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My Favorite Dancer


Once again I'd like to thank the wonderful SweetErika for a great job as editor, and also to my beta readers for helping me find the mistakes and fix them for you.

It was a Thursday night and I was going to visit my favorite strip club, Hunny's. Hunny's was in the next county over, and even though it was a long drive, it was worth it.

The tight-assed conservatives in my county had passed a bunch of laws limiting what could happen in clubs. There had to be six feet between the stage and the front row of seats. The dancers had to be fully clothed during a lap dance. No touching the dancers at all. One dancer even told me she got a ticket for "maintaining eye contact too long." EYE CONTACT, for Christ's sake! They're making it illegal to even look at each other.

Everyone was so uptight it was no fun anymore. Hunny's was a lot nicer; some of those things were still forbidden, but were overlooked if you were discreet.

As I sat down, I chuckled to myself wondering what my mom would say if she knew I was here. Don't get me wrong, Mom's not a prude by any means. She even told me once that she supports the right for clubs like this to exist. "It's a free country, and people should have the right to do as they please, even if I don't approve," she said. However, when her friend, John, told her that he saw me entering the club, she freaked.

"I don't care what other people do," she said to me, "but my son is NOT going to go to one of those sin palaces. I raised him better than that."

"I know you don't approve of this," I responded firmly. "I'm sorry you found out, but this is the new millennium and things have changed since you were raised. I don't mean to hurt you, but I'm 21 and not living here anymore, so I can do whatever I want."

It took quite a while to convince Mom. She still sees all of us kids as just that, kids, especially me, her baby. She wasn't happy--and still isn't--that I go to the club, but she admits I have the right.

I knew all the dancers at Hunny's very well, and they knew me. The truth was that I hadn't paid for a dance in quite a while, although I got them often. I had done the girls a little favor and they REALLY appreciated it.

When I started to go there a couple of years ago, it was managed by this very sleazy guy. As I got to know some of the dancers, they confided in me just how bad he was. He would cop feels as they walked by and stand in the dressing room ogling them as they changed. He demanded a cut above the house take from them, and threatened to have them arrested if they refused.

One time a dancer complained to the owner of the club. She was promptly banned from working there again, and barred from several other clubs as well. It seems the manager was the owner's brother-in-law.

I was talking to a cop friend of mine and he said he'd heard the same thing. We decided they needed a lesson, so he talked to his friends in Vice to set up a sting. Based on some info I got from several of the girls, the manager was busted for soliciting a prostitute. With that publicity, and an anonymous tip to the IRS, the club soon had a new owner.

The new guy cleaned it up nicely. He repaired the backroom and changing rooms, stuff that the old owner never did. I was told he collected less of a house cut from the girls. It soon became the best club in town. The girls were ecstatic. It somehow got out that I was partly responsible for the change, and they never let me pay after that.

About six months after the change, Crystal came to work there. She was the last person I expected to see there. It's not like she wouldn't be a good dancer, she would. She really knows how to move and has a body to die for. I just didn't expect her to work where she knew I went. The first time we saw each other she just looked at me for a moment and then went on to someone else.

I've secretly lusted after Crystal for quite a while, but knew we would never get together. At least now I finally got to see what her body looked like nude. As I expected, it was superb. I watched her dance on stage, admiring her firm tits and nice tight butt. She has very long, straight, jet black hair that she whipped around nicely. I was most drawn to her long legs that seemed to go on forever. I imagined them wrapped around my waist. She ignored me the whole night except for a few quick glances. One of the other dancers, Jazz, saw me watching Crystal and came over to talk to me.

"I see you like the new girl," Jazz said.

"Oh yes," I replied. "I do like her."

"I'll go get her for you."

"No, don't. Let her come at her own pace."

It took until my third visit before she came over to me. By that time I had learned that almost all of the girls had told her that I was a special customer and that she should get to know me. We talked for quite a while, but she never danced for me. The next week she came over to me as soon as I got there.

"I've been told I should dance for you," she said.

"Only if you really want to, I don't ask anyone to do anything they don't want to."

"Okay, I'll dance, but not the special ones I see the others give you, only the basic dance."

"Whatever you want is fine."

We went over to one of the couches and sat down. On the next song she began to dance. I had watched her dance for others and I knew she could really move. She swayed and rubbed up against me lightly. She kept her back to me most of the time and never once looked in my face. I knew she could do better; this was the type of dance most girls gave the cheap bums who harassed them.

I didn't push it. I also didn't try to touch her as I would have anyone else. After three songs, she stopped.

"That was very nice," I lied as I paid her. "Whenever you are comfortable, I'd like another set."

"We'll see."

It was three weeks later that she came back. She just walked over and took my hand, leading me to a couch. Without a word she started to dance, running her hands along my chest. She pressed her tits against me for a moment before turning around to grind her ass on my stomach. She continued in this general style, but I could tell she was still holding back. She just wouldn't relax and only looked at me once. Again after three songs she stopped, I paid, and she left without a word.

"That girl doesn't know what she's missing," said Amber, sitting down after Crystal left.

"I think she does," I said.

"Then why does she hold back on you?"

"She'll loosen up. Give her time."

"I've seen her let go with others. Not quite as liberal as I am, especially with you, Tiger, but she does a good job in her own right. I wonder what's holding her back with you."

"Amber, please drop it. Let her be, and tell the others to get off her case. Let things play out slowly and don't ask any more questions."

"Okay, Sugar, I will, but only for you. Now let me give you a good dance."

Amber stood up and bent over me. Holding my head in her hands, she pressed my face into her cleavage, rubbing back and forth. Looking over to make sure the manager wasn't watching, she pulled her bra to the side and stuck her nipple in my mouth. I flicked it rapidly with my tongue.

"Oh, yes, Sugar, that feels real good," she cooed.

Pulling back and covering up, she knelt between my legs. Running her hands up my thighs, she pressed her face to my crotch. I couldn't see, as her long hair was covering everything up, but I could feel her gently nibble me through my pants. Tossing her hair back, she looked up at me with a wicked grin and winked.

Standing up and turning around, she pressed her butt against my hardening cock. I reached around her and ran both hands up and down her thighs. Her skin felt silky smooth and soft, like I was stroking warm satin. Putting her hands on top of mine, she slowly pressed against me harder.

Taking my left hand and pulling it up her body, she pushed it against her tit and squeezed. It was firm, perky, and her stiff nipple poked me in the palm through her top. At the same time, she moved my right hand over and rubbed it up and down her panty-covered pussy.

"You feel so good, Baby. Your body is so hot," I purred in her ear.

She turned around and straddled me. Kneeling on the couch, she pressed her crotch against me, up and down on my belly. Sitting back on my knees, she reached down and pressed her hands on my cock. Looking around to make sure we were not being watched, she eased down my zipper.

Moving so she was kneeling to my side, she leaned her body across mine and reached in to grasp my cock. I never wear underpants for this reason. Pulling me out, she started stroking me, spreading my pre-cum around as she did.

As she continued to caress me, I reached up and pulling her panties to the side, ran my finger along her bare pussy. I knew from the past that she was one of the few dancers who would let me do this. We continued to fondle each other while glancing around to make sure we were not seen.

Soon enough, I was close to coming. Reaching into my shirt pocket, Amber pulled out the hanky I always kept there and laid it over the head of my cock. As I was about to shoot, I slipped my middle finger deep inside her pussy. Feeling her clamp down on my finger, I shot my load into the hanky.

When I was done, I wiped off and tucked myself back in as Amber straightened herself up. When we had both calmed down, I got up to leave.

"Thanks, Sexy, you were awesome, as usual," I said.

"Anytime, Stud, anytime," she said, leaning over and kissing my cheek.

The pattern of Crystal giving me an okay dance, followed by a knockout dance from another dancer, went on for several weeks. Crystal's dances got a little better each time, but she still wasn't giving it all she had. After four months, something changed.

Several girls had given me dances over a couple of hours that night, but not Crystal, which was unusual because she usually came over as soon as I got there. On about the third hour, Crystal finally walked over to me, looking a little nervous.

"Please, don't say a word," she said.

She took my hand and started walking towards the back of the club. In the back there were two couches that were hardly ever used, even on crowded days. They were facing each other, but completely hidden from the rest of the club. It was common knowledge that if a dancer took you back there, you were going to get an extra special dance, and most certainly not a legal one.

I had gotten a couple of great blowjobs back there. Dolly had taken me back there and fucked me one time. It's a good thing the music in the place was loud, because Dolly is a moaner.

When I realized where we were headed, I held back. Crystal turned around and gave me a pleading look. I relented and let her lead me. I sat down and looked up at her as she gazed down with a scared grin.

"You don't have to..." I started to say.

"Shh," she said, putting her finger on my lips, "I said not to say a word."

She began to dance for me. This was as different from the other dances as it could get. She really started to get into it, rubbing her tits all over me. Reaching between us she groped me through my pants, all the while staring at me with a huge smile on her face. Squeezing my legs against her torso caused her tits to bunch up, emphasizing an already nice cleavage.

After about a minute, she reached up and took off her bikini top. I saw her tits for the first time up close. Until then, I'd had to be content to see them from a distance when she was on stage. They were gorgeous. Smooth and taut, they lay on her chest about the size of a grapefruit. Reaching down, she took a hold of my hands and placed them on her tits, encouraging me to caress them. They felt so good in my hands - firm, yet soft, and not a blemish on them anywhere. Her short but thick nipples stood proudly on the middle of areolas the size of half dollars. She sighed when I gently squeezed them.

We went on like this for several minutes; me caressing her tits while she ground her crotch against my cock. Rising up and kneeling between my legs, she reached up and undid my belt. Unbuttoning and unzipping my pants, she began to pull them off. I lifted my hips a little to accommodate her.

When she had them off she knelt back down and took me in her hands. Her hands were soft and gentle and felt heavenly against my cock. She stroked me softly, almost adoringly, for a couple of minutes.

Then she bent down and gently kissed the head. I almost came at that moment. I let out a moan as she took me, agonizingly slowly, into her mouth. When I touched the back of her throat, she just as slowly withdrew. She paused at the top, licking the head, and started down once more.

When I got to the back of her throat again, she paused. Relaxing her throat, she swallowed and took the last bit of me in. I exploded. The first shot went straight to her stomach. She pulled back until just the head was inside her mouth. As I fired the rest of my shots, she swallowed them all.

When I was done, she licked me from top to bottom, cleaning me off. Even when I was clean, she continued to lick and suck. Soon she had me back hard again.

When I was ready, she stood up and removed her bikini bottoms. I got my first close view of her shaved pussy. I didn't get to look for long, as she climbed back in my lap. She took my head in her hands and kissed me.

In all my life I had never had a kiss with more passion in it. Our tongues were dueling for space. After a few moments, she reached down and guided my cock to her opening.

Without missing a beat on the kiss, she lowered herself down until I was fully imbedded inside her, and we both let out a moan. She sat there for a while, her expression telling me she was enjoying this. Soon she began to move up and down, slowly increasing in speed.

"Oh God, I've wondered about this for a long time, but I never thought it would feel this good," she moaned.

"Me neither. Even my best fantasies about you weren't this good," I said.

She had the tightest and hottest pussy I've ever felt. As she thrust she would squeeze me, sending pulses of pleasure radiating out from my cock to the rest of my body.

I ran my hands all over her body. Everything about her was pleasing to the eye and touch. The soft curve of her back, with sweet indentations right above her buttocks; her stomach with the tight abs and an adorable navel; her smooth and very kissable neck - all were a source of pure, sensual joy.

I reached up and took a hold of her tits again while she kept on pumping. I rubbed her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

"Oh yes, keep that up. I love it when my nipples are played with," she gasped.

After a minute, I tried to catch one in my mouth, but she was moving too much to get one so I just continued to fondle them and play with the nipple.

Even though I had just cum, I knew I would not last long. I was getting the feeling that I was close when she slammed down in my lap and stayed there. Her pussy started spasming, grabbing my cock like a velvet vice. She leaned down and bit into my shoulder to keep from crying out as she experienced a wonderful orgasm.

This set me off and I pumped shot after shot of cum deep into her pussy. It took several minutes for us to come down from that glorious experience.

Crystal looked me in the eye smiling for a moment then gently kissed me.

"Thank you," she said. "That was wonderful."

"It was entirely my pleasure."

We sat there holding on to each other for about ten minutes. Finally she got off me, my cock slipping out of her. She sat for a moment then started getting dressed.

"I have to get cleaned up and back to work," she said. "Here's a towel to clean yourself off with."

I didn't ask why there was a towel back there I just wiped myself down and started to get dressed.

"I hope you don't do this bareback with everyone," I said.

"This is my first time back here," she answered, "but don't worry, if I ever do come back here with someone else, he'll definitely be covered."

When we were both ready, she gave me a big hug.

"See you next week?" she asked.

"Nothing could keep me away."

She smiled at me and walked towards the dressing room while I headed for the exit. As I was leaving several of the girls gave me big smiles, a lot of winks, and a couple of thumbs up.

That was a year ago. I have been back almost every week since then. I still get a lot of dances from the others, but I always end up with Crystal in the back. I asked her once if we could get together outside the club but she said no.

After a lot of insisting I finally got the other girls to let me start paying for the dances, but they refuse to charge me full price. Crystal won't let me pay anything. We always have earth shattering orgasms, followed by a good cuddle, like tonight.

"Do you think we'll ever get tired of this?" I asked, stroking her hair.

"Oh God, I hope not," she answered. "I would never want to give this up now. It's far too good."

"I know it is wonderful isn't it? Are you going over for dinner tomorrow night?"

"Please, I don't want another lecture on what I do for a living. Mom can be so irritating."

"Will you come if I promise to get her not to say anything?"

"Okay, but if she says a word, I'm gone," she sighed.

"I swear she won't say anything."

"I'll be there then. Six o'clock?"

"Yes, but if you can come earlier it would be nice. I know Dad would like a chance to chat."

"I'll see what I can do. I could probably get there by four or five."

"Great, see you then. Bye, Sis."

"Goodbye, Little Brother, see you tomorrow."

With one final kiss, I left.

I appreciated your comments, both good and bad, on my last story and once again welcome them here. I only request that you refrain from bad language and make the comments about the story, not about me personally

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