My Education Ch. 03


I didn't speak until we got to my car. Sarah's apartment was close enough that she usually walked, so she rode with me. I was still reliving the meeting in the Dean's office though I do recall Sarah ordering for both of us. I finally spoke after we were in her apartment with the door shut.

"I'm in a relationship with Erin Grant."

"I do believe you are," Sarah said

Then she slapped me lightly across the cheek and added with a grin, "So don't fuck it up."

We ate and I told Sarah everything. It felt so good to be able to tell someone just how much had happened in ten days. Sarah listened, smiled, and laughed. She asked the same questions I had asked myself: how did Erin make it all happen? I was only a freshman so how did she get the dean to agree so quickly? It didn't make sense, but then I didn't really care that much. Somehow, Erin had made it happen. She really went the distance to make it happen. Somehow, someway, I would make it up to her.

It was about eight o'clock when I left to drive home. I wasn't even out of the car when my mom was hugging me and telling me how much she was going to miss me. I was only going to be 30 miles away, but it was clearly a mother-thing. Then she was crying over what I had done for Erin's daughter Michelle. Evidently, she was proud of me the whole way round.

Tuesday was a mad house. After my morning class, I went driving around looking for vacant apartments. Fortunately, Sarah knew all of the apartment complexes, so she guided me to the good ones. Like her single bedroom apartment, it was going to cost around $850 to $900 for rent with another $70 to $100 dollars for utilities. Of course, we also talked about possibly becoming roommates when her lease expired so we would both be able to save money. For some reason, I knew it wouldn't bother Erin in the slightest.

The afternoon lab jumped right into work and the next thing I knew, I was at Erin's office. From the minute I walked in, she was all business. She took me to my office, which was essentially an 8-foot-by-8-foot room with no door located inside a larger laboratory. I didn't complain. One of my tasks would be working with another faculty member in the maintenance of the Chemistry Department's existing assets as well as the new equipment that would be installed over the next six months. Since I was also pursuing a Minor in Computer Science, I would be tapping that expertise along with my physical sciences expertise in this new job. Erin introduced me to Professor Cutler, who was the senior faculty member in charge of the analytical and computer systems for the department. We made the rounds through the department, returning to her office just after five-thirty. I walked into her office and heard the door shut then lock. I turned to Erin to find her smiling at me.

"Thank you," I said. "The words aren't enough Erin. I just ..."

Cutting me off, she said, "You are welcome Justin. And you can thank me by excelling here at the University."

She walked next to me and whispered, "And by continuing to everything you did this weekend ... again and again."

I just smiled. It wasn't the thought of what she had said though. The smile was from the phrase that kept running through my head for the past day. True to form, my goddess noticed something.

"What?" she asked.

"I have to tell you at dinner," I replied. "I can't say it here."

Slapping my arm playfully, she said, "You're just trying to get even for me making you wait a day before finding out what my plan was."

"No Erin. Believe me. You'll understand when I tell you. I've been saying for the past 24 hours and I almost can't believe it."

Picking up her phone, she dialed a number. She spoke briefly on the phone before hanging up and gathering her things to leave.


I nodded and we left her office. Since the faculty parking lot is closer, she drove me to my car and then I followed her to her home. She parked her Mercedes S-Class in the garage, while I parked in the horseshoe driveway that was in front of her home. She left the door open and I walked through the garage to join her in walking into her house. She put her things on the table and then turned to me. Pulling me in, she gave me a deep kiss, which I returned eagerly.

As we parted, her eyes were still close when she whispered, "I've wanted to do that for the past two hours."

"I wanted to do that since yesterday in the dean's office," I replied.

She opened her eyes and looked up into mine.

"Are you going to make me wait until dinner?" she said. "What's been running through your head for the past 24 hours?"

I just smiled as I said, "I'm in a relationship with Erin Grant."

The look in her eyes said it all. I could have said "I love you" and I don't think it would have made her glow any more than she was.

"Kristine," she said softly. "My middle name is Kristine."

I would never be able to explain how we could just ... understand one another so well. I knew exactly what she wanted to hear.

"I am in a relationship with Erin Kristine Grant."

"And I am in love with Justin Nicholas Rhodes," she replied with a big grin.

She did have access to my school file.

"And you were right. I understand why you had to wait."

"Good," I said and then kissed her again.

"I would bet the farm that you want to know how this is possible," she said.

I nodded. Erin went on to explain that during her junior year in high school, her parents had hosted an English exchange student named Karen Myles. She and Erin became extremely close friends. They were such good friends, that during her junior year in college, Erin joined her friend at the University of Oxford for a year. Over the years, they've kept in constant touch and visit one another every year. Her friend was promoted to a leading research position with a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation. Part of her budget included money to fund research at educational institutions through grants. She had been trying to get Erin to take on a research grant at the University ever since, but the toll from her divorce had kept her from having the energy to devote to such an endeavor.

"But that changed this weekend," she said looking straight at me. "You make me feel more alive than I have in years. So, I had to wait to call her late last night because she's eight hours ahead. Even Karen could hear the change over the phone. This morning Karen had the paperwork in place for research grant. Two hours after that, Dean Taramaya and I had signed paperwork. The grant is for a total of nine million dollars over three year's time with another nine million dollars for equipment and facilities. With three million dollars of research money added to the annual budget, it was relatively easy to get the dean to agree to let me pick my own assistants. It also makes sense to have someone else on the team who is with the project for its entire run, especially in that last year when it will be most beneficial to have an experienced team leader. Dean Taramaya agreed. Once she did, selecting you was relatively easy. You're the only one who got a perfect score on the final exam, and yes, your work earned you that grade. You received glowing recommendations from multiple people. Finally, when you helped Michelle, you demonstrated the ability to make tough decisions and the presence to lead others. You earned this spot. Don't ever think otherwise."

I saw her looking at me, realizing that I wasn't speaking.

"What's running through your mind?"

"I'm just ... well ... wow," I said, not really know what to say. "It's just more than a little flattering that you would do all of this ... for us."

"You betcha mister," she said while giving me a peck on the cheek. "But understand that I would have never had the energy to tackle a research project of this magnitude ten weeks ago, let alone ten years."

She tilted my head up to look directly into her eyes and continued.

"Don't ever think that I'm doing this alone, because I would have never been able to do this without you Justin. You make me feel like I'm twenty-five again."

"Well, you look twenty-five," I added. "You have the face of an angel and the body of a goddess."

Erin lit up at that. She just hugged me close and kissed me again. The doorbell rang and she told me to wait there. I heard the door open and from the tone of the voices, I could tell that friends had just arrived. Erin and two other women came around the corner and I had to work not to stare. These two new arrivals were positively stunning. In contrast to the night at the club, each of these ladies wore a business suit. The effect was the same though. There was something about successful women that just drives me up the wall.

"Justin, this is Cristina," Erin said indicating the blonde who walked up around her to shake my hand.

Cristina wore a dark gray business suit with a white blouse. Her hair was short, just above shoulder length. She had dark brown eyes and a very relaxing smile, though her lips were a little thinner than Erin's. Even with her heels, it seemed she was an inch or so taller than Erin. It was hard not to notice that there was a healthy bounce to her chest as she walked.

Extending my hand, I said, "Nice to meet you."

"And you as well," Cristina replied. "I have heard so very much about you."

I could feel my face flush hearing that. Erin kept things moving.

"This is Priya," she said indicating the woman who had walked up behind Cristina.

From her name, I believed Priya was Indian. She was the first Indian woman I had ever met and she was easily the most exotically beautiful woman I had ever seen. Priya was an inch shorter than Erin was, and she had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her lips were fuller than Erin's and she had an infectious smile. As with Cristina, there was a healthy bounce to her chest as she walked.

"It's nice to meet you," I offered.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Justin," Priya replied.

Each opened their briefcase as Erin offered an explanation. Erin owned two townhouses, both of which were close to the University. Cristina and Priya were both childhood friends of Erin's who worked for a law firm. That law firm would lease the townhouse to me, keeping some distance between the two of us. It was obvious that while Erin was clearly going the distance to bring the two of us together, that she wasn't going to be sloppy about it either. In addition, Erin had arranged to purchase a BMW 3-series convertible for herself and have it registered to the firm as well. She wanted a car that couldn't be directly traced to her. A blonde-haired woman driving a 3-series convertible was hardly a unique sight in Southern California, but it was a definite change of pace from the S-Class she had at campus.

The doorbell rang again. Erin handed me some money and told me to answer the door. I answered the door, paid the delivery person, and received that bags he had to offer. From the smell, I was guessing we were eating Chinese for dinner. I carried the two large bags and headed back to the kitchen. Though hushed, I could make out the last parts of the conversation.

One voice said, "As I said at lunch, I am concerned with where this will lead. But I haven't seen you glow like this in twenty years."

"I agree with Priya," the other voice said, indicating that this was Cristina. "And I haven't seen you with this much enthusiasm over anything in years. Plus, Maria said you came so hard you were sobbing and wailing while ..."

Cristina cut off her remark as I rounded the corner. I had to try not to let on that I had heard some of their conversation because there was a very large measure of pride I took from the comments made. On one side, her closest friends were noting that she was happier than they had ever seen her. With each passing day, my feelings for Erin were growing. It felt good to know I was having such an effect on her as well. Still, it was a complete ego boost to hear that her friends were discussing Erin's sex life. A sex life she was currently sharing with me.

Erin walked into the kitchen and started putting the food onto dishes. Cristina went over the lease with me while Priya set the dining room table. The lease was simple, only one page in length. I would be paying $600 per month in rent. That would leave me plenty to cover bills and food, and have some left over to take Erin out from time to time. The dinner conversation was surprising light. I was certain her friends would grill me, especially since they were lawyers. There were no hidden questions, just open conversation. They appeared to trust their friend's judgment regarding me.

When everyone was finished, I cleared the table and went about cleaning up. I couldn't hear everything that was being said, but I did make out some phrases here and there. They were continuing the conversation regarding what Maria had witnessed. As I finished, Cristina and Priya came in to say their goodbyes. Each left with a quick peck to the cheek and wishes for a great evening. By the tone in their voice, I had a feeling they knew what Erin and I would be up to later.

Erin came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. There's something about having a woman holding me from behind with her breasts pressed against my back that I absolutely love. I moved to turn around, but she stopped me saying she just wanted to hold me like that for a minute. Finally, she turned me around and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss and moved my hands to her breasts. She just mouthed "bedroom" before taking off for upstairs. Erin beat me to her room, but only because she cheated. Her skill set apparently included undressing while running up the stairs because I tripped over the clothes littering the upstairs hallway.

By the time I reached her bedroom, Erin was standing next to it with her hip cocked to one side. The look in her eyes was one of hunger. I approached her and she kissed me deeply as I felt her hand wrap around my swollen cock. She pushed me back on the bed. I pushed back to the center of the bed and watched as Erin walked around the bed until she got the other side. She got onto the bed and I found myself looking up into her eyes. She smiled at me and then kissed me again. Then she began kissing her way down my body. I returned the kisses, savoring the opportunity to taste her flesh as she crawled down my body. Her pace was slow enough that I was able to lavish both of her ample breasts with kisses. I enjoyed feeling her moan against my body when my mouth worked her nipples. Her mouth was at my waist when I could smell her arousal. I tilted my head back to find her sex so wet that her juices were slowly running down the insides of her thighs. A groan escaped my lips as I felt her take my cock into her mouth. There was no teasing. Erin started working my cock with that wonderful stroking and sucking motion. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and started to pull her down to my mouth, but I felt her resist.

"No," she said pulling her mouth off my cock. "Watch me. Watch how much sucking you turns me on."

My goddess sucked my cock back into her mouth. She worked my cock deliberately, but I realized her pace was slightly different. As worked up as I was, I knew she could get me to cum in a minute if she wanted to. As I felt her working my cock, I realized Erin knew it too. A smile crept across my face as I realized she wanted to delay my orgasm enough to see how worked up she got from sucking me. As always, my goddess gets what my goddess wants.

I could feel Erin's tits pressed against my body as her hand and mouth worked me. I stared up at her sex, intent on watching her arousal grow as she pleasured me. Her outer lips were open due to the position of her knees and they were shiny with her juices. Her inner lips were a light red, indicating the state of her arousal. Her clit was very red and I could tell it was damp with her juices. It seemed to beg for attention, and it required a fair amount of self-restraint to keep from sucking it into my mouth. I groaned as I felt her sucking me deep into her throat while working my balls with her fingers. I opened my eyes and I swear her sex was visibly wetter. She pulled back and resumed her stroking and sucking motion. Erin's mouth removed all concept of time from my brain and it only heightened my appreciation of the sight before me. Her clit and inner lips were still a light shade of red, but both had gone from damp to wet. As if I needed any further indication of her arousal, her inner and outer lips were both very puffy. The sight alone made me moan. When she heard my moan, she buried my cock into her throat again and my moan lasted until I had no air left in my lungs. I breathed in deeply and could tell that she had increased her efforts.. My arms wrapped around Erin's thighs for leverage as my hips began to thrust up at her mouth. I looked up at her sex only to be surprised at the sight. Erin's entire sex was clearly wet now, nearly dripping with her juices. Her inner lips were now open slightly and I could make out the pink folds of her pussy beyond. The sight made my balls boil. She must have felt it because she started stroking and sucking my shaft even harder. I was groaning and panting as I lay there, relishing in the velvet pleasure her mouth was giving me while watching my goddess's arousal continue to grow.

I felt her mouth pop off my cock, but her hand kept feverishly working my shaft. I felt the cool rush of air around my wet cockhead as she took in a deep breath of air. Time seemed to stop as it felt like an eternity before her lips touch my cock. Erin's entire sex was soaking and her pussy was very red. It seemed to be as much in need of release as my cock was at that moment. Erin buried my cock into her mouth again. I felt her fingers working my balls while her throat milked the head of my cock. I groaned loudly and my hips pushed up driving any remaining bit of my shaft deep into Erin's mouth. My goddess just kept milking me. I felt my cock pulse hard with that first load of cum and my vision became blurry. My goddess just kept milking me. Again and again, I felt my cock pulse hard in Erin's mouth and throat. My goddess took it all, greedily devouring my seed. As my vision slowly returned, I saw just hot aroused Erin was. I was watching it, but I could still barely believe it. Erin's juices were dripping freely from her pussy. Even though I had finished cumming, the sight of her completely drenched sex kept my cock hard. Her clit, her lips, and the insides of her thighs were all shiny with her wetness. My cock had now slipped from her mouth and Erin moaned as I blew across her sex.

"Fuck me," I heard her say groan. "Fuck me now."

Over the next two hours, we fucked in multiple positions. Erin may have been over twenty years older than I am, but she had no problem keeping up with me. At times, our coupling was slow and tender. Later, we were simply rutting each other and the stream of obscenities that flowed from her drove me to fuck her as if I owned her. It amazed me how easily Erin could give herself to me. With the right circumstances, there were times when my goddess seemed to be very submissive sexually. It wasn't the first time an older woman had let herself go to such places with me, but I certainly never expected this from Erin. Then again, there were many things I never expected from my professor.

It was just after nine when we finished in the shower and then cleaned each other before stepping out. After telling me to get dressed, I went to the hallway to gather up my clothes and hers. I am just finishing when she emerges from her closet looking as fresh and energetic as she had when I met her in her office earlier that day. With her hair in a ponytail and wearing jeans with a tight top, Erin completely gave the appearance of woman in her 20s.

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