My Ex’s Mom


Jen's Mom was railing at me. She had barged into Jen's apartment and caught us with our hands in each other's pants, and Jen's top half off moreover.

Now Jen is twenty-two, and I'm twenty-four, so what the hell business it was of hers what we did in Jen's apartment was beyond me. But Jen's Mom was one of those ultra right wing religious freaks, and even resembled one of her hero's; Sarah Palin, only with larger tits.

"Look Mrs. B.; where do you get off barging in un-announced and without knocking? Jen's free, white, and for god's sake an adult!"

Well, that was a mistake. God damn if both of them didn't rip me a new one right then. I told them both to fuck off, and stormed out.

So ended a three month relationship.

I was at my place two days later, working on my truck, when who drives up but Mrs. B. She gets out and is dressed... shit I don't know what you would call it. She had on a tight knit blue dress, fits her like a damn glove, mid thigh, not short, but not long; showed her tits off real well though. Calf high black patent leather boots with spike heels, a black 3" wide belt, and her hair done up in imitation of Sarah P.

Hell, she even had the same style glasses.

"I would like a word with you Peter!"

"What the hell for? You said enough a couple of days ago."

"In private please, and watch your language!"

So I decide shit, let's get this over with, and indicated the stairs outside the garage, leading to my efficiency apartment over the garage. I followed her up, getting a good look up her skirt. She's wearing fucking garters for god's sake! I almost burst out laughing.

Now I'm not the neatest guy in the world, so there were some things out of place, and I have a casual attitude about my jacket and long sleeved shirts I like to wear over tee shirts when its cooler, so they were draped over the back of the couch. The table had one of my projects on part of it, and there was some clutter on the coffee table. Other than that, the place was clean enough, I'm not a complete slob, and do vacuum twice a week, and keep the dishes clean and cleared. The bathroom was spotless.

"How can you live in such a pigsty!"

"How can you live in "House Beautiful"? Well, that answer is obvious, you don't! you can't cal living to keep a place looking like you have never so much as had a meal there living! Hot damn, what you need is a beer and to get laid. Maybe then you wouldn't be so damn up tight."

She went white with anger. I guess no one had told her off anytime recently.

"I came here to tell you to stay away from my daughter!"

"Are you dense? We broke up the last time I saw you!"

"I want your promise you will stay away from her! She is still upset, and I don't need an uncouth slob like you ruining her life!"

"Keep that up you haughty bitch and I'll turn you over my knee!"

"You - Wouldn't - Dare!"

I started towards her and she backed away. She backed through the door to my bedroom and her calves hit the bed and she fell back onto it. I pounced and had her by her wrists. Our faces were an inch or so apart, my body pinning hers.

"Let me go!" she whispered

"I don't think you really mean that. I think your mouth says to let you go, but your body says please don't let go."

Her eyes were huge, and her lip trembled, and most telling of all a wave of heat came from her body. She licked her lips, eyes looking like a deer in the headlights. I lowered my face to hers, and our lips came together. Her mouth was warm and giving and our tongues met and probed. A deep moan emitted from her as I ravished her lips.

"You can't be kissing me!" She whispered.

But her legs had parted and were wraping around me...

'You leave my clothes alone!" She whispered.

I started unbuttoning her dress; it had big buttons down the front, and they were easily undone.

"Don't touch my bra!" Again a whisper. The damn thing had a front hook and was a sexy, lacy thing that displayed her large tits well.

Her modus operandi seemed to be whispering for ne not to do what she wanted me to; and as I was unhooking the bra: Don't touch my breasts! And keep that filthy mouth away from them!"

Her nipple tips were hard little bullets, and her breasts were naturals and in great shape for a woman I knew to be thirty eight. This woman had had Jen at sixteen, so I knew she had not been the Prude she acted like all her life.

And yes, I was suckling her like a baby; well not exactly like a baby. She was panting and her upper chest was flushing with excitement; and her hands were at my head, guiding it. I started down her belly, firm and sexy, and she mutters: "No, no! You can't put your mouth down there!"

I kept unbuttoning the dress and soon it was wide open, her panties were on over the garter belt and damn if they weren't crotchless! I spread her legs without any resistance, and started munching. Her head was shaking back and forth, but her legs were wide open and she was twisting her nipples and kneading her tits as I muff dived. She had a full but trimmed bush on top, and was shaved spotlessly clean where it mattered.

"Please! Leave my anus alone! Don't, Ahhhh!"

She smelled and tasted spotlessly clean and I rimmed her rosebud and she lost it. She came hard right then! Her hands went again to my head and pushed me deeper and harder.

"No! No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, NOOOOO!!!!!"

Her back arched and she was wetter than ever. Not a gusher, but damn she was hot!

As she came down a bit I swiftly peeled down, and she got back into the act.

"Don't make me suck your cock!"

I straddled her face and got into position for some 69, where I could thrust into her mouth. She eagerly lapped and sucked, and I can guarantee, this was not the first cock she had sucked. I kept going in with deeper and deeper strokes, and damn me, if she didn't take the whole nine inches!

She was also thrusting with her hips, until I pulled her legs back so I could play with her rosebud while I licked and kissed her clit and pussy. Her hips still writhed in her excitement. I soon used some of her copious juices to lube her rosebud and worked a finger in, then two, and I really reamed her, getting it ready for what would come later.

She was moaning in pleasure with my cock in her mouth, and was clearly open for anything, regardless what came out of her mouth.

"You can't fuck me without protection I might get pregnant!"

Of course I got turned around and started fucking her for all I was worth. She was fucking right back at me.

"Don't chew on my tits! No, don't nibble my neck or my ears! No you can't be kissing me and certainly not with tongue! Mphp!!!"

We kissed harder and more passionately than I had kissed any woman or girl ever. She came again moaning into my mouth as her pussy clenched my cock in waves.

As she calmed down she whispered that I "mustn't strip her naked" so of course I did, or nearly so, as we had been fucking our heads off with her lying on her dress, only the arms still "attached" I left the boots, stockings and garters on, got her on all fours and plunged back in.

My thumb was on her rosebud, and she protested that it was "too Big to fit in there", which of course it wasn't. I used my hand to guide and switch from thumb up her bum to cock up her bum, and she just sighed and reached back to open herself up more. She knew what to do and I was soon past the anal ring and working deeper as she panted and moaned.

"Ohhh God, Ohh God! OH GOOOOOODDDDD!"

She came, and I came, and I thought she was going to die of convulsions right there. We wound up on our sides, with me still deep inside her, and alternately playing with her tits and then her pussy.

After she calmed down she snuggled her ass tighter, and pulled my hand to her tit.

"You must never come near me again Peter, Not even next week when my husband is gone to Europe for a month. He leaves on Friday night and you must not enter my house. You mustn't come in the side doors to my bedroom suite which I leave unlocked. You can't watch me dress myself that night, nor find out I have not been on the pill for years, and that I have a special chair that would allow someone to tie me up."

"You mustn't take me to your shower now and have your way with me, I won't allow you to demean me."

Ten minutes later, we were in the shower, and after making her wash me in detail I made her kneel and I pissed all over her tits and body, and then washed her in detail, including her neither regions since she explicitly told me not to, and bent her over and fucked her from behind, again because she told me not to.

Then, because 'I detest the taste of a cock coated with a woman's juices" I had her suck me off, and of course I made her swallow it since she made it clear she didn't like the taste of cum.

She got dressed, and I kept her panties and bra as mementos because she told me she had to have them to get home decently dressed, and let her go home commando.

It's funny; she didn't look so much like Palin as she left. I can't wait until Friday...

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