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My Dream Girl


When I was in high school I worked part time for a guy who had a janitorial supply business. I realize now that it was a pretty dinky little business but he didn't seem to work that hard, played plenty of golf and appeared to earn a decent income. I decided that I would eventually have my own business. So I majored in Business Administration in college, taking accounting, marketing, management, some contract law and more. Mostly paid my way with a soccer scholarship and lots of part-time jobs. My parents helped, too, of course. Then I got a sales job with a couple guys starting up a manufacturer's rep firm for several industrial companies. It was interesting and I earned pretty good money for a couple years. But I was really just getting experience so I changed jobs and went to work for a small advertising agency that had industrial clients. That was interesting for a while, too, but I needed more experience.

I saw an ad for a production manager and answered it. I had no production experience, only knew that I needed some. The guy that interviewed me was the owner of the company. He told me that with no experience, he couldn't hire me. I explained my interest in learning every phase of business so that I could eventually own my own company. So he hired me to do all the advertising, promotion and public relations work and fired the agency he had been using. He said that my salary was less than he had been paying them but he also agreed to have me sit in on almost every meeting -- production, engineering, finance, whatever. So it seemed an ideal job for me.

It was a relatively small company, perhaps 100 employees. Paternalistic, as I learned over time. Almost like an extended family. The owner knew everyone that worked there and cared about them, knew every phase of his business and was involved in every decision.

My second day there, I came out of a meeting and was standing near Mildred, the boss's administrative assistant (would have been called secretary a few years earlier). I was already learning that Mildred knew about as much about everything as the boss and was more involved than most people would think in making the company successful. Then this perfect female walked in and gave Mildred some papers and left. My mouth probably dropped open. I realize that different people see others in different ways so maybe there would be some guys who didn't think this girl was perfect but would have to admit that she was at least gorgeous.

An absolutely perfect body. Shapely legs, strong with good muscle definition. A round, firm looking ass sitting up high with no saddle bags. Small waist. Lovely breasts that are probably C cups, all up and out front. Cute face, more girl-next-door than beautiful but perfect to me. Light brown hair bleached almost blond in the Southern California sun. She glanced at me and smiled and I was hooked. After she left Mildred looked at me.

"That's Stacy," she said with a smile. "I should also tell you that she's been dating the same guy for over a year and they seem fairly serious."

Her being unattainable only added to my desire. I only saw her for a few seconds and wanted her more than anything in the world. It's not that I was sexually deprived. I knew this girl that I was fucking regularly. Fucking is the right term to use. Neither of us had a commitment to each other. We had no great relationship going. We both needed to fuck so we used each other. But if either of us found someone else, neither of us would be surprised.

Over the next three months or so, I managed to spend as much time as I could with Stacy, just being friendly. A group from the company entered into a fund raising walk for MIS and I walked next to Stacy. At the company picnic -- yes this company actually had a company picnic - Stacy and I were in a three legged race together. That was interesting, since her boy friend was there but I guess he didn't want to enter the fun and games. At work I'd see her at coffee breaks and lunch. The more I knew her the better I liked her. She was really a friendly, nice person in addition to being the most desirable woman I'd ever seen in my life.

Mildred probably saw this going on. She didn't miss much. I think she sort of liked both Stacy and me. So, one day she told me that Stacy had broken up with her boy friend and then just looked at me and smiled. So, I asked Stacy for a date. We had dinner, went to a movie and I took her to the apartment she shared with another girl. We had a good time, or at least I had a good time. She asked me in for tea. Tea. I never drink tea. But it isn't poison and if that's how I get to spend more time with Stacy, then so be it.

I worried a little about pushing things too fast but on the other hand I'm looking at this sexy, desirable person and can't resist. So, as she's at a counter, from behind I put my hands on her waist and kiss her neck. She pauses so I kiss her again and she turns around and we end up with our arms around each other, pressed tight against each other, kissing. We never had tea. We did end up laying on her living room couch, pressing against each other and kissing and kissing and kissing. with the beginnings of some tongue action. She rolls almost on top of me and does a partial push up, looking at me.

"We have to stop," she says. "I can't be casual about sex. I've done that and it doesn't work for me. I get too involved emotionally. This is our first date. I'm really glad you asked me and I hope we see each other some more. But we better stop now."

With that. she rolls some more and manages to get up off me, it feeling great as her body presses into me in the process, and is standing. I sit up, stand up too, put my arm on her waist and kiss her again.

"O.k.," I say, "I understand. How about tomorrow or the next day."

This is Friday night, early Saturday morning by now.

"I'm going to my parents tomorrow," she says, smiling at me with a sort of pouty look as if she doesn't want to be saying no, "how about Sunday?"

Sunday we go to the beach. I see her in a fairly minimal bikini. I have to lay on the beach face down to hide my erection. I'd like to just start licking and tasting her all over. Absolutely most gorgeous body possible. We're in and out of the water. She actually gets her hair wet; something not all girls will do. I even get to put lotion on her back.I have a great time. I manage to hold her hand and touch her waist and devour her with my eyes. She acts as if she doesn't know she's the sexiest thing within miles. The most desirable woman of all the 2.000,000 or so at the beach that day.

We have a burger and a beer in a little place near the beach before heading back to her place. There, I've got my arms around her and we're kissing and we're back on the couch again, then stretched out again. I kiss her bare stomach and then her thighs. I really, really want to taste her pussy and I'm trying to let her know that's what I want and see how far I can get this time.

She practically leaps up, leaving my lips kissing bare air instead of her thigh. She's standing there in this skimpy little bikini and I go beyond wanting her to needing her. I tell her so. Then I decide to get cute. Or what I think is cute.

"I read where National Nude Day is coming up. Maybe I should have a party to celebrate it, have you over to my apartment."

She smiles and shakes her head. "I think that's just a way to get us naked together," she says. Then she grins. It's a grin I've never seen before. Sort of dirty or maybe even mean. "You don't know me," she says. "You don't know much about me. I'm going to my parents tomorrow, would you like to come along?"

I'm sure my expression showed my feelings. I wanted my tongue in her vagina right now, not a visit to her parents. But I also realized how much I wanted her. I'd be willing to crawl through broken glass to have her. If meeting her parents was what would do it, why not? "Sure," I said, probably not all that convincingly, "I'll come along."

I stood up and moved to her, put my arm around her waist and kissed her. She allowed me but didn't really kiss back. "There's more you should know," she says, stepping away from me.

"My parents own a nudist resort towards Palm Springs. I've been raised all my life as a nudist, at least part of the time. My Mom and Dad both worked near here and did nudism part time until they got this resort a few years ago. So they're going to be nude. And we're going to be nude. And other nude people are going to be around, And we aren't going to be doing anything sexual."

I'm partly in shock, partly drooling looking at this gorgeous woman. What can I do? I end up agreeing and she ends up shoving me out of her place and setting a time early the next day for me to pick her up for a drive to the Palm Springs area, roughly two hours away.

What can I do? She's pretty much admitted that she's had sex before, said she couldn't be casual about it because she'd done that before. All of which isn't a surprise. She must be close to my age, perhaps 25. Most people aren't virgins by then. I'm not. And her being a virgin isn't important to me at all. My not managing to fuck her, to eat her, is what's important to me. And now this nudist thing. Well, at least I'll see her naked. So, the next morning we're on our way.

There's a woman uniformed guard at the entrance to the place. She knew Stacy and waved us in. We parked at the far end of a lot and Stacy led the way to the side, down a short path. This isn't the main way in. She explains we're going to her parents' house. So we get to a normal looking home for Southern California. Stucco, single story. We go in the front door and Tracy calls out, "Mom, we're here."

Mom came around the corner into the room. I don't think I've ever in my life had a similar reaction. If she's Stacy's Mom she must be around fifty. But she's better looking and with a better body than any girl I'd ever fucked in my life. Maybe her breasts sagged a little more than Stacy's, However, I'd never seen Stacy's so I wouldn't know. And maybe her waist was slightly larger than Stacy's. But in general she was just as sexy as Stacy. And she was naked. Totally, completely naked. I'm standing there looking at a truly desirable sex object and get an immediate erection.

"Mom, this is Gary."

Mom smiles and steps towards me putting out her hand. "I'm really glad to meet you Gary," she says.

Instinct must have taken over because I smiled and shook her hand and murmured something polite.

Then Stacy says to me, "C'mon, we have to get out of these clothes," and leads me into a small hall.

"Stacy," I say very quietly, "I don't think I can do this."

"Why?" she asks, turning to me.

"Look," I reply, "I know she's your Mother so don't take this wrong. But to me she was an extremely desirable woman, naked, and I couldn't help it, I reacted."

Stacy smiled.

"And now I'm expected to see you naked and I know it's going to be way more than I can handle. I'm going to react."

Stacy more than smiled. She grinned. "Don't worry about it, it's normal Just ignore it."

I was almost whispering so her mother wouldn't hear. "Ignore it? I can't. I'll be naked. Everyone will see it. I can't go walking around acting casual with a big boner sticking out in front of everyone."

"Yes you can," she says. "It'll go away eventually. They always do. It won't bother anyone else as much as it does you." Then she grinned again. "Besides, I'd like to see it."

That did it. I moaned. "Crap ,Stacy. You're no help. You'd like to see it. I've been trying to get you to see it since I first met you. And now it's going to be in front of other people and I can't do anything about it. I don't think I can handle it.

"Gary, I'm going in here and getting out of these clothes. Then I'm going to join my Mom and Dad. You get out of your clothes in this other room here and come out and join us. If you take to long, I'll send my Dad in and maybe he can talk to you."

Shit. What do I do. I go into the room, a bedroom, and take off my clothe and fold them and put them on the bed. Put my shoes and socks by the bed. I'm standing there naked thinking. Maybe I'm so worried that I won't get a hard-on. But who's kidding who, when I see Stacy naked I know it'll happen. And her Mom. How can I explain getting aroused by her Mom? There's a light tap on the door and this guy looks in.

"Gary?" he asks. "Hi, I'm David, Stacy's Dad." He comes on in. He's naked. I'm naked. Weird. He looks normal. About my height, in good shape, hair partly gray. Nothing odd at all. Except he's naked. And I'm naked. "Worried about seeing a bunch of naked people?"

"Well, yeah," I say, "But truthfully, worried more about the way I'll react to naked people. Naked women."

"You'll get an erection," he says, then grins. "It's normal. Happens all the time. Darn women can feel the same way but you can't tell it. Guys can't control it mostly. The darn thing just springs up on its own. Ignore it. Most likely everyone else will, too. It'll go away. Probably come and go. You just have to ignore it. So c'mon out, We want to get to know you. I think Stacy's pretty serious about you." Then he turned and opened the door.

I breathed deep and followed him. We headed into the kitchen. Stacy and her mother were both standing there talking. Both naked. Stacy grinned when she saw me and stepped towards me, reached out and touched my arm. "I guess you've met Dad.," she says.

She is perfect. Beautiful breasts. Full, up and pointing at me. Dark aureoles around smaller, hard, dark red nipples. Really flat stomach. Dark brown thatch of hair and then those perfect legs. She must be very active physically to have a body like that. And her mother is almost as desirable. I think I must have a boner as big as I can get. I really want to jump on both of then and fuck like mad and I have to stand there and do nothing. Stacy looks down. Shit, I'm trying to ignore it and she's looking at it. She grins at me and kisses me on the cheek. I think I shudder a little. How can I just stand here when there's so much I'd rather be doing. But I just stand there. Dumb.

HI," I manage to say. I know I must be blushing. Although with my erection there might not be enough blood left in my body to blush, too.

"Mom, Dad," she says, "Why not show us around? We can introduce Gary to some of the others."

So here we are walking around a resort. Swimming pool, volley ball, shuffle board or something like it, miniature golf. Motel, or what looks like a motel with a bunch of units. Two stories. I meet a couple staff people. A girl lifeguard who's almost as built as Stacy, who gives me a huge grin because I know I'm getting back up hard again looking at her. After a while Stacy suggests we go swimming. Then we come out and get some lounge chairs and towels and she suggests we put lotion on each other. She's just plain mean. I end up feeling her lovely, firm but yet soft ass as I spread lotion on her back and legs. I almost moan as I watch her cover her breasts and stomach with lotion. I have to lay face down to try and hide my erection, which only gets harder and harder as she spreads lotion on my back and butt. It's more than a man should have to bear. Then she gives me the bottle so I sit up and put some lotion on my chest and legs.

"You better put some on it, too," she says with a big grin, "You don't want it to burn."

"Why don't you? " I reply. She grins again. "Don't tempt me," she says. She just lays back on her lounge. I lay on my stomach again, just to hide it. This all sort of surreal. It's a different world or something. Maybe if we were already in a relationship it would be different. If I'd fucked her and ate her and everything about 1000 times I could truly relax here. But it just frustrates me more and more. And I can't do anything about it.

We end up having lunch with her parents in their house. Fortunately it's not a glass top table so my erection isn't constantly out and on view. Then we get dressed and head back. I tell Stacy that it was probably the most difficult time in my life. I tell her how much I want her and having to do nothing about it is just difficult beyond imagination. She suggests that we go to my apartment, says she's never seen it. The drive is long enough that I manage to cool down slightly in my ardor. My car has separated front seats so I can't pull her close or anything anyway. She tells me along the way that I handled the nudist thing very well, she thought.

Once in my apartment -- nothing grand at all -- Stacy looks around, heads down the hall, looks in the bathroom and then the bedroom. She heads into the bedroom and I follow along.

"I like being a nudist," she says. "And we've already broken the ice on that so why don't we just continue?" With that, she starts unbuttoning her blouse, pulls it off and unhooks her bra. As her beautiful breasts come into view I realize what's happening and quickly start getting out of my stuff, too. In a few second we're both completely naked. I step to her, get my arms around her and we kiss. She really kisses back, shoves her tongue into me. Se's got to feel me pressing into her with my now really engorged cock.

"I got as turned on by seeing you as you did seeing me," she says as she breaks the kiss momentarily. "There's nothing in the world sexier than an erect cock. I've been wanting you for hours." Then her tongue is back in my mouth.

We rapidly end up on the bed. I manage to suck and lick and taste those lovely breasts and, much quicker than I probably should, get my tongue into her vagina. It's as perfect as I had thought. Firm, tasty. And she reacts. Her hips are soon jumping. I suck on her clit, almost like a little finger pushing out. I doubt if it's more than two minutes and she's almost screaming as her juices pour out on my mouth. While she's till moaning, I slide up over her, get my cock aimed at her and start into her. Her hand is holding me, helping aim me in.

This is even more perfect. She's so tight it almost hurts to force my way into her. Her hips push up against me, her insides almost sucking me in all the way. We're both "ah"ing and making happy sounds, hungry sounds. I don't last nearly long enough and too soon she has her legs up around me, holding me in as we kiss. I realize that I haven't shrunk yet and move my hips slightly to keep her insides massaging my cock, keeping it up and hard. Her eyes open wide and she grins at me.

"Lucky me," she says as she starts moving her hips, giving my cock even more action. I pull out some, then shove it in again, I'm really going to be able to do it all over again. This isn't normal for me. I guess I want her more than I ever wanted anything sexual before in my life. She moves her legs off my back and gets one sort of bent, her foot against the mattress. "Can we roll over?" she asks. As she pushes with her one leg, I lean in the right direction and push with my leg, too. My weight is on her other leg momentarily but we make the move with me staying inside her.

She gets situated, sitting on me with my cock fully up into her, her upper body held up with her arms. She stares at me with a fixed grin on her face, her mind obviously focused on our genitals and not what she's seeing, as she moves her hips and rather slowly moves my cock around in her. Soon she's almost riding me, her vaginal lips sliding up and down on my cock. I lift my head and shoulders enough to get my mouth to one breast and get the nipple between my lips and start licking and sucking.

We last a lot longer. Her tempo changes several times. At least twice she stiffens and I can feel her juices leaking out around the seal her vaginal lips are making on my cock. When I finally ejaculate into her she smiles and almost as if she's tired, lays down on me, keeping my cock in her as it does shrivel this time. We stay in that position for a couple minutes, then start kissing. She finally lifts off and suggest we shower. I have no idea where my stamina comes from but as I wash her body with my bare hands, my erection returns. With the water pouring down on us, she's soon on her knees, my cock in her mouth.

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