tagRomanceMy Eros 69: You Dream Of Me

My Eros 69: You Dream Of Me


This time, you dream of me...

You're sleeping so deeply, breathing in...breathing out...softly... slowly...so peaceful, and that's when I come... You see me in the darkness, in your dream, and I am standing there smiling. You feel your lips curling upwards into a smile of your own, feel your pulse quicken, feel your cheeks flush red. I walk towards you, my clothes seeming to fade and disappear with each step. You look down to see your own fading as your desire increases. You feel yourself become a little wet, your nipples slowly stiffening in anticipation of my touch...my mouth...my lips...and sensing your excitement, my smile grows.

Now I stand before you and we are naked...I raise my foot and tenderly move it up along the top of your foot, my toes grazing slowly up your ankle now, your calf, your knee, the inside of your thigh...and down again. Your eyes blaze, excitement growing, and you pounce forward to embrace me. You hold me close, feeling that I am there with you, breathing in my scent, feeling my heat...you kiss me then and I kiss you back, soft...soft...deep...sooooo deeeeeep... My soft hands caress your sweet neck, your shoulders, your back, your buns...and still I kiss you on and on... I press against you, deeper into your arms, and hold you as you hold me.

Your lips break contact, then kiss softly over my cheeks, my chin, my neck, the tops of my shoulders. My hands come up across your ribs to take a hold of your breasts, feeling their weight in the palms of my hands...feeling your stiff nipples and the heat of them pressing against my fingers, between my fingers now...I apply slight pressure on your nipples, squeezing them firmly between my fingers now and pulling slightly...

hear you gasp, feel your sudden breath against my shoulder. You lean against me, harder this time, and I continue to play with your breasts...rolling them in the way that drives you wild, touching you, kissing your neck as I lean forward. Oh more than my excitement is growing for you, you feel me swell against your thigh...lifting higher and higher until it is throbbing against you, sliding across your clit as you pump your hips a little. I give a little groan because the contact feels so good. You smile wickedly and continue to hump against me, getting me wet and slick with your juices. Oh my but that is soooo good...you always know how to excite me so...

My hands give your sweet nipples a final, playful tug and move down across your ribs, down to your belly, your hips, then back and around to your buns...I grip your ass firmly and press you against me in a slow but firm rhythm...oh you like that, do you? I squeeze your ass even more firmly and press you forward holding you tight and grinding, my hard cock sliding between your shaved lips, you moan to me...saying my name..."Oh, Rich...YESSSSSSS!"

I feel you quake and tremble as a small climax shoots through you, your knees waver a little bit but I'm holding you tight, ready to shift my grip and catch you at the first sign of trouble. You sigh deeply as your climax passes, then keep holding me and feeling my cock twitch between your nether lips. You kiss my shoulder and your hands slide down across my torso to take hold of my cock, feeling how slippery it is with your sweet cum. You slide your hand up and down the length, feeling how hot and hard it is beneath your slippery fingers. You grip tighter and I groan for you. You suck at my earlobes as you begin tugging and stroking...squeezing...pulling...having a good time making me hotter for you. You pull back a little and with a mischievous look in your eyes and a playful smile on your lips, you keep stroking my pulsing cock, making it jump. Oh that feels so good...don't stop... not yet...please...mmmmmm...please...

My hands are on your breasts now, touching them softly while you pump me harder, long, slow milking strokes...my hand wanders down your sweet cleavage, past your navel, and over your mound. Your eyes blaze as you feel me touching your still-swollen clit. I rub you while you rub me... your eyes close and you shudder, clamping down on me in a pleasurable way...you feel so good...and then you pounce...you press me back and down, straddling my hips. I love the view from here!

As I stare with desire up at your breasts, you move your hand back behind your buns, touching just below the head of my cock with your fingers, moving me into position between your wet lips. You slide down deliciously slow, feeling every inch penetrating you and I arch my back thrusting my hips up and into you. You close your eyes again, savouring the sensation of me entering you. Finally your soft yet still firm ass is resting on my thighs and you feel me totally filling you. A little shiver passes over you and I hold you to me, pulling you down so I can hug you as you writhe atop me. I feel your breasts crushed against me as I begin slowwwwwwwly pumping up into you and out again...I reach down between us and tease your throbbing clit with my fingertips, feeling your slick juices on my fingers and using it to polish your delicate nub while I thrust in and out of you slowly...working up a faster pace gradually...driving you wild.

We continue to make love this way for some time and I sense that once again you are going to cum for me, and this time I feel that I will cum for you, too...

You're bouncing up and down on top of me, your sweet breasts in my face, your hot, throbbing nipples taking turns between my lips, feeling my tongue on them. My cock is jumping inside you, I'm ready to spend myself in you at any moment now, feeling your muscles clamping down on me, feeling your passion, your heat, your intensity. Your breathing comes in gasps and I jam myself deeper and deeper into you...once...then twice...three more times...and holding deep you feel me gushing within you...several strong spurts that get lost within you as your own orgasm takes hold and this time you cum harder than the others before...

The even-tighter twitching inside you keeps me hard, and as you continue to cum, your talented muscles make me cum a second time so close to my first orgasm that I can barely concentrate enough to reach back around you and grab your buns hard in my hands, jamming you down tight on top of me, now squeezing your ass with taut fingers, full handfuls of flesh...doing this gives you major chills and thrills and your orgasm intensifies...you're losing concentration fast, seeing spots...my strong fingers keep up the firm pressure while sliding off the sides of your ass in full-hand pinching motions, then as they slowly slide off they repeat the motion, each time I do you cum harder and everything becomes fainter and fainter as bliss and rapture overtake you. Finally all becomes dark and you can only FEEL...

All is black...your breathing slows to normal, your pulse returning to normal as well. You're in bed, feeling arms around you. It was a dream, and such a sweet dream it was for you... You bend slightly and kiss the wrist that holds you and you feel the sweat from it on your lips...you look up then and see that it is me holding you tenderly, and smiling...my eyes are soft and my mouth moves to form the words....

"Welcome back..."

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