tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 17

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 17


Chapter 17

Lake Hedonism: A Sexual Playground

***Note to readers. Thank you for your votes and comments. I'm wide open to suggestions for what happens next at the hedonistic playground.


After six weeks of preparation, Lake Hedonism was ready to open. Cabins, buildings and the grounds had been refurbished. A privacy fence had been installed separating the family nudist area from the hedonistic area.

The staff met in the lodge/restaurant by the lake. Angie addressed her partners in the venture.

"Everything looks great. Thanks for all your hard work. We're having the grand opening later today. A special thanks goes out to Tracey for coming up with our new motto: Lake Hedonism -- Everything you want it to be."

The crowd applauded. Tracey stood and took a bow. Angie continued,

"Our goal is to make this resort an exciting, erotic, yet comfortable place for the guests and you. Everyone will have fun within the limits they set themselves. No one should be pressured to do anything they don't want to. Nudity is optional for the guests and for staff members who are having their period. Sometimes it's tough enough just showing up for work at that time of the month, am I right ladies? Wear what ever makes you comfortable. If your boobs are sore too, wear a bra or bikini top."

Angie looked around to make sure everyone understood her. The women all gave her a knowing, thankful smile or nod. Angie held up some strips of material and explained,

"We will be giving the guests these solid white color wrist bands to wear. The staff will all wear striped wrist bands. These wrist bands will serve a couple of purposes. Everyone can easily identify guests and staff. Have you heard of the Hawaiian custom of women wearing a flower behind the ear?"

Murmurs of yes and no came from the group. Angie elaborated,

"The story is, if you wear the flower behind your left ear, you're saying you are unavailable, your heart is taken. If you wear the flower behind your right ear, you're saying you are single and looking... or you're married, but still available and looking."

Everyone laughed. Angie continued,

"We're going to have the same signal. The guests can indicate their status by the bands placement. And we are going to tell the guest that if the staff has the band on their right side they are unavailable -- either working or on your period. If it is on the left side, you're available for some hanky-panky. Now we are using your strips to convey more information. Dave's wearing a white and pink band meaning he likes females. My white and blue says I'm into guys. Bree's white, pink and blue band...well you get the picture."

They did indeed. The boys started hooting and hollering. Angie waved her arms to get them to settle down.

"Our plan is to make sure everyone has fun. Hopefully the bands with help avoid embarrassing situations. If the guests ask you for something you're not into, please direct them to someone that has that interest. Alright?"

"Yes!" was the resounding response of the crowd.

"Our guests arrive at noon. Let's make it 'Everything they want it to be'!" Angie shouted and her partners roared back in agreement.


Ten couples had booked reservations for the first weekend at Lake Hedonism. Dave and Angie had also made an announcement to adults staying on the family side of the resort that they could get a free pass to spend a day on the hedonistic side, if they so desired. In the future, they hoped they could sell day passes to the regular clientele who wished to add a little more excitement to their family nudist trip.

Angie, Wendy and Chloe manned the front desk, checked in the guests and explained the wrist bands and general setup. Generally, the men appreciated the nakedness of the hostesses while the women seemed pleased with how friendly they were.

Dave and Walter got the guests to their cabins and helped with the luggage which, as one can imagine, is not very substantial for travelers to a nudist camp.

The guests were a real mixed bag. The ages ranged from 20 to 60. They had newbies and those with experience attending nude resorts. Most of the guests settled in right away, stripped and headed to the bar or beach. Two couples that were first timers were nervous and needed extra attention.

Wendy adopted one couple who were having a problem. Wendy swept out from behind the counter and put her arm around the shoulders of the 35 year old Mrs. Wethers. Sally Wethers was a pudgy stay-at-home mother of two who had arraigned this trip with the hopes of re-igniting the spark in her love life. Sally started crying when see saw the three confident, attractive, nude women at the check-in counter.

Her husband of 12 years, Sam, was a balding accountant who had made work and providing for his family his main focus. Sam was not particularly tall, fit or handsome, but he was a good man. Sally had given up her career and all other interests to devote herself to the children. Their sense of themselves and their relationship were suffering from neglect.

Wendy said to Sally's husband,

"Sam, go to the bar down by the lake and get yourself a drink while I help Sally settle in."

Sam was a little slow in responding. He was staring so hard at Chloe's fantastic body his brain barely registered Wendy's words. As Wendy consoled Sally, she signaled to Walter for him to quickly escort Sam out of there. When her husband left, Sally broke down,

"I've made a terrible mistake."

Wendy hugged Sally to her ample bosom.

"Sam's not going to re-discover frumpy old me with all of these beautiful young women parading around naked."

"There, there dear. You're forgetting you have something no one else here does. He loves you. Of all the women in the world he chose you. You came here to get your sex life back on track?"

Sally stopped crying and nodded "Yes'.

"Well, to have a good sex life, you need to feel sexy. We can help you with that. Sam may look at pretty girls while he's here, but he's going to go home with you. Look at my saggy ass and tits! If I can keep my husband snuggling close to me at night, so can you. All of us lose our youthful figures. You've had two children for goodness sake. We gals just need to remind our husbands why they love us. It was your attitude and personality. Believe me a good blowjob and fucking him hard in public down on the beach will remind him of the sexy confident women you were and can be again."

"Oh...Sam would never do anything in public..."

"You're wrong on that count sister. I'll have him begging to screw you in front of everyone and loving it and loving you more than either of you can imagine. Follow my lead Sweetie, the campaign to re-kindle your love affair has begun. We're going to make both of you forget about the frumpy mother of two and re-discover the fun and sexy Sally that you've put on the shelf."


Another couple checking in nearly had a heart attack staring at the naked staff and hearing Chloe explained the amenities. This unmarried pair of twenty-two year olds, Andy Strong and Andrea Swift, had only been dating for 4 months and this was their first getaway trip.

"What the hell were you thinking? Oh, I take that back. It's so obvious what you were thinking!" Andrea screamed and slapped Andy.

"Andrea...I didn't know...your brother..."

"What...what are you talking about?"

"I...I mentioned to your brother that we had talked about a week-end getaway. I asked if he knew of any romantic bed and breakfast places and he told me I had to take you here...that it was perfect...you'd love it."

"You went to my brother for advice? He's the world's biggest jerk. Always playing practical jokes on me...We drove 6 hours to get here and can't get our money back!"

Andrea was practically in tears. Could she believe Andy or had she seriously misjudged him? Her Mr. Right was quickly morphing into Senior Pervert in her mind.

"Please let's sit and talk," Angie said in her most calming tone. Of course, she was nude, but her petite body and tiny breasts were non-threatening. She sat them down and said,

"I'm sorry you didn't know the full story of our resort, but you needn't worry. No one is going to hurt you or force you to have sex against your will. Our motto is "Everything you want it to be" and we mean it."

Angie looked the two of them in the eye trying hard to convey her trustworthiness and her genuine concern for them. She continued,

"You are in total control here. Nudity? Optional. Drinking? Optional. Participation in any events? 100% optional and if you do participate, you set the limit as to how far anything goes. We can give you a peaceful lakefront bed & breakfast experience if that is what you want."

Angie grasped their hands in hers and said, "Don't worry. Everything will be fine. The scenery is just a little more interesting here. If you're worried that he is going to see a naked woman, I promise he will be more worried about you seeing young, strong, handsome naked men. Will you give us a try? You're here."

Angie's talked helped calm the situation. Andrea sighed and said with resignation,

"We'll give it a try. But I'm going to kill my brother when I get back home."

Angie said with a wink, "You know, the best revenge might just be to tell him what a wonderful time you had here and thank him for recommending it to you. I had a trouble-making brother growing up. He only stopped when I no longer let him know how much he got to me."


Wendy and Sally walked to the bar where Sam was. Wendy winked at Paul, the bartender, and asked,

"Hey, Paul is it true that all a pretty girl has to do to get a free drink here is show a little skin?"

"Yes it is," Paul said following Wendy's lead.

Wendy sat Sally on a barstool beside her fastidious husband and reached around her and began unbuttoning Sally's blouse. As she removed it exposing Sally's ample bosom and super practical white bra, Wendy asked,

"So Sally what do you drink?"

"Vod..Emm...Vodka tonic, please," Sally answered trying to sound confident.

Sam's eyes bugged out. This wasn't the way the mother of his children behaved. He looked around the bar to see who could see the white tops of his wife's bountiful breasts. Wendy had to force herself not to laugh at him. It was ridiculous. Nude women were everywhere and Sally's goodies where covered as well as they would be in any bathing suit, yet Sam was concerned.

Wendy moved behind Sam and allowed herself a little smile that only Sally could see. She used her expressive face to signal Sally that the plan was working. Already her husband was seeing her in a new light. Those boobies were for him. Wendy mouthed to Sally "Keep him guessing" and winked and said,

"Paul, is it true that Sally and Sam can have a complimentary shrimp cocktail if she takes off her skirt?"

Sam stood quickly and adopted a defensive posture. Sally softly patted his arm and asked innocently,

"Isn't shrimp one of your favorite foods, dear?"

"Yes...No...I mean not now."


When Andy and Andrea were alone in the room, he said,

"Baby, I'm sorry. Believe me I didn't know..."

Andrea replied weakly. "It's okay." Though she wasn't sure it would be.

"Andrea...We can believe me. The last place a man with a 5 inch penis is going to take his hot girlfriend is a Hedonism nudist colony where she can see dozens of dicks bigger than him."

Andrea paused and considered what he said. Andy's theory resonated with Andrea. All girls knew that guys worried about the size of their dicks. He wouldn't purposely put himself in such a situation. Andy saw that he was making some headway and continued,

"We don't have to do anything. I promise I won't look at any..."

"Now, you're losing your credibility... don't go making promises you can't keep. That Chloe is one hot number and I'm sure there are other attractive women here."

"I only have eyes for you."

Andrea hugged and kissed her boyfriend for re-assuring her and for coming up with the correct response. Then she said,

"We're here. Let's enjoy ourselves. There is the lake, the horses, our cabin, the bed..."

Andy finally relaxed. He interrupted her with a passionate kiss and asked,

"Where shall we start?"

"Well, we could go for a walk. I haven't had a chance to check out...the guys yet!" Andrea broke up laughing as the pair fell onto the bed.

Andrea was a pretty 22 year old just beginning a career in real estate. Her honey blonde hair, tight firm body and friendly disposition made her a pleasure for men and women to interact with. She had met Andy when he moved to town and was looking for a place to live. He had just graduated college and was starting his first job at a commodities trading company. She was his real estate agent.

Andrea was instantly attracted to the good-looking athletic man even before she learned the price range of the condo he was looking for. She found the 6 foot tall, blonde trader a suitable place and they had been dating every since.

As they rolled on the bed kissing, Sam made sure he ended up on his back so his hands could easily unhook Andrea's bra and unzip her jean skirt. Andrea ground her pubic bone into his delicious hard-on. She let him undress her and then struck sexy, come hither poses as he removed his clothes. She was pretty and she knew it and she enjoyed flaunting her beauty in a playful, non-conceited manner.

Andrea liked Andy a great deal. She enjoyed looking at his broad shoulders, firm chest and washboard abs. His smallish tool met with her approval too. To be honest, she had a small mouth and her inability to suck her last boyfriend's big cock was a major cause of their break up. Good sex was an important part of both of their expectations for a successful relationship. She said good-bye to him because her inability to blow him undermined her self-worth and self-confidence.

Andrea was like a piece of art with all the right pieces in all the right proportions. At 5'5" her lithe 34B-26-35 figure seemed just right. Her breasts were topped off by small nickel sized brownish nipples that seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. Her trimmed muff was a slightly darker brown color than her chemically induced blonde shoulder length hair.

Andrea had been told by many boyfriends that she had an amazing vagina because it always seemed to be wet and aroused. Sam had never been with a girl who could come so quickly and so often. She made him forget to be self conscious about his five inch prick because it made her scream so loud and so often.

Andy had learned in high school that his prick was not going to impress any girl. To compensate, he kept himself very fit and he learned how to eat pussy. It had been Andy's experience that after a mind-blowing orgasm, a girl didn't care what size dick you shoved in her.

Andy lay beside a now naked Andrea kissing and caressing her face. He had learned to take his time with everything. He stroked her hair and covered her long neck with little kisses. Andrea loved the attention. She ran her fingers through his hair and dragged her fingernails across his back causing goose bumps.

Andy slid down to her breasts and gently handled them as he nipped at her proudly erect nipples. They were hard and pokey and so very suckable as he indulged them. He loved breasts and, to be honest, Andrea wouldn't have been girlfriend material without good tits no matter how pretty her face or how delectable her ass. He was an unrepentant 'boob snob' that was why he never held it against a girl who dropped him because of his small dick. You are what you are and you like what you like, C'est la vie.

Andy had been a 'boob hawk' from an early age. They fascinated him as a youngster. The soft, ripe, jiggling, tantalizing piece of female flesh. He saw his first pair when he was 13. His mom's younger sister had come for a visit. No one told him she was staying in his room and he walked in on her catching her topless. They seemed so big and round, capped off by hard reddish brown nipples. He stared; she laughed. That picture is forever burnt into his brain and that memory has spawned dozens upon dozens of jack-off sessions.

Only when Andy could hear Andrea moaning for more and smell overflowing sex would he desert the top half of her body. He had learned the value of patience in pleasing a woman and knew that she would appreciate him all the more if he only gave it to her when she was begging for it. Andy slid down to her treasure, the sweet smelling hot box between her thighs.

Andy parted her furry covering and latched on to one of her thick lips sucking and tugging on it. He then swiped his tongue up and down her slit savoring her heady ambrosia. She was panting, almost crying so he went to her clit and thrilled her.

"Please, please..." Andrea cried out.

Andy gave her what she asked for. His tongue lapped at her clit while his index finger stroked her G spot. She came quickly and hard. She fell into her pleasurable stupor and he reveled in the pleasurable knowledge that he had satisfied her once again.

Andrea woke him from his self-congratulatory stupor by demanding urgently,

"Roll over. I want to mount you."

"You're the boss."

Andrea desperately wanted a second orgasm. She quickly straddled his hips and shoved his hardness into her hungry, dripping vagina. She rode him fast and hard for her own pleasure. She came. He came. Then they held each other as they drifted off to sleep.

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