My Ex's Best Friend was My First


I was curious about the statement he made in the shower So I asked him "What did you mean not even a hooker can make you cum while sucking your cock?"

John looked over at me all serious and told me "No matter who the woman is I have never been able to cum with a blow job. So as a test to myself I decided to go to a professional. It didn't matter after an hour sucking me off I never came."

Then I asked "Well did you fuck her to get off?"

John shook his head then replied "No, I masturbated in front of her to cum. Then I went back to the base."

I was confused and asked "Why not you already paid her?"

His response surprised me "Nah, her mouth was one thing but I didn't want to worry about catching something from her pussy." I started laughing shaking my head at him.

We were talking about all kinds of things didn't matter what the subject was about and He had me laughing so hard I was crying. Next thing I know he is tickling me, I was screaming and laughing at the same time. I was laying on the bed trying to move his hands to stop tickling me, he moved his hand up higher under my shirt and grabbed my breast.

John lifted my shirt up with his arms then he pulled my bra down under my boobs. He leaned in to start sucking on my nipples. They hardened like little pebbles while he would suck on them, then blow lightly against them. He was giving me goosebumps and my pussy was getting wet.

John moved down my stomach by kissing my exposed skin. When he got to my pants he unfastened them and started pulling them down along with my panties. Once he got them to my feet he pulled both items of clothing completely off me.

He then rubbed his hands up my legs to my inner thighs as he moved back up to my pussy. When he was looking at my pussy he had spread my legs wide with his shoulders to open me wide so he could get a very close look at me. I felt very exposed to him but very excited that he was paying such close attention to me.

John leaned in and started licking my clit as he kept my quim lips open. I was weathering on my back squirming and arching my back for all the sensations I was feeling. I grabbed John's hair as I started to have an orgasm. I started breathing hard and yelling "Don't stop!" as I shivered from the intense feeling that washed over me as I came.

John lapped up my juices and before I could come down completely he crawls up over top of me and lined his cock head against my opening and thrust inside. I arched my back and yelled "YES!"

John started thrusting harder as he leans over top of me and sucks on my nipples. I wrapped my legs around his lower legs to be able to thrust up against him. I placed my hands on his shoulders to hold him in place on my tits.

I could feel John pull his cock out so all that was in my opening was the head, then he would plunge back inside my pussy. I was screaming for the pleasure he is giving me. John is grunting as he is getting ready to cum. I could feel John starting to get tense as he hollered out as he came. I could feel his seed pump inside my pussy which triggered another orgasm for me.

John rolled off me and we both laid on our backs looking at one another breathing hard trying to slow down our breathing. After our breathing got back to normal we both went into the bathroom to get cleaned up.

After we both got dressed I made mention to John that I was hungry. We pulled out the phonebook and found a pizza place that would deliver to our hotel room. As we waited for the food we laid on our stomachs watching a movie.

There was a knock on the door so John got up to answer it he paid the pizza guy. He set the pizza on the table and we started eating. John grabbed both of us a warm beer to drink. We finished watching the movie while we ate.

After John and I finished eating John got naked and laid on the bed with his head against the headboard drinking a beer. I kept staring at him, he has a beautiful body and I can't seem to get enough of his cock. I stood and got undressed myself.

I then crawled on the bed up to him I went between his legs and started kissing his cock. I licked my lips and then slid my mouth down on his cock. He started getting hard inside my mouth it was a very satisfying feeling even if I could not get him to cum.

After a few minutes of sucking his cock I crawled on top of him and slid my pussy down on top of his cock. I was bouncing up and down feeling great. I had my hand on his chest to keep my balance I looked down at him and he had a cocky smile on his face which I gave him a questioning look. He then grabbed his beer and started drinking it.

I stopped and just looked at him, he started laughing. I just shook my head and asked him "Really, am I boring you?"

John put the beer down and got all serious as he grabbed my waist and flipped me over so that he was on top. He looks me in the eye and replied, "Never!" Has he started thrusting harder and faster.

I met his every thrust, John leaned down and kissed me as we both came. John laid on top of me with his head tucked into my neck kissing me while his breathing slowed down.

After a few minutes I poked John on his side which made him jerk. I started laughing and started acting like I was gasping for air and told him "can you please get off me now I can't breathe."

John lifted his head to look at me and smiled as he wiggled on top of me then rolled off onto his back. As I was getting out of bed he smacked me on the ass saying "Smartass!" I grabbed my ass looking over my shoulder at him with a cocky smile and walked to the bathroom.

When I came out of the bathroom John went in to clean up. When he came out we laid on the bed naked talking. I started yawning so I turned onto my side giving John my butt for him to spoon.

I woke up the next morning with John still spooning me with his hand around me holding my tit. I wiggled my butt against John's hard cock that was resting in my butt crack. He squeezed my tit to let me know that he was awake.

John reached down to finger my pussy to get me nice and wet. Then he guided his cock into my pussy once he had his full length inside me he stopped. I wiggled against him grinding to feel his cock. After a couple of minutes of me grinding John started moving in and out starting out slow and steady then increasing his pace.

John reached around me to rub my clit which caused me to have an orgasm. Then he came I could feel his cock swell and get warm as he started shooting his load into me.

We laid joined together until John's cock softened and slipped out. I was holding John's arm that he had wrapped about my waist, enjoying the pleasure he had just given me. After a couple of minutes, I patted his arm as I got out of bed to go pee.

While I was brushing my teeth, John came into the bathroom to pee also. I was watching him and he asked me "Do you want to hold it?"

I still had my toothbrush in my mouth as I stepped over to him, I got ahold of his dick and aimed his stream into the toilet. It was weird holding him I could feel the pressure from the urine going through his cock.

When John got done pissing I finished brushing my teeth and started the shower. John stepped to the sink to brush his teeth and then stepping into the shower with me. He grabbed the bar of soap and soaped up my body very thoroughly.

We switched sports in the shower so that I could rinse off the soap. I grabbed the bar of soap and soaped John up very thoroughly. We switched spots again so he could rinse off. We turned off the shower and dried each other off.

We got dressed and started packing up the room. We were both pretty quiet I was having so much fun that I didn't want to go home. John was packing up the beer that was left over and asked him "Can you have that on base?"

He shook his head and replied "No but I will sneak it in and put it in my locker." I Just looked at him oddly.

John went to the office of the hotel to check out and to have them call us a cab to take me back to the airport. When he came back in the room we double checked everything to make sure we didn't forget anything.

The cab pulled up and honked to let us know that he was there for us. John and I slid into the back seat we were holding hands and kissing each other. John rested his forehead against mine and then whispered to me "Thank you for coming out here and giving me a very memorable weekend."

I smiled at him and kissed him before I replied "No thank you! This weekend is something that I will never forget!" Then we continued kissing until the cabbie cleared his throat to let us know that we were at the airport.

John came inside with me to wait for my flight. I checked in and we went through security to the gate. We were sitting there holding hands kissing and talking. I was still worried he would get into trouble for the beer so I brought it up to him again. "John are you sure you want to risk taking the beer back to base with you?"

John just shrugged his shoulders at me and replied "It would be no big deal."

I know I had a look of doubt on my face, I know he could get into a lot of trouble for being underage and having alcohol. John was staring at me and finally got up and went to a trash can. I watched him pull out the beer and throw it away. When he came back he was shaking his head mumbling "such a waste."

I smiled at him and hugged him and told him "Now I know you won't get into trouble so that make me feel better."

John put his arm around me while we waited for my flight to board. Once they announced that the flight was boarding we stood and hugging as long as we could. John kissed me deeply and made sure to tell me "I will be home soon on leave and we will get together!" I smiled at him and nodded my head.

I boarded my flight and waved at John until I couldn't see him any longer. When the plane backed away from the gate I could still John standing at the window watching. I waved knowing that he couldn't see me.

I got home and my mom kept looking at me oddly then she finally asked me "So are you a virgin still?"

I smiled real big at her and said "Nope! Not anymore."

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by Anonymous

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by Joshuad2477s11/30/18


You should expand their story or was this just a story of getting a price of virgin ass? Still good job.

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by FOUNTAINPEN6707/13/18

Superb... five stars!

Epitomizes all that is marvelous and exciting about losing one's virginity!
More please!

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by Anonymous07/12/18

A good story

Spoiled by the crap about the pill and comdom

He should have just pushed is cock in as deep as it would go and shot his cum deep up inside her unprotected pussy

This is story land no VD or babies

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