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My Family


I am a boy 21 in age with 5 feet 8 inches height and studying in college. My mom's name is Riya and is just 41 since she had me when only to0. My dad is 50 and is always busy with his high corporate job. Ever since I was a child I found that mom felt alone. To kill her time she would often go out with her friends or to our relatives' places.

My mom is a very beautiful typical Bengali lady whose world revolved around her husband, son (me) and her household. I had two uncles (brothers of dad) who would often come to visit us and they would always ogle at mom and she felt very uneasy in their presence.

My mom always dressed conservatively just as Bengali women do. In daytime she always wore a saree and blouse which covered up everything. At night however she would either wear just the saree loosely wrapped around her or change into a nightie. On summer nights she used to sleep with just a saree loosely wrapped around her without any blouse or petticoat.

As a child I used to sleep with my parents and often on summer nights I found that my mom's breasts were totally naked in front of my eyes. Her breasts were big nice round and heavy capped with rusty red aureoles and nice nipples that were like peas and at times I would just put my mouth on one of her nipples and start sucking them and then fall asleep like that. My mom never seemed to mind. Most of the time I too shed my clothes and slept with my parents naked as I was just a child and had nothing to be ashamed of. At times mom would fondle and tickle my small cock to make me sleep.

Though my mom was very conservative, yet she had her share of peculiarities. I had an ayah (nanny) who was around 50. She too was a nice woman, a very warm person with a nice set of boobs and a really big ass. Her boobs would jiggle as she moved because her boobs were too big to be kept at bay in her bra. Though I had this ayah, my mom would almost always bathe me as Bengali women usually do to their sons. This was when I was a child and it continued till my seventh standard. My bathing used to be a long drawn process. First my ayah would make me naked and then massage oil on my whole body. She would take my small nunu (cock) in her hands, draw back the foreskin and put oil there and then draw the skin back. It always felt nice.

Then mom would take me to the bathroom and once there she would remove her saree and blouse. Her boobs would stand out like two big mountains out of her bra and she would hitch her petticoat to her knees and then bathe me. At times she would get rid of the bra too and be in just her petticoat or at times her panty. She would be extra careful around my cock. She would gently take it in her hands, softly remove the skin and put soap there and also my scrotum and then wash me thoroughly. Once every week she would also put some baby oil on my tool after bathing me and then kiss it lightly.

At times while bathing me she would just shed her bra and panty also and get fully naked and then start taking her bath with me. I used to get a thrill out of it seeing my naked mom bath with me. Her wet boobs looked so nice and her nipples always became erect like two hard peas and I would often take a bite at one of her nipples and she would lovingly scold me saying that I was a very naughty boy. On such occasions while she would soap me I would be busy feeling and pumping her boobs or playing with her nips. Then she would stand up and I would stare at the place between her thighs. There I was amazed at the nice dense bush full with glossy black hair. I would just stare at her bush and she would ask me what I was looking at. I used to ask her about her having hair between her thighs while I had none. She would laugh and say, " Wait for a few years and you too would be having a nice bush between your legs". Then she would soap her bush and boobs and ask me to put soap on her ass. I would happily comply with her wish and while doing so I would slip my hand from her ass to her bush and get a nice feel of it. Mom would just grab my hands between her thighs and press them tightly and after our bath would kiss my tool and fondle it.

My ayah was equally sexy if not more. Everyone called her Shonadi. When mom went to her friends or relatives' places she would stay without her blouse. I would return from school and see her with her big tits swaying to and fro. I would lick them or play with them for sometime. She would return to her home after the evening. But on certain days when my mom would be away to her parents' place for the night , Shonadi would stay for the night to take care of me and dad.

My Dad

One day when I was eleven years old I returned from school earlier than usual. Mom was out with her friends. I found that the door was not locked and so I went straight in. I went upstairs to my room where ayah was supposed to be having her afternoon nap. Ayah was not there. Instead I heard sounds coming from my parents' room. I went there without making any sound. The door was open a crack. What I saw through the crack just amazed me.

Clothes were strewn across the floor and there were two naked people on the bed. I saw my naked dad pumping wildly his large cock inside a very large pussy. His cock would come out almost totally and then he would push it in all the way up to his balls. From that I saw that dad had a very big tool, about eight inches and a very big sack that resembled that of a bull that hung between his thighs and swayed wildly as he pumped the woman. I could only make out the legs, thighs and the pussy of the woman. My dad's body was covering the upper part of the woman. But I knew that it could not be mom as my mom had very fair legs and thighs while this woman had dark ones. Moreover the woman seemed heavier than mom. I wondered if it was Shonadi.

The room was filled with the smell of sex and their sounds, groans and moans. Then I heard Shonadi's voice telling dad to push harder:

" Aro jore thap dao amar gud ta phatiye dao chude chude" (pump harder, tear my pussy apart).

" Saali chudmarani aaj ami tor gud ta phatiye debo" (you fucking slut I will tear your pussy today) dad said.

" Ahhhhhh chod amake chod...chude amake sukh de, amar jal berie jabe aro jore thap de" (fuck me faster I can't hold any longer I am going to cum)

Then I saw dad lift up his body and start fucking Shonadi even more furiously. He was kneading her big boobs. The big fleshy mounds were bouncing up and down and dad was kneading them mercilessly. Her nipples were so pointed that I thought that they were going to burst. Suddenly Shonadi gave out a loud cry and saw her stiffen up. She just had her orgasm. Her eyes were glazed for a few moments and then I saw her smiling. She was saying, "Shala chodonbaj lok amar guder maal ber kore dili to ebar amar maal take khe neye ar porishkar kore de amar gud take. Chosh shala amar gud ta chosh." (You fucker you have made me cum so now eat my cunt and lick my pussy and clean it well.)

Dad was still ploughing roughly inside that big slit and Shonadi reached her hands behind and grabbed dad's ass cheeks and pulled him inside her more. She was digging her nails into dad's flesh and urging him to tear her cunt apart. Dad was grunting loudly and was nearing his climax when I saw Shonadi reach below and clutch his swaying balls with her hand. He gave out a cry and stopped pumping and said, "Shali gudmarani amar bichi gulo ke ki phatiye dibi naki. Amar maal berote jachilo amon somoy amar bichi tipe dili keno?" (You whore are you thinking of bursting my eggs. I was going to cum and you just stopped me in the middle.)

Shonadi laughed and said, "Tui shala khose gele amar gud je shukh pabe na. arek bar amake chudbe tarpor tor maal phelte debo amar gude. Chal amar gud ta chuse de to jolche gudta." (If you came just now who the fuck will satisfy my hole. I am not yet done. Fuck me once more or else I won't let you spend your seed in me. Now stop talking and eat my cunt, it's burning.)

Like an obedient servant dad took out his stiffie from her cunt and getting on his knees started to lick her cunt. He had spread her thighs and was rubbing her clit as he lapped up her juices. I saw shonadi playing with her big globes and writhe on the bed. She was moving her hips so much that dad was having a difficult time keeping his head buried in her snatch. I could see dad's tongue going in and coming out of her wet hole. Suddenly I saw shonadi reach below and press dad's head on her snatch firmly and dad seemed to be drinking her juices to his fill. Finally dad stopped his tongue fucking and coming up said, "Are amar gudmarani Shonadi ebar tomar gude amar maal phelte debe to naki. Nao amar dhon take hate dhoro ar gude dhukiye dao, ar dhore rakhte parchi na maal take phelte dao." (My dear whore now will you let me pump my seed in your pussy? Come on take my meat and take me inside, don't wait, I want to cum.)

Shonadi quickly took dad's organ in her hands and pulled him inside her hole. Dad slumped on shonadi's boobs as he plunged inside her. Now he began pumping fast as he could hardly wait to release his spunk inside her hot cunt. Shonadi reached behind and grabbing hold of his cheeks she separated them and then I saw her finger slowly go inside dad's shithole. She moved her finger in and out of it and I heard dad groan I pleasure as she fucked his ass with her long, slender finger.

Dad couldn't keep up with the assault any longer and he came with a loud moan. His hips bucked back and forth for a few minutes and then slowly he lied down on Shonadi. She was now smiling and said,

" Ei tomar raush chere dile ato taratari ami to bhabchilam arekbar choda chudi hobe" (oh you have spent so quickly, I was thinking of another fuck).

" Amar gudmarani Shonadi tomar ki ekbar choda te hoena...saali kato bar gud marabi dine? Barite giye to abar tor dewar ke diye gud marabi. Saali tor khide to kam noy" (My dear fuck slut don't you get satisfied with a single fuck? How many times do you want to get laid in a day? You will go home and then get fucked by your brother-in-law. Your hunger is too much)

" Amar dewar ta tomar moto ato bhalo kore chode na.. Saalar bara ta tomar theke choto kintu onek khon dhore thap dite pare. Amar to shorir baitha kore or saathe chude. Amar chele tao bhalo. O khoob bhalo kore amake chode, kintu or abar bouta raag kore. Bole je tumi shab raush tomar maar gude phele dile amar gude ki phelbe." (My bro-in-law does not fuck as well as you do. That bastard's cock is smaller than yours but he can continue fucking me for a long time. My whole body gets pained after getting fucked by him. Well my son too fucks me nicely but his wife objects saying that if he spends all his cream inside me what will her pussy get)

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Slowly dad took out his tool which by now had grown smaller and lied down on the bed beside Shonadi. Now I could see Shonadi's pussy clearly. Until now I had only seen her big titties and had not got the chance to see her pussy. It was a big one adorned by rich curly dark hairs all around it. After this Shonadi and dad cuddled up and started to chat in low tones and laugh.

I felt very bad about mom that she did not even know what was happening behind her back. But I could not tell her about this as it would break her heart. Anyway I thought it was better for me to go out and come in again so that they did not know that I had seen and heard everything.

I went to a friend's house and came back after an hour on my usual time and found that dad was gone. Shonadi was lying on her back with her petticoat only and her big tits lying on her heavy chest waiting to be sucked by me as I would usually do. I was thrilled to see her lying like that. I immediately got out of my clothes and started to suck her boobs. It felt nice to think that I was sucking the same boobs that my dad had sucked a little while ago. After some sucking we heard mom enter downstairs and she quickly put her clothes on.

My Mom

A few months later it was my twelfth birthday and there was a party. Both of my uncles had come and as usual they were ogling mom. I saw that my uncle Raja was touching mom's butts deliberately but she did not say anything. I thought may be she had not noticed and I let it go at that.

Now I was in the seventh standard and there were signs of hair growth around my cock. By now mom had joined a part time job and so did not have time to bathe me. This job was taken over totally by Shonadi. Now I did not get to see mom naked while bathing or at other times as I had been shifted to another room.

The day after my birthday, dad went out of town on one of his usual office tours and I was alone with mom. However my grandpa (Dad's dad) had come at my birthday and as dad was leaving, he stayed back for a few days to look after mom and me. I called my grandpa dadu (Bengali for grandpa).

Since mom was alone she told me to sleep with her on her bed. I was happy thinking that may be after a long time I will get to see mom's tits at night. I waited on the bed for mom to appear and start changing her clothes. But to my utter dismay mom came and shedding just her sari she lied down on the bed beside me. I could see that mom was not wearing any bra at the time and she was in her blouse and petticoat. She lovingly put her hand in my hair and my forehead and we chatted for sometime and then I fell asleep.

Suddenly I was woken up by some sound. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that mom's bed side lamp was on and mom was reading some book. Someone was softly knocking on the door and mom got up to open the door. The door must have been open and I saw dadu (grandpa) coming in. I watched as he came near the bed and asked, "Is he asleep?"

Mom looked at me and said, "Yes he fell asleep a few minutes ago."

Grandpa sat down on the bed beside mom and looked at her blouse and smiled. Mom kept the book she was reading on the side table and loosened her hair. Dadu slowly lowered his face and put his lips on mom's lips. I was very surprised to see this and suddenly I knew why dadu had stayed back after dad went away and why was he here in mom's room at this hour. I was going to witness mom getting laid by her father-in-law, my grandpa.

Dadu pressed his lips firmly on mom's lips and I saw mom reach to grandpa's back and move her hands all over his back. She was kissing passionately as I saw her hungrily nibble at grandpa's lower lips. Their kiss continued for a couple of minutes and then grandpa parted his lips from her. Grandpa looked at mom and said, "Bouma (Bengali for daughter-in-law) ekbar hobe naki?" (Honey shall we do it once?)

Mom asked coyly, "Ki hobe baba?" (What shall we do dad?)

Grandpa smiled and said, "Amar sathe khela korcho shona? Bolchi je ekbar choda chudi hobe naki? Tomake onek din choda hoe ni esho ebar tomake mon diye, pran diye, dhon diye chudi. (Why are you playing with me. I have not got your hot young body for a long time. I need to eat you. I have to fuck with my might and pole. Come dear daughter in law let us play.)

Mom said, "Ish baba apni ki ashobho hoe gachen. Nijer cheler bou ke chudte chan." ( Oh dad you have become so dirty that you want to fuck your daughter in law.) I could see that mom was teasing grandpa. I was surprised to see that my so conservative mom was so free sexually with her father in law.

Grandpa slowly moved his hands on mom's blouse and put his palms on mom's titties. He started to massage them over her blouse and moved his hands in circles and bringing them to the centre of her tits on her nipples which he pinched over her blouse. Mom smiled and said, "Baba eta apni ki korchen? Nijer boumar mai tipchen? Charon dekhi pashe chele shue ache dekhchen na jodi jege jai ki hobe? ( Dad what are you doing? You are massaging your daughter in law's boobs? Leave me, can't you see that my son is sleeping beside me? What if he wakes up and sees us doing these?)

Dadu was now heavily massaging her tits and slowly reaching for the hooks, he started unhooking her blouse. In a few moments mom's boobs were naked in front of grandpa and he was staring at them with hungry eyes. Mom said, "Ki dekhcho cholo mai khabe na nijer boumar? Ektu chuse dao na baba." (What are you looking at dad? Come suck them please for me.)

Dadu smiled and lowered his head on mom's left tit and kept playing with the other one wit his deft hand. He was playing with her nipple. He squeezed it with his thumb and index finger and mom gave out a small cry. I saw mom's nipple grow erect like a small peak in dadu's hand. Dadu kept sucking at mom's tit like a child for some more time before releasing it and lowering his mouth on her right tit. Mom was now moaning slowly and pressing his head more on her boobs. Mommy was breathing heavily and was very excited. Dadu released her tit and looked at his half naked daughter in law in his arms. Mom reached below to dadu's pajamas and taking hold of his erection she said, "Bap re eta abar ki baba tomar pajamar bhetore. Eta eto shokto keno.? (Dad what is this stiff thing between your thighs. Why is it stiff?)

Dadu said, "Ar khela noe shona ebar ektu ghosa ghosi kori. Amar lauda ta ektu tipe dao to bouma. (No more teasing. Let us do some real humping pumping. Massage my cock for me dear.)

Mom already had her hands on his pajamas and she was massaging it quite well. Grandpa lowered his mouth again on mom's tits and took a firm bite of her tit. Mom moaned out loudly and grabbed grandpa's cock firmly. Now I saw grandpa creeping his hand slowly to mom's petticoat and put it inside it. I saw his hand moving inside mom's petticoat and could well understand that he was rubbing her between her thighs at her cunny which was craving for her own father in law's cock. Grandpa was furiously moving his hand inside and at the same time eating out her tit. Slowly he brought out his hand from the petticoat after a few minutes of playing with her pussy and started pulling at the string of mom's petticoat. He pulled it away in a jiffy and pulled away mom's petticoat. Mom lifted her ass to help dadu make her naked.

Now grandpa was looking at his sweet daughter in law in her birthday suit. Mom spread her legs well and said, "Baba ektu amar gud ta chuse debe? Amar ekbar raush khose jete dao tahole aro beshi kore chuddar moja pabo." (Dad first eat my cunt and make me cum so that after this we can have a long slow fuck.)

Grandpa lowered his mouth on mom's cunt between her thighs and spread her pussy lips. He was bending between mom's open thighs. He first made a few fast licks to make her hot with desire. Mom moaned and grandpa then started licking at her cunt steadily in a rhythm. I could see mom's dense forest in the light and grandpa's holding her lips wide made me see in a amazed way at her rich dark forest which I was seeing after quite a long time. I never found it so attractive as I was finding it now. Maybe it was due to the fact that my own grandpa was licking at it. Grandpa was flicking his tongue on her cunt while he rubbed her clitty. Suddenly he took a bite at her cunt and mom almost jumped up from bed. He kept softly chewing at her cunt for some more time and rubbing her clit quite hard. In a few minutes mom was squirmimg in the bed and then she pressed his head on her pussy firmly. She must have cum in grandpa's mouth.

Now I looked at mom and saw her giving a contented smile. She seemed to be very happy to have cum in his face. Now grandpa said, "Bouma ebar amar bar take ador koro to dekhi jamon kore ami boli sherom kore." (Now dear eat my cock just as I tell you.)

Quickly he stood up and mom pulled at the strings of his pajama and pulled it down. I saw a very large cock that was as black as anything could be and a very large sack hanging below it. The cock was stiff and looked very intimidating but mom looked at it with lust and hunger. Grandpa lied down on the bed and said, "Bouma ebar amar lauda take choso to. Otake prothome hate niye ektu gosho tate dekhbe raush berobe. Tarpor otake ektu kheche dao. Tarpor amar bara mundi take mokhe niye chat oar choso." (Honey now suck my cock. Eat it like a banana. Take it in your hands and give me a slow handjob first then take my cock head in your lips and suck it in your mouth. Suck me honey.)

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