tagLoving WivesMy Fiancee's Dogging Christmas Prese

My Fiancee's Dogging Christmas Prese


Okay I'm not really sure how to start this story as it involves my Fiancé. It started when I took her out on her nineteenth birthday to by some sexy underwear and a few other items. Her birthday is in the middle of December so we first visited an adult shop in a local town and after trying on a few different sets of underwear she settled on a festive red and black three piece set of underwear including bra, crotch less knickers and suspender belt. I also brought her some new black opaque stockings too. Then we walked through the town and as we past the Ann Summers shop the Mrs Claus costume caught her eye too, after trying on a couple of different sizes she settled on one and we brought that too. Later that day we had a nice meal together and went home. A couple of days later it was the weekend and after dinner Beki decided to have a bath and as she was soaking she called out;

"Darling can you please get my new undies and Mrs Santa suit out and we'll have a little fun!"

"Ok Bex."

I replied and laid out her new undies, costume and kinky high heeled boots on the bed for her to slip into when she had finished her bath. About an hour later I heard her moving about in the bedroom and smiled to myself at the thought of what we may get up to together.

"Ta daa!"

Beki said as she skipped into the living room wearing her new undies and Mrs Santa suit! She looked stunning standing in front of me turning from side to side and bending over to touch her toes, revealing her sexy black and red lacy crotch less knickers and her already glistening pussy lips! Very slowly and sexily she slipped her fingers between her legs and eased one in and out of her pussy, causing herself to moan quietly. Then very sexily she looked around and whispered;

"Tonight we're going to play a little game. Do you remember those two BDSM games that you wrote out, that we never got around to?"

"Yes they're on the book case in the bedroom."

"No they're not, I found them the other day and read through them and I hid them for me to use another day. Today is that day! I've sort of mixed them up and made my own game with them."

"You have, have you? So how have you changed them then?"

"Well you remember that we did a sex texting game on our mobiles the other day and I told you that you had made me into your slut, what I should have said was that you had made me into A SLUT! So tonight you WILL do exactly as you are told, and if you don't then you will do as is written in this envelope. Do you agree to the new game rules?"

She said as she handed me an envelope that she had hidden inside her Santa suit. I ripped it open and read what she had written, I was quite surprised at what she had written but after re-reading it I said to her;

"That's ok, I'll play by your rules, so what do you want me to do?"

"Now you dirty little man whore go and put some of my knickers on and come back here!"

She forcefully said, but by now I was already developing a very hard cock. I slipped past Beki and headed for the bedroom. Once there I quickly removed my clothes and rummaged in her naughty draw for a suitable pair of her knickers, I found a black lacy pair that looked as if they would fit me and hold my 'large cock' (as you call it). As I pushed my cock down into the front of the knickers I noticed that the swollen end of my cock was covered in pre cum and as I let the lacy material of the knickers down against it, the pre cum was squeezed out through the lace creating little beads of it on the outside of the knickers, I left it there and returned to the living room.

"Lay on the floor."

You ordered, and getting more turned on I did as you had ordered me. By now I could feel my pre-cum leaking from my cock onto my skin beneath the black lacy women's knickers that I had on and trailing its way down towards my balls, which was also making the front of the lacy material wet too. Emphasising the MY whilst still standing above me Beki looked down at me and she said;

"My, my, aren't we turned on, you're so wet! You really want me don't you?"

Beki slowly, and very sexily stripped off her Mrs Santa suit and dropped it on the floor and then knelt down beside me and started rubbing my already hard cock through her black knickers with one hand and with the other she released the clasp of her bra and shrugged it off before squeezing the material around my pre-cum covered cock and stomach, literally soaking it up with the lacy material, I hoarsely replied;


Then slowly with great care Beki lifted the front of the black lacy knickers that I was wearing and released my throbbing cock from inside them before carefully pushing the pre-cum covered material down below my balls. From the end of my throbbing cock and the skin of my stomach she scooped up as much pre-cum as she could and rubbed it over her nipples, then grabbing a handful of hair in one hand and each of her breasts in turn with the other she forced me to lick and suck the pre-cum from them. I did try not to do as she wanted me to but Beki moved her grip to pinch my nose closed so that I had to open my mouth to breath, and that's when she pushed her nipples into my mouth. Beki's domination over me at this point turns her on even more and made her moan quite loudly and that in turn, turned me on even more too!

The next thing I knew was that Beki was straddling my face with one knee either side of my head and the crotch less knickers parted showing me her very slippery looking pussy as she lowered it down towards my mouth. As she did so I found out just how turned on she was too, as a thin stream of her cum trickled from her pussy down onto my chin before she finally pushed her pussy down onto my mouth. The next thing that I heard Beki say was;

"Now lick me you man whore, and make it good!"

I started moving my little tongue inside your opening licking as much of your sweet tasting cum into my mouth as I could before swallowing each time, soon you moved yourself so that I could lick and suck on your sensitive clit and grabbing a handful of hair again you pull my mouth and tongue hard up against it and gasp out;

"Lick my clit hard you slut, don't stop, even when I cum!"

I started licking and sucking her very swollen clit and she was soon gasping out one sentence over and over again;

"Yes baby, yes baby don't stop, don't stop."

I could hear Beki's voice, getting louder and louder, until she was almost shouting it by the time that she finally started to climax. Beki kept grinding her clit against my tongue and mouth until her body starts jerking and she cried out a long drawn out Yesssssssss as a very powerful orgasm tore through her body and she slumped backwards onto my legs gasping for breath.

After a couple of minutes Beki sat up and without saying anything she turned around on top of me and after making sure her pussy was on my mouth again and whispered as she leant forwards to take my cock into her mouth;

"Lick me again."

As I started licking her dripping pussy she started licking and sucking on my cock, several times she took all of it down her throat and she soon had me close to cumming in her mouth. Beki seemed to know this and she stopped sucking my cock and lifted herself from my mouth, turning around she straddled my lap and as she reached down to press the swollen end of my cock against her pussy lips she said;

"Remember what you have to do if you cum before I do."

"Yes I remember you slut, you know I can't last very long in your tight pussy! You set me up!"

I said as she lowered herself down onto my very sensitive pre-cum leaking cock with a loud gasp of pleasure. I managed about a minute before the stimulation from Beki's tight pussy made me explode inside her, pumping squirt after squirt of sticky cum deep into her pussy. When she felt me stop jerking inside her she kept me inside her whilst she said;

"I felt every squirt of your cum inside me, I know that you came. I haven't, so now you have to do what the instructions said in the note that I gave you."

Beki got off my cock and put her bra and Santa suit back on, I did as the note said and pulled the lacy knickers back up to cover my rapidly shrinking cock still covered in our mixed cum before retrieving my clothes from the bedroom and leaving off my normal underwear and keeping hers on I got dressed. By the time I was ready Beki had reapplied her make up and had a picnic blanket over her arm and was waiting at the door ready to go out. My instructions were specific; I now had to take her to a renowned

Dogging spot about thirty miles from our house and present her to the men and women there as a Christmas present to be used as a fuck toy for whom ever wanted to have sex with her until she felt well and truly used! We drove to the spot and after switching the interior light on and flashing the lights we soon had a crowd of just men this time, there were about fifteen of them gathered around the car when I got out and said;

"Hi everyone, Beki is here tonight as a Christmas present to you all, she wants you all to fuck her as many times as you can until she has had enough."

Beki got out of the car and sexily spread the picnic blanket on the ground and got on all fours and wiggling her bum she said to the men gathered around her;

"Come on then what are you waiting for, FUCK ME NOW!"

Within seconds one of the men was on his knees behind her slipping two fingers into her very slippery pussy, causing her to groan with pleasure, soon he was fumbling with his trousers, getting his cock out and was then seen by everyone pushing into her pussy. As he started up a rhythm another cock was presented to her, this time to her mouth, in one smooth movement she took the whole of his cock straight down her throat, causing him to gasp out both in shock and pleasure and he was soon fucking her throat just like it was a pussy too. It wasn't long before they both filled their respective holes with cum, they were both replaced quickly by fresh cocks, and that's how it went on for about an hour and a half. By that time cum was all over Beki's face, it was freely flowing from her pussy down over her stockings and was smeared all over them, cum was also all over her lovely firm breasts where she'd pulled the top of the Santa suit down and had pulled her breasts from her bra! It was about quarter past midnight when she said she'd had enough and everyone thanked her before walking away from us. I then did as she told me and took several pictures of her covered in cum, then I passed her a damp towel and a dry one to wipe the worst of the cum off herself before she got back in the car and I took her home. On the journey home she said to me;

"Now you see how much of a slut you have made me into, I just let all those men use me, and make me feel sooooo dirty inside. Now I'm a real whore for you, you wait until our next game, I'm going to be even naughtier than I have been tonight!"

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