tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Evening with Harris Faulkner Ch. 02

My Evening with Harris Faulkner Ch. 02


It has been about two months since my evening with the beautiful and sexy Harris Faulkner of Fox News Channel! She was all I thought about! It was so hard not to tell my friends and co-workers! I wanted to shout it out to the world, but who would believe me? I never really considered myself to be good looking, just average looking. Guess I was real lucky that night!

We have exchanged email about every week or so, but because of her profession and celebrity status as a news woman on FNC, we never discussed what took place that one rainy evening in New York City! We had previously agreed that if the details leaked out about our adventure together that evening, it could comeback to hurt her in this "Terribly Political Correct Society World" we live in today! We never even exchanged cell numbers.

I decided I would like to see her again, so I sent her an email and suggested that I could fly back to the city for an overnight Saturday stay in a few weeks if she had no plans. As I said before, I didn't know her cell number, so I sent her mine! I told her if she had other plans to email me, but if she would welcome me, to call me on my cell!

After about six days and not hearing from her, I was wondering if that would be a one time adventure. I rechecked her email address to see if I had added it right to my address book for my email addresses. It looked right to me, so I just figured myself lucky to have had that one evening with her!

On the seventh day, which was a Saturday, my cell phone rang around 8 in the morning. I had just poured myself a cup of coffee and thought it was my neighbor, who I usually have coffee with on Saturday mornings. The number displayed on my cell phone showed a long distance call, which I didn't recognize. I answered and was surprised to hear Harris's voice on the other end! She apologized for taking so long to respond to my email, saying she had some things that she had to get done. She said she missed me and was glad I wanted to see her again! She asked if the following Saturday would be a good day for me to fly back to the city! I agreed and said I would make the arrangements. She said she would like to pay and make the arrangements, if I didn't mind. Who am I to refuse an offer like that. So I agreed and gave her my info. She asked me for a quick biography, so I told her I was originally from New England and moved to Colorado in 1978. I also told her I had lost my late wife to cancer 3 1/2 years ago. We chatted for another 30 minutes and hung up! I recieved an email later that day for first class flight info on American Airlines.

The following Saturday my flight landed at JFK at 11:35 am and I walked off the 747 with my one overnight bag. After going through security, there were quite a few guys holding up signs with names on them. I noticed one sign with my name on it and I was ushered out to a waiting taxi and was driven to the Sheraton Hotel. The driver told me to check in and refresh myself and I would get a phone call in about one hour.

I checked in as told and the room was already paid. They escorted me up to my 8th floor room and I tipped the bellman. I went in and looked around and knew I could not afford this room on my salary! Big beautiful room with all of the necessaries of life! So I just went in, showered real good and careful and dressed and watched Fox News on T.V. while I waited for the phone call. I couldn't wait to see her and hold her in my arms again! The anticipation to feel her body against mine again was driving me crazy! I was nervous and excited for what was about to happen!

Finally my cell phone rang and she was on the other end. She told me to grab a light jacket or sweater and my cell and meet her out front. I did what I was told and took the elevator down stairs and went out front. There was a limo with the door wide open and I was ushered into the back seat.

Harris Faulkner was there in the back seat wearing faded jeans looking as beautiful as ever! She was even more stunning then I remembered! I couldn't believe my luck in meeting up with her on that rainy night in New York about 10 weeks ago!

She said,"Hi Baby" and kissed me full on the lips! Her lips were so full and soft to kiss that I kissed her right back with all the gusto I could muster up! I finally let go and looked at her. She was smiling with that beautiful smile of hers and those big dark eyes! She was wearing faded blue jeans, white blouse and a light blue summer jacket. She sure was looking delicious! Combined with that intoxicating perfume she had on, I felt my cock beginning to rise! She was really turning me on! She's all mine for at least one more night and tomorrow morning anyway!

"Hi Beautiful, I've missed you!" I said to her. I kissed her on the lips passionately taking her head in my hands! Then one hand found it's way to her right breast to caress it through her blouse and bra. She felt so darn good in my arms, like she was meant to be there!

But suddenly she removed my hand from her breast and said "Later Tiger! We'll have time for that later, I promise! Right now, we will go take a short ride on my boat, eat lunch and let you rest some for a big night ahead. Then we can go back to your room. Sound good to you?" As she finished talking, her eyes got real big and her eye brows were raised.

Needless to say, I agreed. We were driven to the boat at the docks and climbed aboard and made all the safety checks. We then left the harbor and headed out of port a few miles out to the north. It was a classy looking boat with a cabin and all the extras you would need. We had lunch and talked. She told me that she had been divorced for 2 1/2 years because he cheated on her. At that moment, I couldn't imagine any guy in his right mind cheating on this beautiful woman! She then told me that when we were together about 10 weeks ago, that was her first time with a man in 3 years! That made me feel very special! At the same time, I started to wonder. She had said man, not anyone. Could that mean she had been with another woman? I started to wonder? Maybe if I was real lucky, I will find out later! First things first! Back to the present!

We then laid on lounging chairs, side by side, in the sun and actually slept for a few hrs. Finally she woke me and said we should head back in, it's getting late. The sun was going down, so we headed back to shore, docked in, and were driven to my hotel room.

As soon as we closed the door to my room, she was all over me like chocolate ice cream on apple pie! She pushed me back on the bed, laying on top of me and smoldering me with kisses! Meanwhile, her hands were caressing my chest and inner thighs, but being careful not to touch my cock! She was definitely hot and horny, but willing to tease some.

I already figured out that she preferred her men to take charge when it came to sex! As good as her body and hands felt on me, I rolled her off of me and told her I wanted to undress her. She agreed as long as she could have the honor of doing the same fo me!

I sat on the side of the bed with her standing between my legs and took off her shoes. She removed her jacket and smiled down at me and said "I usually take my own clothes off, but I am looking forward to feeling you hands undressing me! Let's see how those long fingers of yours work!"

"Just like riding a bicycle, you never really forget" I said as I started undoing the buttons on her blouse. I then slipped the blouse off of her shoulders and threw it on the chair. Her ample breasts were cupped into a turquoise colored bra, presenting me with a real nice cleavage to ogle at! I shoved my face into that cleavage and my nostrils were filled with her perfume and her individual intoxicating scents! What a night this will be!

I then started on her jeans, undoing her belt and snap of her jeans. Sliding her jeans down over her hips and thighs, I noticed she had on matching turquoise panties, garter straps and nylon stockings! She was absolutely stunning in turquoise with her dark skinned body, full red lips and big dark eyes! I wish that one of eyes had a built in camera so I could look at it later in life for some pleasant memories! Garter straps and nylons have always been a big turn on for me!

"Do you like what you see?"she asked. She then added "I kind of figured you for a garter and nylon guy! Until you, it had been awhile since I was with a man, but I still remember how to turn a man on!"

I replied "Baby you don't really need all this to turn me on! I get turned on just watching you report the news, but I definitely love you in this outfit! You look good enough to eat!"

She quickly replied "I was counting on that! She then excused herself and went into the bathroom and returned about 5 minutes later with her panties on top of her garter straps! "This way you can choose with or without the garters and nylons" she looked at me and smiled!

I already decided that they would stay on! Nothing like nylon clad legs wrapped around you while fucking a hot woman! "Great" I said,"they are staying on!" I then reached up to her bra and unsnapped it with one hand. I removed it and her breasts were finally back in my view. Not overly big like some women, but plenty big enough to satisfy most guys. Light cocoa colored with silver dollar size black nipples! They looked yummy! I squeezed each one a little then planted light kisses on each of them. Her nipples were getting hard and swollen, so I had her turn around with her back to me. I then slowly removed her panties, uncovering her great black ass! Again, as in Chapter 1, just a little plump! I planted kisses on each cheek and rubbed my face on her ass and turned her back facing me. She had nothing on except for the turquoise garter and nylons! This must be a dream! This can't be happening to a simple guy like me! The eye camera would have come in handy again!

She said "It's my turn to have fun now. Let's get these clothes off of you right now, so I can see you and your great big cock!" She then took off my shoes and socks. Then she pulled my polo shirt up over my head and attacked my belt and pants. She had them both off in a matter of seconds. She wasn't taking her time at all! I think she knew what she was doing! There I stood in my red and white jockeys with my cock semi hard! "This is what I wanted most, your wonderful cock! I've thought of this cock and you many of nights laying in bed, wishing you were inside of me!" She started caressing and kissing it through my jockeys and then mouthing it, with her lips while her hands squeezed my balls! My jockeys were getting wet and my cock was now rock hard causing my jockeys to expand with a tent in front. She then took them off causing my cock to bounce just inches in front of her face!

She had me turn around and started kissing my ass lightly at first, but then more furiously. She said "You have a real tight and firm ass for a guy your age!" I've been told that before by other women, so I believed her! She turned me around and held my cock upward while she kissed and sucked on my balls. Having her tongue and lips lavishing my balls was beginning to get to me. I let her do this for a few minutes, but I knew if I let her continue, I wouldn't last much longer!

I laid her down on the bed and climbed beside her and started kissing her on her full lips and our tongues met. I really enjoyed kissing this woman! Not because of who she was, but because of the way she treated me as an equal! I guess the fact that she looked so darn good, helped build up my passion for her too!

We continued kissing and sucking on each other's tongues for about 10 minutes while my hands were caressing her legs and hips. My lips found their way down her soft neck and I just gave her light kisses and blew cool air all over her neck. I finally worked my mouth down to her beautiful breasts and immediately licked and sucked on her nipples. First one then the other, then back again. I would use my teeth to nibble lightly on her nipples.They were definitely "Eye Poppers", if you know what I mean!

My hands had worked their way to her cunt and immediately found her clit. My fingers started to find their way inside her vagina and she was all juiced and ready. Meanwhile, her hands had been stroking my hard cock and she was trying to get me to insert my cock in her cunt. She yelled "Do it now to me Baby,now! I must feel you inside of me! Please fuck me!"

Instead, I rolled over on my back and had her place her cunt right above my face and she was looking downward to my cock. I attacked her cunt with my lips and tongue and found her clit. While I was munching on her cunt, she was sucking on my cock with her big juicy red lips! Though I imagine most of the red lipstick was about worn off by now! We feasted on each other as I casually found her little brown hole and I wet my finger and inserted in into her asshole! I kept pumping my finger into her butt hole while we worked each other to a fever pitch! I now had two fingers in her and that brought her over the line! She was about to explode! "I'm going to cum, don't you stop, don't you dare stop! Here it comes! Oh Baby, Oh Baby! Yes, I'm cumin on your face!"

She did cum quite a lot. It was all over my face. I had tried to lap up as much as I could, but I was gasping for air when most of her juices squirted out! I then slid out from under her and knelt behind her with my cock pointing toward her ass. I wet my fingers and reached down and found her asshole and prep ed it for my cock to enter. I then positioned my hard cock, put a condom on, and pushed it in a little, and told her "Here it comes Baby! I am going to fuck you in the ass! I am going to shove all of my cock in your ass!"

"Yes do it, but please be gentle at first! It's been a long time since a cock has been in there! Let me feel your hard cock. Yes, you got it going! Keep it up!" she screamed, as she push her ass back in unison with my hard cock.

I slowly pumped my cock in and out and then gradually pushed it in until it was all the way in! I almost lost it there, but I wanted to make it last a little bit longer and really enjoy it! I haven't found many women who are very fond of butt fucking! I asked her "How does that feel? You like my cock fucking your ass?

She said "Yes Baby, fuck my ass, fuck it harder! I can feel your balls bounce against me as you enter me! Don't stop! Fuck me harder and harder! Yes, Yes, I am cumin again!" She had reached orgasm twice! Now it was my turn!

I continued pumping my cock in and out and knew I wasn't going to last any longer. I pulled out, rolled the condom off and rolled her on her back, as I said "Here it comes Baby! Are you ready?" My intentions were to cum on her face, but I didn't make it. It shot out on her belly and breasts! The last shot hit her on the neck! I had waited too long! She looked real good with my cum all over her! I bent downward and kissed her mouth gently and rolled over on my back. We both were breathing heavy and sweating profusely. After catching my breath, I looked at her and said "That was quite a workout! Maybe next time, we will actually enjoy it" and laughed!

She looked at me laughing and said "You are a great lover and you're also funny! That was great! Where have you been all these years? I once thought my ex was the best, but you are a much better lover! Let's go hop in the shower and then I'll fix us a drink."

A shower sounded real good right now, so I jumped up and she smacked me on my ass cheek. I laughed and found my way to the bathroom and hopped in the shower before she did. The hot water felt so good flowing on my body. I washed myself while thinking of Harris! Here I was an average looking guy from Colorado,and I just finished having great sex with Harris Faulkner, the beautiful black fox on FNC! My luck in life must be changing! Life is funny sometimes! Yes, it is!

The shower door suddenly opened and Harris was joining me in the shower! She looked at me and said "You don't mind, do you? I just wanted to come and play some more!" She handed me her wash cloth as she rinsed herself off and I started to wash her back side. First her legs, her back and then her ass! I really enjoyed washing her ass. It was beautiful! Then she turned around and I did the front of her legs, shoulders and breasts, with her nipples still swollen! Then I washed her belly and her pussy! I was getting a boner again! We then rinsed each other off.

After we rinsed, she reached for my cock and said she wanted to reward me. She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it deep into her mouth! Her mouth felt like a vacuum with a strong suction. It felt so darn good! Never felt anything like it before in my life! I took hold of her head and started pumping my cock into her mouth! I looked down and she looked so sexy with her big juicy lips wrapped around my cock! She just let me pump my cock in and out of her mouth while she maintained that strong suction on my cock! I was going to cum real quick and she knew it, so she pulled back until her lips were just around the very tip of my cock!

She then used her hand to pump my cock to cum in her mouth. She wanted me to cum in her mouth! I was happy to oblige. I felt my cum shooting up and out of my cock and into her mouth! She swallowed what she could and then opened her mouth to catch the rest. It was landing on her tongue and lips and she would use her tongue to lap it unto her mouth and swallow it all! I finally shot what was left of my cum and felt drained! I have never experienced a blow job like that before! I felt weak in my legs and knew I was finished for the night.

When I was able to talk again,I said "Thank you for the very best blow job I have ever had! That was thoroughly amazing! You drained everything out of me! I hate to admit it, but I think I am exhausted and probably done for the night!"

She said "I know! That's why I waited until the end of the evening to do this to you! You deserved it and earned it! We will have time in the morning for more before you catch your flight, if you feel up to it!"

There was no way I would be able to leave N.Y. tomorrow without having at least a quickie. After what she just did, she deservedand earned that! So we showered again and she slept in my arms for the night.

The following morning, she woke me by kissing and sucking on my cock again. It was getting hard again! I couldn't believe it! When my eyes opened, she looked up and said "I thought you would enjoy this more than an alarm clock waking you! Was I right?'

"You better believe it!" I said to her.I was rock hard again so I rolled her on her back and we fucked again. It didn't take very long for either one of us to start moaning. We fucked each other until we both climaxed together! We were totally exhausted again. But my flight was leaving in 3 hours, so we showered, got dressed and left.

Because of who she was, we had to kiss each other good bye in the hotel room. She was dropped off first at her place and then the limo dropped me off at the airport. We promised to stay in touch and get together when ever we could! She gave me her Private cell number and user name on AOL Instant Messenger so we could chat and maybe use our Logitech Quick Cams to have some fun. I definitely planned to stay in touch by phone, email, cam or preferably physically! We kind of planned on the possibilities of getting together in a month or so. Who knows what will happen in anyone's future! If you like these stories, let me know and I will add more chapters! Thanks, MrFantasym

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