tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Favorite Beach

My Favorite Beach


Upon frequenting a nude beach in Long Island many times alone I asked my open-minded girl friend at the time if she wanted to accompany me. She said yes, which wasn't a surprise to me. In fact, she found it quite exciting. We enjoyed a great sexual relationship as my mistress. She was very open to try new things. Our attraction to each other was undeniably intense. She always was attracted to me and called me "unattainable", prior to our hooking up. I'm 11 years older than her and much more experienced. I wasn't really her type of man though. She preferred the big burly type. I'm tall, slim and lanky and have the body and complexion of the Mediterranean type. After all, I am Italian.

Whenever I drove, with her in the passenger seat, she would always occupy her hands between my legs. Lots of touching, teasing and playing. And she had an affinity fetish for fellatio while I was driving. I never got into an accident or even swerved. This happened on many occasion. She would then stop and after a while "our friend" was at ease. She noticed our flaccid friend and said to him "I've never seen you that small before". As she said that he awoke to attention. She was amazed how he practically had ears and responded so eagerly.

We got there, parked and walked a considerable distance to the nude section. When we got to the clearing, just after the dunes, we saw some naked bodies walking around. Mostly men and rather unattractive fat men at that. I peeked over to my girl to see her reaction. No big deal. OK. So we walked a few steps and found a comfortable spot to lay down our large, orange beach blanket. We really didn't say anything to each other. It wasn't a crowded spot, but it wasn't barren either. There was a spattering of people around. Men and women but no kids. When we first settled ourselves on the sand and placed the blanket down, we sat down together and faced the powerful Atlantic Ocean.

I took my shirt and shorts off and sat there naked. With my knees bent to my chest. I instantly got a hard-on. I turned to her and she had taken off her T-shirt and shorts and had on a cute little bikini underneath, which she didn't tell me about. She wasn't the type to wear a bikini. It was pretty with blue and yellow flowers. Being smokers at the time, we lit up. For some reason whenever you walk a little or exert some energy, you get the urge for a smoke. Still silent and after a few puffs, I turned to her, and to my wonderful surprise she had taken off her bikini without me seeing or noticing. Fucking awesome!

I gave her a big kiss of reassurance. Judging by the look on her face, she looked a little awkward but yet confident. We both sat next to each other naked under the hot sun. She sat with her knees closed and pressed against her chest as well. My hard-on grew harder. I complimented her about being so brave and bold to willingly and instantly take off her bikini on her own. She didn't even own a bikini. She had borrowed it from a friend.

Jane was 26, tall, and big boned with long, straight natural blonde hair. Very well proportioned and very pretty. I then stretched out my legs, it was too hot and sweaty keeping them together. And of course, I was still proudly erect. Was I shy or embarrassed by it? A little. But with Jane next to me, it made no difference. Once I stretched out and spread my legs a little, she did also.

There we were stretched out naked together. The hot summer sun kissing our naked bodies. A soft breeze blew by and gently quenched some of the heat off of our sweaty bodies. But it wasn't enough. We stood up, held hands and ran over the hot sand to the cold ocean water. The strong and overpowering waves hit our naked bodies hard. Usually, I walked in the water slowly and gently acclimated my body to the drastic temperature. But when you don't have a bathing suit on, there's nothing to stick to or restrict your movements.

Total freedom.

My tender and tight balls were dangling in the salty water and got very firm, very fast. Now I cannot swim and was always intimidated by the water, whether it be a pool or the ocean. On the other hand, Jane is like a fish. She dove in to the oncoming waves headfirst. I just ran in fighting the current with my thighs. I kept walking past the breaking waves to meet Jane. She was floating and bobbing to escape the high waves. As I reached her, I stood next to her. She held my hand to help support me up. Together we rode the waves before they broke. What an exhilarating feeling being naked underwater with your girl riding those strong waves. After a few minutes, you do think to yourself what if something small that swims thinks of your dick as bait? You quickly try and get that out of your head.

We then put our arms around each other, faced each other and rode the waves sideways while standing. A huge wave was approaching and was about to break.

"Quick, submerge your head underwater so it won't break on you", she tells me.

I sprang up after the wave passed only to see another wall of water coming my way. Again I submerge. She sees the fear and trepidation in my face. Playfully, and maybe not the right time or place, she grabs my balls firmly to take my mind off the waves. She doesn't want to let go. I take it in stride. I know her way. After about 1/2 hour, or so, of wave riding, we headed back to shore.

Standing on our blanket, we dried off, had a smoke with some vodka and pineapple juice. After resting a few minutes, we rubbed sunblock all over ourselves.

She started first on my back while I was lying face down. She gently massaged it in my back and shoulders. And then she spent a considerable amount of time massaging my ass cheeks, backs of my thighs and then right back to my cheeks again.

How she loved to rub my ass cheeks. She was very liberal with the sunblock and found her way with her finger into my rectum. She knew the right way and how to touch me. She then had me turn over. So I lay on my back with my elbows supporting me. She rubbed the sunblock on me starting from my shoulders, down my chest, stomach and thighs. As you could imagine, I am rock hard. Both of us glance around to see if anybody notices. The coast is clear. She pumps out more lotion and proceeds to stroke me vigorously and alternating with each hand in different directions. She then only uses one hand on my cock, she used the other hand and rubbed and pulled on my clean shaven balls. And again, her finger strayed way below. She continued stroking until I almost exploded. She then stopped suddenly. How she loved to tease me. There I was throbbing and oozing.

"Now it's my turn for lotion", she abruptly said.

I knew her MO. And loved it. So she laid down on her stomach and I did the same to her. Of course, I intend to do the same amount of teasing which we mutually enjoy to outdo each other. I moved down from her back down to her thighs and give her a nice foot massage. She has such adorable tiny feet and toes. She was so relaxed, she forgot her surroundings. Then I went right to insert my oily finger in her ass. Which totally surprised her from the short blissful Sun rest. I went harder, deeper and faster than she did to me. I know how she liked that. I then had her turn over by giving her a little turn of her shoulder. She gave me a little wince.

I said in friendly retaliation, "touché". She nodded with a scowl.

She lay on her back while supporting her body with her elbows. I gently and slowly massaged her erect nipples. While gently blowing and cooling them. I then traveled down to her thighs with my oily fingers. She then raised her knees while spreading her legs apart. This gave me plenty of space to roam between her soft and milky white inner thighs. She was expecting and nervously tingling for me to touch her there. I took my time rubbing the sunblock between my hands, prolonging her sensation. Ever so slowly and gently, my fingertips went from each knee to the corners of her labia. Her pussy was totally shaved and soaked by her own natural wetness. What a beautiful sight she was. Her whole shapely and moist body glistened and baked in the hot afternoon sun. As my fingers approached her corners, she slowly trembled. I barely touched them and she started writhing and wiggling uncontrollably. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Not yet. With both of my thumbs, I massaged and gently squeezed each corner. Her whole body came in seconds with lasting aftershocks and gentle tremors.

She dropped her knees and elbows and lay totally flat on the scorched, damp blanket. With both of us drenched in sunblock and sweat, I grabbed our container of our concoction, and lifted her head so she can sip it from the long straw which we shared. She drank so much, I had to refill it for myself.

After a few minutes and a smoke, we had to jump in the water to cool off. When we returned to our blanket, we had to put the sunblock on again. However, this time she put it on her body herself and did a quick run down on mine but leaving my hard dick alone. She told me to spread my legs while I lay on my back while she sat between them and went down on me.

She used her long blonde hair to cover up the action of her head bobbing up and down. There was a man watching intently behind her in the distance. She had stopped briefly for some air. She had such rhythm going that I was just about to explode in her mouth, but she stopped suddenly. She looked up at me with her sweaty face and I said "why did you stop? I was just about to cum".

"Why didn't you say something? I was getting tired". She went back to her "job" and finished me off in seconds. Then she lifted her head up and licked her lips as she always did afterwards.

Right after I came, I told her a guy was watching. He left right after she lifted her head. She was intrigued and a little taken aback but found it a little provocative and amusing.

Later on that day, around 5 or 6, after napping and eating lunch, we walked to a less populated part of the beach specifically to fuck. We brought a large beach towel with us. Laid it down on the sand. She laid down on her back and I got on top of her. There was a guy by himself way back near the dunes with shorts on. As soon as he saw us starting in, he took off his shorts and started stroking himself. She told me to stop fucking her and wanted to go closer to him. Which was tough to do on my part, since I was pounding her hard of course.

I stopped and said "are you for real? Do you really want to take that chance?

We did and he was quite surprised. In fact, he shied away and was about to put his shorts back on. He didn't really have the chance to. He only placed them on top of his dick to cover up. But she convinced him by yanking it off.

She told him she wanted to watch him stroke while we fucked in front of him. It was a surprise to both of us. He was still a little shy but quite hung! As she was bold enough to point out loudly.

She laid down on the towel, legs spread in front of him. And told me to mount her. As I entered her, he started to stroke. She motioned to him to come a little closer so she could stroke him instead while I fucked her. It didn't take long for him and me to cum.

His loaded projectile went all the way past his hair. She appreciated the show. After that messy and wet experience, we all ran into the refreshing water to clean our satiated selves.

We never even asked his name.

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