My Education Ch. 03


"Come on," she said heading for the stairs. "It's time you saw your new abode."

Downstairs, she gathers her purse and the new keys that Cristina had delivered. I followed her outside, noting how much the ponytail suits her. Erin walks like a woman without a care in the world, and it slowly sinks in that I am, at least in part, responsible for this. We headed outside and I held the car door open for her. As my door shut, she gunned it and sped off for the townhouse and I made certain to watch where we were going. As we drove there, Erin explained that she had many upgrades performed after the last group of college renters wrecked large parts of the place during their New Year's Eve party. Evidently, the three girls living in the townhouse were all daughters of upper-class families in the area who wanted to keep everything quiet. Erin agreed on the condition that they pay for whatever repairs and upgrades she deemed necessary to make the unit livable. She was planning to put the unit up for sale once it was complete, but thought it would see better usage if I rented it for the next few years.

The townhouse is in a gated community, where visitors would have to dial the phone to get 'beeped' in to the complex. There were 200 three-level units divided amongst 50 individual buildings. There were also 20 executive townhouses. These units were four levels, had generous yards for a townhouse, and were completely detached units. Owners had a garage door opener that opened a separate gate. Using the same opener, Erin opened the garage door and pulled inside. We got out and she gave me a tour of unit. The bottom level housed a three-car garage large enough to accommodate super duty sized trucks. The water heater looked huge and Erin winked when she informed me that the unit had a capacity of 100 gallons. Evidently, we would be enjoying long hot showers here as well. There was an unfinished storage area behind a locked door.

The second level had a dining room, a family room, a kitchen, a living room, and a half-bathroom. The dining room and living room were empty, but both had sliding glass doors that led out to a deck that overlooked the driveway. The family room had large recliner and a sectional couch. From the few wear marks on each, it was obvious that they were a few years old but they both looked very comfortable. The breakfast area adjoining the kitchen had a small round table capable of seating four people. The kitchen was the eye catcher of the first level. It was huge, at least by my standards. The counters were granite and the cabinets were a wood that looked like cherry. A large angled peninsula provided expansive countertops for cooking and spacious counter seating. Topping all of this off were the appliances, all of which were professional stainless steel units. My mother worked part time as a gourmet chef. These were the only luxuries my mother ever insisted on having. Given how well we ate, my father never complained. The refrigerator was Subzero four-feet wide model with a glass door on the chilled side. The oven was a Wolf model, with two ovens, six burners, and a griddle. In addition, there was a wall-mounted oven with a microwave above it. The island was also large and included a sink as well as Subzero under-counter beverage and wine refrigerators. Topping all of this off was a large amount of counter space. My mom was going flip when she saw this kitchen. Erin smiled at me when she told me that I should learn how to cook for guests. I smiled at that comment, not because I looked forward to learning but because my mother already had.

Combined between them, the family room and breakfast area had three sets of French doors that opened to a veranda leading to the backyard. The backyard was actually quite spacious for a townhouse, but as an "executive home" I guess nothing less would be expected. Only a small portion of the backyard was finished, so I guess the infamous New Year's party had wrecked this area as well. A gazebo-enclosed spa occupied this lone area. Best of all, the position of the gazebo combined with the fact the unit was on a cul-de-sac made it almost impossible for anyone to see people going to and from the spa.

"I love my spa time," Erin said with a grin.

The third level was equally impressive. There were two master bedrooms and two smaller bedrooms. The smaller bedrooms were larger than standard size, with a quick estimate of roughly 14-feet by 12-feet. It had its own private bathroom complete with a standard bathtub-shower unit. Both of these rooms and their bathrooms were unfurnished. Obviously, the New Year's party had caused damage to these rooms. The first master bedroom was much larger, probably 20-feet long by 16 feet wide. This room had a very large walk-in closet that looked to be the size of the smaller bedrooms I had just seen. The bathroom attached to this room had a good-sized shower, a large whirlpool bathtub, and dual sinks. This bedroom and bathroom were also unfurnished. The second master bedroom was the same size as the first, but it was furnished, actually quite nicely furnished. The attached bathroom had a smaller whirlpool bathtub, but the shower was noticeably larger and could easily take two people at a time. The shower had a window that looked into a small sauna. The sauna was built into the bathroom and was made of oak. From its size, I guessed that it could accommodate four people. The walk-in closet was probably half the size of the other master bedroom. This was the only bedroom that was furnished and it had a mattress in it, so I had to assume this would be my room. Looking a second time I noticed it was a king-size mattress. I looked at Erin and she just smiled.

"You didn't expect me to spend nights with you on a twin-size did you?" she half-asked half-stated.

"To be honest Erin, I wasn't thinking that far ahead," I replied. "But I am wondering how I will explain this to my parents."

"Done," she said with a mischievous grin. "Your mother called me this morning to thank me for the job I offered you. She ended up coming out for lunch and I gave her a tour of the townhouse. She is a terrific woman and we spent over an hour talking. I told her about what you did for Michelle. Trust me, as a woman with daughters, your mother understood exactly how much that meant to me. I explained to her that I own this townhouse outright, so any rent I receive is just income. It would mean more to me to rent it to you than to a bunch of other kids who would destroy parts of it like the last bunch. In addition, since the repair work will take another three months, renting it to you by yourself was an easy sell. This way, you have an isolated place to study."

She kissed me on the tip of my nose and added, "Of course I left out the fact that I will be visiting you quite often."

"That was probably wise," I added.

"Your mom did volunteer your services," she said with a wink. "Evidently, you've learned quite a bit about general contracting from your uncle."

"Yes," I said knowing exactly where this was going. "I would be happy to keep an eye on the quality of the work being done."

"Thank you," she said with another quick kiss. "Though when she offered your services, I'm certain you can imagine what was running through my mind."

"And the furniture?" I asked.

She just smiled at me as if I should know the answer already, and said, "I told her that I was changing out some furniture, and rather than give it to Goodwill, I would let you use it."

I just grabbed Erin and held her to me. Erin was an intelligent and successful woman. On top of that, she was positively beautiful. To have such a woman go this far to make "us" possible was flattering to the point of being overwhelming. My goddess just held me to her, silently acknowledging my thoughts. She held my hand and led me to the top floor. The top floor was probably the biggest surprise of all. There were two sections. Half was a spacious area that Erin explained used to be a game and entertainment area. The other part of the top floor was an outdoor patio and terrace. Erin said that this area was also under construction.

As we headed for the garage, she gave me a list of numbers to call which included cable, phone, and utilities. When we returned to her home, Erin pulled into the garage. There were spaces for six cars. Erin laughed when she saw me looking at the three empty spaces. When they originally bought the house, Paul wanted the extra garage space because he liked to have a number of cars. At the time, Erin had disagreed.

"Now there are spots for my cars, the Jeep, two for the girls, and that one is reserved for your car," she said while handing me the remote she used earlier for the townhouse. "It's reserved for the day when we won't have to hide the fact that you are part of my life."

I just kissed her. I held Erin Grant to me and kissed her. If there was any doubt as to her feelings towards me, they were gone completely. In such a short period, Erin had opened up her life to me. As for me, I was flying high. For the first time in my life, I wasn't relying on plans or pre-made decisions. Even though I was only nineteen, nearly everything in my life had been thought out; schools, jobs, after school activities. Only my friends could be considered random, but I did have some say in those I chose to be close friends with. Here I was letting someone else make the decisions. I should have been scared. I would have been scared if it had been anyone else but Erin. I don't know why, but I was completely at peace with everything. And it felt grand.

I did have one question though.

"What about your girls?" I asked.

"We have some time on that," she replied. "They're at UCLA for the quarter. They come back during vacations, and occasionally on the weekends. Obviously, Kathryn figured out I am seeing someone but she didn't get anywhere trying to figure out who."

I smiled at the memory of wrecking Kathryn's sheets. Erin saw my smile and hers got a little bigger.

"She took it pretty well and Michelle was laughing about it for hours. Of course, Michelle took one look at me and knew it was more than that. She told me she has never seen me glow before, so she gave 'provisional' approval until she can meet and interrogate later. We had a great talk on Sunday night while getting all her laundry done."

She paused and looked at me and changed to her professor voice, "Note for you young man: now that you are on your own, don't take your laundry home for mom to do."

"It was nice for her in a way as well. She knows I loved her father, but she never saw me 'in love' with him. Does that make sense?"

"Completely," I replied.

Erin looked at her watch and asked me when I had to be home. I told her that I was staying at Sarah's and she just smiled. Erin told me to call Sarah to get permission to stay over, and then she left to go make up the guest room. I called Sarah and we spent about five minutes on the phone. She laughed at the question and told me that to have fun but that she expected me to pick her up at seven for breakfast. I told her about the townhouse and ended up giving her a few details to satisfy her curiosity. She changed our breakfast plans to something to go because she wanted to see it first thing in the morning. I agreed and then went to find Erin. Upstairs, I saw a light coming from a room that I had never been in before. I entered it to find a bed with Erin laying in it.

"We never did make it to this room," she said with a grin.

We spent an hour 'breaking in' the guest room before returning to hers to sleep.

* * * * * * * * I woke at five-thirty to the sound of the shower. As I sat up, Erin walked up to me and pulled me into the shower. Our coupling this morning was primal but intimate. Erin was bent over and wailing through her second orgasm over when I finished with a roar. Starting the day like this was something I could definitely get used to. Erin had me pick out a bra and panty set for her to wear that day. I chose a lacy Brazilian-cut set that was a shade of blue that went with her eyes. I have to confess that it was almost as much fun watching Erin dress up as it was taking it off. Erin gave me a kiss and told me to have Sarah stop by her office when she had time.

At twenty minutes to seven, I left her home to go meet Sarah. I was early, but it didn't matter because Sarah was waiting for me when I arrived. Sarah went nuts over the townhouse, and was already asking to use the spa. When she saw the second master bedroom, she didn't say anything but I know she was hopeful. So was I. If I could get Erin to let her be my roommate, Sarah could cut back her hours. We both wanted Sarah to work fewer hours, although Sarah would never admit it.

The rest of the week was a blur. There was so much to do between getting settled in the job and the reading it entailed, adjusting to my new classes, packing, showing the townhouse to Heidi and Tony, and getting utilities hooked up. Erin called me to her office on Thursday to meet with the rest of the project team. It included four juniors and three sophomores. I was put in charge of the computers and test equipment. In addition to giving me instructions for setting up new equipment that would be arriving this month, Erin gave me one after the meeting was far more personal.

"No playing this week Mr. Rhodes," she said softly in her professor voice. "You'll want to save it all for Saturday night."

Before I knew, it Saturday had arrived and I was moving in. The only furniture I moved was my desk and dresser. There was a television, VCR, a portable CD player, and my computer. Everything else was clothes. My mom donated a bunch of older cookware, dishware, and silverware, which was great for me but not so much for my dad. Those items would have to be replaced and I knew my mother was taking him shopping tonight or tomorrow.

Erin stopped by at my mother's request just so they could meet again face-to-face. My parents insisted on taking her to lunch with us as a small token of thanks for everything Erin had done for me. Afterwards, Erin left so I could finish unpacking before it got too late. I picked up on her suggestion and stated to all that I would be 'in bed by ten' which prompted an acknowledging wink from Erin. My parents took me to the bank where I received a very unexpected surprise from late grandmother. While she wasn't rich, she and my grandfather both had life insurance policies. When he died five years ago, my grandmother had amended her will to give each of her grandchildren money towards school. My grandmother's will had placed no restrictions on the money once we reached 18, so Jessica and I were getting checks for just over $60,000. My parents would be setting up trust funds for our younger siblings to ensure that the money was used for school. At first my parents were concerned that I wouldn't handle the money responsibly. The events of the past few weeks had convinced them that I was capable of not going hog wild with the funds. After the bank, they took me shopping for the basics in food at Costco and we returned with enough food for three weeks. They left me to finishing settling in.

Around six, Heidi and Tony called from the gate phone to be let in. I buzzed them in. After a quick tour of the place and Heidi going nuts over the spa, they took me out for pizza and a movie. We got back just after nine-thirty, and I received no objections when I said the day had left me more than a little drained. At a few minutes before ten, I heard the garage door open and a car pull in. I couldn't wait to see Erin, so I bounded down the stairs as I heard the garage door shutting. When the door's motor stopped, I made out the opening and closing of a car door. I swung the door open just as she was walking up to it. Erin was standing there in a black leather jacket, denim skirt that went halfway down her thighs, and a pair of black leather boots that stopped just below her knees. The leather jacket was zipped down far enough to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. My jaw hung open as I drank in the sight. Erin did a pirouette and let me see just how good she looked in that outfit.

"Erin ... you look absolutely incredible," I said.

She just smiled politely and said, "Thank you baby. The look in your eyes was the reaction I was hoping for."

She did another pirouette. Her ass made the skirt stick out perfectly as she turned around. The jacket tapered at the waist, which only served to push her breasts together and up. I could have stared at her in that outfit for hours.

"Do you really like it?"

"Fuck yes," I replied with a grin.

"Good," she said while walking past me and up the stairs.

She continued, but in a far softer, almost innocent sounding voice.

"Cause your professor's been a naughty girl, playing with her pussy for the past two hours. She's been trying to take the edge off because all she can think about is your cock sawing in and out of her horny little pussy."

I followed her up the stairs, my cock growing harder with each word she spoke. The innocent sounding tone she was using combined with the way she was referring to herself in the third person was driving me wild.

"Visions of your cum shooting all over her tits and filling her pussy up. She couldn't tell you how many times she came on her shiny red toy, but it just wasn't the same."

As she reached the top of the stairs, Erin spun around and looked at me. She wore an expression that was half frustration and half pouting. She stared at me as she completely unzipped her jacket. Her breasts were now completely exposed and I could see that her nipples were already hard.

"She needed to feel the heat from your cock inside her, especially when you cum. Has she ever told you how good your cock feels, pulsing deep inside her hungry wet cunt?"

She stopped at the couch and motioned with one finger for me to come closer.

"Has she ever told you how right it feels to have your cock shooting its seed deep inside her pussy?"

She started undoing my jeans. She continued talking in the soft, innocent voice she had conjured up but no longer referred to herself in the third person.

"Because it does. It feels so perfect to feel your cock pulsing hard each time it spurts in me."

Erin kissed me deeply as she pushed my jeans down past my hips. I had barely begun to return her kiss when she pulled away and dropped to her knees taking my jeans with her.

"So natural. So right."

As she pulled my underwear down exposing my hard cock, Erin half groaned and half growled at the sight. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth, taking my entire length in one swift motion. It felt so right to have her in front of me, on her knees, nursing on my cock like this. My cock just started throbbing when she started talking to it as she continued to kiss and suck it.

"Are you ... hard for ... me ... balls full ... of cum ... for me ... it's all ... for Erin ... gonna drain ... drain you dry ... milk every ... last drop ... in me ... on me."

With that, Erin pushed me back on the couch. She literally tore my jeans off my legs and my underwear followed seconds later. With a grace that surprised me, she took off her jacket in a single motion. Spinning around, she flung it on the couch a few feet from me. I looked up into her eyes and saw the beast in them. One hand was working her left nipple, twisting it back and forth roughly. The other had pulled her skirt up around her waist and was now working her clit. My goddess wasn't hungry. She was fucking starving.

"Fuck! I need your cock," she hissed.

She turned around and put her legs outside mine. The view made my cock throb as I groaned aloud. Looking up, I could see her perfect ass ... the puffy lips of pussy shiny and slick ... and her juices coating the insides of her thighs. She put one hand on my knee and began to sit down on me. Her hand reached back and grabbed my cock, guiding it to the lips of her pussy. She worked the head back and forth three times before settling back a little further. I groaned loudly as I felt the head of my cock part her sex open and slip inside her soaking pussy. In that position, I watched in awe as she slowly sank down and fed my cock into her hungry cunt. Completely mesmerized by the sight of her sex swallowing my cock, I barely registered the moans coming from her. Once I was fully rooted in her, I realized just how hot she was. My goddess, was on fire.

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