tagGroup SexMy First Apartment Ch. 1

My First Apartment Ch. 1


During my freshman year in college, I lived in a dormitory. Dorm life was not for me. So during the spring semester, I searched for an affordable apartment for next fall. I used all of the usual sources - bulletin boards, classified ads, flyers, friends, rumors, etc. I found a card on a bulletin board that listed what I was looking for - a furnished, one bedroom basement apartment with an outside entrance, private bath, kitchen and even an off-street parking space.

I took the card off the bulletin board, returned to my dorm room, and called the telephone number on the card. A woman answered. I told her my name and asked if their apartment was still available for rent beginning next fall semester. It was. I made an appointment to view the apartment.

It was a nice looking house and it wasn't far from the campus. I went up the walk to the front door and pushed the door bell button. The door was answered by a man in his mid-thirties. "Hello, I'm Rich. I have an appointment to look at your apartment that's for rent."

"Come in. I'm Frank West." I stepped through the door. He turned and called, "Kathy, we have a visitor." Kathy was drying her hands as she entered the room. "This is my wife, Kathy."

"Hello, Mrs. West. I'm Rich."

"Hello. Call me Kathy."

"And call me Frank. We're pretty informal around here."

With introductions out of the way, we went to look at the apartment. It was what I was looking for. Clean, well lighted, and not cramped. I noticed there was also a set of inside stairs. I told Kathy and Frank that I liked the apartment and I asked what the monthly rent was. It was more than I could afford. I told them that. I noticed that both of them had been looking me over closely while we looked at the apartment. I didn't think much about that, because I'd want to look closely at someone whom I would be renting to and who would be living in my home.

Frank said, "Maybe we can work out some sort of arrangement. Kathy and I would like you to rent the apartment." I asked what sort of arrangements he had in mind. Frank said his job kept him pretty busy and he never had enough time to really do all the yard work and other things around the house. It was quickly agreed that I would help with the yard work - mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel the walks - and do other chores for part of the rent. I gave them the damage deposit and the first and last month's rent to close the deal. I would move in the middle of next August.

Frank asked if I would like something to drink. I accepted and we went outside to the patio. Frank asked if a beer was o.k. I replied that a soft drink would be fine. We sat down and began to chat. I told them a little about myself. We all seemed to quickly get comfortable with each other. Frank was about six feet tall with a slim build, like a runner. Kathy was in her early thirties. She was about five foot two or three. I'm also about six feet tall. I work out a bit with weights. I turned nineteen the previous January. I thanked them for their hospitality and I told them that I was looking forward to returning to school now that I had rented their apartment.

The summer break flew by. I had a good job, but I was eager to move into my apartment and get back to the books. The day I moved in, Frank and Kathy were washing windows. I told them I would help them as soon as I got my car unloaded. I carried the boxes of my stuff downstairs. I could unpack later.

When I went back outside, Kathy was up on a ladder washing the top of a picture window. She was wearing cutoff jeans and a t-shirt. As she reached up to wash the glass, her t-shirt was stretched tight by what appeared to be a nicely developed chest. "Here, let me do that. I've got a longer reach." Kathy said thanks and came down the ladder. She asked for a towel and wiped her neck and face. Frank came over and massaged her shoulders. "You're all sweaty."

"Yeah, it's pretty hot up there when you are standing under the eaves. A shower will feel good tonight."

It took the rest of the afternoon to finish washing the windows. As Frank and I were putting the ladder, hoses, and other tools away, Kathy asked if I would like to have dinner with them. They were going have a salad and sandwiches. I quickly accepted since I still had to unpack my stuff and I didn't want to go out to eat. We ate dinner and made small talk. I excused myself and went downstairs and started unpacking. While I was putting things away, I heard the shower upstairs turn on. Later, I realized I had heard the shower just once. They must have showered together.

As classes started, I quickly settled into a routine of school, a part time job for cash, and working around Frank and Kathy's home to pay part of my rent. They had a routine too. Other than the weekday job routine, Frank played golf every Saturday. He left early and was gone most of the day. Kathy worked out of the home. Like many people in a college town, she did custom word processing work and other computer based work for both students and professors. She also had a group of friends who came over regularly to play bridge.

One Saturday, I got up early to rake leaves in their yard. Frank was leaving for his early tee time. I was able to get the leaves raked and bagged by mid-morning. I had worked up a good sweat and I was dusty from handling the leaves so I hit the shower. After I showered, I wrapped a towel around my waist and started to shave. I heard Kathy call, "Rich, are you there?" Before I could answer, she stepped into my bathroom. She was wearing a house coat and she was bare foot. She silently watched me finish shaving. As I washed the remaining lather off my face, she stepped close behind me. She kissed me on the shoulder and put her arms around my waist. I didn't know what to do. I surely didn't want Frank to accuse me of messing around with Kathy.

Kathy ran one hand up to my chest. With her other hand she opened her house coat and shrugged it off her shoulders. Now I really didn't know what to do. She put her arms back around me and pressed herself against me. I could feel her breasts flatten against my back. She slid her hand down and unfastened my towel. It dropped to the floor. She slid her hand down so her finger tips were touching my pubic hair.

"You've got a nice cock. I'll bet you can't keep the girls out of your pants." I was so surprised that I blurted that I had never gone all the way with a woman. She slipped her hand under my cock and held in in the palm of her hand. "Nice." When soft, my cock is four or five inches long. When hard, it is seven, maybe eight inches long. Kathy dropped my cock and stepped up beside me so I could see her in the mirror. The stretched t-shirt had been coorect. Her breasts were full and heavy. Her triangle of pubic hair was dark, thick and curly. She turned to me and kissed me on the chest. She took my hand and led me into my bedroom.

She sat on the bed, looked up at me and said, "You're kidding! You've never had sex with a woman?" I replied that was true. She said, "Kneel down in front of me. I'll show you what pleasures a woman." I knelt down. Kathy moved herself around and spread her legs so I was kneeling between her knees.

"I'm going to teach you to eat pussy." With that she started to run a finger up and down through her pubic hair. She spread her pussy lips as she continued to stroke herself. She told me to place a couple of fingers on her pussy and to follow her lead. I followed her finger tips up to her clit. She jumped like she had received a slight shock when she touched her clit. I said, "Let me do that." She moved her hand and leaned back on her elbows. I traced up and down her slit with my fingers. I found her clit and ran my thumb around it. Kathy put her hand on mine as we played with her clit. "I'm getting so wet." I scooted closer to the bed, so my face was closer to her pussy. I surprised both of us when I put my face over her pussy and licked her clit. I continued to lick and kiss her pussy lips and suck and tickle her clit. Kathy guided my head with her hands and told me what she liked and where her "hot buttons" were.

I got up on my knees and buried my face in her pussy. Kathy's pussy tasted and smelled good - like strawberries. I liked giving her long licks from bottom to top and ending with a swirl around her clit, followed by sucking it between my lips. I reached down and felt my cock. I had a terrific hard-on. I slowly jacked my cock as I continued to lick and kiss her pussy. Kathy told me to slip a couple of fingers into her pussy. Shortly after I did that, she started to jerk and heave her hips. I knew that whatever I did, I did not want to stop what I was doing. I kept the two fingers in her pussy and I was able to lightly rub her clit with my thumb.

Kathy slowly stopped jerking and heaving her hips. I buried my face again in her pussy and gave her long slow licks. She finally pushed my head away. She lay quietly for a moment, then she sat up and looked at me, "Not bad, for a beginner." She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. "Now what can we do for you?" She reached down between my legs and took a hold of my hard cock.

"Stand up." When I stood my cock was just about level with Kathy's face. She wrapped both of her hands around my cock and then she kissed the tip. She traced the length of my cock and ran her finger tips around my balls. Without saying a word, she started at the base of my cock and ran her tongue up to the cockhead in a long slow lick. She did this several times. She stopped licking, and looked up at me, "You've got a fine cock." She put the cockhead in her mouth just far enough so her lips were past the rim of the cockhead. She closed her lips around my cock and started to swirl her tongue around the cockhead.

She held my cock with the finger tips of one hand and she cupped my balls in the other hand. She stopped swirling and slid her mouth farther down my cock. She slid back to the cockhead with a strong sucking action. I told her that if she kept that up for very long I was going to blow my load. She gave the base of my cock a hard squeeze, took it out of her mouth and told me she didn't want me to cum just yet.

She scooted back on to the bed. She lay back, spread her legs and told me she wanted to feel my cock inside her pussy. I got on the bed and got on my knees between her legs. She spread her pussy lips then took one hand and guided my cock into her. I wanted to bury my cock in her warm tunnel, but I was able to restrain myself and slowly slipped my cock into her. I leaned forward and held my weight on my arms. I started to slowly stroke my cock in and out. Kathy put her legs over mine and sort of hooked her heels inside my legs.

I stopped to rest. Kathy whispered in my ear, "Your cock feels so good. Does it feel good for you?" I responded by continuing to stroke in and out of her pussy. I got up on my knees, lifted Kathy's legs a bit and started a faster rhythm. The angle was different so the top of my cock was pressing hard against the top of her tunnel. I was able to tickle and tweak her clit with a thumb. I could feel my balls start to tighten and my cock stiffen. Kathy felt the stiffening too. "Don't cum. I want you to cum on my tits.

I pulled my cock out, straddled her belly. Kathy told me to move closer and put my cock between her tits. I slid my cock up her belly and between her breasts She squeezed her breasts together around my cock. She said she wanted me to slide my cock back and forth so she could give me a tit fuck. I started to move back and forth. She kept wriggling so my cock was touching her chin. She wriggled around some more so she could lick the tip with her tongue. Finally she tilted her head and slipped her mouth over the cockhead. She took both hands and started to stroke me hard. I took my cock from her and started jacking it. It a minute my balls tightened and I started to cum. A couple of wads hit her on the chin but most of the cum ended up on her tits as she had wanted.

I leaned back and tried to catch my breath. Kathy was running a finger through the cum on her breasts then she would lick the finger clean. I got off of her and she sat up. She wiped some more cum off herself and wiped it on my lips. I licked my lips then sucked her finger into my mouth and cleaned. She reached over and squeezed my cock, "I hope your first full fuck was a good one."

She got off the bed and retrieved her house coat off the bathroom floor. I followed her out of the bedroom and to the foot of the inside stairs. She didn't put the house coat on and I watched her nude form ascend the stairs. I took another shower and after I remade the bed, I wasn't too sure that I hadn't imagined the whole thing.

The Saturday sessions became almost routine. Kathy referred to them as "Sex 101". After the weather became to cold for golfing, Frank would spend just about every Saturday watching college football with his golfing buddies. Many Sundays, during the pro football season, became "extra credit labs" for Sex 101. Kathy would talk about the fine points of romance and seduction. She talked about how important foreplay and post play were. She also talked about what turned her on personally and how she liked to suck cock, have her pussy eaten and fuck her brains out and not necessarily in that order.

One day, in late January, I got out of class early and I went back to the apartment. A note was taped to the outside door. "Rich - When you get back from class, please come see me. It's not really urgent, but I may need your help. - Kathy." I went on into the apartment, put my books down and changed out of my sport shirt and slacks into a t-shirt and sweatpants.

I went up the inside stairs. I knocked on the door then slowly opened it. "Kathy? It's me. Rich. I got your note" Silence. I stepped into the West's kitchen. I thought I heard a soft moan. "Kathy?" This time I got a reply. "I'm in here." Here was down the bedroom wing. The door to the Master Bedroom was open, the second bedroom was empty. The door to the third bedroom was partially closed. The moan came from there. "Kathy, are you o.k.?" I knocked on the door lightly. I pushed the door open and looked in. On the bed, there were two women engaged in a passionate 69. The foot of the bed was towards the door. Kathy was on top facing the door. The way her shoulder length hair was swinging she was really polishing the pussy of the unknown (to me) woman beneath her.

"Jeez, I'm sorry. I ..." as I started to back out of the room. Kathy looked up. Her face was wet with juices and saliva. "Don't go, Rich. Come here." I walked over to the foot of the bed. Kathy was up on her knees. The unknown woman had also stopped. Kathy's pussy lips were red and puffy and her thick curly hair was wet from her juices and the unknown woman's saliva. I noticed the unknown woman was probably a redhead.

"Rich, I want you to meet Ruth, a really good friend of mine." With that, Kathy swung her one leg over Ruth and turned and sat on the foot of the bed almost in front of me. "Ruth, this is Rich." Ruth was propped up on some pillows. She put her legs together, rolled up onto her knees, and crawled to the foot of the bed next to Kathy. "Hi, Rich." Before I could say anything, Kathy put one hand on the waistband of my sweat pants, pulled them down and took my cock in her other hand. "Ruth, this 'dick'. Don't let the little 'd' fool you. Rich, 'dick' and I are also really good friends."

Ruth was still on her knees. She looked up at me, "Hi, again, Rich. Hi, 'dick'." She leaned forward and slid my semi hard cock into her mouth as Kathy held it for her. She engulfed it almost to the base. Without hardly missing a beat, Ruth licked the length of my cock, moved around so she was seated in front of me, licked the length again and plunged her mouth back over my cock. Kathy got off the bed, pulled my sweatpants the rest of the way down and then she pulled the t shirt over my head.

Here I stood. I had interrupted their 69 and now a woman, whom I had just met, was sucking my cock. Kathy re-seated herself next to Ruth. I finally recovered my voice. "Kathy, what is this all about? Your note said you needed help." I felt like an idiot saying that considering the situation. Kathy didn't say a word, She took my cock from Ruth and licked my cockhead. Ruth cupped my balls and leaned forward to try and suck one into her mouth.

Kathy slipped my cock into her mouth and massaged the head with her tongue. She then took it out of her mouth. She looked up at me and said. "Well, I do need help. I wanted to help you celebrate your twentieth birthday and we got tired of waiting." She then tucked my cock back into her mouth.

I helped Ruth to her feet. "Hello, Ruth, 'dick' and I are glad to meet you." I kissed her, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could taste Kathy's pussy. Ruth then lay down of the bed. Kathy stopped sucking me so I could get on the bed. I put my head near Ruth's pussy. She said, "Kathy says you really know how to eat a cunt. Show me." I spread her lips and gave her slit a long lick while I found her clit with a thumb and index finger. As I settled into eating Ruth, Kathy moved around. Ruth dove back into her pussy and Kathy continued to suck me off.

We went through all of the combinations, I ate Kathy, Kathy ate Ruth and Ruth blew me. Ruth rolled onto her back, Kathy straddled her and planted her pussy on Ruth's mouth. I kneeled between Ruth's legs and slid my cock through her red hair and into her cunt. She was hot and wet. I would stroke for a while, then stop with my cock buried balls deep in her. I could reach around Kathy and fondle her breasts. Kathy would lean back towards me and place one hand on Ruth's cunt and feel my cock as it slipped in and out. Both of us tickled and tweaked Ruth's clit.

Ruth came several times. Kathy got off her face and pushed me back so my cock dropped out of Ruth's pussy. Ruth rolled around on the bed and licked her juices of my cock. Then she lay back down and Kathy got over her in the 69 position. They went back to eating each other. I got on my knees behind Kathy and started to fuck her doggie style. Ruth would occasionally take her mouth off Kathy's pussy and try to lick my swinging balls. Finally between the pussy eating and fucking, Kathy started to cum. She rolled off Ruth, my cock popped out of her pussy, Ruth gabbed by cock and started jacking me and sucking on my cockhead. I started to cum. Ruth pointed my cock at her mouth. She caught some of the gobs on her tongue but more of them spattered on her face, shoulders and chest.

After I finished cumming, I leaned back on my heels and watched Kathy slide over by Ruth and start licking my cum off Ruth's face. They both sat up and kissed me. We all sat on the bed a made small talk for a while. Ruth noticed the time. Kathy said they had just enough time to shower before Frank got home from work. I picked up my clothes and walked down the inside stairs to my apartment. While I showered, I thought about the two women who were showering together upstairs.

One Sunday morning, a couple of weeks after my introduction to Ruth, Frank called down the stairs and asked if I had eaten breakfast. I told him, "No." He said, "Come on up and join us." I went upstairs. I was wearing my usual t-shirt and sweatpants, Kathy had on her house coat and Frank was wearing a terry robe. Frank was pouring coffee. I noticed there were three place settings already on the small table in the breakfast nook in the corner of the kitchen. Frank asked me to have a seat and Kathy set a plate loaded with ham and eggs in front of me. They got their plates of food and sat down.

We made some small talk about jobs, work, classes, how are things going, etc. We were having a second cup of coffee, when Franks said, "Kathy has told me about Sex 101." I figured everything was going to hit the fan now. Before I could say anything, Frank held up his hand, "And Kathy has told me about Ruth and the 'celebration'. Frank help his hand up again, "I think that is great. You see, my sex drive no where matches Kathy's. She has always been more woman that I can handle. I'm glad she's found people we can trust and who can help her fulfill her sexual needs." I was dumbfounded. Kathy winked at me as she stood up from her chair and put her arm around Frank shoulders.

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