tagIncest/TabooMy Family My Sluts Ch. 01

My Family My Sluts Ch. 01


Don't worry mom we still love you and want you, I said in a reassuring voice to my mom. My dad had left us for some tart half his age six months ago. Mom was feeling so let down by him and also feeling so unloved. They had been married for 24 years and had 3 kids.

Myself 22 and my sisters Cindy 18 and Rachael 16. Mom was a slender woman with blond hair, big breasts and a great curved ass. She had managed to keep herself fit and was good looking for a woman of 50.

Ever since dad left she had started to let herself go and now that the divorce was finalized she became a bit depressed and withdrawn. I was always close to my mom and as I got older and started hearing my mates call her a milf, I started looking at her in a different way. By the time I was 18 I was lusting after her and started spying on her when she was in the shower or changing. Every time I would masturbate I would be thinking about her and all the things I would love to do with her.

Now as I sit with her telling her that her kids still love her and want her, my mind is thinking about how much I want to fuck her. She leans into me to give me a hug and all I can feel are her tits pressing against me. My cock starts to harden and the bulge in my trousers starts rising. I squeeze her tighter and my cock presses against her. My mom feels it and pulls away; she looks at me with shock in her eyes and starts to get up.

I can't let her just let her walk away, not now. My cock is taking over and I have to have her, I have wanted her for so long that I'm not stopping now. I jump up and grab her by the hair pulling her to me and kissing her. She tries to pull away but I won't let go, I grab her ass and squeeze it tight, god it feels so good. I throw her on the sofa and tell her that I want her and that I'm going to fuck her.

No she cries, you can't do that I'm your mother she says, it's so wrong please stop. I can't stop and I won't stop, I'm going to fuck her and fuck her hard. I rip off her blouse and bra and start sucking on her tits, her nipples are so big and hard. She tries pushing me off again and keeps shouting at me to stop.

I ignore her pleas to stop and tell her to take off her jeans. She refuses so I slap her across the face and tell her again to take her jeans off. Again she refuses so I slap her again and demand that she take them off. She does as I tell her and soon she is lying there naked.

Looking at her lying naked in front of me, she is everything I dreamed she would be. Quickly I stripped and stood before her, my cock harder than it had ever been. She looked shocked when she saw my cock. I didn't waste another second and soon I was balls deep in her pussy. As I was fucking her I started sucking her tits. Her pussy felt so good around my cock, it was warm, wet and a lot tighter than I thought it would be. As I continued to suck her tits and fuck her pussy, I felt her pussy getting wetter and I heard a slight moan coming from her.

She is enjoying this I thought; she's enjoying having her son fuck her. I grabbed her by the hair again and bit down hard on her nipple, she squealed so I bit her other nipple harder and pulled her hair tighter. I continued biting her nipples and pulling her hair as I fucked her harder, all of a sudden I felt her legs wrap around tight, pulling me in deeper.

She wants me I thought to myself and I whispered in her ear "you want me biting and fucking you don't you slut" she just moaned and nodded.

Tell me slut tell me what you fucking want I said, again she just moaned. Tell me slut, tell me what you fucking want I said again and this time I slapped her face.

I want you she said, I want you to fuck and bite me she screamed. Give me all of your cock and fuck me hard, god I feel so slutty saying that but so alive.

I continued fucking and biting her, she came and came again and then I was ready to cum in her. My cock exploded deep in her and we both cried out. As we lay there she thanked me and said that that was the best fuck she ever had. She told me that my cock was so much bigger than my dad's was and I knew how to use it like he never did.

She said that been so slutty made her feel so alive and then she made all my dreams come true when she said "promise that you will never stop fucking and using me".

Mom you are my slut now and I will use you every day, I will dress you like a cheap whore and fuck you like one. Oh yes please promise me you will she said and we fucked again.

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