tagLoving WivesMy Fiancee Takes An Older Man Ch. 03

My Fiancee Takes An Older Man Ch. 03


This is a continuing fictional story about a man who has allowed his fiancée to have sex with another man. You can read about that in part 1. In part 2 she has denied him full sexual intercourse and has arranged for them both to go to her lover's house. He is torn between his anger and his arousal. If you don't like stories where this happens, don't bother reading it. I do appreciate feedback, so do feel free to contact me especially with any requests or suggestions for future parts. I can't include everything so please do not be offended if something you suggest is not used.

By Friday night, the night before our planned visit to his house, she was having half a bottle of wine to herself and I could tell it was hitting her. She was teasing me about masturbating, saying it was obvious I was relieving myself at night. I said nothing.

"What a shame you have a fiancée who won't attend to your needs, that you need to sneak downstairs to play with yourself." She was wearing a short skirt and adjusted herself so her panties were just visible. "What a shame she's too consumed with thoughts of another man's cock to see to yours."

I squirmed in my seat.

"Are you hard now, baby?"

"No," I lied.

"Pity. I might have let you fuck me, if you were."

I shot my eyes to hers. "I mean I am hard. I'm hard right now."

She shook her head. "I need a man that knows when he's hard. Without hesitation."

I pleaded for several minutes. Then begged for more. I yearned for that pussy. I contemplated getting on my hands and knees, showing my complete dedication for her and to ask approval to worship her with my tongue if nothing else. I even stupidly told her I was prepared to go so far.

She sipped the end of her wine and shut her legs tightly together. "Your sex ban continues."

* * * * *

We were both awake early on Saturday. I didn't mention the evening. She had made the plans all on her own and I was privy to very little. She said nothing about it either and I went so far as to wonder whether the whole thing was a hoax, part of some sexual mind game she was developing.

I was watching the full-time results in the football when I decided to take a piss. It was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon and still there had been no mention of later. I trudged up the stairs and pushed open the door to the bathroom. She was sat on the edge of the bath, legs spread, and shaving her pussy. I stared at her, loving her attention to grooming.

"Leave a little tuft of hair above your clit," I commanded. "I like you like that way."

She immediately shaved it off. "He likes me bald," she said.

I was staring at her pussy, wanting it so much. She watched my eyes and a wicked smile crossed her face.

"You're gagging for it, aren't you?"

I nodded.

"You know the rules, don't you?"

I confirmed that I did.

"Tell me them."

I sighed. "I am not allowed to touch you unless you expressly request it."

"Good boy." She held the razor out to me. "Would you like to help groom me for my lover?"

I hesitated.

"Come on, it means you can get close to this pussy."

I kneeled between her legs, inhaling the freshest of scents from her. Her lips were beautiful. They looked tender, untouched. Clean and eager for worshipping. I took the razor in my hand. She guided it to a spot below her pussy.

"Be extremely careful. If you so much as accidentally graze my lips I will enforce the ultimate punishment on you."

I looked up to her. "What's that?"

"I'll go without you tonight."

I tended to her body, being gentle and caring. Her pussy stared right at me. My heart was beating hard and my cock throbbed in my trousers.

"And make no mistake about it, baby, I will be getting fucked tonight. Think about it. How you'll finally get to see what you missed last week."

I fought the temptation to touch her. My resistance was much stronger than I imagined. Only because I knew I couldn't cope with a further denial. The thoughts of her leaving me at home so she could travel to his house for a night of sex without me was torturous. "I want you so bad right now," I confessed, handing the razor back to her.

She spread her legs further. "If you take me now, I'll not stop you."

"But you'll punish me for it later."

She smiled. "Its your choice. What do you want more? To fuck me here or watch me later?"

I was frozen before her. Her pussy ever so delicious. I had to fight the urge to dive in. This required serious thought. If I finally fucked her she would be off without me later. I couldn't guarantee she would even come back the same night. I knew what way her behaviour was changing. I needed to chaperone. I backed away.

"A real man wouldn't even think about it, baby."

I lost all control and dived forward. Her hand blocked her pussy.

"Good things come to those who wait, though." She took her hand away, exposing all that I desired. "If you are patient, you will be rewarded."

I ran my hand over my head, confusion rife. I didn't know how much more of these games I could take. She had complete control over me. I would do anything she wanted. I couldn't think for myself anymore.

"Too late, baby." She stood up. "Offer rescinded."

I watched her march out of the bathroom, her slim naked form a beautiful picture. Her firm ass swayed as she walked and I followed her to the bedroom like a lapdog.

"Would you like to help me dress?" she asked.

"I've already told you what I want you to wear tonight," I argued.

She smiled. "Baby, you're sweet. I will wear what you wanted tonight, but I will change into that when we get there. I need something sexy, but slightly more conservative to wear on the way down there and for an hour or so until I loosen up with a drink."

* * * * *

I drove to his house. She sat next to me in a short denim skirt, high boots with thick heels (the same boots I had asked her to wear later) and a tight white top with no bra. She had a black cardigan over the top, one button done across her breasts. We had agreed on a lacy black thong for underneath.

"Do you want me to flash you, baby?" she asked, as we sat at red traffic lights.

"Yeah, please," I answered.

She gently pulled her skirt up her thighs and revealed her shaven pussy.

"Where's your thong?"

She laughed and pulled her skirt down again as the lights changed to green. "I dared myself not to wear it in the end. I have absolutely no underwear with me tonight, baby."

"What if we were in an accident? What would people think?"

"Drive carefully then," she insisted, and pulled her skirt up again. She spread her legs and gently parted her lips with her fingers. "My pussy is alive tonight."

"Can I touch her?"

She didn't answer.

"Can I?"

Her eyes were shut and her silence continued.

I placed a hand on her bare knee and slowly moved it up her leg.

"This is wrong," she said. "I promised him I'd keep myself fresh for him."

My hand found hers and began to navigate over her knuckles and underneath towards the sweet, moist lips of her pussy. I could feel the heat of her sex less than a centimetre from my fingertips when a car in the next lane darted across the front of us. My hand switched back to the steering wheel and I narrowly avoided him.

"That was close," she said.

"I know, that idiot nearly caused an accident."

"I didn't mean that." She pulled her skirt down again.

I moved my hand back to her leg, but she caught it and stopped me.

"Sorry, baby, we're nearly there. I can't give you my pussy. Its his."

My frustration broke through another barrier when I conceded defeat. My erection proving I was sinking to yet further depths.

* * * * *

The conversation was more cordial than awkward when we arrived. As I expected, she was quiet and he directed most of his words at me. We exchanged the usual formalities, dealing with sport and the like. Each of us rushed our first drink. He and I on the beer, she on vodka and pure orange juice. She was first to the toilet.

"She's looking stunning tonight," he said in her absence.

I watched her descend the stairs from my seat in the kitchen, taking in those breathtaking legs. "That she is," I agreed.

She came into the kitchen and gave me a kiss, our tongues lovingly exploring each other. Then she broke it and strode over to him, returning the same favour. When she stopped kissing him, she spun 180 degrees and leaned back against him. He held her in his arms and she smiled. Her eyes locked on mine and shifted to the direction of upstairs. Her subtlety amused me and I obeyed her.

I took my time in the bathroom. I knew what she was doing. I could imagine, at least. She would more than likely have pressed her ass into his crotch, maybe kissed him some more. But more certainly than anything else she would have allowed his hands to roam under skirt. It was the same trick she had turned with him in the past when his wife was still on the scene. She loved his fingers exploring her, though never before had she worn nothing under a skirt.

I made no effort to be quiet coming down the stairs. The night was young and there was plenty of time left to sneak up on them and catch them in the act. With so little alcohol in our systems it was very much still the time for nerves and awkwardness.

I marched into the kitchen and had to admit to being more than a little surprised to find them kissing, her with her back to me. His hands were under the back of her skirt, showing me plenty of flesh, mauling her cheeks. I sat up on a stool, downed more beer and continued to watch. He turned her around so she faced me, though her mouth never parted his. She was leaning back to him, loving his tongue in her mouth. His hands pulled her skirt up at the front and revealed that beautiful, shaven pussy of hers. Finally, she came up for air.

"I've thought of doing that all week," she said, strolling to the other stool in the kitchen.

"Me too," he began, "and a lot more."

She poured herself another drink and went to fix her skirt before she sat down.

"No," I said, touching her arm. "Leave it like that so we can both admire you."

She looked to him.

"By all means, please."

She jumped onto the stool and sat with her legs crossed, her skirt at her waist. She seemed a little uncomfortable at first, changing one leg over with the other. But she soon relaxed and took turns to swivel first into his view, then into mine.

He excused himself for the toilet and my fiancée and I were left alone. I asked her if she was okay.

"Baby," she began quietly, "I've never felt so turned on as I do now. I wouldn't care who else was here, male or female, it wouldn't stop me. I'm up for anything tonight."

"You've no idea how much I want you right now," I confessed, a desperate hard on raging in my pants.

She parted her legs before me. "Touch me, but don't go inside me."

My fingers found her soaking clit and rubbed her.

She moaned. "That's it baby, just a quick rub. Stop when you hear him on the stairs. This can be our wee secret."

I risked punishment and leaned down to lick her, then strayed from her clit to her pussy lips. I couldn't remember them ever being as moist without foreplay. All her inhibitions were gone. I licked her from her clit to the bottom of her lips and back again. Then we heard him close the bathroom door and hurry down the stairs. I sat quickly back on my stool and she crossed her legs, her eyes eager for more.

"You're bad, baby." Her voice fell to a whisper as he hit the bottom of the stairs. "I didn't say you could do that." She stared at me, a definitive threat in her pupils.

He entered the kitchen with his head down. She stuck her left leg out and blocked his way past, then she put her right leg to the other side of him. With her boots wrapped around his waist, she pulled him closer. He glanced at her pussy. It became a stare. An erotic, defining moment was occurring. He was transfixed.

"Can you go down...?" She allowed her sentence to trail off as he kneeled before her, kissing both her legs from the knees up. "Oh, that's lovely... And tempting." He was at her thighs when she resisted, closing them on his neck and stopping him inches from her lips. "I brought an outfit to change into. Its in a bag under the table. Can you grab it for me?"

I saw a look of disappointment on his face that I was growing to recognise every morning in the mirror. He found the bag and passed it to her.

"Thank you, sweetie," she said, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I think its time I got dressed up for my men." She stood up from her stool and fixed her skirt, concealing her moist pussy at last. "Would you like to come upstairs with me and help me dress?" She was talking to him.

His eyes lit up and he immediately replaced his beer on the table. "Absolutely," he said.

She took him by the hand and led him to the stairs. She glanced a wicked grin at me until she was out of sight. I had no doubt this was my punishment for licking her pussy without her expressed permission.

I waited at first patiently, then restlessly as the minutes ticked by. I listened from the kitchen for noises, but I could not hear very much. Just the occasional footstep. It sounded normal enough, but I knew her mood all too well. When ten minutes had passed I knew something was going on. I wasn't particularly jealous. More excited. Interested. Envious at worst. My cock was hard in my jeans. I felt it through the fabric. I was tempted to undo my fly and give myself a quick wank while they were out of the room. Then I heard a groan. A distinctive male groan. I listened carefully for a repeat, but it did not come.

A door was shut suddenly upstairs. I wondered was this one of them going from one room to another? Or was it to conceal the noise of their activities? I suspected the latter much more than the former.

I paced myself back and forth on the kitchen floor. Fifteen minutes had passed. I crept into the hall, cocked my ear upwards and listened. Silence. Whatever they were doing was probably tame. If he was fucking her I'd have heard the commotion come through the ceiling. I tiptoed into the living room, right below the bedroom. There was an occasional noise. I was certain of it. I listened for a rhythm, but there was none obvious. I stood for another five minutes underneath them, my heart beating faster and louder with every sound I could pick up.

Then there was footsteps and the door swung open. I quickly made my way back to the kitchen before they hit the stairs. I sat up on the stool and swallowed more beer.

She entered the kitchen first, holding his hand. She was dressed just as I had instructed. Her corset was sheer black, see-through to reveal her nipples and pussy lips. It tied around her neck and was buckled down the front. It had a thong back to it and revealed every curve she possessed. I loved the high boots on her. She looked like such a slut. Her deep red lipstick accentuated every inkling of the word.

She wiped her lower lip with her forefinger. "I think he's gonna need a half hour's rest."

He walked past the stools, rather sheepishly. It was obvious she had given him a blow job up the stairs. I didn't mind. I had known she would punish me for my tongue straying. Perhaps subconsciously I had even done it deliberately.

She downed half a glass of wine and turned to me. "You've been a good boy this week, baby." She unbuckled my belt and began to undo my fly. "Its time you were rewarded."

She fell to her knees before me and guided my cock into her mouth. From tip to base she swallowed it whole. Back and forth she went, faster and faster. She was a woman possessed, loving every second and every inch. After a couple of minutes she let it go, a trail of precum and saliva running from my head to her lips. She planted her lips firmly around it and sucked up the precum. I couldn't believe the transition.

"Holy fuck," he said, watching our slut do her thing.

Her hand wrapped around my shaft. She gripped it hard and looked to him as she wanked me. "Do you like watching?" she asked him.

He nodded, unable to find any words.

"Good, I love to show off." She put my head back in her mouth and licked it all around. She was still wanking me furiously and I knew I couldn't last much longer if she kept it up. "I love your cock, baby."

She was truly wonderful, knowing exactly when to speak and when to suck. Her expertise was unrivalled. I watched her eyes glance to him every few seconds. I placed my hand on the back of her head and began to hump her beautiful mouth. She responded with a graceful moan of pleasure, accepting yet more of me. I loved the switch. The taking back of my fiancée from this other man. To dominate her right before him. To dethrone him. To defile her. It was my right and my duty.

"I'm close," I declared.

She pulled away and stood up. My eyes focused on her crotch. She pulled the thin fabric to one side and exposed her lips. "I'm going to sit on that cock of yours, baby. Its the moment you've been waiting for."

Finally, I thought. My cock had been aching for her pussy for over a week. She came towards me, her fingers already playing with that clit of hers. I wanted her so much. My balls throbbed with desire, with determination, with degradation. Then she stopped, her attention drawn behind me. To him. I looked around and saw he was stroking his hard cock.

"Decisions, decisions," she said, her eyes darting from one cock to the other. "Which do I want most?" She walked past me, to him, bent over and slipped his into her mouth.

I wanked as I watched. She looked amazing when she devoured him, licking his balls and rubbing his cock over her face.

"I can't believe you're hard again," she told him, then stuffed him into her mouth.

"It was watching you."

She moaned into his cock, then released him. She looked at me first, then him, when she spoke. "I'm so lucky to have two guys who both love watching me with the other."

I stood up and approached her from behind. I wasn't going to ask. I wasn't going to beg. I was going to shove my cock into her exposed cunt and fuck her for all she was worth.

She twirled before me and shoved her pussy to his crotch. "Fuck me now. I need a hard cock inside me."

He grinned, grabbed her hips and rammed himself into her.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed. "That's so fucking nice!"

I stood in silence, watching this man take my wife-to-be right before my eyes. There was a look of pure lust on both their faces. Neither apparently aware of my presence. He stared at her as he fucked her, loving every single second. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth wide open with a mix of moans and expletives erupting. A realisation struck me as I watched. I enjoyed this. Not just seeing him take her right before me. But the fact that every attempt I made to get inside her never came to fruition. I thrived on the denial. The rejection. The humiliation.

"Baby," she croaked, reaching her hand out. "Fuck my mouth."

I didn't hesitate, grabbing a handful of her hair and shoving my cock back and forth in her mouth. She seemed to love being taken roughly at both ends, meeting every stroke and fighting for more. I leaned back to admire her, my eyes taking in the image of her dressed like such a slut in those boots. She moaned and pulled my cock deep into her mouth again. She took every inch of it, then I held her tight against me. Her bright red lips were locked around the base of my cock. She was trying to pull away. I held her. She was gasping for release. I locked her down. He fucked her harder, realising what was happening. She tried to push me with her hands. It only made me more determined. I knew she would be angry. She was far beyond her comfort zone.

Her muffles increased until finally I released her. She was panting, unable to catch her breath again as he relentlessly ploughed into her. I wanked my cock in front of her face, teasing her lips with the head. She refused to take him again.

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