tagBDSMMy Dominant Wife Beth

My Dominant Wife Beth


I'm quite a lucky guy being married to Beth. We are what are considered a normal couple and both have good professional jobs. We have been married for ten years now and are still very much in love. For a 34 year old Beth looks great, with her long dark hair and freckled cheeks. Her figure is pretty good too, not as slim as a magazine model but she doesn't carry that much extra weight, and for her age I think she is quite a looker! We probably make love with each other maybe once a week. However once or twice a year my lovely wife will indulge me in acting out some of our fantasies. This is usually where she takes the lead in bed and becomes the dominant one in our lovemaking, which caters for my submissive needs. This is what happened last Friday night, which I want to tell you about.

My mobile phone received a text message whilst I was in an important meeting at work. After the meeting had finished and I had a quiet moment I read the text that Beth had sent, and it simply read:

'Pussy hungry. Hurry home.'

My cock stirred in my pants as I realized that Beth was in one of her rare dominant moods, and that I was in for a treat when I got home that evening. It was a struggle to get through the rest of the working day as I kept imagining what Beth would do to me later that evening.

At the end of the working day I finished work a little early to miss the traffic and rushed home. After I had parked the car I opened the door to our house. Unusually Beth was not in the hall to greet me and the house seemed quiet. As I placed my keys on the hall stand I noticed a handwritten note from Beth, it simply said 'have a shower then go to bed and wait' I rushed up the stairs and had a really quick shower then went to our bedroom and lay down in our bed to wait for Beth.

I only had to wait a few minutes for my adorable wife to come in to the bedroom. Where she said sternly 'I've been waiting for you to come home all day.' She approached the bed and with a quick movement pulled the quilt off leaving me lying naked on the bed. Beth then reached under our bed and took out some of her old stockings and proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed. Beth was quite expert at this as she managed to tie the restraints so that I had a little movement but they were tight enough that I couldn't move much, or escape. When she had finished I was lying naked on my back with my legs spread apart and totally unable to move. In fact Beth had me just where she wanted me.

Beth said 'you look great darling, you are making me feel rather horny', with that she let her dressing gown fall to the floor to reveal some new expensive lingerie beneath. Beth was wearing a well fitting pair of nearly transparent white silk panties and a matching skimpy lacy bra, which barely held in her heavy breasts. I could see the outline of her pussy through the skimpy panties and noticed that she had shaved the area around her pussy lips leaving only a small tuft of hair above. Beth hardly ever shaved and usually left her pussy naturally hairy, so seeing it smooth was a huge turn on for me.

Beth moved to the side of the bed and sat down on our dressing chair. She was only a few feet away from me and looked gorgeous. It was a shame that I was unable to move to touch her. Beth said 'I've been waiting for you to come home darling all afternoon and my pussy has been getting so wet for you.' She then started to stroke her pussy through the flimsy panties and traced the shape of her pussy lips with her fingers. Beth was slowly teasing me, as she knew I was unable to move to touch her and could only watch. She unclipped her tiny bra and let her breasts swing free. I noticed her nipples were hard and engorged. She ran her fingers over her big nipples and gently pinched them and squeezed her breasts. Her other hand roamed over her pussy as she rubbed the panties in to her crack. Beth carried on rubbing herself through her panties for a couple of minutes while I watched her pleasure herself. She then spread her legs and moved her hand so that I could see her panties. They were now completely transparent as Beth had got so turned on and wet her juices had soaked in to them.

'I don't think I need my panties on anymore' Beth said as she slowly lifted her bottom off the chair to peel them off. When they were off her ankles Beth reached over to me, held my nose so that my mouth had to come open and pushed her soaking panties in to my mouth. The smell was incredible and I could taste her wetness on my tongue and the back of my throat. Beth then stood up and pulled open her bedside drawer to get some washing line clothes pegs and clamped one on to each of my nipples. The pain was sharp. 'You look ridiculous like that' Beth said, sucking on my dirty panties and with pegs on your nipples.' But she knew it turned me on as was evident by my hard cock, which was pointing up towards the ceiling.

Beth now completely naked sat back down in the chair next to the bed only a few feet away from me. 'I need to come now' she said 'and I don't need a wimp like you to do it for me' She spread her legs and once again started to rub her fingers over her smooth wet hairless pussy lips. As her fingers moved over her pussy I saw her lips stretch open and saw the sticky wetness within. As she pleasured herself in front of me one hand circled her clit while the other pinched her nipples and kneaded her tits. As she became more aroused Beth reached down underneath the chair and pulled out a large pink dildo realistically shaped like a cock. I couldn't believe this, as Beth had never used a dildo before in our lovemaking. She had always said that my cock was enough for her. Seeing my look Beth told me that she had recently done some mail order shopping.

Beth made herself comfortable and put one of her legs over the arm of the chair so that her pussy was spread wide open for me. I noticed that her thighs and pussy were shiny and sticky with her love juice. She took hold of the dildo and rubbed it up and down her shiny lips in front of me then slowly inserted the head of it into her slippery wet pussy. As Beth caressed her tits with one hand the other pushed the dildo all the way deep inside her, and she released a groan of pure pleasure. Beth continued pushing the dildo in and out of her smooth wet pussy. It made wet slurping sounds as her juicy pussy enveloped the plastic as she pushed it in. Her breathing became shorter and her moans louder as she brought herself off in front of me. Beth's hands became a blur on her clit as she fucked herself with the dildo and with a loud long moan and shudder she obviously came.

As Beth's breathing slowed to normal as she came down from her orgasm she reached over to me and pulled the panties out of my mouth and pulled the clothes pegs of my nipples. The pain was intense as the blood rushed back in to them and before I could get my breath Beth pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a loud 'plop' and slid it in to my mouth. The dildo was wet and shiny with Beth's pussy juice and I could taste her. Beth fucked my mouth with the dildo pushing it in to my mouth hard so that it made me gag. She was certainly relishing he role of having me tied up and helpless before her. 'Do you like the taste of my pussy on the cock?' she said and I had to nod in approval.

Beth asked again 'do you like the taste of pussy?' and I nodded that I did and Beth said I had to have some more. With that she pulled the dildo from my mouth and straddled the bed over me. I looked up to see the glorious sight of her puffy, swollen pussy directly above my head. Beth slowly lowered herself down until her wet pussy was inches away from my mouth 'taste me and make me come' she said. As she sat down on my face I stuck out my tongue and ran it up and down her smooth wet slit tasting her slippery juices. Beth ground her pussy on my mouth and chin. I looked up and saw that as I was licking her she was pinching both her own nipples. I sucked on her clit as her juices covered my face and chin and as I licked Beth used my face and tongue to bring herself off. She groaned and her whole body seemed to shudder as another orgasm ripped through her.

Beth moved off my face and asked what I wanted. 'I want to come 'I said. 'Pardon,' 'please I want to come' I said again. I had to ask again 'please let me come now'. Beth then repositioned herself facing me holding herself just above my cock. 'What do you want?' she asked again. 'Please make me come' I said. Beth suddenly sat down and my cock disappeared into her sopping wet pussy. Beth stared in to my eyes as she bounced up and down on my hard cock. She leant forward and pinched my nipples hard twisting them between her fingers. She ground her pussy on my cock and I thrust upwards to meet her downward movement. It didn't take long as I was so turned on by watching Beth masturbate herself in front of me, and with a final deep thrust I spurted several jets of my sperm deep inside her pussy.

I knew what was coming now, and as Beth had tied me down there was no way of escaping it. It always seemed better thinking about it as a fantasy than actually doing it. Beth got off my cock and quickly moved up to straddle my head. 'Eat up your messy cream pie now darling' she said. As I looked up I could see the sticky mess that Beth's pussy was in. Her smooth pussy lips were gaping open and were shiny and sticky with the combined juices of our lovemaking. Beth straddled my head with her pussy only a few inches away from my mouth. She tensed her muscles and pushed and a large globule of sperm dribbled out from her used pussy, I opened my mouth wide and it dripped in. I could taste the salty, bitter mixture as it stuck to my mouth and the back of my throat. Beth once again sat down on my face and commanded me to clean her up. I again licked up and down her slippery slit. This time it was much wetter as my sperm leaked out. I had to gulp it down and swallow as she ground her pussy on my mouth. Once again Beth used my mouth and tongue as she pinched her nipples to bring herself off to another orgasm.

When Beth had come she bent over and kissed me, tasting the last remnants of both our juices left on my lips. She untied my arms and legs and we embraced and cuddled each other on the bed. We were both tired after our efforts and fell asleep in each other's arms.

All I can do now is wait until my lovely Beth feels horny in a dominant way again in the future.

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