tagIncest/TabooMy Favorite Snow Storm

My Favorite Snow Storm


If you seek---

Over sized equipment on beautiful bodies---This is not the place. Ditto ANAL, Cruelty, pregnancy, unpleasantness or persons under 18. Birth control is not an issue as is STD.


Me? I was a lonely divorcee of 35. My name is Gail. I am 5'6" a touch overweight at 130 pounds but pretty firm due to thrice weekly aerobic workouts at a local health club.

My brother Don was a lonely divorced man of 30, just under six feet and just under 200 pounds. He loved to kayak on the local river. This gave him good shoulders and arms which when combined with his full head of dark hair helped make him attractive to many women in the 18-80 age bracket.

He did not however seem to take full advantage of that situation. It also made him the image of the male I sought when I indulged in my masturbatory fantasies. By that I don't mean Don the person but only Don as the model of that person.

I had never consciously imagined a sexual liaison with my brother but that thought must have resided somewhere deep in my subconscious. Meanwhile he did whatever he did sexually without my input or jealousy.

I happen to be a successful freelance technical illustrator. I work out of our family home not far from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We have a farm situated on a hill which overlooks the Susquehanna River which has passed from our grandfather to father to us.

We don't work the farm but allow my neighbor to graze his livestock there in exchange for his keeping my freezer full of delicious meats. I refer to the home as mine in spite of the joint ownership as my brother leaves practically everything regarding the place to me and treats himself as a visitor.

Anyhow having received it free and with both of us making good money and having low expenses we have made our home into a very nice place. It includes among it's features an indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi and an Olympic size pool and a tennis court. One not so great feature at times is that the county road a quarter mile down my lane is at the end of the counties snow clearance list.

Don has his own apartment here where he stays when he is in the vicinity. He is a corporate pilot which keeps him away from home 25 nights or more out of most months. It was not one of those twenty five nights when I saw his lights move up the driveway just as the first snow began to fall.

I was thrilled both to see my brother and because the forecast called for lots of snow. Snow it did, seventeen inches according to the weather report. Then it rained for a while but instead of washing the snow away it froze on top of it. Then just for good measure another two feet came down on top of the frozen ice layer. Records of many kinds were broken as the temperature plummeted into the minus figures.

The power failed, not a huge problem. We had a generator with a month's supply of fuel if we simply used a bit of common sense. Our fuel oil tank was also nearly full and would supply normal heat for about a month. There was also enough food to supply a small army for two weeks.

There were also several cords of fire wood. So all in all our major problem would be to avoid boredom. We also had lost our cable but fortunately not our telephone. Both the cell and land line stayed alive.

It took a couple of days to get settled into our new found environment. By then the power had come back on but not the cable. As soon as I was sure that we had sufficient power I turned the Jacuzzi on. The Jacuzzi was in a glassed in gazebo attached to the second floor at the back of the house by a short enclosed walkway.

At about 10:00 PM, the proper temperature having been reached I settled myself into the bubbling heat. I was wearing nothing but my skin. My brother was in front of his computer and had begged off joining me. The house lights were mostly off. The moon was bright and reflecting in the glazed snow. There were many distant lights but none close by.

I sipped my drink enjoying the lovely but lonely beauty. The setting seemed to me to be perfect for a romantic sexual interlude. The thought of having an attractive handsome man sexually interacting with me here in this place at this moment had my fingers reaching for my lonely pussy.

I leaned back and let my fingers play as I conjured up images of various males most of whom were not candidates for the real thing. After a few minutes my fingers became more active as my body moved closer to orgasm. Just at the moment when my orgasm was just beginning an image of my brother superimposed itself on the body of the imaginary male who was about to ravish me.

As shocked as I was at myself for having conjured up that particular image I didn't stop my body from continuing to orgasm. Even as by body quaked and heaved and said "yes, yes" my mind was screaming. "Maybe, maybe."

I quickly excused myself from blame by pointing out to myself that the situation that we were in along with my lack of a recent live sexual encounter made such thoughts inevitable.

Nevertheless later that night I booted up my computer to find the incest index in Literotica. I had discovered Literotica several weeks before when one of my friends called it to my attention. Up till that moment I had confined myself to enjoying the Lesbian and the First Time tales.

As I worked my way down the offerings I came across a tale of a mutual seduction between siblings during a storm. This really made me horny sending me to my room and my toys. I became so wrapped up in that activity that Don almost caught me with a vibrating dildo inside of me when he stopped by to say "Goodnight".

The next day as I privately relived the previous night's experiences I began to wish that he had caught me. I called up Literotica again and used the selection process to find more sister/brother incest stories. I found a few that really caught my mood and situation. Many of the incest stories began with someone catching the other masturbating. I was then even more sorry that he had not caught me.

Over the next couple of days I found myself becoming more horny almost by the hour. I masturbated every chance I could manage but it was not enough. The fact of my brother being so available made it easier for me to make him my target. Our isolated situation stayed the same, for one reason because when the county called to ask our status I replied that they could put us at the end of their list to plow out.

I became increasingly brazen over the next few days. I wore revealing clothes I left buttons unbuttoned. My bra of course was always absent.

I touched or kissed him whenever I could find an excuse. I was becoming very good at touching my breast to his bare hand or arm, seemingly by accident. Somewhere along about the second day of this effort I began to notice that Don seemed to be paying attention. I also noted signs of an erection at times.

Things finally came to a head during the third evening. We had begun to watch a movie or two whenever things got a bit boring. That evening it was about nine Don was in pajamas and I was wearing only a thin nylon robe over wispy red silk panties. We finally finished the last of my collection. I said to my brother.

"OK Don," I said. "that was the last of mine, time to drag out yours."

"Sorry Gail, I only have stuff that you wouldn't want to see."

"Like what?"

"Well," He hesitated for a minute before he said. "to be honest all of mine are porn."

A shot of adrenaline went from my ears straight to my pussy. I snapped back and said.

"So what? Drag 'em out. What makes you think your old sis wouldn't enjoy them just as much as you?"

"Well sis, to be honest, most of the time I watch them when ..........., well when I masturbate."

"Again, so what? Do you think that I'm to old to masturbate?"

My brother got red and hesitated before replying then said, "Well no. I guess not, OK. But if I start rubbing myself don't give me any static."

"Agreed, so long my hand in my panty doesn't bother you."

"How am I going to be seeing your panty?"

"Don't worry, you will, Now shut up and get them. I'm starting to get excited just thinking about it." I saw that his erection which had been growing slowly as we spoke had suddenly tented his PJs."

"See what I mean." Don said with a slightly red face.

"Yes. I've seen that happen a few times before in my life. It usually triggers the female equivalent in me. Now get going!"

A few minutes later he was back with three tapes. One was called "Lesbian Virgins." and pictured two girls in a scissors encounter on the jacket. Another "Best Shots of Shots". It featured a picture of a big stream of cum shooting out of a penis. The third was "He, She and Them" and pictured a threesome encounter.

Each title and pic triggered a pleasant memory. I began to tremble at the thought of what we might be leading ourselves up to. I also wondered why Don might have the lesbian video so I asked.

"What's with the male fascination of Lesbianism?"

"I think it's because the women are doing something very exciting to each other which also happens to be something which most men enjoy doing to women. If nothing else it can be a teaching tool for us guys." He said laughing then added. "Which one first?"

There was only one visual that got me hotter than that of the male eruption. Naturally I selected that one first. As the tape started I slid over next to my brother saying.

"Considering the subject matter I think a little closeness is in order. Don't you?"

I didn't give him a chance to say no as I ducked under his left arm and rested it on my left shoulder. The scene opened with a cute little blonde all naked doing herself with a vibrating dildo.

Just as her facial expression shows that she is near orgasm her husband arrives. He is also naked and begins to jerk off. The couple looked like they were, as advertised, first time amateurs. She sat up and bent forward and took his dick in her hand and guided him into her mouth. She quickly brought him close to orgasm then laid back down and removed the dildo.

A dozen more strokes he was coming hard and spraying cum all over her hot pussy. It instantly reminded me of a time once when, years before, my date came just as he was ready to put his cock into me. That was still in my collection of fond memories.

As we watched my right hand was resting on Don's thigh. My left hand was holding his left hand. As the excitement of the scene took over my body I pulled his left hand down till it was touching my left breast through my robe. As Don gripped my breast I could feel my pussy begin to leak.

Now I was excited enough to become so brazen as to allow his right hand to take my right hand and placed it on to his penis, very hard beneath his pajama bottom.

"God, it feels so hot. I can feel the heat right through your pajama bottom." I said as my right hand started to grip and release it's prize.

On the screen at that point the scene changed to three men who were involved in what men often refer to as a 'circle jerk'. There was a well endowed girl using her fingers on herself as the three men stood around her masturbating.

My eyes stayed riveted to the screen as my brother slid his hand inside my robe then cupped my bare breast in his palm. That left his thumb and fore finger to do things to my nipple such as roll it between his fingers stopping occasionally to pinch it lightly.

My head was spinning. I had started action this but now that my plan was coming to fruition the part of my brain located in my head was having second thoughts. The other part of my brain located in the lower part of my body was not having any second thoughts. My pussy was demanding attention.

My left hand had moved to my crotch. I untied my robe then reached inside my panty and with my middle finger I found my clit.

I was still watching the screen though and just about then one of the guys let loose and sprayed the girls tit with cum. That pushed me over the edge. I let go of Don's penis long enough to unsnap his pajama bottom. I took his hand and placed it on his cock and said.

"Do that to me. Shoot your cum all over my tits. Please!"

It took us only seconds. We somehow both become naked and in a new position. I was lying full length on the floor. Don was kneeling across my lower legs pumping his beautiful hard penis with his hand and I was plunging two fingers rapidly in and out of my slippery wet cunt.

Just as the second and third guys in the video scene came one after the other and sprayed the girl with their hot jism from pussy to tits. The combination of feeling the girls excitment and the excitment that I was giving myself I came.

Watching me come overwhelmed Don. I watched a small spurt of cum burst from the tip of his penis. It flew far enough to hit me on my cheek. It was followed by a long, seemingly endless stream of cum which as I had hoped caused islands of fire on my tits.

I reached my free hand up behind his head and pulled his face to mine. Our lips met gently, then our mouths opened. Our tongues began to encircle each other. It became the first intimate kiss between me and my brother. It was wonderful.

At that moment the phone rang. Naturally under the circumstances we didn't answer it. After another moment the answering machine came on. It was the county saying that they were starting to clear our road and did we have any other problem that we needed help with.

Don said. "Yes. We do have one problem. Their timing stinks." With that said I did answer the phone. I thanked them then said that we had already plowed our drive and were in good shape out to the county road.

As I hung the phone I felt Don's arms snake around me his naked front against my naked back.

"Wow, sis. Where have you been hiding it. You are one hot lady. After a few seconds he added. "But, what now?"

"Well." I replied as I leaned back against him. "I've given this some thought over the last few days as I worked on seducing you.

"Since it seem like the modern definition of sex is 'intercourse' that means to me that we have not committed any sin as yet. So how about we don't worry about 'what now' right now. There is certainly a lot of fun to be had without us needing to fuck. Right?"

Of course I was lying. I really wanted my brother between my legs with his hard organ pumping in and out of my vagina until we both came with a roar.

By then we were standing face to face in front of the fire place enjoying it's warmph against our naked bodies. My brother's penis was again erect. I pointed at it and said.

"You must have enjoyed what we did. I are you ready for more?"

Don nodded.

I took him by his hardening cock steering him along as I headed toward my room and my bed. As we started up the stairs I felt two fingers slide up between my thighs and enter my cunt from behind. About three steps later they began to wiggle in a come hither movement.

I slowed enjoying the moment. By the time we reached the second floor I was very close to coming again. He continued his actions while we made our way to my bed. I had not been sure what it was I wanted to do when we got there.

Suddenly I wanted to get laid doggie style. As my knees touched the edge of the bed I climbed up on the edge of the bed. Don continued to fuck me with his fingers as I positioned myself by kneeling forward and resting my head upon a pillow.

I hoped that our earlier conversation where I had lied about drawing the line at screwing would be forgotten. I wanted his hard cock to replace his fingers and enter the realm of my tender inner flesh.

Don did not hesitate. His fingers left me and his hard penis replaced them. As the tip of that penis began to probe my uterus Don whispered.

"Sorry sis, I just couldn't resist. I can stop. just say the words if this isn't what you wanted I will stop, I promise."

After a moment more of enjoying the forbidden sensation I choked out a reply.

"You stop and I'll disown you." With that said I tightened my cunt muscles and pulled slightly away from him. He promptly pushed himself back in and we were off to the races.

It had been some time since I had been fucked by a real cock and even longer since I had been thoroughly fucked. My brother reached around me to take my tits in his hands as we began that slow in and out movement which leads ultimately to sexual climax.

I could feel my fluids begin to leak from me and run down my thighs as our movements gradually speeded up. We advanced over a period of ten minutes or so from that deep slow motion to a shorter quicker one then finally to what are commonly called 'the short strokes'.

Those strokes were causing my whole to tremble with desire as my lower body began to experience quakes and minor spasms of my vagina. Soon I was quietly moaning and uttering disjointed phrases of love and enjoyment some of which could not be repeated in polite company.

My cunt was on fire and the fire needed to be put out. When relief did come it came in the form of large amounts of hot male cum bouncing off the walls of my inter cavern. For the second time that night I felt sexual joy beyond description. This time my cunt knew that it had been thoroughly fucked.

Eventually we disengaged and got into a spoon position under the bed covers. Minutes later like most men my brother was fast asleep.

I was not about to sleep. I was for the first time in a long time sexually satisfied. Part of my brain was reliving the evening the other part was thinking about the sexual excesses that might be committed tomorrow. Eventually I slept, smiling to myself.

After a lazy breakfast we shared a shower enjoying a soapy exploration of the other's body. This lead to more intimate but also more through exploration of each other's body with mouths and tongues. By the time we left the shower we were both thoroughly wound up and eager for further sexual adventure.

Although we were sexually charged we were also were suffering a bit of cabin fever. We decided to drive around and explore and perhaps find a place for a good lunch. Mostly the piled up snow was dirty and ugly and in direct contrast to the beautiful scene which had presented itself to me a few short evenings before as I enjoyed myself in my Jacuzzi.

We remembered a restaurant which looked out over the river where we enjoyed a fine lunch. We spoke around the subject which was uppermost in our minds. We behaved properly just as a sister and brother should just in case there was anyone around who might know us.

Before too long our hormones were shouting for attention. As we drove toward home I had recalled fondly giving drivers blow jobs as they drove me to some erotic place. Unfortunately the circumstances and the seat layout of the modern SUV didn't allow for more than an occasional distant grope.

When we got home the sun was bathing Don's bed with it's warmth. We kissed each other thoroughly as we undressed. We then fell on top of the bed where I quickly moved myself around until I was straddling Don's right leg.

My pussy was spread apart on his upper knee. From that position I leaned forward until my mouth was just over his hard cock which stood straight out from his body. I lowered my face just a little more.

I wet my lips then slid them over the upper portion of his cock. I could feel it swell just a little more as I heard my brother say.

"Gail, I think my cock just grew two more inches." It hadn't of course but I understood what he meant. Holding my lips where they were I began to rapidly lap the underside of his cock with my tongue.

This was my favorite way of doing fellatio. I was being titillated by rubbing my clit against the smooth skin above his knee.

Men usually came quickly when I did that. Don held out better than most. I continued my tongue action taking him as deep into my mouth as possible then I started back out to my starting point lapping the whole way. I wasn't quite there when his cock began to throb in my mouth.

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