prick, and gave her a couple of swats on her rear with it, and she moaned again. Still intently watching the action on the screen, she slipped a hand down from the arm and reached between her legs to rub her swollen pussy lips. I slid aside the strip of the thong covering her tight asshole, and spread her cheeks so I could get a better look at her wonderful treasure. Back to holding my cock, I gave her tender opening a series of about ten whacks, slamming the tip of my head against her exposed hole. She moaned louder and louder with each blow.

She spread her legs a little more, as much as the narrow couch would allow, and I ran my hand between her legs to meet her own. I then angled my hard cock to where she was rubbing, and was pleased to find that in moving the thong, I had also exposed her sensitive pussy lips. I thrust my prick forward, sliding the length of her opening. "Oh god yes," was the response I got. I continued rubbing all eight inches back and forth the length of her pussy lips, and inadvertently poked into her clit a few times. I could feel the excitement start to flow through the head of my cock like a bolt of electricity, and two more strokes brought me to the brink of an orgasm. Not ready to cum yet, I withdrew from her tender region, and gave my cock some breathing room. Her hand immediately replaced my cock working her pussy over, and I grabbed her cheeks again to expose her tight asshole. I spit on it, and watched as the droplet slowly slid down to moisten her pink hole. I spit a few more times, eliciting another series of moans, which were topped when I took my finger and started massaging the outside of her asshole, spreading my spit around the opening to her ass. I spit a few more times as she was masturbating before finally starting to press my finger into her tight opening.

"Yeah baby. That's it. That feels so fucking good," she said as I applied slow steady pressure to her asshole. I stood up from the couch and moved so my prick was now swinging free near her face. This also allowed me to get a little more pressure on her rosebud, and I managed to press my entire finger into her tight back door. She gasped in pleasure, and then started to push back, driving my finger deeper inside of her ass. I started to move my finger in and out, fucking her tight hole like I knew she needed, and I could hear her breathing get shallow and ragged. Her body tensed, and she held her breath, deep in the throes of passion. My finger buried as far as it would go, her hand furiously rubbing her clit, and then the exhale as the waves of pleasure swept over her entire body.

Moments after she recovered, I had grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her face towards my cock. She shifted her body so she was facing towards me, and grabbed my cock and started to rub it up and down. She held it steady, and placed my cock head into her mouth. As she sucked on just the head, she lightly stroked the shaft. She ran her tongue around the head, and then moved her hand to the base and licked up and down the length of my rigid cock. "That's it, you dirty little cock sucker. I want you to suck my cock, like a dirty slut should. I want you to swallow my prick down, and suck all of my juices out. You are such a good cocksucker. I want to cum in your mouth, and have your swallow me down."

With my hand still on the back of her head, I forced her to accept a little more of my cock than she was comfortable with, but she continued working my cock in and out of her mouth. She looked up into my eyes with a look of sheer, unmitigated lust. "That's right, cumslut, I know what you like. You like a nice stiff cock in your mouth, and a mouthful of sticky cum to swallow. Oh god, here it is slut. I'm cumming. Swallow my load. Oh god, yes." She had her lips sealed around my head, afraid that a precious drop of fluid would escape her lips, and she sucked greedily and I started pumping sperm into her mouth and down my throat. Her hand was still sliding up and down my shaft, and when I finally finished coming, she released me, and weak kneed I returned to my seat on the couch. I slid my shorts back on, and we settled in, realizing our exploits had only caused us to miss one scene in the movie.

We drank a couple more beers, smoked a couple of cigarettes, and watched a couple more scenes before she was ready to go up to the bedroom. She slid out of the teddy, and shook her magnificent breasts at me as she threw on the black tank top she had worn before the whole process started, and slid on a pair of black see though panties she had just received. They were hot: crotchless, and tied in the back by a series of chains. I watched her as she walked away from me, and up the stairs to get ready for the next round. I turned everything off, blew out the candles, and headed up minutes after her. By the time I made it to the bedroom, she was on her side, covers drawn tightly around her, pretending to be asleep.

We both knew I was too horny to let her sleep, and I know she wasn't fully satisfied yet. I decided to just jump into bed and ravish her. I climbed quickly under the covers and started pinching her nipples through the thin material of her shirt. I found they were already hard when I got to them, confirming my suspicions. I pulled the top up, exposing her breasts, and continue to twist her nipples hard while I kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. She moaned and writhed in the bed, and ground her new panties against my fully erect cock.

I turned her over so she was lying on her back, and moved my lips from her throat down to her breasts. I sucked hard on one nipple while pinching the other, and would give her a couple of quick nips with my teeth. I was starting to drive her wild and I knew it. "I'm not done with you slut. I'm going to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours. I'm going to use your hole to get me off, and you're going to like it. Are you ready for my cock?"

"Do whatever you want to me. Use my dirty little holes. I want you to fuck me." I grabbed both of her boobs in my hands, and gave them a good squeeze. I pinched her nipples and yanked them up until her back rose up off the mattress. I dove down between her legs, and spread open the two pieces of material framing her delicate pussy. I stuck out my tongue and jammed it into her already wet hole. I licked up and down her succulent lips, and gently sucked on her clit. "Oh baby, lick my pussy good. That's what I like. Eat my pussy. Make me come."

I grabbed her hands that had wandered down to spread her lips apart for me, and pinned them to her sides so she couldn't move them. She struggled a little bit, and I used that excuse to suck harder on her engorged clit, and I even gave it a gentle bite. I then released her hands, and raised myself up from her body, allowing her to move. She tried to sit up, but I placed a hand on her to keep her down on the bed. I moved closer to her head, and she knew what I wanted. She opened her mouth to accept me as I slid my cock in between her lips. I had already come in her mouth, and wanted come this time in her pussy, but it got me really hot forcing her to service me. I grabbed a handful of hair and tugged, causing her to gasp with my cock still in her mouth. She worked on it hard, sucking and sliding it all the way into her throat. I grabbed her hair again, a little harder this time, forcing her mouth open. I pulled my cock out, and lifted it, exposing my swollen balls to her face. Without me even having to tell her what to do, my horny little slut starting licking all over them, coating them with a layer of saliva. I forced my cock back into her mouth, and slid it an a few more times, before leaving her gasping, pleading "Please, I want more of your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you off and fell your cum going down my throat again. Please give me your cock to suck on."

I maintained my silence, and went back to between her legs. I started licking her again, at a slower pace. I spit on my middle finger, and maneuvered it between her ass cheeks. She spread her legs for me and gave me access to her partially stretched out asshole. I got my middle finger worked into her ass, and she started moving her hips sliding it in and out of herself. "Please put a finger in my pussy. Please. Oh god that feels good. Please finger my pussy too. I need another finger in me."

I slid my ring finger into her pussy, and started to really shove my fingers deep inside of her in a steady, harsh rhythm, sucking her clit the entire time. "Oh yeah, like this. Oh fuck, that feels good. I'm a dirty slut that needs both my holes filled. Oh god! Oh god!" He back lifted up off the bed, and she moaned in pleasure as I felt a surge of cum flow out of her pussy all over my hand. Her muscles clenched around my finger still buried inside of her, and her face contorted into a clench. She gasped again as her orgasm subsided, and I was able to pull out my fingers.

While her breath was still shallow and ragged, I stroked my cock, lubing it up with her copious amounts of cum. I pressed it at her entrance, and she started begging again. "Oh please, I need that hard cock in me. Make my pussy cum. Fuck it raw and hard. Fuck me like the little slut I am." I slid it in slow and deep at first, but then started to increase my pace. She lifted her legs off the bed, and grabbed herself behind her knees, trying to get me in as deep as possible. I kept pounding that juicy pussy. I took one of my arms and hooked it under her knee, and lifted it farther, spreading her out even more and allowing me to pound her even deeper.

"Go that feels good you little slut. Make my cock cum in your pussy." I kept pounding her, and her moans turned into a rhythmic chant, and she started thrashing in another orgasm. I held my cock deep inside of her, and allowed her to grind herself against my rigid pole, letting her use my cock to rub whatever she needed to rub. I was still hard, and hadn't come yet.

I released her leg, and she let both of the fall to the bed. She stretched her legs out until her ass lifted off the bed a little, and I started to slide back in and out of her, slowly again at first but steadily picking up speed and ferocity. I really needed to come now. This angle had me rubbing right against her g-spot, and put a lot of pressure on the entire length of my cock as I was fucking her. She had her eyes closed, and was playing with her nipples. I grabbed her hair again and gave it the hardest tug yet. This caused her to have her biggest orgasm yet, and she came all over my cock screaming, "Fuck yeah. Treat me like your whore. Give it to me baby. Fuck me hard and deep." I still hadn't come.

As she recovered, I pulled out of her, and straddled her chest. "Come on my tits bay. I want to watch your cum shoot out all over me, and then have you watch me as I lick myself clean and swallow your cum. I'm your little cumslut, and I need your cum bad. I want to swallow it all. Come on me baby. Please come on me. Do it for me baby. I want you to come after making me come so hard. Shoot your hot sticky cum out of your big fat hard cock all over my tits." I finally felt the cum erupting from cock, splashing all over the tits she was squeezing together in front of me. I was panting like I had just run a marathon, and watched in delight as she brought her breasts to her lips, licked around the nipples, and then placed each of the nipples between her lips, and sucked every last drop of cum off her beautiful breasts.

"I can't wait until they have their next clearance sale," I said as I snuggled behind her in a spooning position, my deflating cock nestled against the material covering her ass in her brand new panties.

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