tagMatureMy English Teacher

My English Teacher


In a few short weeks, my life had been turned upside down. After my retirement, my wife and I had so much planned. That was cut short by her sudden illness and subsequent death. It took me months to start living again and many more months before I could find the courage to go through her things and her mounds of papers and recipes. As I did so, I came across a small post-it note in her handwriting.

"Mr. Davis passed away."

I didn't know the date, but I assumed it was just before her death. With a little online search, I discovered his obituary and realized I needed to get out of my hole and try and help someone else out. Mr. Davis was one of my mentors when I was in high school. Mrs. Davis was the person who inspired me to go into education.

I made a phone call and Mrs. Davis, Ceecee to her friends, answered. Her familiar voice soon choked as she attempted to console me on the death of my wife. I assured her that I only found out about her husband Jesse's death in the last few weeks. In a short time, we planned to meet at her house in the country. Always elegant, and a source of many of my youthful fantasies, Ceecee still looked the same as I remembered her. Her trim, shapely figure betrayed her 70+ years. We embraced and spent the next few hours laughing and crying over our spouses and our lives. As I left, we embraced again, promising to get together in a short time.

The next time we met, again at her place in the country, it was a pleasant fall day. She still had her blonde hair cut short around her neck. I could see her nice breasts under her clothes. She didn't seem to have changed much. As we spoke out on the shaded deck, the conversation took an odd turn.

"Did you and Missy still have a good physical relationship?


"How has someone so young (I'm 60) been about to deal with that loss of intimacy?"

"It hasn't been easy."

Well, you may not have realized this, but Jesse and I were quite active, even this many years after our retirement."

I smiled and said, "I guess I thought about that a few times. I always assumed it was the case."

"And you and Missy?"

"Well, to be honest," I said blushing, "the sex with Missy and I was always great."

I also noticed a familiar feeling just speaking of sex, but fortunately, I didn't think she noticed.

"Do you still find me as attractive as you did in high school?"

I know I blushed. "Excuse me?"

She smiled, blushing herself. "You don't think that I noticed your 'excitement' when you looked at me in class?".

I smiled back, recalling the hardons I would get just watching her in front of class.

"I didn't think you noticed."

"With your cute smile and nice physique, of course I noticed. That, and those desks didn't hide everything."

"Did you fantasize about my body?" she asked.

"Yes," I said blushing again, "many times."

"Did you ever fantasize about having sex with me?"

"Many times," I replied.

Smiling, I asked a similar question, "I'm guessing you might have fantasize about me?"

She laughed, "Many times when Jesse and I were having sex, I closed my eyes and thought of you."

Now I was really uncomfortable as my erection was growing.

"Care for another drink?" she asked.

Somewhat relieved and definitely uncomfortable, I responded.


I watched her walk back into the house, noticing that her ass was still nice and firm.

With my attention turned to the nearby woods, I wasn't looking when she returned to the doorway.

"I brought you something special," she said.

I turned and to my surprise, she was standing in the doorway with just a short cotton robe on, with it gaped open. The tits that I had always dreamed of were right there, with freckles down her chest. Only a small belt at her waist hid the rest of her, which I could see was free of any underwear. I stood up and faced her. She took my hands and put them on her breasts. I rubbed them and payed special attention to the nipples I had fantasized about as a young man. I dropped my hands around to her back and grabbed her firm naked ass with both hands. I slid my hands down to pull open the robe. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she was gorgeous.

Before I could do any more, she dropped elegantly down to her knees, tugged at my belt until it came loose. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them to the wooden deck. She slid her beautiful hands that I had many times fantasized holding my cock underneath the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. My hard cock sprung to attention.

"Your cock is just what I had always hoped it was," she said leaning forward.

She put all of it into her mouth and began to suck, grabbing my ass and pulling me far down her throat. I moaned in pleasure and she stood up.

"Follow me," she said.

I pulled up my pants enough to walk and followed her gently swaying ass into the house and into a bedroom. She dropped the robe and stood there naked before me. She was in wonderful shape for anyone, let alone a woman her age. I slipped off my clothes and drew her close to me, kissing her passionately, my hard cock pushed against her.

"I want you," she said, as she lay on the bed on her back. I kissed her neck and down to her tits. I started to suck her nipples and she began to moan. I kissed down her still rather flat stomach until I found her pubic hair. I began to lick her pussy and she opened her legs more to give it to me. I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and started to tongue her lips and her clit. I spread those lips and began to tongue fuck her pussy, tasty with her juices. She was wet and ready. She moved up on the bed, spread her legs again.

"Fuck me like you have wanted."

I put my cock on her pussy lips and it slid right in. She was hot and wet and I knew I wouldn't last too long. I began to fuck her as I nibbled and sucked and bit on her tits.

As she moaned, I told her, "I can't last long. It's been a long time since my wife."

She pulled me into her further and whispered, "Cum."

I thrust a few more times as she moaned. As I knew I was close, I felt her pulsing on my cock. She was cumming and that was all I could stand. I began to cum in her and she held onto my ass as I jerked and spasmed inside her. I collapsed on her, breathing heavily.

Eventually, I rolled off her and lay beside her on the bed. She laughed softly and touched my hand, then grabbed my softening cock.

"Next time, perhaps I will pull out one of my old teacher dresses and see about living out one or two of those classroom fantasies."

"I will back soon."

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I love stories with a touch of reality like this one.

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by Richie411009/12/18

Fulfilling a fantasy

I don’t usually give a 5* rating to a 1 page story but you have touched a memory and a feeling that, I suspect, many a young man or boy held. In my case it was a young nun in 7th grade that I thoughtmore...

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