tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Drunken Wife

My Drunken Wife


I wanted to ass fuck my wife.

My wife Treza would never agree to it

Naturally as everyone does I consulted my friends. I brought in the topic casually as I didn't want them to think me as a pervert. Some said they knew some said it was impossible – all in all none had done it successfully and never with their wife. I was in a dilemma and on the verge of tossing off the idea when I met Sanjoe.

Sanjoe was actually a friend of my friend. He was married and 12 years elder to me but we became close. We used to get together at each other's house and thus his wife Sheela and my wife Treza too were close friends. Everyone used to ask me how I became so friendly with someone so elder. Even I had no answer to that and now I felt our relation becoming stronger as he replied to the topic of ass fuck I put to him.

"You know ass fuck depends more on cunningness than sexual drive. Women however sexual or nymphomaniac have a tendency to draw back on such a subject but once they have done it there is no turning back. It's probably because of the stories of pain they have heard, perhaps the feeling of degradation, perhaps the fear of shit sticking on to the dick. So once they come to know that if properly lubricated there wont be any pain or that there wont be any shit sticking on your dick and in case it does your expression of who cares would be great rather than an expression of disgust which probably come because by the time you pull out your dick from her ass you would have ejaculated and the mood to do crazy or pervert things would have one and you would be down to earth. The thought of washing it from your dick and in-between the foreskin and the smell would naturally tend to disgust you but at the time of hard-on you would do worse than that- happily. Even the disgusting smell would be an intoxication but never after the hard on."

"So how do I.," I asked getting a hard on already.

"First of all it would depend on the person you choose and the title she has. You cannot treat a prostitute the way you treat a wife and neither can you treat a wife like a girl friend or vice versa. For example if you say or try to ass fuck your girl friend she may declare you as a magna pervert and friend someone else or if its your wife she will never agree and if you force it may result in divorce or cracks in your relation. You could woo your girlfriend by acting angry or teasing her but never a wife. So it all depends on the girl or woman you choose."

"Ok tell me how to ass fuck my wife?"

"There is no theory only practical. You have to do what I say and exactly what I say and most of all have faith in me. Remember I would do nothing to hurt or insult or shame you. Whatever I do is to get you ass fuck your wife."

A creeping fear crept over my heart.

"You are not going to .... What exactly are you planning?" I asked

"Once you understand the method you can do it easily. I have to remove her guilty feeling, unless you do that whatever you do won't work,"

His answer had an authority of experience and confidence making me confident. I agreed with a profound heart.

"On a holiday make sure she has a tiring day and there is no food at home and if possible do not allow her to eat anything so she will be starving by noon and tell her not to prepare food as we will be dropping in with my wife with food by 12.00pm."

The holiday day I chose was June 1oth. I told her of Sanjoe and his family coming. Since we need not prepare food we could skip the breakfast. She agreed. I told her to clean the bathroom as I arranged the house.

The clock struck two still our guests were missing or should I say their guests were waiting. I called him and he said he was on his way that was two hours ago. By 02.30 he came and we were ravishing hunger. He apologized for his delay with an excuse of breakdown and winked at me. I winked back as to say everything is going by plan. The aroma of the food hit our nose and tummy. Sanjoe unpacked everything and gave some packs to Sheila for heating in the oven. Treza joined her. He took another pack. It consisted of 4 pet bottles of whisky and cola. He poured whisky in to the tumblers and offered me one. We poured it down with a gulp as the ladies bought in the food.

"Aha! The boys have started," Sheila said

"First have some food." Treza offered

"First drink this," Sanjoe said filling the glasses with cola.

Both of them drank and then served the food. The glasses were filled and refilled. I began to feel the kick as the contents burned in my stomach. Treza looked at me as if she was dizzy. Sheela whispered something in her ear and both of them giggled. He called Sheela to the next room. After sometime he came out alone and winked at me. I didn't understand but smiled at him. He poured some more from the bottle to her glass.

"No! No! No more," she said

"C'mon just this," he told pushing the glass to her mouth.

She pushed it off but he forced it. Not expecting such a move she found herself with the contents in her mouth. He held her nose as if giving medicine to a child. Surprised she swallowed it and got up angrily.

"This is going too far," She walked away to her room.

I looked at him worried. "Don't worry, its all going as I - - - we wanted."

We sat and drank a little then he said, "C'mon lets look my wife."

She was sleeping on the bed peacefully.

"See, she won't wake up," he said patting on her bottoms "You try it."

"What?" I asked wondering if I had heard correctly.

"Go on! Try patting her ass, if they are awake that's the sensitive point they will jump up."

I thought he was under the influence of whisky but I didn't waste my chance. With a shivering hand I touched her ass. It was softer than my wife. I moved my hand towards her crack drawing her naked ass in my mind. I squeezed it gently. She did not stir she was dead asleep.

"See didn't I tell you?" he asked.

I quickly withdrew my hand wondering if he knew that I had squeezed her.

"Let me show you," he said turning her flat on the bed.

He slowly lifted her skirt up exposing her milky thighs. I got an instant throbbing hard on. He further lifted it exposing her red panties.

"See," he said pulling the strings of her panties. Seeing her ass curves made me almost leak.

"Let's go and see your wife."

I was mesmerized by what I was seeing and like a robot I followed him. Treza was lying on the bed. She still wasn't in her dead sleep as he had predicted. She turned aside when she saw us and mumbled something.

"She's one helluva of a drunk. I didn't think she had such capacity," he said.

I didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or.... He went and sat near her and placed his hand on her waist. My heartbeat increased rapidly. According to her nature a slap was certain but nothing happened she didn't even move. He slid his hand to her thighs absorbing the pleasure. She mumbled something unintelligent. He slowly lifted her sari to her thighs. I was about to object when she turned and pushed him off.


It looked like she didn't have the strength to complete the sentence. He squeezed her ass. My face turned red in shame not in anger.

"Maybe we should let her sleep," I said finding an excuse from this situation.

"What I am doing will help you fuck her ass forever-that's what you want isn't it?"

My eyes darted to her ass. Her ass gave me a hard on. He pulled me to the other room where his wife lay. She still was in the same position as we left. Her ass clung panties gave me the addiction I lacked. He pushed my hand on her ass.

"It was the same with her first time," he said as I looked at him. "You didn't think my wife allowed ass-fucking first time itself. I had to woo her and then trick her with drugs. The thing is if we husband tell them they won't drink so the presence of another family is essential. The presence of another woman gives her a mind of security and when her husband's friend tells her to drink a little more in front of her husband a little persuasion is enough. Only in this drugged stage will they allow and once they do they will be ready for more. Are you getting my point?"

I stood still thinking the depth of reasoning. I felt it was my brain that is not working. I wanted her ass and his wife's ass but I didn't want to give my wife's ass (or his wife's ass) to him – it was as simple as that but to have my wife's ass I had to let him on my wife's ass- it was complicated as that.

"See I am letting you see and even touch my wife because I wanted you to have the same faith in me as I have in you." He pulled off her panties, as I stood wide-eyed. I let my eyes feast on her ass. It was in good shape though it was huge. I slowly traced her ass line to her pussy. My finger slides in allowing one after other my fingers in to her sweet pussy. I turned towards Sanjoe he had gone. I parted her ass cheeks searching for her asshole. I couldn't wait. I had long cherished to tongue a woman's ass and I didn't want to miss the chance. I slid my tongue in. it felt cold and I withdrew my tongue. Suddenly I had lost interest. I got up and went to the other room. My wife still wasn't asleep I could hear her voice. She was telling him to go away in a slurs voice. The door was ajar. I peeped in. Sanjoe was busy talking to her. His hand was on her waist. I don't know what he said but it was her words that stopped me from opening the door.

"Ok.... Have it your way," he loosened her sari. As soon as she got up her sari fell.

"Oops," she said giggling.

"Let me help you," he said all the way gentleman as she tried to pick up the sari. He bundled the sari and gave it.


She was shy and tried hard to keep her eyes wide open. Sanjoe meanwhile was slowly pulling the knot of her underskirt. As she accepted the sari her underskirt fell. I watched holding my breath as I saw her standing there in her underwear with her sari bundled in her hand- it was a photographic moment. It took her some time to understand that her underskirt had fallen. She said trying to cover up her nakedness with her bundled sari. Her face had turned red. Her lips trembled.

"Why don't you sit down and take rest for some time. I will wait outside."

She nodded her head. He placed his hands on her shoulder and made her sit. Then slowly lifted her legs and placed it on the bed.

"My wife also was like this after her first drink. Just lie down. All you have to do is press on your temples real hard- here let me show you," he massaged her head.

"No....No...I am...fine."

"No you mustn't stop me because unless it is done like this it will turn worse. Once it reaches the brain you may loose conscious or vomit heavily,"

He continued his work and the resistance left her. After some time turning her around he started massaging behind her head. Slowly the hand moved on to her shoulders and then on her back. I wondered if she was unconscious by now. His hand had reached her bottoms. I could see the pressure he applied at her back was reduced but she didn't notice the difference. He began to massage her ass and then slowly he slid one finger inside her panties and slid it down. She tried to push him off.

"Its okay," he said but she wouldn't agree.

"Okay, Okay." he said pushing off her hand and returned to her head but made no attempt to pull up her underwear. With one hand he removed his pants. He had worn nothing underneath. He turned her flat and continued his massage. His hands again slid down but this time unbuttoned her blouse and bra then turned her to face him. Slowly he tugged her blouse and bra removing it off. Her boobs jiggled out as if freed after a century. He massaged her temples then moved to her neck and slowly to her boobs. He grabbed them in his hand and teased her nipples. She moaned and put up a show of pushing him off. Either she was too tired or she was enjoying it. Her nipples were rising and stood like a small pole. He slowly placed his mouth on her nipples and slowly began to suck her boobs. His hand moved on to her pussy. The fingers slowly invaded her panties. Her hand came on his hand but his hand was in the panties and hers was over it. She held his hand as his fingers moved over to her slit. One by one the fingers moved down till the middle finger reached its destination.

"Hmmm ....na.... nooooo," she moaned as his fingers continued their play

He moved his hand and pulled off her panties. She continued to wriggle resisting but was soon running out. He pulled up her legs as his tongue invaded her pussy. She again wriggled but this time succeeded only in allowing his head to come between her legs. With the pressure of her soft thighs he pushed deeper into her pussy. Then in a surprise move he came on top of her letting her legs fall. She held her legs tight but he had other ideas. He buried his face on her pussy and at the same time pushed his dick towards her face. With one thrust his dick was in her mouth. She sucked it then tried to move her face however he had locked it. She wriggled trying to push him off. He got down. She turned to a side covering her pussy and face mumbling. He pushed her flat on the bed and kissed her ass then with a dawdling movement brought his fingers and flanked up her ass. Taking some cream he applied on her asshole. I pushed open the door and came in. He was surprised but regained his composure.

"Boss.... She's ready. I was going to call you. Let me show you." he said

He lifted her and made her kneel, holding her waist he let her topple on the bed I looked at her asshole and crave of her ass began to clamber up making me rock hard. I pulled out my dick and jammed straight to her asshole. It was tighter but was moving in. Sanjoe sat in front of her lifted her head to his lap and pushed his dick to her mouth. She began to suck it with gurgling noises making me harder. As I began to ram her ass pushing my dick deeper into her plum ass Sanjoe was pushing her head and pulling her head by her ponytail hair. She was sucking him off. Slowly he left the tail and she was still sucking him like a kid. I was surprised. She still hadn't objected to her ass fucking and was doing a blowjob for Sanjoe. I felt the pressure pump up. As I pushed harder she collapsed on the bed. I widened her ass cheeks allowing my dick to go deeper. I held her ass and rotated my dick in it. I lay on her grabbing a handful of her boobs moving up and down as I fucked her ass. I felt the heat of her ass on my balls. I could hold no longer. I thrust deep into her ass hole one last time and held as I flooded her ass with my sperms – My dream accomplished at last.

After the flood I slowly got up to wash as Sanjoe was still fucking her mouth. I moved to the bathroom and then went and lay on the couch in the front room and dozed off. After some time I woke up and went to check on Sanjoe and my wife. I saw Sheela stirring up. I looked at her and suddenly my dick began to stir again as if calling to me not to let go this chance.

I fell on her. She seemed to realize that something heavy was on her. I parted her ass cheeks and let my limp dick into her ass. Pushing slowly with the lubrication of my cum it glided in. I moved over her clutching her breast and letting my dick go deeper. I felt my dick slowly rising. I began to pump her ass, grabbing her ass cheeks. Slowly I felt my limp dick turn to the rod I wanted. I let go of her boobs and began to hold her hair and plunge in bottomless till my balls hit her ass. The feeling of my balls hitting her ass increased my sensation. I pulled out till my tip of dick was almost out and then again rammed in. with each thrust I felt the pressure increase. I continued for some time till I felt the pleasure build up. I slow down getting ready for the kill then without pulling fully up I began the slow push. I could hold no more. I positioned myself and with eager quick thrust I cum in her. I felt my cum ooze out. It was very little since I had just ejaculated an hour ago but it seemed like it took hours for my cum to drench out.

I fell on her as my dick wrinkled to its small shape slowly out of her ass. It seemed like he wanted more but I was too tired.

I heard noises from the other room full of aah and ooh. Was it Sanjoe and my wife enjoying fucking or was he raping her? The sounds made my dick tingle again and I wanted to see him hard fucking her but I was too tired. I grabbed her ass and lay. My hand moved over her ass enjoying the softness then slowly my fingers invaded her ass cheeks into her asshole. I lay there fingering her ass hole hearing my wife being fucked and waiting for my dick to rise to fuck either of the gorgeous women.


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Nice story

Anyone up for wife sharing? I wana see my wife being fucked.

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I had a similar incident with my wife. She was angry at me and went out drinking with her sisters. While hammered she had a guy friend of hers drive her home. On the way he took her to an isolated local,more...

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