tagIncest/TabooMy Father My Slave Ch. 02

My Father My Slave Ch. 02



If erotic material with sexual content is illegal to read in your country at your age, then please obey your laws, and do not carry on reading.

If explicit writing of sex scenes offends you or upsets you in anyway please do not carry on reading.

All of my stories are fiction, some are based on real-life or experiences, some are pure fantasy, perhaps secret desires, dreams, or wishes of my desires, none are intended nor designed to belittle abuse or degenerate or disrespect anyone, any group, or race of people.

I mean no one any harm or upset, I simply try to excite and arouse sexual feelings in a good way, many of us have secret desires or fantasies, sometimes through writing those can be realised and no harm comes to anyone.

I hope you enjoy my story AlleyKat


It would seem this story is incredibly popular, I had intended leaving it where it was, but then continuing with the grandfather.

But I will continue this story in sections; this part is more of my father.

I will get the grandfather, but for now, enjoy part 2 of this story.

For those who have not read the original, "My father my slave". I can only suggest you do. ........... I awoke sometime later, I stretched lazily, and realised I was on the front room sofa, and figured my friend had had My slave Father carry me there, after that fantastic orgasm.

I opened my eyes fully as my friend said, "about time you woke up ".

I sat up still naked, seeing my father on the floor on his back, my friend sitting on his face, looking very comfortable leaning back against an armchair, her feet were crossed on my father's stomach, she'd to was still naked, she had laid the magazine down as she spoke.

She giggled and blushed, as she farted, and looked at me saying, "I keep doing that today, must have eaten something that doesn't agree with me ".

Hearing the noise I looked over giggling also, and replied, "well, no matter, as long as he is only breathing through his nose ".

She giggled even more, "oh yes, I often make him breathe in deeply and hold his breath ".

We both laughed, and as she laughed she farted once more.

I saw my father's chest rise as he breathed in deeply; I smiled, as I stood up, and move forward between my father's open legs, his balls looked rather red, I said to my friend.

"Have you been kicking his balls? ".

She replied happily, "oh yes, I even had him kneeling on all fours so I could really give him a good kick, he threw up five times, but it was great fun, but my foot hurts, so I stopped ".

I laughed, reached out with my toes, flicking my daddy’s balls, seeing him flinch, I said.

"No point in hurting yourself, you should have him stand, and use your knee ".

She looked up at me brightly, and said, "heck, I didn't think of that, shall we do it now and take turns eachs again? ".

I said, "maybe later, right now while you're having fun I want to work more on stretching his balls ".

She blushed, and farted rather noisily, we both broke into peals of laughter, she waved a hand in front of her face, and then said, "Phew, that one really stinks, ".

I caught a whiff wrinkling my nose, then said, "daddy, take a really good deep smell, fill your lungs, then hold it inside ".

My father's chest seemed to expand a great deal I could hear him sniffing in the smell, I giggled as I held my nose, my friend burst into laughter.

I asked, "how long have you been sitting there?".

She looked at the clock then answered "I'm not sure, a couple of hours I suppose ".

I laughed, then said, "and farting all the time? ".

She blushed, and said, "NO of course not, only about the last 3/4 ".

I giggled I knew how much by friends asshole expanded, I asked, "is his nose buried in your ass? ".

She laughed, then replied, "but of course, I wanted him to get the full benefit ".

I told my father that he may breath out nice and slowly through his mouth, that way getting the full benefit of the taste as well as smell. And smiled happily as I watched him comply, his cock looked beautiful standing tall and proud, I walked over to the table, picking out the ball distender, plus some thin rope, any expandable spreader bar. I squatted down at my father's feet, my friend watching me, as I attached my father's ankles to the bar. I then sat down with my feet on my father's ankles forcing his legs apart, at the same time expanding the spreader bar, I could see the muscles in my father's groin straining. I strained a bit more and at last got the spreader bar to maximum, my father's legs trembling under the strain.

My friend said, "wow, I didn't think his legs would open that far ".

I smiled at her, then replied, "soon I will have him doing the splits, he will be doing many things, that perhaps now he cannot ".

I moved between his legs and kicked his balls not too hard, but fairly hard. I turned around and sank down, my back to my friend, slowly sinking on my father's cock as it entered my pussy, a happy smile on my face wondering at my father's emotions of pain and pleasure, wondering which one would take precedence over the other. I sank all the way down and sat on his belly, I just sat there for several minutes, giggling as I heard my friend fart once more, thinking my father would never be the same again. Then laughed, then thinking, well of course he wont, he is mine now, my pet, my toy, to use as I see fit. Then suddenly thinking of my male gay friends giggling out loud as I sat there, having used my mind's eye seeing my father surrounded by gay men using him as they see fit. I made a mental note to see about that, I would like to see my father kissing other men and having sex, sucking them, and takeing it up the his ass, it should be fun I thought, knowing his thoughts on homosexuality.

My pussy muscles slowly working his cock, as I grew excited at the thought, of having my father gang raped.

My friend quickly jumped up, getting dressed in a hurry, as she said, "I'm late, I should have been gone 30 minutes ago ".

Before putting her knickers on she quickly straddled my father's face I was pleased to see him openening his mouth wide, thinking good, he is learning fast. I had stood up as my friend spoke, I watched smiling as she peed into his mouth proudly watching as he swallowed everything. She reached down and spread her ass cheeks lowering herself to his nose, letting rip once more telling him to sniff deeply I just laughed, she quickly finished dressing, we kissed tenderly her fingers playing with my pussy.

She said rushing off, "I'll be back in a day or two ", then waved, then the front door slammed as she rushed off, only living two streets away.

My father laid their, I told him he could carry on breathing, propped his head up on 2 pillows, then stepped between his legs, watching his eyes as my foot toyed with his balls, I said.

"Daddy your balls look kind of sore, did you enjoy, my friend giving them a good kicking? ".

He looked at me I could see the stress in his eyes, but he replied, "my mistress, I am but a slave, if it gives you or your friend pleasure, then, who am I to deny you? ".

I giggled as I looked down at him, watching him clench, and flinch as I was slowly swinging my foot tapping his balls every time, sometimes gently sometimes a bit harder, his cock was still standing proud, and said thoughtfully.

"I really do want to stretch your balls, and skin is extremely stretchable, if given time to adjust, so I guess really, I can stretch them as long as I wish, can't I? ".

It seemed having things done to his balls excited him greatly, his cock was rigid, and he replied,

"My beautiful mistress, if you desire my balls stretched, however long you wish them, who am I to deny your desire? ".

I laughed happily, then said, "it could give me great pleasure if it was possible, for your balls to be stretched enough, your asshole made to expand enough, so that I could twist your balls making them nice and tight, and inserting them up your asshole ", then burst into peals of giggles at the idea, and his face.

I squatted down between his legs, attaching the ball disstender, then clipping the thin ropes to both rings running the ropes down, around the spreader bar, and backup and laying them beside my father. I knew the way his legs were, being spread farther than ever before; he could not bend his knees. I got the remote control for the TV, happily settled down sitting on my father's face, making sure his nose was pressed to my asshole, his mouth pressed tight to my pussy having him gently lick my slit breathing through his nose. I giggled wondering if I could fart I tried for a few minutes and realised by bearing down hard my father's nose had actually entered my ass, I thought perhaps that was better than farting now he could really smell my ass.

I turned on the TV, happy to see the film had just started, I settled back to watch the 1 hour 40 minutes film, I picked up the two ends of the rope, crossing my ankles on my father's belly. I wrapped the rope around each hand several times, to adjust it. I leaned forward a little bit, taking up more slack, then leaned back seeing the rope go tight, hearing my father's gasp, then groan deeply, my arms were outstretched, my back leaned very gently against the armchair, meaning my father's balls had most of my upper bodyweight on them.

I settled back to watch the film, from time to time my father whimpered, but still carried on gently pleasuring my pussy. After about 1/2 without any warning I peed into his mouth, giggling as I thought of him drinking, my arms were not quite straight now, I pulled my elbows further back. Hearing a kind of a gurgle, as my father groaned with a mouthful of my pee, it sounded so funny, I pulled even harder, laughing as he gurgled again. Thinking his balls must be really sore, and reminded myself to remember to give him some really good kicks, before tying his balls really tight to the spreader bar for the night. I wanted his balls stretched quickly, I intended to have them stretched at least two inches as soon as possible, ideally I was thinking perhaps 4 or maybe 5 inches eventually. I liked the idea me laying on a rug holding his balls and making him pull me around, like my special pony.

I could feel my father sweating, I could trace patterns in his belly with my toe, I enjoyed the smell of his sweat, knowing I was the cause. I wriggled happily on his face, pulling harder on his balls, he cried out against my pussy, I got the rope between my toes and spread my feet tightening the rope even more, he yelled and was begging me to stop,

I said, sternly, "who are you, to ask me to stop? ".

I felt delicious excitement, and he replied, "forgive me my mistress, I was wrong ".

I felt the deep vibration in his chest, as I leaned forward took another wrap around my hand, and leaned back hard, and holding, and holding as he whimpered against my pussy. I held him that way for the last 15 minutes of my film, only releasing him as the last credits disappeared, I got from his face, quickly bend down at the spreader bar pulling the rope tight as I could, and tying them. I then tied another rope at the centre of each rope as it came down, then tied those to each leg giving a greater tension on his balls, smiling as they were stretched. His balls looking red and swollen his cock was still hard, I slipped a cord, through his cock ring and tied it, and fixed the other end to his collar keeping it fairly tight, I smiled down at him, then said.

"Daddy, I'm going to have a long bath, I may come down again or I may go to bed, but you look comfortable for the night, I expect you needed to pee, but it will have to wait, oh by the way your cock, if it goes limp I expect it would get stretched ".

I giggled happily at his expression, turned out the light, and went upstairs, to have a very long and very luxurious bubble bath, leaving my father to concentrate on his balls and cock, and to enjoy the taste of his mouth and no doubt the smell in his nostrils. I settle happily in the bath thinking what a beautiful day it had been, and how far my father had come from this morning, I shivered with excitement thinking of the days and years ahead.

Sometime later I came downstairs, I was hungry, I had been asleep for sometime, I could hear my father groaning in the front room. I slipped into the kitchen and got a large bowl of cereals with warm milk, I turned the light on and entered the front room, crossed to my father, smiled down at him seeing him awake, I sat cross-legged on his chest, happily munching on my cereals.

I said between mouthfuls, "have you been thinking of me daddy?".

I giggled happily, as he rolled his eyes, and replied, "how could I possibly think of anything else ".

I laid full length on top of him, getting the ropes from his balls between my toes, wriggling my feet around knowing it was pulling, also knowing with me on top of him his cock was being pulled also, I smiled sweetly, then said.

"I hope my daddy is very happy to see his daughter, would daddy like to fuck his daughter? ".

I saw the eagerness in his eyes, I grinned happily, then said, "open your mouth daddy, I will feed you ".

I took a mouthful of cereals and happily munched, but instead of swallowing, I pressed my mouth to my father's and fed him. I enjoyed the shock in his eyes, but felt excitement as he swallowed then opened his mouth for more, I happily obliged, telling him from now on, I will feed him in this way, from time to time. I was wriggling my hips, rubbing my pussy on his cock, I enjoyed the sensation of his need, I fed him some more cereals, then asked him sweetly.

"Daddy, are you thirsty? ".

He looked at me licking his lips, then said somewhat warily, "yes my mistress ".

I giggled, crossing my arms on his chest, rubbing my pussy on his cock, as I watched him, my chin resting on my hands, then asked.

"What would you like to drink? ".

He looked at me, then smiled, and said, "coffee would be fantastic, but would settle for water ".

I giggled, then said, "water from the tap, or special water from your daughter ".

My pussy juices were coating his cock, I was grinding my hips hard onto him, my feet playing with the ropes on his balls, I pressed down with my feet, pushing my body upwards, letting his balls take the strain, I quickly kissed his mouth, thrilling at the groaning I was causing.

Between gasps, he grunted, "I know it will please my mistress, if I asked for her special water ".

I pressed down with my feet again, and kissed him deeply, holding the position enjoying the mixed tastes from my father's mouth, loving the vibration as he groaned into my mouth. I eventually relaxed, rubbing my pussy on his cock again, my chin resting on my hands, lifting my feet and bouncing them on the ropes, watching his face each time they hit, sometimes softly sometimes hard.

I answered my head on one side, "are you saying you want me to pee in your mouth daddy? ".

He kept closing his eyes as my feet hit, sometimes grunting loudly, sometimes just groaning, he said.

"Yes please, my mistress, my daughter, I would love it if you will always pee in my mouth ".

I pressed my feet on the ropes, levering myself forwards, looking down onto his face, enjoying his expression, at the extra tension on his balls, I replied.

"You wish me to always pee in your mouth from now on? ". I giggled, then continued, "sometimes it is very strong, particularly in the mornings, or ". I giggled happily, "during my cycle ".

His face was sweating, his chest was slippery, I could see he was in pain, I held my position, as I licked his lips, then his nose, then kissed his eyes, before settling back, rubbing my face on his chest, breathing in his smell, finding it exciting.

He finally said, "mistress, I am your slave, if it gives you pleasure in anyway, I will gladly drink your pee always from now on ".

I smiled happily, and simply said, "good, that does make me happy, and no longer have to feel guilty, worrying in case its too strong, as I now know, you want to drink it, I am sure when any of my friends come they will happily let you drink theirs also, I just know you will love that to".

I rose from his body making sure my feet were on the ropes as I stood, my feet on the floor the ropes beneath them, smiling seeing his balls being stretched, the sweat increased on his body, he cried out quite loudly. I stepped onto his groin first one foot then the other, I stepped onto his belly, going up on my toes, then dropping back to my heels, bouncing a little, I stood on one foot, pulling the string between his cock and collar with my toes. I then slowly walked up his body, I stood on his upper chest, smiling down at him seeing the great need in his eyes, I placed one foot on his face, then the other slowly turning around, then stood there feet together, my toes touching his lips his nose between my feet, feeling him breathing deeply through his nose, enjoying the fact he was smelling my feet.

I said happily, "from now on daddy, you will wash my feet with your tongue, keeping them fresh and clean. I know sometimes certain boots make them sweat and smell, but your tongue can make them fresh again, in fact I think I will have you offer to wash all of my friends feet when they arrive ".

I giggled, feeling excited, looking down at my father's body, his stretched balls, his tied cock his face under my feet as I stood on him. Knowing he waited patiently to drink my pee, today must be the best of all days, I will make sure my father will be very well used from now on. I stepped from his face, squatting down, laughing as my father opened his mouth wide, and very shortly I started to pee no longer worrying about stopping, leaving it up to him to keep up. After a while I lowered my pussy to his mouth pulling my ass cheeks apart, settling down on his face, enjoying the feel of his tongue at my pussy, I slipped my feet under the string, stretching the string, seeing his cock pulled. I giggled and picked up a cushion, to careful aim, and tossed it onto the ropes on his balls, enjoying his cry against my pussy.

I debated with myself, to leave him for the night, or take him to bed and make use of him, I wriggled on his face as his tongue explored, I really did want his balls stretched quickly as possible, but I suppose I could always retie him upstairs. I thought of the effect of when I had drank his pee of the massive orgasm I had. I had found that extremely exciting, even if very degrading and dirty. I still found it hard to believe I had done that, I looked down at his cock, his tongue was excitingly delicious.

I said, "daddy, do you need to pee? ". Already knowing he must be bursting.

Muffled he said, "yes my mistress, desperately ".

I said almost in a whisper. "I expect you would pee a great deal ".

He grunted, wriggling his hips, his tongue very deep in my tunnel as his mouth sucked at my juices, his voice vibratiing in my pussy, replied, "yes my mistress, your friend used me three times today after you allowed me to pee ".

I wriggled excitedly, and said, "so all you have drunk, is my friends pee, apart from mine just now? ".

He replied, "yes, my mistress ".

The thought excited me; I sat staring at his cock, looking at his belly, thinking of my friend’s pee inside, I wondered at my thoughts. I wondered if I dared, it would be, dirty, degrading, but I couldn't help the excitement. To be able to drink my friends pee from my father's body, seemed extremely delicious somehow, I licked my lips, staring fascinated, knowing great excitement was there waiting for my command, I shivered and hugged myself, I suddenly cum in my father's mouth, leaving me wondering,

Without thinking I reached down, then further down until I was laying on my father's body, I watched unbelieving as my hands undone the string at his cock ring. I licked my lips and took his cock into my mouth and clamping my lips around his shaft, rubbing my pussy in his mouth urgently, his tongue fucking my pussy, his mouth working to swallow my juices. Several times I almost gave the command, but each time held back, but still with his cock in my mouth, I shook with excitement, I wanted to do this, I had to do this, I wanted my friends pee more than anything right then, I tried again, but hesitated.

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