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My Favorite Fantasy


My best friend is a stripper. She's good at it too. I mean, if the money she makes doing it is an indicator, she's really good at it. Of course she is. She's fucking gorgeous. Melissa is what I call long and lean. She is 5'9", most of that being her legs, thin but fit, long brown hair and big pretty green eyes. She's just about every guy's fantasy and probably most girls too. I fantasize about her. She doesn't know it though.

I'll tell you my favorite. I go see her dance at her club. She's gorgeous as always and while she's dancing on the stage, she's staring at me. Except for a tiny black thong, she's completely nude. Barefoot, naked, her hair is wet and her body's glistening with sweat as she's dancing and swinging around on the stage. God, she's sexy. But she's dancing like it's only for me. At the end of her routine, she crawls across the stage to me, pulls me close to her and kisses me. This isn't just a friendly brush of the lips. She opens my mouth with hers and devours me. I stand up and crawl up onto the stage with her, never breaking our embrace.

We're both kneeling, still kissing, and I slide my hand up her back. Her skin feels incredible, so soft, so smooth, so warm. She holds my face with both hands and leans further into me, crushing her bare chest against my body. My mind is empty of everything but pure ecstasy as she slides her hands down my neck and shoulders. She cups a breast in each hand, as she squeezes, I can feel it all the way to my sex. She rips my shirt open and grabs my bare breasts as buttons go flying all over the stage. We meet in the middle for another passionate kiss.

It's all animal lust now, we're both crazy with desire for each other. I lean forward pushing her onto her back while she hungrily reaches for my breast with her mouth. I support myself on my hands while she sucks and nibbles at my nipples. She rubs her hands down my sides and slides my skirt down. I push her down flat while licking and kissing and sucking her neck, her chest, and each breast. I can't wait any longer, I go down farther and the smell of her sex drives me insane.

I pull her panties to the side and put my face between her gorgeous legs. I lick and suck on her as if she were the last thing ever I'd put in my mouth. She moans with pleasure as I flick my tongue across her clit. Slowly, I run my tongue from her ass to her clit again and again. I can feel her body tighten, she needs to cum. She's desperate for it.

I sit up and lean over her. I kiss her deeply, filling her mouth with mine. I want her to taste herself on my tongue. Her guttural moan tells me her pleasure and I want to give her what she wants. I want to make her cum. I slide my hand to her sopping wet crotch and rub her with my palm. I slide a finger inside her and she lifts her hips to meet me. Still kissing her, I bring my hand up between our lips and slide that finger into her mouth. Greedily, she licks and sucks my finger. I pull it away from her and go again to her sweet spot. She's lost now. Her head rolls back and she is at my mercy, allowing me to do whatever I want to her as long as I will please just make her cum.

Slowly, deliberately I begin my work on her. I rub up her pussy and back down again, she moves her hips in time with my hand. I use my middle finger to work on her clit. I tease her with it as I slide it down and across the opening to her hole. I can feel her trying to pull me inside of her. I reposition myself between her legs. With two fingers, I slam inside of her and her hips rise up off the floor. We rock together, her hips, my hand, back & forth, faster and harder. My hand becomes a blur in front of me as I move in and out of her.

I can feel her walls tighten around my hand, she's about to cum. I thrust harder and deeper. She cries out as she cums. My best friend is a squirter. She cums hard and it hits me in the face. I can feel it on my lips. I lick her cum off of my face and pull my fingers out of her to give her a taste of her own juices.

That is my favorite fantasy of me and my best friend, the stripper.

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