tagRomanceMy Ex-Girlfriend Rosy

My Ex-Girlfriend Rosy


First of all, this is a true story. All the dialogs may not be as precise, but the facts narrated here are all real.

My ex-girlfriend Rosie was very hot: cute face, tiny perky tits, an ass to die for and a very tight and wet pussy. She was pretty good at fucking and was the best at giving head (although I'm not a BJ man). Also, she was very fond of roleplaying, masturbation and porn. Sounds perfect, right? Except that she is my ex for a couple of reasons: It was always difficult to get her to accept to go on a date, as she was always much occupied at work (or so she said); and she was always very prone to complain at me for any stupid reason. Plus, she treated me as if I was inferior for not having a car and money, and she was a total bitch with waiters and other people she didn't considered to have the "same status" as her. She swore she was falling in love with me, but I didn't think she had a great way of showing it.

So, I gave her a final warning. I announced to her that I had decided for us to take a month off and I said to her that if things didn't get better upon return, we'd broke off forever. This is when I started to think that she really loved me, in a very weird and sick manner, but in a manner at all. I think it because that afternoon she took a time off from work to fuck me, and she even let me cum in her pussy, twice. When she was at the peak of her fertility and without taking any bc. When we finished, she even suggested "I'm in my most fertile day, shall I take the morning after pill or not?"

It doesn't matter what or how I write, you'll never understand how big of a deal that was for me. You see, my strongest and dirtiest fetish is to impregnate girls. I don't like kids, nor do I want them, but the taboo of knowingly having fertile sex and the thrill of maybe getting someone pregnant is very exciting to me.

I've only impregnated two girls before (wait for the stories), and it was great fun because they both ended up aborting the babies, so that we ended up with nothing to worry about. Not many girls are prepared to have an abortion thou, much less if the pregnancy occurs in purpose. In general, there are two kinds of girls: the ones that want to have kids, so they'll never consent to have an abortion; or the ones that do not want babies, so they don't let you make them pregnant in the first place. Rosy was the kind of girl who will never let me knock her up. At first she would insist on a condom, while I would insist in no condom. Then she agreed to let me fuck her without a condom, but I had to pull out in time. No exceptions.

Of course, we both enjoyed our condomless sex, simply because it feels better and because it was a middle point between what she wanted and what I liked. Why didn't she went on the pill to let me fuck her bare and cum inside of her pussy, so that I could dream that I was impregnating her, while in reality she was safe? Because she was a bitch, and she wouldn't do anything to please anyone if it took some effort on her side. So, no condom, but not cumming inside of her either. And if knocked her up, I will pay for the abortion and she will broke her relationship with me, forever.

So, you can imagine my excitement when she finally let me cum in her fertile pussy, and offered to not take the morning after pill. Also, you can start to imagine how big of a bitch she was when I went to the drug store to buy the pill. I really really wanted to make her preggers, just because I'm a pervert, but also because she was hot as hell, but more so because she made me beg for it, for a very long time. And now she was offering, and I was declining.

I was declining because I wanted to take a time off to give her a lesson. I wanted her to understand that I wasn't about being treated like garbage. I wanted her to take me seriously. Of course I dreamt of making a baby in her belly from the first time I saw her, but at the time it was more important for me to be respected by her. I knew her, she was posing a mental game: she wanted me to feel that it was finally getting good for me so that I wouldn't leave her. So I didn't fall for her game. We took a month off, with the agreement of reducing contact to only the most essential. No love talking, no flirting, not "how was your day?", nor anything. She had to think if she wanted to give me the time and respect I deserved, or if I wasn't so important for her.

Of course, in our month of she kept sending me nudes and videos of herself masturbating, and asking for my nudes, which I sent. And that, my friend, was a very stupid decision: she thought she had me figured out. So, when the time off ended, it was the same as before. Only, I was sick of it all, and I ended the relationship within a week. She tried to send me nudes, but this time I asked her not to. She talked to me saying she was sorry, but I didn't give her another chance. For me it was over. I just wanted us to be friends, and she seemed to agree at last.

In my previous efforts to pass more time with her I asked her to go to the gym with me, but in her state of negating my importance, she didn't agree. Yet, now that we were "friends", she was the one to ask me to go to the gym with her, and I agreed.

At the gym we used to have a good chat about anything and everything at the same time, and that made us feel closer than ever. No one was expecting anything from the other one, and she was the first one to say it out loud:

"I really enjoyed our sex, but relationships are messy"

"I don't think that you can say that in general. OUR relationship was messy thou" I responded.

"If I had known, I would have kept you as a friend" She said

"Well, you would have missed from the pleasure to really get to know me" I said laughing at my double-sensed joke

"Who knows? Perhaps I would have let you fuck me. I'm a very good friend, let me tell you" She answered jokingly

We both laughed nervously, but I knew that was the seed for something else. Perhaps she was right, we should try to fuck without involving any feelings or expectations.

Now that the door was open I said: "Let's do some deadlifts, if I were your friend I wouldn't like to fuck your withered ass" To what she responded with a smile. The seed was indeed planted.

A week passed by, and we kept going at the gym in a regular basis, until one night after we ended up our routines, we left the gym to discover that it was raining heavily, so we ran to her car and she took of down the road. When we arrived at my bus stop she said "You know, I sometimes miss that." To what I responded:

"What? Taking the bus?"

"No silly, doing... it. With you." She said with a shy smile

"But you didn't liked it back then"

"You know I did. Why would you say I didn't?"

"Because you almost never gave yourself the time to do it"

"You knew I was very busy at work, that doesn't mean I didn't liked it" She said "Loved it, indeed. But that was then, and now we are friends. In fact you are my best friend, perhaps" She said with a smile

"I agree, I never felt so close to a female friend before. That may be because I don't use to fuck my friends, but I used to do you". We laughed

"What's the best thing you remember?" She asked playfully

"Perhaps your ass. It's very pretty" I had a better memory, but I wasn't going to be the one to let her know my weakness.

"But you always said you were a boob man"

"Yes, I am. But I know beauty when I see it" I said "And what's your best memory?"

"The wet, warm and thrilling sensation that you gave me the last time we were together" She said with a sexy smile, shocking me. Was she referring to my cum inside of her? I started to think that she knew my weakness.

"When did you became so fond of it? I don't recall you wanting it before that"

"To tell you the truth, I wasn't going to let you leave me, so I let you feel my pussy with your unprotected cock, when I felt we were so troubled that you may want to leave me" This was interesting, I was confirming my suspicions: Rosy let me do what I wanted to make me do what she wanted "It worked for a while, but you kept asking me to let you put your seed where you know it can make the most damage. From the first time we made it, your semen has always scared me, you know? You come a lot, and as you told me your sperm is very fertile" I remembered a game we used to play: she would ask me for my best sexual experiences and we would roleplay them. There I confessed her everything. "At first I was scared to let you make a baby in me, but when I felt you were about to leave me again I thought that taking the risk wouldn't be all that bad. I thought I could always take the morning after pill, but when you did, I was so amazed with the sensation and the thrill that I even offered you to play for a greater risk. Of course you knew better, and I'm thankful for that. You know that I wouldn't stand a kid"

"I lied to you. That last time we fucked is the best memory I have from our time together. I do regret one thing: that fucking pill" I said, and after an intimate silence, she answered:

"Your "mistake" was very considerate to me. Don't ever regret being a gentleman, even if that takes you to lose a chance at making a baby inside a silly girl that is letting you. Besides, you may have lost that chance, but you earned my trust" She said with a sexy smile as she started to fondle my cock. When my dick started to react she said with an even sexier smile: "Wanna come home for a while?"

We started to passionately kiss and fondle each other. I fully knew that this was another mental game to get me just where she wanted me to be, but I wouldn't allow it. I just wanted to play her game to obtain what I truly desired, letting her think that she had me.

"As much as I'd like to, I'm afraid I don't have a condom"

"That's bad" She said, teasingly "Perhaps you'll leak enough precum inside of me to become a father. But who knows? Perhaps you won't, would you?"

"Wouldn't it be a dangerous game to play?" I asked, between kisses

"Of course it is. Are you exited enough to leak precum inside of me?

"You can feel it for yourself" I said touching the hand she had on my cock, pressing it towards it. "You may end up crying with a positive pregnancy test at your hand"

"Perhaps we shouldn't, then" She responded with a sexy smile

"Perhaps we shouldn't, then" I said, breaking the kiss

I was letting her play her game, knowing that I had nothing to lose. For once, I was convinced of who she was and of the mental games she liked to play. I wouldn't let her fool me again.

She decided to tease me further by saying: "We fucked unprotected for many times before and nothing happened, why would anything happen right now?"

"Are you fertile today?" I asked, doing my best poker face

"Would you fuck me if I were?" She responded teasingly

"You said that I earned your trust, and I don't want to lose it. You know I can't control whether I leak precum or not" I said, as if I was having second thoughts about it. Mind you, I never stopped fondling her pussy

"I said that because I learned that you'll do the right thing, no matter what happens. With such an understanding I might as well open my legs for you to put your cream where you want to put it if that makes it good for you, and I might even let your sperm do its thing inside of me if you want it. I know I want it. All that I'm saying is that I've been missing this..." She said pressing my dick "And these, with the thrill they can give me" She said fondling my balls. "Besides I know that in the end you'll do the right thing if something ever happens"

That made it for me. She was going to let me make her pregnant, with the one condition of helping her with the abortion.

"Then what are we doing here?" I asked

Immediately she started to drive home. When we arrived at her door, we were kissing and fondling each other, like it was our first time together. As soon as we got inside her home, we started to undress each other. Normally, she asked for my tongue first, but this time, as soon as she took out my cock, she said "I want this inside".

Hell. As soon as I entered her I remembered why I took that much shit from her before taking my leave. She truly had the tightest and wettest pussy of all. She was a bitch, I would never forget it. I just had the hope she would be a bitch in heat for me.

"Oh, my! Oh!" She was moaning, while smiling in great pleasure. Her velvet glove was as incredibly tight as I remembered. I was suckling on her titties while she pulled on my butt.

"You know you are very privileged? No one has ever been inside of me without a condom"

"I can't believe you'd let only me to avoid my leaving you" I said

"There's another reason" She said stopping her fucking motions for a moment

"Remember that time when I was drunk? I wasn't all that drunk. I was just giving you the opportunity to rape me with your cum if you wanted to. I wanted to see if you'd put your cream in me as soon as you had a chance. Whether I wanted it or not" Of course I remembered. I started to think that she was way more perverse than I previously thought. To this day I'm still amazed of her ability to plot against me and to taste me.

"As you didn't do it, you earned my confidence to let you go inside of me unprotected. You truly are a gentleman"

"Wow. I have no words"

"You don't need them, just let go your goo inside of me" She said retaking her very sexy hip movements

"Do you really want me to put my sperm where it's supposed to go?"

"Yes! I want you to squirt your little babies inside of me. It's so sexy! I want them wriggling up inside my womb"

"I can't believe you are letting me do it, finally!"

"I can't believe you are going to give me your love in there" Rosy said looking down at her pussy

"You know, perhaps I'm going to give you a life to care for" That did it for her. She came screaming "Yes! Yes! Put your fertility in mine, I'll take good care of it. I promise! Yes! Yes! I love you, I love your semen. Make love to me with your cock...even with your semen. So white, so hot! Use it in me the way it's supposed to be used, the way you want to. I know it makes you hot to make babies inside girls. Oh! Yes, yes! I'm a girl, just make a baby in me"

Oh, boy! With that talk I couldn't hold up "Ohh, ohh! Please, let me give you my semen. I want you to take it where it truly counts. Please let me get you pregnant. I want to give my love to your vagina. I love this, I love your tummy... uhh, ughhh... I want it to swell with my baby. I'll get in love with you, just let me..."

"Yes, yes, yes, oh! Your sperm... ah, in me... all ah, ah!"

"Mmh, ahh, yes! Take it! Take my babies!"

"Yes, yes, thank you! Ah, ah..."

...That was the first time we tried for a baby that night, and I gave her so much cum that it was leaking onto her thigh. We fucked another time after that and when we finished, we lay on her bed, exhausted. She gathered some of the cum that was smeared on the inside of her thigh and examined it between her fingers, sexily saying: "If I had known this felt so good inside of me I would have let you squirt it in me before".

After saying that, she took her cum-smeared fingers up to her mouth to taste my sperm while smiling. "So, are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" She said afterwards, teasingly

"It all depends. Are you fertile?"

"Tomorrow I'll be ovulating, so yes, I am. But why, do you want me to take the morning after pill?"

"I don't like to commit the same mistakes twice. Do you want to take it?" I answered

"Of course not!" She said, taking a leap to mount me by my chest "Do you see this?" She said, parting her thighs to show me her cummed slit, while she got her pussy up close to my face. "I wanted to give you the best sex of your life, and I know that your definition of a great fuck involves your little soldiers in dangerous territory, so I'm letting them conquer my fertility this time". She said teasingly. Afterwards, she added playfully "But this is going to happen only once, after today you'll have to rape me if you want to try and make me pregnant".

Do you want to know what came next? Wait for the rest of the story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/28/18

Ill be waiting

This story was incredibly hot. I love a good risky tale of who knows what could happen. I hope theres more to this story and maybe even somone else involved!

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by Anonymous05/20/18

Unbelievably Great Story!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I, for one, really enjoyed your story, finding it hotter than any other new one I have read so far this month. However, unlike certain others, I am not looking for romance, relationships, or lots of background.more...

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by Anonymous05/17/18


I can not believe the ignorance of the writer and the participants in the story. There are other means of birth control besides condoms and the pill that are a whole lot less risky to a womans health.more...

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by Anonymous05/16/18

The world would be a lot better if your mother had aborted you.

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Worst. Ever.

I have never made a critical comment about a story before. I always try to find something positive to say because of the effort it takes to put ideas into words. That, in itself, deserves at least a patmore...

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