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My Ex Sister-in-Law's Cuckold


(Author's Note: This story contains a cuckold-theme and a man eating his own cum. If this element does not appeal to you, neither will this story. Love to receive feedback. Thanks for reading!)


I was house-sitting for my former sister-in-law, who went on a two week vacation with her sister Stacy (my ex-wife) and some friends.

Kelly and I had always been close, and we were both devastated when Stacy and I called it quits, partly because of how close we had become to one another. We remained friends, even though at times it was awkward, more so for her as she felt caught in the middle.

Her house was a lot nicer than my crummy apartment, so I jumped at the opportunity to hang out there, enjoy her big screen TV, hot tub and all the other amenities her place offered.

Kelly was a divorcee herself, having married a wealthy CEO in Dallas, Texas. After that failed, she got a very nice settlement and moved back home.

Despite all the great features of her home, by the fifth night I had begun to feel bored. It's just not the same when it's not your own home. I felt like watching a movie on her home theatre system, but rather than go rent something, I decided to see if I can find some movies in her DVD collection.

Not surprisingly, it was mostly chick-flicks. I found a DVD that, in marker, had been titled "Watch while I am away." Could this be for me? Perhaps as a surprise she left me a movie. She had a raunchy sense-of-humour, so I wondered if she put a porn video there for me to watch as a lark.

There was only one way to find out, so I popped the DVD in. The screen was black for a few seconds, but you could hear the rustling sound of the camera being set-up. Suddenly the blackness of the camera's lens cap cleared and the image was of a woman's naked body. She was too close to the camera, so all I could see was from her neck to her thighs, which of course revealed a beautiful pair of tits and a gorgeous shaved pussy.

As the woman in the picture backed up, her face came into view and she sat on a recliner. It was Kelly.

"Now Drake, I want you to watch this movie I have filmed for you, watch it each day, for every one of the next three days while I am away on business," she said into the camera.

I hit the pause button. This was obviously a movie she had made for her ex, that was to be viewed by him and him only. I shouldn't watch this, but my cock was becoming harder and harder, even as I had my internal debate on whether or not to continue. I knew I should have just shut it off, but I did the same thing every red-blooded heterosexual male would do: I went with the decision coming from the wrong head. I listened to what my dick was telling me and hit the play button.

Kelly continued her monologue: "You know Trevor. He will be on this trip too. Well, you should know that I plan to fuck him on this trip. As I've warned you, your little cock cannot satisfy me, so I have no choice but to find a cock that will. Trevor is 6'4" and 250 lbs. I bet his black cock will be twice as big as yours and will fulfill me the way you cannot.

"So here is what I want you to do. By the time you watch this, I may actually have his cock slamming down my throat. Think about that." As she said that, she reached down and brought up a big, life-like black dildo. "As you sit there, my little cuckold, your pretty wife may be getting fucked by this. It turns me on just to think about it, and I know it turns you on too."

Kelly began rubbing the fat bulbous head along her pussy lips. Her moans complimented the vision as the dildo began to disappear into her.

I couldn't believe that my former sister-in-law had this slutty, dominant side to her, and that my ex brother-in-law Drake, a powerful, rich executive, was her submissive cuckold.

"Oh, Drake, jerk your little dick for me," Kelly cried as the dildo sank further into her. It had to have been at least 9" long and was thick and veiny, yet she had no trouble whatsoever accepting it. "Imagine me being fucked by Trevor. Stroke your cock as you watch this and imagine me being fucked. Picture it. Think of me sucking and slurping his cock, then him using me and fucking me every which way. Stroke your cock!"

I don't know if Drake had jerked off to this or not, but I certainly was. I had already undone my jeans and now my fist gripped my cock as I not only imagined Kelly being fucked, but I also imagined this video was meant for me.

"Even though I'm not there, I want you to talk to me, darling. Tell your wife how good it feels stroking your cock and tell me how badly you want me to be fucked by Trevor or any other man I want. Say it out loud!"

Even though it wasn't directed at me, I found myself following her orders: "Yeah Kelly, I love it when you get fucked by other men, suck that big black cock, feel it deep inside you," I exclaimed.

Kelly's timing was perfect. As I approached the climax, she continued "Are you close, hun? Are you ready to cum?" I moaned out in affirmative. "I want you to cum in your hand you little cuckold, collect it all and imagine Trevor cumming in my mouth."

I sat on the edge of the couch, cupped my left hand and pointed my cock at it. I exploded with a huge blast of jizz.

"Mmmm, did it feel good sweetie?" Kelly asked on the screen. As I said yes, I was surprised by what she said next: "Now, I have a mouthful of his cum, and for being such a good boy, I want to share it with my cuckold. Imagine me spitting his cum into your mouth. I want you to eat the load in your hand, eat every last drop of it, pretend its Trevor's fresh load."

While I was shocked, I found myself hypnotized by her firm directives. "Eat it!" she yelled into the camera. I brought my hand to my mouth and took my first taste of my own cum. "It's yummy, isn't it?" Kelly asked. I was so turned on by this dirty deed that I agreed, it was delicious. "Don't waste it, cuckold, eat the rest of it," she ordered. I happily obliged, licking what ran between my fingers, wiping and eating what still poured from my oozing cock until it was all gone.

"That's a good husband," Kelly said. "Now sleep tight and watch this video again tomorrow," she said before the screen went blank.

I fully planned to.

(To be continued...)

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