tagMind ControlMy Favorite Vacation Spot

My Favorite Vacation Spot


I’m on vacation and my partner is gone for the day on an outing that will last most of the day. The resort that we are staying at has a spa where I can get a massage and facial, steam bath..etc. and I think I will just have to take advantage of all the treats. The girl at the desk is cute, athletic and tan. Her bright eyes and smile make me feel welcome. I think I catch her gazing a little longer than normal into my eyes and I feel a little tingle.

She hands me a towel and says, "I hope you enjoy your visit" with a cute little giggle. I wonder what that means. I decide to get my facial first and sit in the chair where I am directed. It is very comfortable I notice as I wait for someone to give me the facial. Soon, a tall woman with large breasts comes out and greets me with a smile. She is wearing a snug short dress and no bra. Her nipples are exposed to my imagination. Her legs are long and tan. I wonder if she is wearing any panties.

Her name is Eleni and she tells me that she wants this to be the best I ever had. I am somewhat confused by her message, but am warm to her and trust her. She gives me a robe and tells me I would be more comfortable and able to relax if I put it on. She led me to a room where I changed out of my clothes and into the robe. I felt a little uneasy as I hadn't worn a bra under my spandex sports top and I had chosen to wear the skimpiest of my thongs. Oh well.

As I changed I somehow got the feeling that I was being watched, but couldn't figure out why. I quickly left the changing room and returned to Eleni who was ready to give me her best. Eleni complemented me on beautiful I looked in robe as I returned to her chair. I noticed her eyes gaze at my exposed leg as my robe fell open when I sat in the chair. I was beginning to notice that I was aroused by her. She put her hands on the back of my neck to rest it on the headrest and I felt chills go up my spine. I had never been so easily aroused. She pulled the chair back so I was reclining slightly and I had a full view of her wonderfully full breasts. I had never wanted to touch another womans breasts before, but at this moment it was all I could do not to hold her breasts and feel their weight and softness. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else. Eleni was applying something warm and gooey to my face and it felt really good. She massaged my temples while we waited for it to dry. She told me to think of something that made me happy.

All I could think about was her as she rubbed with temples and then my scalp. Oh, that felt so good. Then Eleni said my face was dry enough so she went to grab a moist towel. As she walked past me her leg rubbed against my robe exposing my leg up to my hip. I could feel the cool breeze meet the moistness between my legs. I did not try to cover up and left my eyelids closed. She came back to me and placed a very warm towel on my face and leaned my chair back even farther. She told me to relax and she would give me a foot massage while we waited for the facial to moisten again. She gently lifted one of my feet and began to massage it with some warm oil. Her strong hands felt so good.

Her expert hands rubbing my foot sent my head spinning. Then I felt the softest sensation on my foot and I realized that Eleni had rested my foot on her breast. I was afraid to look up because I didn't want anything to spoil this wonderful moment. Her breast was so firm and I could feel her nipple on the ball of my foot. Her hands were moving expertly up my leg over my ankles and my calf, kneading them with her sensual touch. The towel weighed heavy on my face and the light was blocked almost completely. I had that strange sensation of being watched again but tried not to worry about it, as I trusted Eleni to take care of me. As my feet and legs were getting the treatment of a lifetime, I let out a sigh.

Eleni quickly offered me a little something to drink. On the table beside me she had poured 4 little shot glasses, all of them pink except one. She picked up a pink one, uncovered my face and told me that I should take a drink to keep hydrated. I quickly drank the sweet little drink tasting fruity like a watermelon. She handed me another one and I drank it just as eagerly. While the towel was off my face I noticed that the lights were dim and candles had been lit.

How did she have time to do all that? Eleni is so remarkable I thought to have created a setting so beautiful. As I laid my head back down I realized that I was becoming very lightheaded, almost dizzy. Eleni put the towel back over my face and I heard her say, "Relax, you're gonna enjoy this.” I felt my arms and legs become heavy and her sweet, intoxicating voice sounded so far away. Have I been drugged? I thought. What pleasurable drug have I been given? Every nerve ending was waking up and the blood rushed between my legs.

Suddenly I realized that I was incredibly horny and all I could think about was being fucked. While I was lying there thinking, I thought I heard Eleni say, "She is almost ready.” Who was she talking to? I tried to respond, but realized I was powerless to move or talk. I heard another woman’s voice say, "Yes, she is almost ours.” Then it seemed like there were many voices, I couldn't determine how many. I thought maybe I should be frightened, but the drug Eleni had given me only made me happy and horny. I felt gentle hands start to remove my robe. It slipped off easily and I felt my skin against the cool soft chair. My arms were being pulled slightly apart and secured with something soft, but tight.

My skin felt stretched to a point of excitement. The chair was leaned back a little further and I was almost lying flat. Someone lifted the towel off my face and a little mask was placed over my nose and mouth. I must be breathing some kind of relaxing gas, I thought. I heard someone say, "let her watch...it will be more exciting to her. Besides she won't remember any of this anyway." The gas mask was removed from my face and everything was blurry. I felt my legs being separated and restrained in an upward position with my knees bent. God, all I wanted was for someone to fuck me. I had never felt this intense in my life.

Lying here restrained, naked with my legs and arms pulled tight, my skin alive with desire, my pussy soaking wet with anticipation. There were at least 4 people in the room and I thought I heard at least one manly voice. Everyone sounded far away and muffled. It was almost like a dream that I couldn't wake up from. All at once my arms and legs were being lightly touched rhythmically with soft feathery objects. The tickling sensation was more than I could stand. I wanted to cry out but found myself unable. Then as if they understood my needs I felt warm drops of liquid falling all over my body, slowly and deliberately. The drops felt wonderful as they rolled down the sides of my abdomen and down between my legs. Then it seemed like many, many hands began to massage me with firm hands. Oh my God, I have never felt anything like that before.

My body was so relaxed and alive. I felt hands move from the tips of my fingers to the tops of my shoulders, from the tips of my toes to the tops of my thighs - kneading my muscles as if they understood how they needed to be touched. Slowly, slowly the hands moved closer and closer to the parts of my body that were aching to be touched. A hand rubbing lightly over each breast, caressing each nipple, moving together like a well practiced dance. The oil was warmer than before and it dripped delightfully across my breast. Who was pouring the oil?

All I could see were blurry images. My breasts rubbed and squeezed, my nipples firmly pinched sending me into oblivion. I tried to arch my back and beg for the hands to touch my pussy. I needed relief. I heard muffled voices and I thought I heard something about an internal massage. What was that? Someone lifted my head up and gave me the other pink drink. Again a wave of drunkenness clouded me and I was in heaven. The hands that were massaging my feet and legs were climbing upward towards my swollen lips and wet pussy. I couldn't think clearly. I felt fingers trace the outer lips of my cunt and then separate them with 2 fingers.

"My she is so wet" I heard someone say.

"That will make it easier for her" I heard someone else say. What does that mean? I couldn't help but wonder, but found myself unconcerned due to my drunkenness. I felt a finger move slowly inside and back out again. Then I felt 2 fingers move inside me, more deeply this time. The fingers explored me gently, but skillfully. Then I felt 2 more fingers push their way inside me, stretching me just a little, sending slightly painful, pleasure signals to my brain. The other 2 fingers belonged to someone on the other side of the chair.

Their 2 fingers each massaging my inner walls in motions like synchronized swimmers opening my pussy wider and wider. Together moving their fingers in separating and closing motions while at the same time pushing deeper and deeper into my wet pussy. Then I almost gasped as I felt 2 mouths begin to suck each one of my nipples, pulling the tips with their teeth and then releasing. The hands massaging my breasts and the mouths sucking, licking me with their soft and warm tongues and nibbling me gently with their teeth.

An orgasm was approaching quickly… Just as my orgasm was building and I was on the verge of sweet release and ecstasy, the fingers pulled out and the rubbing stopped. OH NO! I thought, I need it, I have to cum or I will die. I couldn't show my frustration, my arms and legs still heavy and secured. I tried to calm down inside but every muscle was working for the ultimate release. Eleni calmed with her voice and told me to relax and take some deep breaths. She slid the little gas mask back over my face and coached me through some deep breathing. I must have past out. When I came to I heard some soft music and as I looked through my blurry eyes I still saw the candles.

I had no sense of what time it was. Suddenly I was so aware that I was in a different chair, or was it a table?! I could feel coolness on my bottom so I knew that my ass was exposed to air. My legs were slightly bent and apart and my arms were still secured outstretched. I couldn't see in the dim light but I felt light breaths close to my pussy....very slight wiffs of warm arm meeting the moistness between my legs. I could feel each inhale and exhale getting stronger and stronger. I heard a sweet voice say, " She smells so delicious like a woman should.”

Then I felt a strange sensation as someone started to rub my asshole! With gentle pressure all around my anus I felt sensations and desires I had never felt before. The lubrication they were using was getting warmer and warmer. I felt a finger enter my ass just slightly and gingerly making small circular motions. What a great sensation. Just in time to confuse me I felt small and teasing licks directly on my clit. Someone was leaning over me now and I could feel her breasts against my abdomen as her head peered between my legs.

There must have been someone sitting on a stool or something staring directly into my pussy…the one with the tongue. The other woman with her smooth butt close to my face was using her fingers to separate my lips and expose my sensitive clit. The tongue began to move up and down my slit slowly and firmly, drinking up my juices pouring from my cunt. My clit, rubbed with skill be the woman lying across me and a soft tongue fucking me was making my head spin ever more. I never imagined this kind of ecstasy…

I felt like I was in heaven and again so close to orgasm. I heard someone say "No, don't let her cum yet, Justin is on his way.” Who is Justin I thought, although I really didn't care. Eleni was standing by my head and was rubbing the facial off my face and neck. She rubbed my neck and shoulders and let her hands run down my chest to my breasts. She circled my nipples with her fingers and then gently caressed each breast. She leaned over close to my ear, her breath sending chills down my spine. "You are so beautiful" she said.

Her tongue tracing my ear, gently nibbling on my earlobe. Her mouth moving over my neck to my mouth, giving me soft kisses, licking my lips with her tongue then forcing it in my mouth for a passionate kiss. I loved the taste of her mouth. I found myself thinking about the taste of her pussy. I bet she was so sweet. Thinking about her pussy made me realize that the others had stopped playing with me so to prevent me from having an orgasm.

It seemed as if the only people there in the room were me and Eleni. And as if she could read my thoughts, she pushed a button and the table I was laying on begin to lower closer to the ground. Just when the table was low enough, Eleni walked towards my head and straddled my face facing my feet. Her pussy was a couple of inches away and there was no way that I could taste her from here. She spread her legs and bent over slightly so that I could admire her beauty. She smelled so delicious, I was overcome with desire to taste her.

I had never tasted another woman, but I was hungry for her. I heard some noise and felt bodies close to my hands that were outstretched on movable armrests on the table. As I stared at Eleni’s beautiful pussy, I felt wet flesh sitting on my hands that I soon became aware were the cunts of a couple of the girls there. Someone came and gave me a little whiff of something strong and I began to wake up a little. Someone said, "It will be more fun if she wakes up - just a little.” I came to and realized that I could move my hands and fingers. I started to explore each wet pussy and felt their soft folds as I inserted my fingers. The girls were practically sitting on my hands and moving up and down as I fucked them with my hands. It wasn't long before I had managed to insert my small hands all the way inside each girl. I felt their orgasms as their pussies pulsed again and again on my hands.

What a sensation. I heard each girl moan as they leaned forward to kiss and fondle each other. Eleni had seen enough and I heard her say it was "her turn" as she pushed the button on the table again and it began to rise. My face was getting closer and closer to her wet and beautiful pussy. She stopped the table just where her pussy could be reached by my tongue. She leaned over me and separated the girls, then put her head between my legs. It was no fair as she had her hands free to separate my lips and find my clit. All I could do was lick between her slit and suck the juices from her cunt. She didn't seem to mind that I didn't know exactly what I was doing. She was very busy licking my clit with her expert tongue. The other girls had taken themselves off my hands and were cleaning my hands with their tongues. Then they decided to help me out a little by lifting Eleni up enough to separate her lips to expose her clit. Then they raised the table another inch. I could hardly breathe as Eleni’s cunt was smashed into my face. I was crazy with hunger for her and explored her with my tongue - licking her clit, up and down her slit, in and out of her cunt, licking and sucking her juices, swallowing them eagerly. Eleni realized that I was about to cum and had stopped eating me.

I felt tortured by the lack of orgasm. Eleni lowered the table once again and removed herself from my face. Raising the table back to a normal level, she leaned over and kissed me. I could taste my juices and they were delicious mixed with hers. She said, "We better get cleaned up before Justin gets here" as she walked towards the sink and then out of the room. One of the girls I had not noticed before came over to me with a bucket of warm water and wash cloths. She said, "My name is Pam.” I will help you get cleaned up. Pam was an incredible blonde with fabulous tits and a bright smile. I could tell from her energy that she was special.

Eleni told Pam to give me some more gas as I was waking up too much and Justin wouldn't like that. I wondered who Justin was again as I drifted back to my drunkenness. Heavy again were my hands and legs, unable to speak or lift my head. I could have cared less if I stayed that way forever. Pam begin to wash my body with a very sensual smelling soap. Her hands moving over each part of my body creating a great lather. I was so soapy and her hands felt so good as she cleaned every crook and cranny paying special attention between my legs.

Her fingers rubbing my inner and outer lips and down to my ass. I couldn't help but wonder how she was going to get all this soap off of me, when she pulled down this little hose from up above and begin to hose me off with a gentle warm stream of water. Others were there to towel the water off me as soon as I was rinsed. The soft towels bouncing off my skin as they pat me dry felt so good. I was almost all clean and dry when the legs on the table begin to separate just a little more. Someone carried a large bucket that landed just below my crotch. Pam adjusted the nozzle on the water hose and the water stream began to pulse at a rapid pace. She aimed the hose between my legs and the water pounded against my cunt. She opened my lips and let the water hit my clit.

I thought I would cum in just a minute and would have begged her not to stop, but almost as soon as she’s started, she stopped. Someone came around to dry me off. I wanted to cry. It felt so good and yet, I still could not cum. Pam said, " You are doing great. He will be so happy with your condition.” She smiled her beautiful smile and left me there alone. I knew that I would see her again. As I lay there drying off, I must have fallen asleep. I started to wake up when I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart and someone pushing something small up my ass.

Their finger felt good as it pushed the object up as far as possible. Then the finger was gone and I was left alone again. Within minutes, I realized I must have been given some kind of suppository....now what drug was I being given? The muffled voices becoming louder in the background, all of my senses suddenly heightened. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. Suddenly I heard a door open and I recognized Eleni’s voice as she spoke to a strange male's voice. I heard their footsteps recognizing the louder sound of big man's footsteps.

Their voices almost undetectable as I lay in my beautiful stupor, but I thought I heard him say, "Oh yea, she is perfect for this experiment.”

Experiment, I thought....what experiment?. Eleni leaned over me and spoke into my ear in plain, slow words, "Do not be afraid, I am with you. Justin will bring you happiness forever." Reassured by her words, I tried to focus on my happy future, whatever that meant. I opened my eyes and saw a distorted vision of Justin. He was a handsome man wearing only a lab coat. He was lifting a briefcase or something onto a nearby table. I heard him ask for his assistants to come forward and they helped him ease out of his lab coat, exposing his beautiful chest and thick erect cock. He also demanded that all the assistants remove their clothes. Everyone dutifully obeyed. I could feel the tension in the room as everyone was afraid that they had displeased him.

He asked about some premedication and one of the girls said, "Yes, I gave her the suppository just 10 minutes ago.” Perfect he said, as he slid a jellied finger around my ass pulling it open slightly and then inserting some kind of small plug or something. It felt smooth, but seemed to widen and then narrow again, allowing my sphincter to close again to hold this object in place. I was so aroused. I had never had anything in my ass except the few fingers that had found their way there today. Imagine how I felt when the object began to softly vibrate in my ass.

I heard Justin say to an assistant as he fondled her breasts, "I will tell you when to turn the vibration up.” He kissed her and then turned his attention back to me. "I want to fuck her" he said, as he held his cock against my wet cunt lips. One of the assistants came over and poured some warm lubricant over my pussy and over his cock. Then without hesitation, he rammed his cock into me as far as he could, grabbing my hips and holding his cock in place. I could feel his balls drop against my butt. He waited patiently pressing his cock deeper and deeper inside me until he could go no farther. He felt so good to me.

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