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My Favorite Position


Your crisp hair tickles the back of my calf that rests across your chest. My legs are spread wide just below your outstretched arm and my purple dildo slides in and out of my body. The fingers of my left hand part and hold my lips spread and my right hand twirls the vibrating purple tip against my nub. My arms frame and squeeze my breasts up to the ceiling, pushing the nipples up high on the mounds.

You try pulling on the restraints again. You're not going anywhere soon. Stockings are incredibly strong and tensile. Your overconfidence got you into this mess in the first place. You thought that you would be able to tear the nylon right off of your wrists, succeeding in only pulling the knots tighter.

Now you lie here with your head propped against the pillow as I grind a rhythm next to you on the bed. I'm so close to coming that my hips swivel an obscene dance as the dildo tortures my slippery clit. My heals dig into the mattress as I lift my hips to simulate the luscious fucking that I am imagining in my head. Your eyes bore into the sweet spot between my legs as I plunge the dildo in and out like a piston. Faster and faster, until I am crying out and a gush pushes the purple phallus out. I collapse back down on the bed and stretch my arms over my head, reveling in the delicious release.

Pointing my toes. I run my leg along your chest and across your belly. Your penis stands at full attention and looks unbearably painful. The head pulses with a deep plum color from the blood that is trapped at the tip. My garter belt is still firmly tied around your scrotum and shaft, almost making a nosegay. A lovely fuck bouquet. I pull myself over to you and lick the full length with my tongue. Slowly and deliberately, I pull the knob between my lips and slide my mouth down the whole thing.

You are now staring at the ceiling trying to ignore me which truly just motivates me more. I pull my mouth up with a fierce suction and push back down in the opposite direction. I know that this much stimulation drives you crazy and I keep a tempo with the small thrusts that you can't control. Soon your feet are planted and your ass leaves the mattress as you thrust up into my mouth. You make guttural sounds from your throat as your body ruts up into the air

Abruptly pulling off of you, I sit up and slide the thin straps of my shift up onto my shoulders and slip off of the side of the bed. Standing up, the material of my dress shushes down my body and covers my thighs. Your eyes search mine with incredulity. You are momentarily paralyzed from shock and then heave against your restraints in rage. Your eyes are locked on my face as you futilely throw your full weight against the stockings. They are shiny now after being pulled so tight. Frustrated and angry, you lay motionless on the bed, staring back up at the ceiling again.

Your nostrils flare with every exhale and I know that you are silently cursing my existence. I grab my bag and search through it looking for what I need. I have no intentions of leaving you like this. In fact, this is what I always envisioned for you. Subjugated, pliant, bendable. It would take the hounds of hell to make me leave this room now.

I recline between your legs and prop my elbow on your right thigh. In this position, if I released the garter belt your scrotum would rest on my cleavage. Slowly I stroke and massage your torso trying to win back your trust. You know that this is just a game to me. I gently untie the belt and pull it away. The color immediately recedes down from the head but your penis remains defiantly erect, straining up to the sky.

I pull the contents from my bag over and squirt some gel into my right palm. I lovingly stroke your penis with my right hand as I hold my head up with my left, as if I could while away the whole day doing this. You stare down the length of your body at me as I pump my hand up and down. A small smile plays on your lips because you think that you have outsmarted me, that you have more self-control than I anticipated or that you have just become desensitized to my machinations. I continue to stroke your cock, sometimes with all of my fingers, sometimes with just an 'ok'.

Soon you are back at my mercy, swinging your hips with the retreat or pressing your butt down into the mattress with the onslaught. I look over your spread eagled form, with your outstretched arms and your spread legs. Your belly clenches with each stroke and sweat rolls from your body. The whole room smells of your musk, the briny pre-come mixing with the lubricant. The slippery gel covers your groin and most of your inner thighs. Switching hands, I pump my left hand up and down your cock, thumbing the ridge of the underside.

My right hand is still coated with lube as I grab my purple dildo and wipe my palm against it. I pull your penis firmly toward your chest and uncover your dark brown swirl. You are completely at my mercy and it arouses me all over again. My belly clenches and my womb tightens with the heady power. I gently push your left knee out with the ball of my foot and put the tip of the dildo at the opening of your body.

You do not shy away from its presence. I look up to see you staring at me with half closed eyes, your body unconsciously rocking in time with my hand. I gently, but firmly push the dildo into you as your eyes finally close and your chest expands. A moan escapes your lips as you push your head against the pillow in ecstasy. Your complete acquiescence makes me feverish. I work both hands in tandem, milking your penis as I push the dildo in and out of your ass. The movement makes the strap of my dress fall down and my breast spills out.

I am so utterly entranced with your rapture, it takes all of my willpower not to sit astride you and rock my body onto yours. Your body starts to quiver and curl into itself. I increase the pressure of my left hand, careful not to lose your rhythm, now that you are so close. I press the dildo forward and hit the perfect spot that wrenches a cry from your lips as hot come shoots over your belly. I slip the dildo from your body as you suck air into your lungs. Sitting on the bed next to your chest, I slice the nylon restraints with the knife from room service. You curl your body around mine, as I gently play with your hair.

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