tagRomanceMy Fireman: Love at Last

My Fireman: Love at Last

byRandys toy©

The clock on the wall above her last patient's bed read 6:20 AM. Mel wondered if this night would ever end. It had been steady until midnight, but now only a few patients remained in the ER. The usual Friday night drunks were all tucked in with their banana bags slowly dripping in.

Mel stifled a yawn as she walked back to the nurse's station, catching the tail end of an ambulance report on the EMS radio.. "CPR in progress... no BP.. no pulse.. no shockable rhythm at this time.. down for over 20 minutes.. pulling up at the back door.."

The ER doc grabbed her sleeve, pulling her toward the ambulance bays at the back door. "Let's grab this one on the way in and get it over with, Mel." She could hear the beeping of the ambulance backing up, thinking to herself this would be an easy one. A little paperwork was all it would take to get this unfortunate soul on the way to the morgue.

The back ambulance doors swung open just as Mel and the doc stepped out into the ambulance bay. Her heart skipped a beat as she glanced up. There HE was, intently performing chest compressions, sweat dripping from his smooth forehead.

Mel had not let herself think about him the last couple of weeks. The last thing she had heard from him was a short note left on her pillow. "Until tonight" it had promised, but tonight had never come. That had been over two weeks ago.

Mel's professional manner quickly took over as she gave her full attention to the doctor. She watched him listen to the patient and shake his head. "Time of death 6:42 AM, Mel" She jotted that down on the back of her hand then glanced up. Her eyes met his as he wiped the sweat from his brown, his lips turning up into that sexy grin.

"Hey, Mel" he said as he lifted a brow, his eyes traveling over her. Almost icily, she spoke. "Hello Randy." She turned, ignoring him to follow the others inside. His strong hand grabbed her arm, snatching her back toward the ambulance and into the darkness.

"Is something wrong, baby?" Randy growled softly, pushing her back against the cool metal side of the ambulance. His lips swiftly found hers. She struggled against him weakly for just a moment before his skillful lips had her kissing him back with the same urgency. Just as quickly, he pulled back from her with a triumphant smile. His eyes gleamed with victory. "Have you missed me baby?"

Mel smiled up at him so sweetly, jerking away from him suddenly. "No more than you've missed me." She turned and headed for the doors. Once again he grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop. "Turn me loose!" She hissed under her breath, not wanting to cause a scene.

The angry look that flashed in his eyes sent a chill through her. "This isn't over, Mel." He whispered, letting her arm go as suddenly as he had grabbed it.

Her own eyes narrowed in rage. "You are so right. THIS never started!" She turned on her heel and slipped through the doors. Her hands were shaking as she finished up her paperwork, avoiding him until the end of her shift.

Who did he think he was anyhow? She had figured out after their last time together that she was nothing more than a good time to him. These thoughts ran through her mind as she headed home. A few hours sleep and a night out with her friends would get him off her mind and out of her system.

Mel slept fitfully most of the day, finally getting up and slipping into a nice hot bubble bath. Laying back in the steaming water, memories of another bath flooded her mind. "Damn him." She thought as she got up, wrapping a towel around her.

A few hours later, Mel and a couple friends from work headed to the local hangout that was usually filled with cops, fireman, medics and the like. It was a place to grab a cold one, dance, shoot pool, or just sit back and relax with other people who understood what your day was like. Mel wasn't much of a drinker, but tonight she needed a little something extra to help her chill out.

Mel sat back on a barstool glancing around as she sipped on a wine cooler. She recognized most of the faces from work and around town. She found herself looking around, not wanting to admit to herself she was a little disappointed when Randy wasn't there.

"He isn't here." The masculine voice behind her spoke up. She turned to see one of the medics who had been on the CPR call that morning sliding onto the stool next to hers.

"Who?" She smiled so innocently, sipping on her drink.

"You know exactly who I am talking about . I saw what happened this morning by the ambulance." The medic smiled as her cheeks pinkened.

"I'd like to forget about that, if you don't mind." Mel looked away, obviously still embarrassed, downing the last of her drink.

"Sounds good to me, sweetheart. How about you let me help you forget it?" The medic motioned for the bartender to bring her another before offering her his hand and leading her out onto the dance floor.

They danced, laughed, and drank for the next hour or so, but something just did not feel right to her. As they danced, Mel laid her head on the medic's shoulder. The second time that day she thought to herself "Damn him." just before she felt the guy jerk away from her. From the corner of her eye, she saw a huge fist connecting with the guy's cheek before he hit the floor.

"I told you this wasn't over, Melissia." That familiar voice echoed in her ears as Randy grabbed her arm and pulled her off the dance floor and toward the door. Mel angrily jerked her arm from his grasp, only to find herself thrown over his shoulder and still heading toward the door. No one dared to stop him. They had all seen the dangerous look in his eyes when he had come in looking for her.

Randy dumped her into the seat of his truck, jerking her head back to stared into her eyes. His voice was so eerily calm, unlike the look in his eyes. "If you are going to act like a slut, you will only act like that for me. Understand?"

Mel didn't have time to answer before he slammed the truck door shut and climbed in the driver side.

They rode in tense silence for a few miles. Mel wouldn't even look his way, her angry eyes staring out the window into the darkness. Randy was the first to break the silence. "Are you hungry?" he asked. She shook her head no, even though she was starving and knew that she really needed to eat something to calm the tipsy feeling in her stomach. he shrugged and kept driving, mumbling something about stubborn women under his breath.

They rode for what seemed like hours to her, but was probably closer to a few minutes. She knew they were well outside town, but not anywhere she was familiar with. He turned down a country lane that led way back into the woods. He stopped the truck under a tree by a huge pond. He slid out and came around the truck to open her door, offering his hand to help her down.

"So, you like to dance?' He asked, almost shyly. She nodded slowly, looking up to his face, no longer hearing the anger in his voice.

"I like a lot of things." Mel glanced around, taking a deep breath as she saw the full moon reflecting off the surface of the gently rippling water. She looked back at the truck as Randy slid a CD in and turned the volume up. He walked back around the truck and stopped in front of her.

"May I?" Randy offered her his hand. Mel just stared up at him for a moment before sliding her hand into his. His strong arms slid around her, pulling her body tight against his. Slowly they swayed in the darkness, her head laid against his chest. Being in his arms felt so right to her, she just wished he felt the same.

They danced like that for a while, clinging to each other. Nothing else seemed to matter as the last notes of the last song on the CD faded. Randy reluctantly eased his hold of her, gently lifting her face to look in her eyes.

"I'm going to take you home now.." He hesitated for a moment, searching her eyes, seeing the flash of disappointment there. Then he whispered. "My home.. I want nothing more than to wake up with you in my arms in the morning. Will you come with me?"

Any hard feelings she had toward him melted as she looked in his eyes. She nodded, catching her breath. "I would love to." she whispered.

They climbed in his truck and headed for his house. When they arrived, he helped her down and held her hand as they walked to the door. He gave her a quick tour, ending in his bedroom.

Randy reached into his drawer and handed her a t-shirt, pointing to the bathroom. "You can change in there, if you want. " He smiled so big, watching her walk across the floor.

Mel looked at herself in the mirror after slipping out of her clothes and into his shirt. Oddly enough, she was more nervous now than she had ever been with a him. She wasn't scared of him, In fact she felt safer in his arms than she had ever felt anywhere. She knew instinctively that he would never intentionally hurt her. She also knew that somewhere in the back of her mind, she was losing her heart to him, and that was what scared her more than anything. She had been hurt before and wasn't looking forward to seeing her heart crushed again.

Mel nervously walked out of the bathroom, seeing he had turned down the cover on his huge bed and had the lights dim. He was laying there against a couple of pillows, wearing boxers and a t-shirt.

Randy looked up as she walked toward the bed. He couldn't take her eyes off her. He had seen a lot of women in his time, but this one was the sexiest, standing there in his shirt and white socks. He wasn't sure who was more nervous, her or him.

Mel climbed into bed beside him, relieved when he reached over and turned the light off. Randy laid back and pulled her into his arms, cradling her head against his chest. His powerful hands stroked her back tenderly as she got comfortable. It was odd that with all the sexual tension between the two, they were enjoying just laying there together more than anything in the world.

In the quietness of the night, he was the first to speak. "Mel, I don't want you to think that you are just a fuck to me. I.. I really like you." She could tell he was struggling with his words, something very unusual for him she knew from experience. "I want you to be mine. I didn't realize how much until tonight. Seeing you in that dude's arms.. I.. I wanted to kill him for touching what was mine."

Mel lifted up to look at him in the darkness, almost in disbelief at what she was hearing. No words would come to her to tell him how she felt. She slid up his body, her lips finding his, pouring her emotions into that one kiss, almost unable to breathe as he kissed her back so passionately.

Randy smiled in the darkness as Mel pulled away from him, licking her lips. "Hmmmm.." was all he said as she laid her head down on his shoulder. She sighed in deep contentment as she laid her arm over his chest. She could hear his every heartbeat. She couldn't remember a time when she felt more at home or any safer. Without a worry in the world they both soon drifted to sleep.

Randy's eyes slowly fluttered open , realizing it was still very dark in the room and somewhere in the fogginess of sleep he realized he wasn't alone. The unfamiliar presence in his bed was now completely under the cover and something warm and wet was wrapped around his quickly hardening cock. A soft moan escaped from under the sheets as he became fully aware of the events taking place.

Mel had woke up earlier, unable to go back to sleep. She had laid there and watched him sleeping so peacefully until she could not take it anymore. This man that she had dreamed so much about was finally hers. She couldn't think of a better way to please him than to wake him with her mouth. His cock hardened as his hand slid down to cradle the back of her head, gently pushing her mouth down on his cock. His sleepy moans were all the encouragement she needed, sliding her mouth entirely onto his cock, taking it deeper than she ever had before.

Randy threw his head back as she deep-throated his cock. All he could focus on was this incredible woman. Nothing else mattered at that moment besides her and him. He could feel his thigh muscles tightening as he strained against her soft lips. His fingers slid in her hair, pulling her mouth from his cock. He pulled her body atop his, guiding his cock to her glistening wet entrance, with one swift thrust he was buried in her to the hilt.

Mel couldn't take it any longer. She had never had anyone make her feel like he did. His cock twitched within her even as he held his passion in check. The mere twitching sent her barrelling over the edge into complete ecstasy. Riding him like there was no tomorrow, she soon had him begging her not to stop.

Randy's cock exploded into her warmth, spraying her insides with his hot cum. Her trembling body soon slid from his to lay beside him on the bed. They both stared at the ceiling for a moment before turning into each others arms. He kissed her forehead so tenderly before pulling her close to him once more.

"Mel.. I think I'm falling for you.. Please don't hurt me," he whispered.

Mel just smiled and cuddled closer into his embrace. "I love you too, baby." Her eyes closed once again, drifting off into peaceful sleep.

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