tagGay MaleMy Erotic Education - A Journal 06

My Erotic Education - A Journal 06


Morning dawned as it inevitably does. I was laying on my side when I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Will lying beside me in all his glorious nakedness. He was still sleeping and I took my chance to admire his beautiful body unbeknownst. His smooth white flesh really did look like something edible in its voluptuousness. His solid muscles sculpted the surface.

I glanced down at his groin and saw that his formidable erection was arching over his abdomen while wrapped in my uncle's hand. I glanced over at my uncle who I saw was also awake and he gave me a wicked smile while nodding at my own erect cock. Looking down, I saw that Will's hand was wrapped around my own shaft just as his was gripped. It had felt so natural that I hadn't even been aware until now.

My uncle stroked Will's swollen cock up and down the shaft and without even opening his eyes Will said, "No rest for the wicked, I suppose."

"If you're offering to be wicked," my uncle replied, "you have two avid assistants just waiting to be instructed."

Will opened his eyes and took us in, one on each side of him.

"So now I'm to suffer twice the importuning of my innocence! Take your hand off of my cock, you wanton!" he said, addressing my uncle.

He looked down at his hand wrapped around my very erect organ and said, "And look at this state of this fellow. Nothing keeps him down for long, does it?"

"Not when he wakes up in the caress of a beautiful man." I replied.

"Off with both of you perverts!" he said, sitting up. "I've work to do and I can be lying here submitting to more of your tricks." He scooted down and off the bed, then turned and poked me on my ass.

"Come along, sleeping beauty." he said. "Time for a morning piss and some cleaning up. Your elderly uncle may lay and wait his turn patiently if he wants any breakfast."

"You're nothing but a beast," my uncle said, "and if we were having a blizzard I'd chuck you right out in it."

"And then starve to death without me to take care of you since you can't even boil a pot of water without burning it. You!" he said, pointing at me, "Bathroom! Piss!"

I jumped up and he followed me into the bathroom. Standing before the bowl we grasped each other's fat cocks and opened our bladders. The morning piss bubbled in the bowl and we each began to grow hard again in the other's hand.

"No time for that now." Will said. "We need you freshened up to start your day."

He was still holding my cock in his hand, contemplating the drops of piss that were still on my cock head and wetting my foreskin. He sank to his knees and licked up the golden fluid and then said, "I knew that even your piss would be sweet."

After that he was all business once again, washing my cock and balls and the crack of my ass, then herding me back into the bedroom where my uncle still lay on the bed.

"Your body servant awaits your majesty." he said and my uncle sprang up and followed him across the hall. I listened to the splashing and laughter echoing across the hall and my uncle soon returned and lay down beside me.

"Will doesn't have to wait on me the way that he does." I told my uncle. "I'm more than accustomed to doing all for myself and I don't want to cause him more work."

"I'm not sure how he'll feel about not doing for you." my uncle said. "He may feel insulted but then again he may welcome the idea. We will ask him."

When Will came in minutes later with a heavily laden tray my uncle said to him, "We have an idea to review with you in view of your opinion. Having another person in residence has added considerably to your work load and my nephew wonders if you would prefer he do all of the necessaries for himself?"

Will arranged the breakfast things on the table as he considered.

"What would be a real help would be another pair of hands around here." he said. "There was more than enough work for one before, now we will definitely need more help."

"I couldn't possibly ask you to go to that expense." I said to my uncle.

He laughed and then said, "Nor would I. It would be your money paying wages. You are a very wealthy young man, in case you don't know it. You have more than enough money to hire someone to take care of your affairs."

"I didn't know." I said. "I assumed that I had been left a small sum but that soon I'd be seeking employment."

"Have no worry on that account. With prudent management, you are fixed for life. You can hire someone today if you'd like."

"I wouldn't know how to go about it." I said. "It would have to be someone whom we all approved of."

"And it will have to be someone willing to do his share." Will stated.

"And someone who wouldn't find our living arrangement and activities totally foreign." my uncle said.

"Will, I'm afraid I must burden you with selecting someone suitable. Actually, you are the one who must have the most interaction with him." I said.

"Give me a day or two to think it over." Will replied.

We began to eat our breakfast and I said, "Uncle, there's another matter I'd like to discuss. As I've told you, my grandfather maintained a strict regimen of exercise that I adhered to. I find I miss the activity and the exertion I was used to. Is there anywhere in the city that one may go to and physically exercise?"

"There is indeed. There is a gymnasium club which I am a member of that offers a variety of services, exercise room, running track, swimming pool and also a steam room. Is that of interest? We could make a trip there after breakfast and you can see if it is what you seek. I've been far too neglectful in that regard myself."

"I'll wait in the carriage." Will said.

"Oh, no, dear Will." my uncle said. "We shall all have a day of exercise. I can't have you blowing up like a little piglet from living the good life."

Will threw a piece of toast that narrowly missed my uncle's head.

It seemed we were in the carriage and on our way in a trice after that. As we drove through town I turned to my uncle and observed, "Until I came to the city I had seen only a few Negroes. Now, I see them every day."

"Yes, we are a mixed population." my uncle replied.

"What are your feelings on that subject?" Will asked.

"I have no identifiable feelings on race since the subject has never really been something I thought about. I have noticed that some of the Negro men are very attractive, though."

Will contemplated my answer and then asked, "Would you consider a Negro for the position we discussed earlier?"

"My only requirement is that the person selected be compatible with each of us and our living arrangement. Your judgment and experience are far superior to mine and I am wholly reliant on you to tell me what to do." I replied.

"In that case, I may know the perfect candidate."

By this time we had reached our destination. The gymnasium was a large stone building on a side street in the town. The exterior looked like a gentleman's club of the era, discreet doors leading into a large lobby with stairs and doors on the walls. My uncle led us up the stairs to a counter where we were required to sign in after my uncle explained our purpose.

The young man behind the counter then led us into a large room containing lockers where we proceeded to undress. The young employee, I noticed, lingered in our area fussing at various tasks while watching us. My uncle had supplied us with exercise outfits from his own closet. As I've stated before, my uncle was smaller in all ways than both Will and myself so the outfits were a tight fit. Luckily the two pieces were of a stretch material. Unluckily, after Will and I had donned them they stretched in such a way that we may as well have been nude. In both of our cases, the outline and shape of our cocks were clearly displayed over our bulging balls and the back seams of the pants was tight enough to divide and emphasize our prominent buttocks.

The gymnasium employee made a point of drawing near and he said, "My, you two gentlemen look as if you're already well developed in a way we don't commonly see. I hope you will become members here; you can only enhance our reputation. If there is anything I can do," he stated staring at my semi-aroused cock, "that might make your visit more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to ask. I pride myself on providing superior service to superior gentlemen." He licked his lips.

My uncle hustled us out into the exercise area which I was gratified to see was well equipped. I threw myself into exercising and was soon absorbed in doing so to the exclusion of all around me. When I had exhausted myself I became aware of the scene playing out between Will and my uncle. Will had attracted a circle of admirers whose eyes were glued to his every move. Will was well aware of the admiration he was receiving and was playing to the house, making his every endeavor as sensuous as possible. My uncle was observing with a wry look on his face.

"Will seems to have attracted an audience." I said.

"They act like starving dogs in front of a butcher's window." he replied.

Striding over to Will he said, "My nephew and I are ready to swim and I'm sure your coterie of admirers will be even more entertained by your liquid frolics. Shall we?"

Will, not in the least abashed, followed us through to the swimming pool in another room, followed in turn by his gaggle of fans. The first thing that became apparent was that all of the swimmers were nude.

"Is this the usual custom?" I asked my uncle.

"It is, indeed." he replied. "Will and yourself, as new members and as possessors of such outstanding physical attributes will be the highlight of the day for our swimmers."

There were rows of hooks lining the walls and the three of us quickly disrobed. All eyes were on us and for the first time I felt somewhat shy, quickly immersing myself in the pool. Will, on the other hand, was in his element taking his time to undress, and then leisurely strolling to the pool edge where he stood and did a series of stretches that displayed his many charms to their best advantage. His audience watched, spellbound. Finally, he plunged into the pool and began to swim the length on his back, his huge cock and balls washing to and fro on the surface of the water.

I swam several laps in the pool and then rose and sat on the edge to observe Will's antics. What I hadn't noticed while in the pool was another nearby swimmer.

The man who caught my eye was older, or at least old enough to have a full head of gray hair that had been cut in a short military style. His arms and shoulders were heavily muscled and as I watched, his back muscles bunched and flexed with each stroke. He had a trim waist with no sign of fat. But what really drew my eye and what I couldn't stop staring at was his superb ass. As his body sliced through the water the perfect mounds of his ass skimmed above the surface, wavelets from his actions breaking over the globes and flowing through the deep crack in between. I felt my cock beginning to lengthen and thicken at the sight and soon my cock had grown to full erection but I still couldn't tear my eyes away. I rose, hiding my hard cock as best I could and shuffled over to one of the benches lining the walls. I sat down, forcing my steel hard shaft down between my legs to hide it. My uncle saw me sitting there and came to me.

"Is everything all right?" he asked.

In answer, I spread my legs and let my cock bounce up and then forced it back down into confinement.

"Aah, is that I reflex reaction or for a more specific cause?" he asked.

"Do you see the white haired man who is swimming?" I said. "I think he is one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. In addition, he has absolutely the most beautiful ass that I know I have ever seen."

My uncle turned to the pool and said, "But I know him well. Would you like an introduction?" and before I could reply he stepped to the edge of the pool and beckoned to him.

The swimmer floated over to the edge and he and my uncle exchanged a few words and then he sprang up onto the edge. I watched as he climbed out, first admiring his broad hair covered chest and stomach and then even more admiring the heavy thick cock that swung at his crotch over an enormous pair of hairy balls. He stood and my uncle led him over to where I sat.

"This is my nephew who I spoke to you about." my uncle said. "He's been admiring you as you swam."

I was tongue tied, staring at the thick cock and huge balls inches in front of my face.

I looked up and the gentleman, even more handsome close up, was smiling down at me cowering on the bench.

"I'm pleased to meet you." he said, extending his hand.

I reached my own up to shake, freeing my rock hard erection which sprang free and slapped my stomach with a resounding crack.

"I'll flatter myself and think that is for me." he said.

"It is for you." I said, finding my tongue and grasping his hand at the same time in both of mine, not caring that he saw the upright shaft in my lap. "I was watching you swim and I was mesmerized by the beauty of your ass."

"Did your uncle put you up to flattering an old man?" he asked, half smiling.

"My nephew is not the type to offer flattery." my uncle said. "Nor am I the type to use him for my schemes."

"No, please don't misunderstand." I said. "My physical reaction is solely the result of your own attractiveness. I've never seen such an attractive man before and my response was uncontrollable."

"You are very kind to say so." the gentleman said. "Has your uncle told you who I am?"

"We didn't ever get that far." I replied. "He saw the excited state of my cock and when I explained the cause, he hailed you from the water before I could even agree."

"Then I shall declare myself truthfully flattered and apologize for my groundless suspicions. It is rare for someone my age to be admired by a young man of your beauty and development."

"Then they must be blind." I said. "Your close proximity has only verified to me that you are the most attractive man here, as the stiffness of my cock will attest."

"Yes and quite an attractive cock it is, too. I wonder if you would care to dine with me at my house tonight so that we may become better acquainted."

"If my uncle consents I can think of nothing I'd like better."

"By all means, I should like you to make some friends of your own and I can't think of a better beginning."

"Very well, I'll send my carriage to pick you up at 7pm; I know your uncle's address. He will fill you in on my background before then, I'm sure." He looked at my rampant cock and then into my eyes. "And I shall count on becoming much more intimate friends."

He turned and walked off, his gorgeous ass flexing with each step. At the doorway he turned and looked back at me and smiled.

"An excellent first friend and contact for you." my uncle stated. "And, in case you wonder, he enjoys a hard cock thrust up his ass even more than I do. Now, while I round up our young hussy Will, you dunk that enormous hard on in the pool and try to make it go down before we have a line of hungry sodomites following us home."

My uncle proceeded to grab Will by the back of the neck and yank him back into the dressing room much to the disappointment of his admiring throng and we dressed and left.

As we climbed onto our carriage Will said, "Well, exercising is much more fun than I envisioned. I may have to come here for a daily work out in the future."

"And I may lock you in the coal cellar and beat you frequently with the shovel until you're so ugly and misshapen that no one else will look at you."

"You should be flattered that other men admire what belongs only to you." Will replied. "They may look but no one shall ever touch without your permission."

"I know I'm a fool whose heart you will break when you cast me aside but until then I'm your slave." my uncle told him.

For the rest of the day Will and my uncle hovered and fussed over me until I was driven to distraction. If it wasn't my uncle trying to find a vest to fit me it was Will wanting to wash and starch my shirt, then my uncle wanting to trim and style my hair while Will endeavored to groom and shave the rest of my body.

"Honestly," I said, "you both act as if I'm preparing for my honeymoon night. He merely invited me to dinner."

"Yes," my uncle replied, "and I'm sure that he has plans to give you more than a meal."

"And it is sort of a honeymoon." Will added. "It's your first engagement outside of our group."

Finally I resorted to locking myself in the bathroom and lolling in a steaming tub until my departure time. Will insisted on helping me dress, which included much playing with and arranging of my cock to show it to the best advantage in my trousers. The carriage finally arrived and I was free of them and on my way.

After a short drive we arrived at a townhouse somewhat bigger than my uncle's in another part of town.

I ascended to the double front door and rang the bell.

Momentarily the door was flung open by my new friend who said, "I see you made it, then. Come in, come in." and welcomed me into his home.

"Did your uncle enlighten you as to my identity?" he asked as I entered.

"No, he was most mysterious and referred me back to you."

"I see. Then, perhaps I should explain that I have an intimate connection not only with your family but also with your business affairs. I own the bank that is in charge of your trust fund as well as your inheritance from your grandfather."

"You knew my grandfather?" I asked.

"As well as any man could. We were in the war together and boyhood friends before that. Once, we were closer than friends but that was all many years ago. I like to believe that we retained that special affection for each other even in our later years. In any event, he entrusted your financial affairs to my care."

"I confess that I find it hard to believe that grandfather ever had a special male friend. He was such a cold and unloving man."

"The world does harsh things to those who feel too much and it can make them into something different from what they once were. But, please, you must come in and make yourself comfortable instead of allowing me to detain you in the entry hall."

I looked around me, aware of an understated opulence that even my untrained eye could discern and then at my host. If anything, he was even more attractive to me than he had been earlier. He was clad in a heavily quilted dressing gown and looking down I became aware of his bare legs and then had to wonder if he was nude beneath the robe.

"I see you looking at my unclad legs." he said. "When I am home alone I prefer to wear as little as possible and since you have already seen everything I have to see I felt you wouldn't mind."

"Absolutely not." I replied. "A body such as yours should be seen unclad as often as possible and though you say I have seen everything you have to offer, I haven't seen it nearly as closely or for as long as I'd like."

"You have a way with words that makes me feel shy." he replied. "Would you like a tour, of the house that is, or would you prefer we sup now? Since it is only the two of us and we are to have an intimate dinner, I took the liberty of having the meal laid out in my bedroom where we can both relax."

"By all means, let us sup. I'm curious to see your bedroom, anyway."

My host led me up the stairs to the second story, his lush ass at eye level before me and my cock growing in my trousers. When we had arrived in the room, dimly lit by candle light, he turned to face me and became aware of the thick erection swelling out from my groin. He grasped my cock through the fabric of my trousers and stroked it up and down while saying, "I forget what it is to be your age and so easily stimulated."

"Not so easily," I said, "There has to be just provocation."

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