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My Fantasy (Lesbian)


Hey everyone this is my first story and I want to see what You think... These are some real life feelings and fantasies that I have so obviously the protagonist in this story is me. Please leave me feedback... I will continue this story if you want.

Authors Note:

In this story all of the characters are over the age of 18



I love dick, I know that even though I'm a virgin. When I watch porns I always look for the "creampie" section. My favorite camera angle is when The camera is between the mans legs watching his dick go in and out of her wet pussy. The sound of her high pitched feminine moans and is guttural animal noises makes me want to put my hands down my pants and feel how wet I am. I've been told that I have long fingers made for playing piano, but instead of playing Beethoven, I just play with myself. I love feeling how hot and wet my pussy really is.

Unlike most girls my age I don't completely shave my pussy I leave a little tuft of hair on the top above my clit that I like to tug on and rub when I'm masturbating that usually sends me over the edge... as I am typing this my heart is pounding faster and I can feel juices forming in my cunt, I am turning myself on. My chocolate nipples are pebbling behind the bra that I am wearing (I wear C cup in case anyone was wondering). I want to touch myself so badly, my pussy is contracting, waiting to hug any dick that comes into me but I can't touch myself because I need both hands to type this story. The quicker I write this story, the sooner I can go and touch myself.... But I'm sorry back to creampies...

I love when the angle of the camera is between the guys legs watching and hearing his balls slap against the woman's pussy as if it were a drum, a tribal band playing. The rhythm and the methodic slap of their sex are absolutely hypnotizing. I watch and I wait for one thing... I wait for him to cum. I love seeing his balls draw up, his veins bulging out pushing his wet sticky semen into her, dumping all of his man-honey into her milking vagina. It makes me hot. And as much as I like watching dick... throughout my day I usually fantasize about women.

I don't consider myself a lesbian, but I do consider myself horny 100% of the time. One of my biggest fantasies is when I am sitting on the train this girl would walk onto the train, and since the train is crowded she has no choice but to stand in front of me. She's a brunette and her hair is short but pulled into two pigtails. She is wearing short green cargo shorts, has a white thin spaghetti strap on, and her slight 5'5" frame is lightly glistening from the humidity, and the close proximity of hers and others on the train.

The girl is standing in front of me her pussy inches away from my face... I can feel the heat of it touching my face like a lovers caress... I wanted it, I needed it. My own pussy was gathering moisture between my legs.

I subtly inhale through my nose trying to get a scent of her. I look up past the front of her cargo shorts, up her flat stomach (where I see a hint of pelvic bone showing through), up past her B cup boobs and I find myself staring into light brown eyes, and when our eyes made contact she quickly looks away. Just when she looks away the train jolts and her cargo clad pussy bumps into my face, no need to try and get a smell of her anymore...

I smell her wholeheartedly now... and it smells heavenly. As she quickly got off me she whispers out her apology in a rush and I could see her skin begin to body flush most likely due to embarrassment. I want her to flush of a different kind.

I glance up and she wasn't looking at me, so I take my hand and gently on her leg. I slowly rub her leg up and down which is easy to do because the humidity and the embarrassment of her bumping into me made her skin extra slippery. I rub up to her thigh I glace at her and she still isn't looking at me... but I see her biting her lip and I continue rubbing up creamy white thigh my long fingers are now beneath her cargo shorts I am still looking at her, and she is still turned away not meeting my eyes.

I glace to the man sitting next to me reading his newspaper, and trying not to watch what was unfolding out in front of him. I glance down at his lap and see that he has a boner that is straining his dress pants.

My fingers slide up her thigh until I feel the end of her panties. My finger hooks into the leg elastic of her panties letting and then quickly I release it hearing the snap of it hitting back on her thigh. I hear a slight gasp. I glance up, she still is not facing me her head is still turned to the side... but she is no longer biting her lip, she now has her cupid shaped mouth open in a small "o" shape.

I take my other hand and put it on her other thigh. I caress her until both my left hand is in her shorts, and my right hand is in the other leg of the shorts. My hand wraps around grabs her panty clad butt and pushes her pussy toward my face. I hold her there for a few seconds my face in her cargo shorts and my hands on her ass. I hear a groan. I push her away a little and I look up she is looking at me, her eyes are already dilated. And this gives me the go ahead....


TO BE CONTINUED... (maybe if people like it)

Authors note: I am not good at writing, I am not a writer at all... but sometimes I think of naughty images or erotic situations triggered by something that happened to me that day... I can't tell people about it... so I want to tell you people here.

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