tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 04

My Father-In-Law's New Bride Ch. 04


I lay on the seat of the car with Toms dry cum covering my face and Steve's leaking from my anal opening, I could see that it was almost daylight and the two of them stood smoking outside. I pulled my panties back over my cock and adjusted my dress as I turned the handle of the door and exited the car. I was unsteady on my feet as my body ached from the pounding it had just taken. Both men smiled at me as I reached for a cigarette and joined them. Steve made small talk telling Tom that my performance was great and that he considered it a pleasure to help me with my training. He also told him that at any time if things never worked out with Tom that he would be more than happy to take his place and that I would be a more than suitable play thing for him. Tom let Steve know that he also was more than happy with me and there was no way that I would be let go. They put out their cigarettes and Steve left. I joined Tom in the car and we headed for home. I tried to clean myself up as best I could and I re-applied some make up so at least look presentable should anyone see us on our trip home. As Tom turned into the driveway of the house I noticed the light on in the lounge and I didn't remember leaving it on. Tom turned the engine off and we exited the car and headed inside, the key turned in the lock and I let the two of us in asking Tom to pour us a drink while I went upstairs to shower and change, however I wouldn't get the opportunity to do so.

As I walked past the lounge I heard a voice call out.

"Honey is that you?"

That voice was unmistakable. It was Donna and she was now standing at the door.



She stood looking at the two of us, her eyes wide and bewildered.

She again focused on my face and her eyes searched my body.

"Christopher," she again asked.

"It's Christine," Tom told her.

"Oh my god."

"Christopher," she again stammered.

My mind searched for something to say but I couldn't get the words out.

"Oh daddy what have you done?"

"Relax baby," Tom told her.

"It's simple."

"Christopher here likes being a woman and I'm helping him to make the adjustment to being one."

"He is doing real good and in time will make a perfect plaything for the both of us."

Tom walked to his daughter and took her in his arms. His mouth pressed against her lips as his tongue explored her mouth. Donna didn't resist; in fact she returned his kiss as the two of them were locked together. After several minutes they broke their embrace and Donna again focused her attention toward me.

"So daddy is she as good as the last one?" Donna asked her father.

"Yes baby she is."

"Soon she will suck cock as good as you."

Donna smiled at her father.

"That good," she laughed.

My mind was again numb as I soon realised that the two of them were more than father and daughter. This couldn't be. There is no way that they could possibly; I again searched for answers.

"Yes Christopher," smiled Tom.

"Donna and I have been lovers for some time until you came a long."

"When I caught you dressed in her things it gave me a perfect out."

"A chance to get rid of you."

"But you were too good to pass up."

"And now you will part of our little love nest."

Donna smiled at me as she acknowledged her father's words. I had been fooled and I was now part of the family deceit and a part of Toms' sick world and there was nothing I could do about it.

"Tom looked at Donna."

"Honey why don't you take Christine upstairs and let her shower and change," he smiled.

"And when she is ready you can also change and assist me in her training."

"Yes daddy," came Donna's reply.

Donna took my hand and led me upstairs to our room. She helped remove my things and then took me to the shower; she washed me, as I stood bewildered as I tried to struggle with my new surroundings. Donna dried my body and then applied my makeup. She dressed me in a white lace bra and panties with white suspenders and stockings. She placed a pair of white heels on my feet and then applied my makeup and my new red long wig. A final touch of red lipstick and lip-gloss and I was now ready. Donna instructed me to go down stairs and join Tom, where she would soon join the both of us. I was still numb as I made my way down the stairs to the lounge joining Tom. He handed me a glass of champagne and we waited for Donna to arrive. Tom stood dressed only in his robe as he had showered in the guestroom and was now ready to have some fun. I could hear the shower upstairs telling me Donna was getting herself ready. Almost 20 minutes passed before she made her way down the stairs.

She was now completely transformed into a Dominatrix with her black patient leather, thigh high boots and black leather corset. Her hair was jelled and pulled back tight and her makeup was heavy and sluttish. She carried a riding crop in one hand and she wore now panties with her outfit. Her pussy had been shaved smooth and the corset made her breasts push up and exposed her nipples. I could feel my cock begin to harden as she walked to where we both stood. Her hand reached out and with the riding crop she pushed the robe from her father's shoulders. It fell to the floor leaving Tom naked in front of her. There was a leather strap around his testicles, which applied pressure to them, forcing the blood into his cock, which was now rock hard. She ran the crop along the length of his cockshaft, and then moved it to her red painted lips. Donna used the crop to motion him to his knees in front of her as his eyes now gazed into her eyes for she was now in control.

"So my little slave you have been using Christine for your own pleasure," she hissed.

Tom lowered his eyes from hers.

"Yes Mistress Donna," he stammered.

"And does she sock your cock real good?"

"Yes Mistress," he replied.

"Well I guess that you enjoyed it?"

"Yes mistress."

"And did you fuck her cute little man pussy?"

"Yes mistress I did."

"And was it good?"

"Yes mistress it was."

"Well you know what you have to do now don't you?"

"Yes mistress."

Donna sat on the large leather chair and opened her legs both high and wide. Her cleanly shaven pussy was now fully exposed and I could see the pinkness of the inside her cunt as she inserted her fingers, parting her pussy lips. Tom knelt before her and moved his face closer to Mistress Donna's crutch, where his tongue began to lick her slit. He would start from the bottom and work his way up to the top of her stomach. The slurping sounds told me that Donna was already wet as she watched her father service her Vagina. His hands gripped her thighs as he pushed his face into her mound. He was working hard to please her and I remembered how much Donna liked to be licked and sucked. He would move to the opening of her anal hole and endeavoured to push his tongue inside her anus, as he started rimming her and she liked what his tongue was doing. Her eyes were firmly fixed on me as I stood and watched Tom at work. His cock twitched as it jutted from below his stomach and the precum seeped from the end of it. Donna's eyes were now closed and when she did open them there was that glazed look which told me that she was being turned on as her father as he licked and sucked her clit, making it nice and hard.

"Finger me," she hissed.

Tom moved his finger to her clit where he began to push it against the spot, where he began roll it in a circular motion. Donna was wet and her pussy glistened as her juices flowed. Tome soon had one, then two fingers inside his daughter and he was using them to finger fuck his baby girl.

"Oh yes daddy."

"That feels so fucking good," she mouthed.

I had never heard her use that sort of language, then there was a lot I never knew about her as until now.

"Finger my cunt you dirty little slave," she again ordered him.

Tom worked feverously to please his mistress and it was working as Donna's head fell back and she again closed her eyes. My cock wanted to explode as I now found my hand inside my panties as I stroked it. My eyes closed as I began to work on getting myself off at the sight before me when I felt the sting of the riding crop across my cock.

"Not yet bitch," Donna hissed.

"I'll tell you when you can do that."


"Yes Mistress," I replied.

She continued to let Tom play with her until she decided that I needed to be satisfied.

"Enough," she told her father as she pushed him away.

"Now daddy."

"Sit on the chair and I want to watch Christine suck your cock."

Tom made his way to the chair as Donna moved to me.

"Now my pretty little bitch."

"Let's see how much you have learnt?"

"But first take of your panties."

I did as Mistress Donna commanded and stepped out of them dropping the lace material to the floor. I moved to where Tom sat and positioned myself between his legs, where his cock was soon in my mouth and I was again sucking and licking it. As I did so Donna took the opportunity to leave the room and when she did return she now wore a black strap on dildo which was attached to the corset she was wearing. As she made her way across the room it swung from side to side and it was bigger and thicker than any cock I had ever seen before.

Donna watched me at work as soon she joined us as she manoeuvred herself behind me, then pushing the cheeks of my arse apart. She took the strap on in here hand and steered the head of it toward my anal opening. I felt myself buck slightly as she pressed it against the opening and started to push it into me. I struggled to keep my mouth on Toms cock as I continued sucking as well as receiving the black monster inside my anal tunnel. Donna had lubricated it to a small degree and her face contorted as she struggled to get it past my sphincter and into my shit tube. It took a few minutes until I was finally impaled on this black monster cock and it was feeling a little more comfortable as I continued to stimulate Toms cock.

Donna was now beginning to fuck me as my arse muscles started to relax, which inturn made it a little easier.

"Do you like that Christine," she asked.

"Yes Mistress Donna I do."

"Your arse is still very tight even though you have had a lot of cock."

"Yes Mistress."

Tom's cock was beginning to swell as he was enjoying my mouth on it. He pushed me away from it and stood up. I moved my arms forward to the chair and braced myself as Donna continued to pound my man pussy with the black cock monster. Tom moved behind his daughter and grabbing his cock in his hand, steered it toward Donna's wanton pussy. She was well lubricated and his entry was made easy as he was now pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. I felt the strap on push even deeper inside me as Tom pushed hard into Donna. She was beginning to moan out loud as he fucked her from behind.

"Oh yes daddy fuck your Mistress real hard," she told him.

"Stick your cock in my hot cunt," she cooed.

My own cock was becoming so hard and there was a small amount of precum, which dribbled from the head. Donna reached under me and took my cock in her hand. She began to stroke it in time with her thrusts into me and Tom's thrusts into her. I wanted to cum and I think Donna was going to let me. She worked on it and in time I would shoot my load. Tom quickened his pace and I knew that he would cum in his daughter's pussy. He had done so many times before and I knew that I had ridden Donna after him on some of those accessions.

I pushed back against my attacker as the black thing pressed against my prostate. It had turned me on and I knew that I would cum like never before. With on last stroke my cock began to spit its load forth, splashing over Donna's hand, together with the carpet and chair. It was true that I had never climaxed like this before and the wads of cum continued for so long. Finally the pleasure subsided and I knelt there waiting for Tom to finish. I heard him finally scream as he thrust his seed into Donna until there was nothing left to give her.

That was my introduction and I was now part of their play. Tom enjoyed using me and Donna also enjoyed the opportunity to take me shopping and buy me beautiful things. Our wedding night was great and weeks later I too became a bride for Tom. He was now my play time husband and I his new wife.

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by lingerie6504/27/18

Welcome to the Family Affair

I enjoyed it it was a very good read, yes it did turn me on quite a bit. The missing was the pleasure not only being enjoyed but enjoying yourself as well from beginning to end

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