tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Ex-Wife Mends Her Ways Pt. 02

My Ex-Wife Mends Her Ways Pt. 02


Here we are with part two of my fantasy tale. I was so pleased with the reaction to part one that I just knew I had to continue the story. Like I said first time around, things aren't just so simple between Mike and Shelley now, but hopefully you'll find them to be a hot couple. Please enjoy!


I was in the shower for about ten minutes, much longer than usual, and all the while I was thinking happy thoughts. All of the pent-up frustrations I felt with my awful ex-wife Shelley and our rotten divorce were gone, for the time being. I stroked slowly at my long, thin dick as I thought through the last few minutes. Finding Shelley in the house, deciding that I'd had enough of her trash-talking me, tearing her clothes off and abusing her massive floppy tits, making her piss herself and finally shoving my cock up her turd-packed back passage and forcing her to shit the bed. Yes, today was a good day.

I had stroked myself back to hardness and was about to indulge in a traditional shower jerk-off when I stopped myself. What was I thinking? Peering past the shower curtain I noticed that the bedroom door hadn't moved. That meant that my big-titted bitch of an ex was still in there. For the last year this would be a familiar situation...me tugging at my prick, thinking about her massive milkers while she lay in bed with her book, or knitting, or any excuse to deny me sex. But today that had all changed. I turned the shower off, quickly dried myself, and with my iron bar of a dick leading the way, I headed into the bedroom.

Shelley was still there all right, naked as I'd left her. The room stank of her shit, coming from the large pile of runny crap on those expensive Egyptian cotton sheets she was always bragging to her friends about. But far from the sobbing mess I'd walked out on, Shelley was grinning from ear-to-ear. In her hand she had the jacket of my favourite suit, and she was using it to clean the shit from her feet, legs and ass. She looked me right in the eye as she did so, and put on that cutey voice.

"Oh hi Mike. I was going to shower, but you were taking so long in there I had to think of something else. I hope you don't mind."

I minded all right. I had a conference in Moncton in two days, and she knew it.

I grabbed the jacket from her and held it up to the light. Yeah, it was pretty much ruined. Shit up the lining, across the lapels and even in the pocket. I threw it on the bed.

"What's the matter sweetie?" she cooed. "I'm sure you can explain what happened to the nice lady at Schelew's. I bet plenty of their customers violently assault their ex-wives and force them to shit the bed. She'll understand."

I didn't say a word. Secretly, I found it kind of funny. I can't say I didn't ask for it, and to Shelley's credit, she'd called me on it. But I didn't want to let her know that.

"It was a cheap-looking suit anyway. Perfect for you." she said as she stepped off the bed with the suit pants in her hand. She turned her back to me, bent forward and used the pants to finish wiping herself clean. She straightened up with a smile and threw the filth-streaked pants at me. They caught me across the face.

"I'm going to clean up before I call the cops." she hissed as she headed into the bathroom.

So I'm stood there naked, apart from a smear of shit across my cheek as I hear her turn the shower on. My erection had wilted a little with the humiliation, but my balls were still fizzing, and there was a hot naked woman just a few feet away. I made my way into the bathroom.

Shelley hasn't bothered to pull the curtain across, spraying water all across the floor. She had her eyes closed as she massaged shampoo into her long, brown hair, shaking her colossal breasts as she did so. My dick regained its hardness as I watched her shower. I can remember the first time I watched her washing herself, in the cabin of the cruise ship we had booked our first vacation. Looking back on that trip, I guess it was a kind of old-folkesy vacation to take, but we were younger, and in love, and fucking like crazy. My two kids were staying with my previous wife, their mother, for the week so we had seven straight days to explore each other, and we barely left our cabin. Six years later and Shelley was every bit as hot as she was then. If I was nit-picking, I would probably find that her G-cup tits were hanging a little lower on her chest, or that she was carrying a little extra weight on the hips, but that's not my style. No matter how bad things have gotten between us, she's still the only woman I want. And I wanted her now, here.

As Shelley rinsed the last of the soap from her hair, I stepped into the shower behind her. We have a big walk-in number with a built-in seat so there was plenty room for both of us. Shelley's huge tits swung either side of her as she washed, reddened and bruised by my hand and the furious slapping I'd given her. I did feel bad, I'll be honest, but I knew I was going to have to force myself on her again. I got my chance just then, as she reached down for the bottle of that cheap conditioner she uses. Without any kind of warning, I shoved my cock into her bruised anus and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Shelley yelled out in a mixture of shock and pain as my prick forced its way into her guts again. Her passage, clear this time, was a snug fit for my long cock and I felt her gasps, gulps and wriggling as I moved up her.

"Jesus Christ! You...fucker...how...dare...you!" she grunted as I shifted my arms up around her jugs, pushing my wet dick slowly in. "Take...it...out!"

"No way Shelley. You owe me a decent assfucking, and I can't see you offering me one."

Shelley grunted again and grabbed at the seat in front of her. She took hold of the handrails either side and I saw her knuckles whiten. Her face reddened and she hissed through her teeth as I gradually filled her colon with my cock. Her words had become mere guttural noises, the sounds of a beast being bred. She staggered forward, and I went with her as we locked together. She turned her head to the side as her face pressed against the tiled wall in front of me. Her eyes closed, teeth bared, spitting obscenities. "Fuck! Fuck! You CUNT!"

I was all the way inside her now, my balls pressed against her pussy, her ass-cheeks squashed flat against my groin, my belly molded tight against her back. I adjusted my arms to grab hold of those huge, wet breasts of hers and push her nipples up under her chin. All along my prick I could feel her contractions as she tried to shit my length out, straining hard, but getting nowhere.

I started to stroke slow and long, savouring the grip her furious body had on my length. Each forward shove would force a deep, whooping breath out of Shelley, but as I thrusted on they became less and less powerful. Either she was passing out or she was getting used to it. I thought it was most likely the latter.

As I stroked on I felt her grip on me relax a little. Perhaps she was going to let me win this battle, I thought. She let one hand loose of the handrails and reached down for that conditioner bottle again. Surely she wasn't worrying about her hair right now? No. She took the bottle by the base and brought the rounded cap up to her pussy lips before nudging it inside her hole. I stopped my buttfucking just for a moment to feel the plastic bottle slip inside her, through the thin membrane of her body.

"Don't stop now, you prick! Do me!" she shouted. And so I did.

I moved my grip onto her hips and began to thrust away at her anus once more, only this time I could feel the bottle cap moving in time, pistoning in and out, filling her up every time I withdrew. I released her hips and moved one hand up to grab a bunch of her hair, getting a firm grip and pulling Shelley's head back. She moaned low and deep as the dual assault on her continued. Her huge tits swung from side to side and back and forth, almost hitting against her arms. I took my left hand and delivered a sharp slap to right boob every time it swung into view. I released her hair, and Shelley's head dropped. Her mouth hung open, drooling, as she took the fucking of her life. With both hands free, and Shelley thrusting her ass back to work my cock, I leaned forward and slapped both her tits in time with the hammering she was getting. Her moans got louder and louder, the jabbing of the bottle cap faster and faster, and I felt my ex rising slowly up on her toes. Her whole body shook as her right arm began to blur, and I knew she was seconds from coming.

Without warning, Shelley dropped to her knees and yelled. My cock was yanked from her ass and sprung up angrily, streaked with her filth, as she delivered the last few strokes of her plastic bottle cap and shuddered into orgasm. She slowly curled herself into a ball at my feet, tucking her knees up into the softness of her stinging breasts. The shower water drummed on her skin as cuddled and comforted herself on the floor of the shower. Unable to help myself, I knelt down behind her and stroked my hands up and down her body. She looked lovely to me, as lovely as I had ever seen her. She still shook slightly, and her breathing was fast.

Stirring after a minute or so, Shelley reached for my still-hard cock and wrapped her fingers around it. I closed my eyes in pleasure as her wet grip began to move up and down the shaft. I never claimed to understand women, but this was off the chart, even for me. After all I'd done, Shelley was going to give me a handjob? Surely not.

As she continued to slowly jack me, Shelley raised her head.

"Face the other way Mike." she said, so quietly. I smiled, because I knew what was coming next...possibly my favourite thing in the whole world to give or receive. A rimjob.

Can there be any more intimate act than licking the anus of another person? I don't think so. It's a sign of total devotion, absolute desire to please, complete selflessness. It also feels amazing. But Shelley, of course, had other plans.

As I moved onto all fours, she took hold of her conditioner bottle and pushed the round head of it against my asshole. I tried to shuffle away, but Shelley had hold of my left leg. She pushed forward, twisting and tilting the bottle cap until, slowly, it slipped past my wet ring and popped into my gut. It was sore, very sore indeed, but there was something strangely comforting about having it in there. I felt a pressure on my lower gut as Shelley continued to twist and turn it. I reached for my cock as she toyed the bottle in my ass and began to jerk myself off. Slowly as first, but faster and and faster as Shelley did her thing.

"You like that, Sissy boy, don't you?" she growled. "That big fat thing in your ass...it could be a cock, couldn't it?" I didn't say a word.

"It could be a cock couldn't it? A big stranger's cock, stretching your asshole. You love that feeling Mike. You're all tough with me now, but you still need someone to dominate you. Don't you?"

I just nodded. I was heading for orgasm.

"Say it! Say 'I need cock in my ass' Mike!"

I was close to passing out. I felt my eyelids get heavy and my heart pound like a jackhammer as Shelley tortured my asshole.

I spat out the words. "I...need...a...cock...in...my...assssssss." My words trailed off as I came, spurting hard onto the shower floor. I flopped forward, the conditioner bottle still in my ass and sprawled across the shower base. My head throbbed as I lay there deep-breathing. Shelley stood up, switched off the shower, grabbed a towel and left the room.

I reached back and removed the bottle from my butt. It was two years out of date. Now I understood why Shelley kept two bottles of conditioner in the shower. She never opened the cheap stuff.

I smiled. Perhaps Shelley and I have a future after all...but something told me it would be a strange one.

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