tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Favorite Nightclub

My Favorite Nightclub


We decide to go to my favorite night club. First, we have to peek on line to see what the night holds in store. There are generally themes to the evening, things like silk stockings and garter night, or a flasher party or wear pink for instance. It is always fun to get into the theme or better yet, to see what others will do to go along with the theme.

This particular visit is on the weekend of Halloween so of course, it is a Halloween party. Wear your favorite costume and I can only imagine what others might wear to the party. We get there a little early and find a seat next to one of the doors. One of them is near the dance floor and the other is in the bar, we sit near the later. This allows us to watch many of the patrons come up a small set of stairs and into the bar. We get to see some of the most amazing costumes first; naughty nurses complete with tight fitting dresses and thigh high stocking, a baseball fan that is cute with long hair and nice big breasts that are often visible, a bride that has on a little number that comes from Victoria's Secret complete with no fabric on her ass, breasts or pussy as we notice later in the night.

This particular spot is good for talking since the dance floor is in the other room. Every other time we have come to my favorite place, we sit by the dance floor so this time we are trying something different. We are close to the pool table and this gets us many up skirt shots as women bend and reach to make shots on the table. There is a big screen television in the corner and a porno is playing on it which seems to get my attention this particular evening.

We are enjoying our location, comfortable talking with one another and periodically being visited by other patrons of the bar. This location offers so many things to see, perfect for two that enjoy watching so much. People have to walk through the room we are sitting in to get to the restrooms, so we get the opportunity to see most of the people at the party that night at one time or another. We enjoy pointing out various women to one another, snuggling close together as we do.

A few couples that we have noticed during the night sit at a table that is about 4 or 5 foot from where we have been sitting all evening. The women of each of these couples are dressed quite scantily and both have the body to do so. As we both notice them, they are joined by even more of the patrons and the table is surrounded by 9 different people, 4 couples and 1 single man.

We both continue to scan the room when we realize that one of the women that is sitting down, is giving head to a man that is standing next to her. This is right in the middle of this nightclub. This man has a huge cock and her mouth wrapped out it is quite sexy in fact. This action seems to start something at their table and like a switch was flipped, the action at the table multiplies quickly. The man getting head is kissing a woman who is also standing. This woman is being finger fucked by a man sitting in a chair watching the woman give head. Across the table a woman sits on her date's lap while another very beautiful woman bends down and starts to lick her pussy. We are literally watching an orgy in public, not more than 5 feet away from us.

I am really enjoying watching this scene and at the same time, periodically look at you to see the look of desire on your face. You are truly a voyeur, in fact, taught me to enjoy it. The look on your face as you watch very closely is quite arousing and it is actually watching you that get my nipples hard. This group continues with their show, as the entire room seems to back up and just watch them. It was as if they were the entertainment for the evening. Just recounting this scene, in fact, is causing my nipples to harden now.

Over to the left of this table, about twice as far from us is a couple. You tell me to watch them since you know I haven't noticed them at all. There is too much happening at the table right in front of us. I look over and see that the woman is obviously enjoying something. A closer look reveals that her date has his hand under the table and her legs are spread very wide. There is a table cloth; however, that is blocking the entire view. It is evident what is happening and to be honest, the hidden view coupled with my imagination is almost more erotic than if I could see the entire thing.

She has her head thrown back in pure pleasure and has exposed her breasts from her nice black dress. The amazing thing is that people passing by are stopping and joining in for a moment before returning to their own groups. One woman stops and licks her nipples, another man stops and caresses her breasts and others just stop and watch them less than a foot away. One man sits down with the couple and gets a little more involved. The entire time, her date never removes his hand from under the table and she merely squirms with excitement.

We realize that the large group that was only 5 foot from us has left. Apparently, their show was getting a bit much for the night club and they chose to take it to the privacy of a room. All eyes are now on the woman that looked to be a bit quiet at first as she cums over and over and over. It is getting late, however, and we have both enjoyed a nice long evening of watching so we decide to call it a night. As we are preparing to leave, a couple we have been talking to convinces us to go to the dance floor just once before we leave. We reluctantly agree.

We go into the room where the dance floor is and get the opportunity to take a few moments merely enjoying that view. The floor is packed with people enjoying themselves. In some cases, the women are only partially clothed. We see woman dancing together, massaging one another's breasts, there are two school girls enjoying one another's bodies immensely in fact right in front of us. You direct my attention to the left of the dance floor where a woman is sitting on a table, while her date is kneeling between her legs obviously orally pleasing her. Her hands are on his head as she throws her head back enjoying the feel of his tongue. We take a while to enjoy the sites of this room and then since we are both tired we decide to go home. We turn to go the entrance that is close to the table we occupied most of the evening.

As we enter this room, we walk right past the table where the woman was getting finger fucked as we left the room. She has moved out from under the table, her dress is hiked up and she is leaning back on a man other than her date. Her date is sitting in a chair in front of her finger fucking her very pretty, smooth pussy. She is screaming in pleasure now as she is on display for all to see. Her date is showing no mercy as he plows his hand into her pussy that is so drenched you can see it. I stop momentarily to watch as she fucks his hand right back with great intensity. WOW, what a wonderful view to end the evening.

We exit the bar and head to the car to go home. Is it any wonder that this is my favorite place? There is a thing about it however. I have been a few times without you and while it was fun, it is so much better when you go with me. We can watch, tease one another and enjoy the view together. With you, I feel safe. It is a form of foreplay and I love to see the women looking at you like they want a piece. Knowing that you will take me home and fuck me in the driveway, since sometimes it is hard to wait until we get in the house. One of these days, however, I plan to take you to a club that is even more open than this one. I can't wait to recount that evening.

C K & L

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