tagGroup SexMy Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 14

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 14


Group Sex: The Cure for Bree

Bree had stayed in bed until noon. She had slept poorly the night before because she was distraught over having had great sex with her father. When she couldn't stand being cooped up inside anymore, she went outside into the sunshine.

Dave, after his disastrous meeting with Wendy, had continued his search for seclusion. He decided that things were getting completely out of hand. After dinner tonight, he resolved to apologize to Bree and to confess his transgressions to his wife Angie.

Dave's mind was now at ease having settled on a course of action. He made his way out of the wilderness towards the cabin to meet Angie. They had an appointment with the resort's accountant. Dave had a little time to kill so he took a relaxing roundabout route home.

Dave found himself by a group of cabins. He began checking out their condition as he had been doing to all the structures on the grounds. Dave saw a beautiful woman wrapped in a towel through one of the windows. He paused to watch as she brushed her long blonde hair.

It was funny that such an image would capture his attention. Views of nude women were available to him in every direction, but this voyeuristic sighting stopped him, intrigued him and yes, excited him.

The woman dropped her towel and began applying lotion to her body. She delicately applied it to her throat and then ran her lotion laden hands over her heavy breasts. Dave's excitement level and the hardness of his cock increased exponentially. What was so special about the nude woman in the cabin versus the naked women outside? Dave got an extra thrill out of the fact that the woman didn't realize that she was being observed. It remind him of his early teenage years when he had been a 'Peeping Tom'.

Dave was now fully erect. This dilemma startled and scared him. He quickly dropped to the ground and lay on his stomach. Dave heard footsteps behind him. Had he been caught? Was this the end for him? He turned to see Bree carrying a bucket. She shouted,

"You're worse than a dog in heat! You're out of control!"

Bree was infuriated at seeing her dad with another hard-on in public. She pitched a bucketful of cold water on him, tossed the bucket away in disgust and then walked swiftly away. The cold water and angry remarks from his daughter wilted Dave's erection. Cowed by her words, Dave snuck away towards his cabin.

Dave and Angie were each troubled; they had a lot on their minds when they met at the cabin. With little conversation, they went down to the office at the gate building to meet their accountant. They each carried some clothes for the meeting.

Sawyer Brown had been Uncle Jake's accountant since he bought the resort. He and a clothed Mr. and Mrs. Monroe sat down to go over the finances.

"Mr. Brown, can you give us an overview," Dave asked.

"Sure and please call me Sawyer. Your uncle has owned and run the facility for 5 years. It has been and still is profitable, but it has been less so over the last three years as your uncle's health and his attention to the business declined."

Angie said, "I understand that 3 years ago, the property showed a profit of $150,000?"

"Yes that is correct. That was the high point. Since then another resort opened closer to town and to be honest it has better facilities. Last year, the profit was down to $25,000. This year I expect you'll be in the black, but just barely. Maybe earning $2-3000."

Dave and Angie were stunned by the news. Angie said,

"We can't live on that."

Dave said, "I've been looking the resort over. There are needed repairs and upgrades...."

Sawyer nodded and said,

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Your Uncle, was considering opening up a new section of the resort to differentiate it from a 'plain jane' nudist camp...Lake Hedonism, I believe was what he planned to call it."

Sawyer reached into his briefcase and handed Dave a proposal and said,

"Here is a business plan that was drawn up for the addition. The bank was willing to finance it, but your Uncle Jake never implemented it."

The meeting ended and Dave and Angie slowly walked back to the cabin with slumped shoulders. They were literally sagging under the weight of the bad news just heaped upon them.


Bree had stormed off after tossing a bucket of cold water on her father. She stamped around fuming for a good while. Her travels took her by Carl who spotted her and said to his co-worker,

"Clay. See that chick over there? The one with the piercings. That's the wild girl I told you about."

"Hey! Sweet Cheeks," Carl hollered.

When Bree didn't answer, Carl called out again addressing her by name.

"Bree. Bree darling."

Carl caught her attention that time and Bree stopped. Carl went over to her and said,

"Whoa! From the look on your face, you must be having a very bad day."

Bree didn't say anything. Her harsh stare said it all. Carl reached over and rubbed her upper arm. He raised his eyebrows and said,

"Anything I can do to cheer you up?"

Carl's hand strayed and brushed a breast and pierced nipple. That touch ignited a spark that shot through Bree. It startled her and she suffered an involuntary shiver. Her brain had finally registered something other than an overwhelming sense of rage directed at her father and herself. Carl's copping a feel was like the hole in the dam that led to the flood. It let Bree be Bree again. She said,

"Yea Carl, I think there might be something...It's a big job though, you're going to need some help. Who's this hunk of glistening black onyx with you?"

Bree looked at the black man appreciatively. He was big, strong and absolutely black as black can be. He had a shaved head, a wide nose and steady brown eyes. His chest was broad, his arms and legs were muscular. He looked like the kind of man that could make a tough job easy.

The man that Bree was gazing at had been working on the grounds crew for 2 months. His dad had died years ago and when his mom got sick and needed help, he came home. He had followed a girlfriend to Chicago and, when she didn't turn out to be as good as he expected, he was all too happy to return to Texas and take care of his mother.

"That's Clayton, we all call him Clay. Him and me are working together on this garden," Carl explained.

"Not anymore. You two are working on me. Let's go to my cabin."

Carl said, "Hot damn! You're a wild one."

An excited Carl started following Bree, but Clay didn't move. When they realized that Clay wasn't with them, Bree and Carl turned around. Bree looked at him inquisitively. Carl said in a demanding yet pleading tone,

"Come on man."

"No offense madam, but in my experience something too good to be true usually is."

"Oh I see, you're a cautious man. Well, let me tell you where I'm coming from. Have you ever had one of those days that's just so rotten it gets you so low that you can see the underside of rocks?"

Clay nodded listening intently. Bree continued,

"That was my yesterday. Just now I've decided that I'm not going to let yesterday ruin my life or waste any more of my time. I'm going to live my life in joy and celebration."

Bree reached out, ran her hand across Clay's firm chest, smiled and said,

"The party's at my house and you're invited."

Clay had one last concern. He asked, "Do you have condoms?"

Bree laughed, "What! When you see my piercings do you think 'Baby Machine'? Damn, I was going for 'Sex Machine'. I'm on the pill Clay, but to alleviate your concerns completely, you can cum in my ass."

Bree gave him a coy smile. Clay smiled back at this hot, straight talking girl. He liked her and quickly joined the procession to her cabin.

Bree wasted little time when she got inside the cabin.

"I need it, I want it and I'm going to have it," she told them.

Bree sat on an ottoman and had the men stand on either side of her. She grasped both cocks and stroked one man while she fellated the other. Carl remembering their rough action from the other day, grabbed her head and fucked her face while she sucked on his six inches. Bree gagged when he entered her throat.

Clay didn't know what to expect and he was happy just to be here. Bree was a beautiful woman and if she wanted to taste his 7 inches, he was more than willing to oblige. Clay caressed her hair and watched her try to swallow him.

Bree no longer wanted to think about what had happened with her dad. She was going to use these men to get rid of all the tension and stress she had been feeling since the stable incident. When both men were good and hard she said,

"Here's the plan. You're both going to fuck me at the same time. Clay, I want you in my ass and Carl, you're in my pussy."

The men were pleasantly surprised by her announcement.

Bree lay on her back on the sofa. She put one leg on the sofa's back. Her hairless pussy gaped open and her thick lips gleamed from her wetness. She said,

"Carl, get me ready. Clay, bring that stiff black rod over here and let me have another taste.

Carl dove between Bree's legs and lapped at her pussy and ass. Using his tongue and his fingers, he worked both holes, stretching and lubricating them. Clay stood by Bree's head and watched as she licked and sucked his meat. He played with her pierced nipples. He was amazed. He had never seen a woman with metal spikes in her nipples and clit before.

Carl was good at his job and after a few minutes he had Bree dripping and easily accepting two fingers into either orifice. Bree was pleased, her mind was clear of all thoughts except enjoying these studly men. Bree said,

"Carl, lay on the floor."

She straddled his hips, grabbed his erection and guided it to her hungry pussy. She slowly lowered herself on the rigid shaft enjoying every second of the journey. Bree rode Carl gently. She wanted to make sure she was comfortable with him before adding Clay. Finally, Bree sighed and said,

"Emmm that feels good. You've got a good cock, Carl. Where's my other man? Bring that big black dick of yours over here for me to wet one last time."

Clay came forward and Bree sucked, slurped and licked his member covering it with her slippery saliva. Then Bree lay down, pressing her tits to Carl's chest, and said,

"Okay Clay, put your dick in my ass."

Carl and Bree were motionless as Clay guided his missile into her anus. Clay held his shaft steady as he fed the crown of his dick past her muscular ring. As it entered her Clay said,


Bree answered, "Ooohh."

Clay was gentle with Bree. He slipped his dick in slowly allowing her time to acclimate to the intruding object. Carl took it slow and easy too. No, Carl hadn't developed a conscience. Bree was the hottest broad he had ever had been with. He just didn't want to wreck his chance of having a round three with her. Good God! He couldn't imagine what they would do next!

Bree was moaning, groaning, moving slowly and sweating profusely. She was feeling her men, enjoying, enduring and testing her body's capabilities. She had never done this before. Drastic circumstances had driven her to this. She was tingling all over because she was so full of cock and so overloaded with sensory stimulation. She moved cautiously, rhythmically and determinedly. Slowly she picked up speed. She exhaled forcefully unconsciously making guttural noises.

Clay and Carl took their lead from Bree. At first, they were motionless. As she increased her motion, so did they. In addition to the physical sensations Bree was feeling, she had the sensation that she was being watched. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. Bree dismissed it telling herself "Of course I'm the center of attention. I've got two hard cocks in me. Clay and Carl are monitoring my every movement".

Supremely confident in her ability to handle the two men she said,

"Fuck me boys. Fuck me good!"

Bree screamed in pleasure, pain and more pleasure as Carl and Clay followed her instructions. They gave it to her with gusto. Clay jack hammered her ass without attempting to follow her rhythm. Carl slammed into her too with no regards for her body or safety.


That shout along with other unintelligible sounds poured forth from Bree's mouth. She kept coming and coming. Her partners didn't note her orgasms. They were focused on their fucking mission and they pounded her well. They drove Bree from one climax to another until their cocks exploded and they flooded her internal cavities with what felt to the men as gallons and gallons of cum.

"Oh God you guys are the best...the absolute best," an exhausted Bree pronounced as she slumped like a rag doll.

Clay pulled out of the best ass he'd ever had and flopped on the sofa drained. Carl couldn't move; he was one large, happy wet spot on the floor.


Dave and Angie stepped on the gravel driveway leading to their cabin. They saw Chloe on the front porch looking in the window. When Chloe heard the crunch of her parents' footsteps, she turned and gave them a guilty look before she ran away.

"Chloe?" Dave called out confused as to why his daughter would behave in such a manner.

Angie and Dave stepped onto the porch. Angie was curious and wondered "What had Chloe had been looking at" so she bent over and looked into the window. Her jaw hit the floor as she saw her daughter Bree getting fucked simultaneously by two men. She was stuck speechless. Dave asked,

"What is it?" He dropped to one knee and looked into the low window.

"Oh my God!" Dave mumbled as he stared at the sexcapade. He heard Bree call out,

"Fuck me boys. Fuck me!"

Flabbergasted, Angie grabbed her husband's thigh for support. She was paralyzed, but asked rhetorically,

"What are we turning into?"

Dave was silent. They both were transfixed by the scene. Angie heard her daughter scream in ecstasy at her climax,


Angie mumbled again,

"What are we turning into?"

Dave's swelling cock nudged her hand. Angie's sex got that slippery feel. Bewildered, Angie turned and stared at her husband.

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