tagInterracial LoveMy Fantasy Comes True Pt. 05

My Fantasy Comes True Pt. 05


It had been a couple of days since we had visited Wayne's house, so when I came home from work I found I had a nice surprise, Kate was waiting for me in the hallway wearing one of her sexy outfits, I have a passion for lingerie and Kate knows this, so likes to turn me on by dressing up for me, my cock started to twitch as I stared at my sexy wife.

"Wow Kate, you look fucking great."

She was wearing one of my favorites, a french maids outfit, low cut to show her deep cleavage and black fishnet stockings with high heel shoes, smiling at me she turns round, with her legs apart bends over, her short petticoat rides up exposing her great ass, her bald pussy and ass are now framed by the stretched suspender belt straps.

My cock goes rock hard at this display, I start walking towards her, but she stands up and heads towards the dining room, I follow her sexy ass into the room, only to get another nice surprise, there sat on the settee was Sybil.

"Hello Tony, I remember what Kate told me, so I've come to see how much of a kinky boy you are, ready for some fun?"

She was wearing a rubber nurse's outfit, it had a zip all the way down the front, but it was only zipped to below her tits, showing her deep cleavage and hard nipples, a pair of white hold up stockings encased her long legs.

"Oh god yes," was all I could say as Sybil smiled at me, I was still looking at Sybil, when Kate knelt in front of me and started to remove my trousers, I quickly removed my shirt as Kate starts to pull my underpants down, as she freed my cock, it springs to attention.

Grabbing hold of my cock she starts to slowly wank me, as her tongue begins to lick around my balls, all I can do is moan as her warm wet tongue starts to lick me, then she gently takes one of my balls into her mouth and starts to suck it, moaning I just closed my eyes and enjoyed what Kate mouth is doing.

I opened my eyes as I heard a buzzing sound, looking at Sybil she was now laid back, her long legs wide open, rubbing a very large black vibrator along her pussy lips, it was at least 12" long.

She looked at me saying. "Tony, you remember your wish for Kate, to be better at sucking cock," as Sybil was telling me this Kate changed from sucking my balls to licking my cock. "Well we've had a long discussion about my techniques and some practice with bananas, anyway Kate you show him what you've learnt."

I now had two distractions watching Sybil and Kate sucked my cock, Sybil's pussy lips started to stretch around the fat vibrator as it entered her cunt, she moaned as slowly she fed that 12" monster into her pussy, I could see she was very wet, because every time she pulled the vibrator out it was soaked with her pussy juice.

Sybil spoke to Kate telling her. "Remember Kate you can't have too much lubrication."

Kate was using her tongue to coat my cock with her saliva, then holding my cock to her open mouth, takes it in till just my cock head is in her mouth, clamping her lips round my shaft, starts to create a vacuum, my cock pulses as it starts to swell as she sucks.

Her wet tongue started to lick round my cock helmet then flick the sensitive underside, I inhale through clench teeth. "Oh god yessss, you sexy slut," as she continues to lick my swelling cock, I looked down into her upturned eyes, as she looks at me starts to slowly take my cock deeper into her mouth, when I reach the back of her mouth she stops, then shaking her head slightly from side to side my cock starts to enter her wet throat, I just groan. "Oh fucking yessssss."

She stops swallowing my cock when she started to gag, holding my cock still till her throat started to relax, my cock is getting coated with even more saliva. I just close my eyes as I enjoy the moment. Then pulling back slightly plunges it back into her throat, going deeper than before, I just grunt."Uhhhhhh."

As Kate is starting to deep throat me her hands grip my ass cheeks and pull them apart, true to what Sybil had said, Kate starts to finger my ass, I'm starting to enjoy my ass being played with, when I'm distracted by Sybil's scream. "Ahhhhhhhh."

I can see that she has stuffed all of that monster into her cunt, closed her legs and is rubbing her clit between both hands furiously, her climax is very vocal as her body shakes from the orgasm, her rubbing slows down then she just sighs as she starts to relax from her orgasm.

As Sybil is having her orgasm Kate takes my cock out of her mouth, as it is released it slaps hard against my stomach, I moan in disappointment at being left high and dry, Kate stands up then grasping my cock pulls me towards the end of the dining room table.

Kate tells me. "Bend over naughty boy," she's now stood behind me and pushes me face down on the table, slapping my ass as I bend down, she kneels down behind me and begins to scratch her nails from my ass down my legs pushing them apart as she goes, next thing I know is my legs being tied to the table, I'm now begin to feel very vulnerable, as Kate had been tying my legs I hadn't noticed that Sybil was now standing behind me.

She now leans her body along my back as she starts to lick down my spine, I just shiver as she slowly licks all the way down to my ass. "I've been telling Kate how men can't resist their ass being played with," as she pulls my ass cheeks apart. I moan as her tongue starts to lick between my ass cheeks till she reaches my anus, as Sybil starts to tease my ass Kate has crawled under the table, I just screamed. "Oh my god yesssssssss," as, suddenly, Kate deep throats me again.

I was in heaven and wished it would never stop, how I never came there and then I will never know, my cock was swelling to bursting point, Sybil stopped licking my ass, I clenched as I felt a wet finger start to probe my ass, as I begin to relax Sybil started to push her finger into me, I was panting and my hips were now jerking into Kate's mouth, then Sybil's finger found my prostate gland and started to stroke it.

My body just went into overload and I quickly started to come into Kate's mouth, screaming at the top of my voice. "Ahhhhhhhhhh," my hips thrusting as deep as I could into Kate's throat whilst my ass pulsed around Sybil's finger, I'd never had an orgasm like this before it was so intense.

Kate kept on sucking my cock till I had finished spunking into her throat and mouth, then licked my cock clean whilst Sybil kept her finger in me till my ass stopped pulsing, I just laid there totally drained and relaxed, they both stood behind me and started to stroke and lightly slap my ass cheeks.

Sybil telling Kate. "Told you he liked his ass played with," then out of the blue she said. "Hi Troy enjoy the show, I think Kate would like some more practice, be a dear will you."

I turned my head and saw Troy standing in the doorway totally naked and wanking his 10" cock, he walked over to the table so I could watch as my sexy wife eagerly knelt in front of him, she grabbed his cock and started to wank him as she began to lick his large balls just as she had done to me, Troy telling her. "That's it slut, lick my balls."

Sybil had stopped stroking my ass and walked over to the sofa, then from a bag took out a leather harness, then I noticed the 8" dildo attached to the harness, it was a strap on, standing behind me she started to put it on telling me. "Don't worry Tony, I'll be gentle with you, you'll love it." I started to let these words sink in, then she said. "Troy loves me fucking his ass," my cock started to get hard again as she told me this.

I couldn't believe it, Sybil wanted to fuck me in the ass, I was unsure about this but my legs were still tied to the table so I couldn't move, then I felt the oil start to run down between my ass cheeks, Sybil's fingers started to work the oil into my loose ass, first one then two as she lubed me up I started to moan again, my cock getting harder as she worked her fingers into me.

Kate had stopped licking Troy's balls and smiled as she looked at me, I realized I had been set up by Kate and Sybil, but seeing her kneeling in front of Troy acting like a slut was what I'd wanted all along, so I couldn't complain, she then pulled Troy's cock into her mouth and swallowing about 6" into her throat, he just grunted as his cock entered her mouth.

Sybil had removed her fingers from my ass, then she started to rub the hard dildo between my oiled cheeks, till it found my ass, the dildo was well lubricated so after a little push the head popped easily passed my ass ring, I just grunted as the dildo entered me, my stretched ass pulsing around it.

Sybil didn't move but with her nails lightly scratched my back and ass cheeks, this helped to relax me and slowly I started to get used to my ass being stretched, then she started to slowly push more into me an inch at a time so to allow me time to relax, I grunted each time till it was all the way in, she then leant forward and grabbing hold of my rock hard cock with her oiled hand, slowly start to wank me, I stopped grunting and started to moan.

Then she started to fuck me, I just moaned as the sensation of my ass being fucked and her hand wanking my hard cock. "Told you would like it, you kinky boy." As my ass started to relax more, I just moaned and wriggled my ass against her, after that she started to fuck me harder with long strokes, I returned to grunting each time she bottomed out.

Watching Kate I could see she was struggling with Troy's 10" cock, she was gagging and her eyes were streaming as she struggled to take all of his cock into her mouth, but there was still another 2" to go, Troy then stopped forcing his cock into her mouth, pulled it out telling her. "On the table slut."

Kate stood up and Troy pushed her towards the table, she laid back whilst he now stood between her open legs, her body was now in front of me as I faced her, Troy grabbed the oil and started to lube his cock with one hand and worked oil into Kate's pussy with his other, rubbing his oiled fingers along her pussy lips till they easily parted.

Kate was moaning as Troy rubbed her pussy, but he started to tease her with his fingers, she started beg him. "Please Troy fuck me, I want it now, please."

Looking at me he asked Kate. "Tell me what you want slut?"

"Please Troy, fuck me with your big cock." He just smiled at me then started to feed his 10" cock into my slut wife, she moaned as he started to enter her.

I groaned as I watched my wife act like real slut. Sybil started to pound hard into my ass, wanking me faster with her oiled hand, I didn't last long and started to come, with a loud roar I spunked into Sybil's hand, she had one final push into me as she continued to slowly wank my cock, still deep in my ass she just laid herself on my back as we both tried to get our breath back, I could feel Sybil's warm body resting against me as she kissed the back of my neck.

Troy had watched his wife fuck me then turned his attention back to Kate, lifting her stockinged legs on to his shoulders, he then grabs hold of her tits and starts to fuck Kate with deep strokes, almost pulling out then plunging back in, Kate grunted each time Troy's 10" was plunged back, her pussy started farting noises as he forced air in and out of her cunt.

It didn't take long for her first orgasm, she started to scream. "Oh yesssss, fuck meeeeeeee," as she came her body started to shake, as soon as that one finished the next didn't take long to start, Troy increased his pace and started to pound into Kate, her head started to shake as she started to have a multiple orgasm, her pussy squirted, coating Troy's cock and balls then dripping down his legs. "Oh you fucking slut!"

I know how this feels, it's like your cock and balls being coated by a warm liquid, it's fantastic when it happens, so when Troy gets squirted I wasn't surprised when he started to come, he plunged his cock deep as he can into Kate and I watch as his ass twitches as he unloads himself into her roaring. "Ahhhhhhhhh."

As both of them start to recover, Sybil pulls herself out of my ass, then unties both my legs, as I stiffly stand up I watch as Sybil lays back down on the settee, legs apart she looks as if she's got a large cock dangling between them, so I kneel in front of her and start to undo the straps holding the strap on in place. Once I've removed the dildo I can see her bright pink pussy against her dark skin, her pussy is leaking juices which start to trickle towards her ass.

Holding her legs apart I lean closer to her pussy, I smell her sweet aroma as I begin to lick her open pussy, lapping up her leaking juices as I work my way down to her ass, my tongue starts to probe her anus, she moans as I do this, more juices leak from her pussy which helps me lube her ass. I push in my tongue harder, moaning Sybil tells me. "Mmmmm yes, don't stop, you kinky boy," her ass ring starts to open as I force my tongue deeper.

Sybil reaches for her vibrator, turning it on and starts to work it along her pussy lips, as she stimulates her pussy and clit I can feel her ring pulse around my tongue, more juices leak and my tongue pushes deeper, my cock is hardening as I probe her ass.

I take my tongue out her ass, Sybil moaning in disappointment, I go and get the oil from the table, as I stand in front of her I work the oil into my hard cock, Sybil has her eyes shut now as she starts to push that black monster back into her open pussy, I'm amazed as her pussy lips stretch wide around the fat vibrator, moaning as she works it into herself until just the end of it is showing from her cunt.

I kneel back down between Sybil's wide open legs, pulling her legs onto my shoulders, I start push my oiled cock into Sybil's ass, it slips easily in due to all the lubrication. I can feel the vibrator in her cunt, as I bottom out my stomach comes into contact with the end of the vibrator and pushes it even deeper into Sybil's stretched pussy.

Sybil starts moaning telling me. "Oh yes Tony, fuck my ass," I don't need to be told twice and I start to slowly fuck her sloppy ass, as I pull my cock out the vibrator slides out of her cunt at the same time, I force the vibrator back into her cunt as I plunge my cock back into her ass, in a way she's now being double fucked by me and the vibrator.

I can see her erect nipples through the rubber dress I want to play with them, so I pull the zip down, exposing her large breasts, holding them in my hands I squeeze then start to pinch her nipples, Sybil likes this. "That's it play with my nipples," I start to roll them between my fingers and pulling them. "Mmmmmm that's it Tony, harder."

I pull harder lifting her breasts as I continue to fuck her, she moves her hand and starts to rub her clit fast, she didn't take long for her first orgasm begin. I pinch her nipples harder, she seems to like this and moans. "Ahhhhhhhhh," as she comes again.

Now I picked up my pace and started to pound into Sybil hard, her grunts get louder shouting "Yes, yes, yes", each time I pounded into her.

With the fucking she was getting from my cock and the vibrator and my treatment with her nipples, it took her over the edge and she just screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh," her pussy just explodes, juices squirting everywhere from her stretched pussy, it coats my stomach then it started to drip down to my cock and balls as I'm still fucking her.

I love getting my balls coated with warm pussy juice and this sets my own orgasm off, plunging as deep as I can go, I empty my spunk deep into Sybil's ass letting out my own roar. "Oh yessssssss," as we share our orgasms at the same time.

My ass jerking trying to empty more into her, she takes her legs off my shoulders and wraps them round my waist holding me deep into her so I can't move, as we start to calm down from our climax I lean forward and kiss and lick her nipples, my cock twitches as I'm stimulated by the vibrator in her cunt.

Finally my cock shrinks and slips out of her ass and she releases her legs round my waist, as I pull away I watch as that 12" of vibrating cock slide out of her pussy, I quickly catch it and turn it off, her pussy and ass are still wide open leaking juices and white spunk, I lean forward and start to lick the escaping fluids till she stops me. "God I needed that, but time to get cleaned up, will you join me with a shower?"

"Yes," was my answer, I looked over to see Troy and Kate sat in one of the armchairs watching us, he sat in the chair whilst Kate was sat across his lap, Troy had his hand between Kate's legs, playing with her pussy, as we left the room Kate's attention went back to Troy and she started to kiss him.

Sybil stripped out of her nurses uniform and took off her stockings then joined me in the shower, we washed each other, I especially enjoyed it when she soaped my balls and cock, then when cleaning my ass pushed a finger in. "Better make sure your nice and clean," as she wriggled her finger. When she pulled her finger out I started to wash her, I returned the favor by using my soapy fingers in her pussy and ass, then making sure her large breasts where thoroughly cleaned.

Once we finished in the shower we then dried each other before coming back down stairs, when we entered the room Kate was being pushed face first against the wall whilst Troy was fucking her from behind, as I watch this my cock started to harden again, Sybil noticed and helped by gently stroking my hardening cock, Troy had seen us now and with his cock still in Kate, pulled her away from the wall so she was now facing me.

She looked at me and then to my hard cock, opening her legs further she slowly lifted the front of her petticoats exposing her bald pussy to me, I could see a mixture of spunk and juices trickling down her legs. "Want sloppy seconds Tony?" was Kate's question, I was surprised to see Kate's pussy empty. I thought Troy was fucking her cunt but instead was stuffed up her arse.

"Too fucking right,", as I quickly got between her open legs, I ran my cock between her wet pussy lips, coating my cock then pushed hard into her, she grunted as my pelvic bone banged against her clit, I almost lifted her off the floor as I drove into her, I could feel Troy's cock in her ass as I held myself still in her pussy.

Then Troy started to fuck Kate's ass, she just moans holding me tight, this was now a double pleasure for me, I can feel Troy's cock rubbing against my cock as Kate's cunt is throbbing, her juices were also trickling down my cock and balls, next thing Kate reaches around to my ass and starts to push one of her fingers into me. "Fucking hell you little slut," I told her as she took me unawares.

I was starting to enjoy my ass being played with, as Kate's panting got quicker, next thing I know she pushes her finger as far as she can into my ass as she starts her orgasm, moaning loudly. "Oh god yessssss," hearing this Troy starts to pound quicker into Kate, this extra stimulation on my cock sends me into my own climax and I start to empty myself into Kate's cunt letting out a roar as I quickly come. "Ahhhhhhhhhh."

My cock soon wilts and I pull away from Kate, I can see more spunk and juices trickling down her legs, then Troy with his cock is still in her, pushes her towards the table so she is now bent face down, griping her hips he starts to fuck Kate again with long powerful strokes, Kate just grunts as the air is forced out of her body, I can see Kate's hand go between her legs and start to rub her clit.

Sybil kneels in front of me and starts to clean my cock as I watch Kate and Troy fucking, Kate is shouting at Troy. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee," repeatedly as her orgasm starts.

This must have triggered Troy. "Take this you fucking slut," then slams his cock hard into her ass, she just screams as he starts to empty himself into her, his hands holding her hips tight so she can't move as he finishes filling her ass, I can just see Kate's hand start to massage Troy's balls as he continues to empty himself into her.

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