tagErotic CouplingsMy First Affair was "In-tents"

My First Affair was "In-tents"



As I think back on the affair, I consider it to have officially started on a January class trip to the Texas coast. It all caught me off guard really. I didn't even know Sarah was interested in me. I mean once, weeks before this trip, while standing side by side working through a homework problem, she placed her hand on the small of my back. It was just inappropriate enough for me to take note but was easily explained away as a friendly gesture rather than a sexual overture and we never spoke of it. But the contact on this camping trip was unmistakable.

The trip itself was part of a natural history course. I work at a small liberal arts college and the students in the Environmental Studies degree looked forward to the break from the cold Midwestern winter to travel to the Gulf Coast for some warmer weather and new ecosystems to explore.

To keep the student costs down, we rented two vans and camped. I was a newly hired faculty and taught the course with a senior faculty member. We each drove a van full of students. He and I did most of the driving. In my van, I found that if Sarah wasn't in the co-pilot seat next to me, she was sitting directly behind me, inched forward and perched literally at my shoulder. I was so excited to be making the trip that it didn't occur to me that she may have other motives besides "education" for being so enthusiastic.

About half way through the trip, Sarah earned herself a large blister on the sole of her foot. I saw her taking a few tender steps and asked her what the problem was.

"Jay," she began, "I can hardly walk on this blister." I grabbed the first aid kit and told her to take off her hiking boot.

She sat at a picnic table and removed her shoe and sock. The blister didn't look too bad to me, but then again I wasn't the one that had to walk on it. I used a cotton ball to apply some rubbing alcohol to cool it down and then fashioned a pad of moleskin around it to cushion the impact. I then checked over the rest of her foot to look for any other hot spots that might give her trouble.

To do all this, I had to be actually handling her bare foot. It never occurred to me to put on a pair of latex gloves so it was really the most skin on skin contact we had ever had. And at this point, it was purely professional. I was focused on the task of helping her and nothing more. I suggested we look at the other foot and she agreed that was probably a good idea. I gave that foot an equally thorough inspection and found no problems. She thanked me and as the day progressed, seemed to be doing much better with the moleskin pad I provided.

The next day she asked me to help her again. The blister looked better. By the third day it was almost gone. On the fourth day Sarah seemed to have no problems at all but after dinner was over and most of the students had retreated to a campfire she called over to me and asked "Aren't you going to check my blister today?"

"Of course I will", I replied as I picked up the first aid kit and headed to her tent. It was a cool night, not yet dark and Sarah sat on the ground at the opening of her tent with her legs stretched out in front of her. She wore a tight t-shirt and a pair of short shorts, and from what I could gather, nothing more.

I knelt before her and took one of her feet in my hand to look at the sole.

"Sarah, this blister is almost gone."

"It still hurts Jay. Does it look like its healing properly?" was her reply.

I lifted her foot higher and made a show of inspecting it. In reality, the fading light made it difficult to see any other details. "Does it hurt when I touch it?" I asked.

She hesitated. I continued to rub her foot thinking that she needed more information to answer.

When she didn't offer any other response, I tried a different tact. "How is the other foot?" I inquired.

She raised her other foot for me and as I let go of the first one she lowered her leg, placing her foot directly between my legs. I froze. The sole of her bare foot was pressed gently, but unmistakably, against my penis. Surely, she would realize her mistake and shift it away any moment now. Except she didn't. I held her other foot and wondered what to do. I decided that whether this was an innocent accident or a purposeful flirtation, I was going to enjoy it while it lasted. I held her foot in my hands, feeling the gentle curve of her arch rest against the palm of my hand. I pressed both my thumbs softly into her sole and asked her how that felt.

She answered by pressing her other foot just a tiny bit harder against my penis. I worked my hands down the length of her foot and by the time I reached her heel I could feel the toes of her other foot gripping my hardening cock. There was no mistaking her intentions now and I looked at her with a new set of eyes. At 5'5'', she was a whole seven inches shorter than me. When she wore her long brown hair down, it framed her beautiful face nicely but when she had her hair up in a ponytail as she did this day, it showed off her long neck and broad shoulders. God how I came to love that part of her body.

All of these features were nothing like my wife's. My wife is a tall, blue-eyed, wavy-haired strawberry blonde. Perhaps this is some of what attracted me to Sarah. I don't know for sure. What I am certain of was that when I looked into her innocent brown eyes I saw no hint of what she was doing to my cock. There was no sparkle of mischief evident. Her trademark beaming smile was nowhere to be found. Instead, her face was the literal embodiment of the sentiment "I don't know what you are talking about". Innocent indeed...

Now, I would like to tell you that I led her into her tent at that point and took her in my arms and gave the rest of her body the same attention I had been giving to her feet. But this is a true story and that is not what happened. This was all too new to me. I had been married for a long time and had never even come close to cheating.

Besides the fact that I was married, I was her professor. Her older professor. At 35, I was 13 years older than Sarah. At that moment, all of these factors gave me pause. I did not run my fingers up her lovely sculpted leg like I wanted to. Nor did I press my cock against her foot and slowly grind it into a full erection. Instead, I panicked a little and let go of her foot. That seemed to break the trance. Her foot fell and without another word, I stood up and returned to my tent.

That was the last time I rendered first aid to Sarah and her blisters. Apparently, it was obvious to the other professor that Sarah wanted my attention for more than medical reasons because one night after she walked past us he snidely commented "I see Sarah isn't pretending to have blisters anymore to get you to rub her feet." It was true and I had no response. Besides, it was the last day of the trip and we were heading out soon.

The plan was to drive through the night and arrive back at the college in the morning. The other professor and I began as drivers in our respective vans while many of the students plugged in headphones and drifted off to sleep to their own playlists. Sarah was my co-pilot and she kept me awake partly by listening to my stories and partly by wearing those same short shorts and sitting with one leg under her, giving me a clear view of her now-tanned thighs.

After a few hours, we stopped for gas and bathrooms. It was time to switch drivers. The student aid and his co-pilot had been sleeping in the second bench seat and now Sarah and I took their places. It wasn't long before I started to nod off. Sarah was leaning against the window and as I fell asleep, I leaned into her. I awoke quickly with a start and realized I had been leaning on her and apologized.

"Don't worry about it," Sarah said. "You can rest your head on my shoulder."

"No, no," I protested loudly so the other students could hear, "I just need to rest."

"Jay, you have to sleep" Sarah insisted matter-of-factly. "You have to be ready to drive again."

She was right and I knew I had the prefect excuse. So with a great show of how annoyed I was about the whole situation, I reluctantly laid my head on her shoulder as she leaned on the window. I tucked one of my arms behind her comfortably but that left my right arm to deal with. I tried laying it back along my own body but that wasn't going to work.

"Where am I supposed to put this hand?" I whispered.

"You can put it anywhere you like," she answered softly.

I placed my hand across her waist and whispered "How about here?"

"Yes," she answered.

I got brave and as I shifted my entire weight around, forcing her to do the same, I slid my hand under her hoodie and laid my hand flat against her naked skin.

"How about here?" I inquired softly.

"Yes," she breathed.

She was braless. My hand rested on her ribs with my thumb and fingers literally defining a boundary under her breast. When she exhaled, the soft flesh of her B-cup ever so slightly pressed against me only to rise away when she inhaled. Each breath she took was an exhilarating and maddening flirtation. I recalled how she had spread her toes to grip my cock days earlier and spread my fingers wide below her breast and pressed gently.

Her breaths came quicker now but I made no further move. Again, this was new to me. I wasn't willing to go further but nor was I willing to stop either. That came later.

Despite the stimulus, I feel asleep rather quickly. I was tired and filled with a warm glow. When we discussed that incident weeks later, Sarah revealed that she had been too excited to sleep. At the next scheduled rest stop, it was time to switch drivers again. Everyone got out to stretch and buy snacks. I was the first to return to the van, followed by Sarah.

We were alone in the van and as soon as she shut the door she blurted out "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know," I answered honestly. At the time I assumed this wasn't going to progress any further. Thinking that we would never act on our feelings I said "Isn't it nice to know someone is attracted to you?" I meant it for both of us.


Our next camping experience was four months later. A lot had happened since then. We were now in a relationship, both physically and emotionally. I forced us to take the physical side slowly in order to try and slow the emotional side. But we had fallen in love and even after all these years I can still say that it was real love. I am skipping many milestones like the first time I made her cum or the first time I licked her pussy or the first time I came in her mouth. But the theme of this story is camping and our second time camping together was our first time having anal sex.

It was May and spring was blooming reluctantly that year. Students in our Environmental Action program are required to take a week-long field course where they work cooperatively with faculty members on a community-based project of ecological importance. Each faculty member hires a student aide who had already completed the course the previous year and, of course, I hired Sarah.

We stole a few moments here and there to enjoy each other's company but nothing sexual. It was just too risky. As the week wore on, our flirting become a little more overt. My hand would linger on hers as I handed her a data sheet or instrument. She returned the favor by standing too close while we all leaned in to identify a plant or check the pH meter in the creek.

On Thursday of the week, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a thunderstorm. The rain began as a trickle before dinner and by the time the evening meeting was over, it was a downpour. Students and faculty alike bundled up under raincoats to face the moonless, rain-soaked trails back to the tents. As Sarah and I readied our gear for the following morning, I whispered to her "Go to my tent and wait for me."

Sarah drew in her breath sharply and questioned "What if someone sees me?"

"No one is going to see you in this weather," I assured her. "I will wait ten minutes and follow."

Still, she hesitated. And rightfully so. It was a big gamble after all. I flashed her my most winning smile and said "Trust me."

Sarah left without another word and I spent ten long agonizing minutes pretending to be busy with a data sheet as I wondered if I would find her in my tent or not. The first low rumbles of thunder greeted me as I left the lab and hurried to my tent. Each muddy step brought me closer to an answer and as I unzipped the vestibule of my tent, I worried that I had gotten my hopes up for nothing.

Instead, I found a small pair of women's hiking boots lined up next to my spare shoes and my heart began to hammer in my chest. I zipped the vestibule closed behind me and shed my raincoat and soaked shoes. The vestibule was small and I had to kneel down to unzip the door to my dome tent. Once inside, I began to reach forward in the pitch blackness. I first felt the cool nylon of my sleeping bag and then a warm handful of naked flesh. It was her right calf muscle. I slowly let my hand wander north, over her knee and across her thigh. When I reached her hip, there was no clothing to impede my progress.

I admit I gasped a bit as I realized she was naked. Sarah had made it to my tent without encountering another person. She shed first her muddy shoes then her wet clothes and climbed onto my sleeping bag to wait for me. When I found her, she had two fingers buried in her pussy, slowly masturbating in anticipation. Outside, the thunder became louder.

Using both hands, I traced the rest of her form until I found her face. Cradling her head in my hands I leaned forward to kiss her fully on the lips. "I am soaking wet," I said, referring to my rain-saturated clothes.

"So am I," Sarah responded, as she slipped a finger from her pussy into my mouth.

My tent is tall enough so I can just stand at the highest point of the dome. I removed my t-shirt and jeans but before I could pull down my underwear, Sarah's hands were already there taking care of it for me. Gently she slid my underwear down to my knees, revealing a hardening cock. With both hands on my thighs, Sarah placed her lips on the head of my cock and sucked my cock into her mouth. Instinctively, I grabbed the back of her head and guided her forward. It was still too dark to see anything and I reveled in the anonymity of this blow job. But only for a moment. My fantasy wasn't to be intimate with a stranger, it was to be with Sarah.

Reluctantly, I tried to gently disengage from her mouth but she was having none of that. The more I pulled backwards, the more her fingers dug into my thighs. Every time I tried to move her head away from me, she simply sucked me harder and deeper. Finally, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled downward. She released me with a moan. I l pushed her back onto the sleeping bag and finished removing my underwear and socks.

Now that we were both naked, I took charge of the situation. I laid on top of her, pinning her arms above her head while kissing her deeply. This was my first affair and I approached each sexual threshold with caution. Our first kiss wasn't even on the lips. I remembered how I softly pressed my lips against her cheek and felt the electricity flow between us. Just touching her was new and exciting (as all affairs are) and slowly we progressed forward. And there was no doubt I was the one holding us back. Sarah was always willing and eager to cross another boundary, share another experience, explore another level of intimacy. To this point in our relationship, it was all hands and mouths.

Onetime, weeks earlier, Sarah sat on top of me, grinding her pussy on my hard cock. Lying on my back, I held both of her hands in mine as she slowly simulated sex with me until I came in huge spurts of hot semen. She bent down and licked the sticky fluid from my chest and stomach, swallowing every drop. Lying naked in that post-orgasmic glow, I told her I still wasn't ready to fuck her pussy. She smiled and told me she understood.

"Just remember," she added with a little wiggle of her ass, "there are other places you can stick that big cock of yours."

The rain continued to pound the tent. That distant thunder was getting closer, with flashes of lightening now faintly visible, adding the tiniest bit of light to the darkness. We continued to kiss and I became bolder. At 120 pounds, Sarah was easy to move around and she always responded positively to being manipulated and contorted in bed. I slowly fucked her with two fingers while gently biting her earlobe. I removed my fingers from her dripping pussy and traced wet circles around each nipple, only to suck them clean a moment later. She was getting hotter and the tent filled with the smell of her. I rolled her onto her stomach and pressed my stiff cock against her ass. She moaned as she lifted her hips and pushed back.

"I'm going to fuck your ass," I asserted.

She moaned again, this time louder. I hadn't really planned for this but I did have a small jar of petroleum jelly in my toiletries kit and leaned over to search for it in the darkness. Sarah positioned herself on her hands and knees and waited impatiently. After all, this had been a long time coming.

I found the jar and opened it. The same two fingers that had been in her pussy were now covered in jelly and I gently slid them over her waiting ass. Sarah whimpered as I slid one finger into her. "Slowly," she said.

The storm outside was raging and the lightening was getting closer. I placed the tip of my seven-inch cock at her rear entrance and ever so slightly pushed forward. As I did, a rumble of thunder rolled through the air. I had managed to get the head of my cock in her tight ass before pausing. My god, it felt amazing. She was so tight.

Now that I had made the decision to do this I wanted to fuck her deeply. It took all of my self-control to not just grab her hips and plunge my thick shaft into her. But I didn't want this to hurt and I didn't want this to end quickly so I kept still. A flash of lightening in the distance lit the tent softly and I looked at her perfect naked body in front of me, submissively waiting for me. Seconds later the thunder reached our ears and I pushed forward another inch.

My hands traced her back and shoulders, but otherwise I held still. Another flash of lightening and another low rumble of thunder. Again, as we heard the thunder, I pushed a bit deeper. She understood the rhythm now. The next bolt of lightening was closer and I heard Sarah inhale sharply as she waited for the thunder and another inch of my cock. This time, she moaned as I pushed forward but the heavy rain and crashing thunder covered the sound.

As the center of the storm got closer, the time between lightening flashes and rumbles of thunder become shorter. We remained still until the lightening flashed. I would then dig my fingers into her hips and stiffen my muscles. When the thunder broke, I would push forward again. It was a long, slow tease.

Now the storm was directly over us. The wind had increased and the tent was flapping. There was only the smallest of difference between the flash of lightening and the crash of thunder. At the next flash of lightening, I pulled my cock almost completely out and when the thunder struck I pushed it back forward. We both moaned that time as I could feel Sarah's tight muscles clenching my cock.

I was more confident now and no longer waited for the thunder to move. In and out I slid as Sarah squirmed under me. I varied the pace, first moving slowly then quickly. Sarah writhed and bucked. I bent down and grabbed her tits with both hands as I plunged my cock back into her. That was the last straw for her and she came. And came. I didn't even know a woman could come from anal sex to be honest. Her arms buckled and she pressed her face into my pillow to muffle a scream.

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