tagLoving WivesMy Dirty Little Wife Ch. 05

My Dirty Little Wife Ch. 05


We were sitting around drinking beers and watching porn, getting ready to have sex. We had popped in one of our favorites, a French one featuring nurses. It always got us worked up, and tonight was no different. I watched as my wife could not keep her hands away from her breasts. She started by gently rubbing them, and proceeded to squeezing her exposed nipples while we watched. She even lifted them to her lips and sucked on them after a while.

I was of course hard by now and wanting to get in on some of the action. Before I could make my way across the couch, though, she picked up the intensity and caused me to pause and continue watching. With her eyes still glued to the scene in front of her onscreen, she started to tug at her nipples, and to pinch them really hard. That was about it for me.

I scooted across the couch, and moved my hands to her breasts. I started to rub and massage them. "Does that feel good," I asked, kneading her large boobs in my hands. She didn't respond, she just kept watching the movie. I leaned in and took the nipples in my mouth, sucking on them, and ending with a playful bite. This got her attention, and she looked at me and moaned.

"Don't stop. Keep playing with my tits." I grabbed each breasts and brought my thumb and forefinger to her nipples, squeezing on them, gently at first. I kept increasing the pressure until I was squeezing quite hard, causing her to moan some more, and finally to throw her head back in pleasure. I lowered my head and licked in circles around her nipples.

"I'm ready to go upstairs and get ready. Meet me up in a little bit." I downed another beer and watched some more nurses getting their pussies stuffed, and then headed to the bedroom.

I had an idea of what I might find when I got up there, and was pleased to find that I was correct. She was wearing her nurse uniform that she hadn't worn in quite some time. She accented the red and white uniform, barely covering her body, with a garter belt and red stockings. She was leaning over the bed, exposing her red crotchless panties with black lace, and was balanced on red heels. "You look amazing," I said. She didn't respond. I got closer to run my hands over her body and discovered why. She had used the under the mattress cuffs we have to bind her hands. That wasn't stopping her from responding though; the dildo that she was sliding in and out of her mouth was. "You are such a dirty girl," I said when I saw it, my erection pushing against her bottom.

As I pressed against her, I felt rhythmic movement. I stepped back and realized that she had shoved her bullet vibrator into her pussy and had turned it on. She was really horny tonight. I stood behind her as she sucked the cock and was pleasured by the toy in her hole. I rubbed all over her exposed ass and ran my hands over her smooth, stocking clad legs. I stood back up and rubbed my cock over her panties, and nestled it into the groove of her ass. She pressed back against me, wanting some stimulation for the only hole not yet occupied.

With the head of my stiff prick rubbing around her willing asshole, I leaned forward, exerting even more pressure on her. I leaned in close to her ear and started whispering to her. "You just love having cocks in your mouth, don't you? You are such a dirty girl. I know you love sucking me off, but I bet you don't care whose cock it is in your mouth." She started to moan louder. "I bet you would suck any cock I told you too, wouldn't you. You dirty little cum slut. I bet if I told you to suck off a room full of guys so I could watch you would do it for me wouldn't you? I bet you would suck them off and swallow every drop of their cum wouldn't you." She moaned her assent and kept working the cock in between her lips.

I stood back up and slapped her ass a few times with my cock. I thrust forward a few times, driving it between her cheeks, and she pushed back on me trying to get me in her ass. I pulled all the way back and readjusted my angle, pointing my cock down towards her pussy, sliding in between her slippery lips as I did. She leaned back against me, trying desperately for penetration, but only succeeded in pushing my cock head to her entrance forcing the moving vibrator deeper inside of her.

"Dirty little cum sluts need to be spanked," I said, walking over to the closet where we hid our toys. I came back brandishing a riding crop, and started to spank her ass and thighs. She sucked even harder on the cock in her mouth as I spanked her harder and harder. She had the restraints loosely tied and moved her hand down to where the control for the bullet were and turned it up to near full intensity.

I knelt down behind her, loving the sound of her sucking and the vibrator working overtime. I moved her thighs a little wider apart than they had been, and spread her ass cheeks before me. Her tight, puckered, available hole was before me and I slowly stretched it by continuing to spread her cheeks. I extended my tongue from her mouth and reveled in the tremors it caused when it made contact with her anus. I pulled back and spit on the hole, and then stuck my tongue in. I swirled it around, and then pulled it out to give some attention to the outer rim of her hole. My tongue alternated between inserting itself into her anus and licking her wet willing opening, all while my hand had snaked between her legs and was rubbing her clit, holding the vibrator in place as she sucked on another toy.

She moaned "Oh God. Oh god," and I stood up behind her. I reached over for an anal dildo and spit on her ass few more times. I slowly inserted the dildo into her ready ass and gently fucked her from behind. I soon had the toy buried in her backdoor, and he moans of pleasure filled the room. I reached under her again while I fucked her it the toy and started o spank her clit. This went on for several blows before she started to beg, "I need you inside of me. Oh please fuck me. I want to feel your big hard cock fuck my pussy. Please fuck me now." I happily obliged.

I pulled the toy from her ass, and she yanked the bullet from her pussy, although it still hummed on the bed next to her. I grabbed a handful of hair and held her steady as I slowly pushed the head of my cock between her willing lips. The angle wasn't quite right so she lifted her stocking and heel clad leg onto the bed, and I was able to slide closer to her. Her arm reached around behind her and she grabbed my ass as I again slid my cock in between her lips, this time sinking into her wet, warm pussy.

I started to pound her, and she responding my shouting, "That's it, fuck your slut. Pound my pussy. That feels so good." I had a hold of her hips and kept driving my cock into her, sinking my entire length into her tight hole. She cried out in orgasm, but I wasn't finished yet, so I kept up my torrid pace. I finally felt my orgasm build, and pulled out just in time to spew my seed all over her ass. I rubbed it into her skin as she undid her restraints. "I love being your slut," she said as she collapsed into an exhausted heap upon the bed.

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