My First Apartment Ch. 6


"Why don't you stick around, Rich? What are you working on, Lisa?"

"Let me show you." Lisa led Kathy to her studio. I followed and listened. "I've sculpted a male torso and I want to do a female torso as a companion piece."

Kathy stopped by the male torso. "That's good, Lisa. It's so real, I'm expecting it to set upright." She looked at the photos on the easels, then looked at me and smiled.

Lisa led her over to the other bench. "This is the beginning for the female."

Kathy looked at the beginnings of the sculpture and at the self-photos of Lisa. "It looks like you've gotten a good start. And I like you pictures, Lisa."

"Well, that's part of the problem. I want the female to be as voluptuous as the male is, well, manly."

Kathy laughed, "You mean well hung. And you want the female to have a big chest."

"Voluptuous, please. As I told Rich, I'm not big in the tit department. You, on the other hand, Kathy, have what I would call nice breasts."

"You like my tits?"

"Err, yes. The size, the shape, the color of your skin. . ." Lisa was licking her lips and her eyes were sort of glazing over. I knew what she met. She didn't mention the kissable, suckable nipples or how Kathy's breasts felt lying in a cupped hand.

"I see. How can my breasts and I help you?

"Kathy, would you be willing to model for me?"

"I guess I could. How long would it take to do the sculpture?"

"I don't mean you would have to sit and pose. Please let me take some pictures of you, like I did of Rich."

Kathy walked back to the easels by the male torso. She looked at me and back at the photos. "O.k. When do we start?"

"We can start now, if that is o.k. I've got my camera equipment in the other end of the studio."

We walked to the other end where the couch that I had posed on was located. Lisa had taken a lot of photos of me but I had also sat for her on several days.

Kathy looked around. "Where can I change?"

Lisa went behind a screen and returned with a robe. "You can change there. And thank you, Kathy."

I looked at Lisa and Kathy, "I'd better be going so you two can get to work."

Lisa looked at Kathy then at me, "If you could stay, you could help move the couch and help with the lights. Is that o.k. with you Kathy?"

"Sure, that's fine." Kathy stepped behind the screen. I helped Lisa adjust some lights.

Kathy stepped out from behind the screen. She had the robe lightly belted around her. She watched as Lisa put several pillows on the couch. "What do you want me to do?"

"Could you get in a reclining position?" Kathy walked to the couch, sat down, then moved around so she was reclining on the pillows. Lisa went back to her cameras and checked the set up.

"Should I take off the robe?"

"Not just yet." Lisa moved back to the couch. She adjusted Kathy's pose so she was sort of sitting on a hip and slightly turned towards the camera while she leaned on the pillows. Lisa went back to the camera and snapped a couple of photos.

She opened the robe then snapped several more photos. Lisa began to ask Kathy to change her pose as she worked the camera. After a while Kathy asked her to stop. "Let me take this robe off. It's getting all tangled." She stood and removed the robe. Then she returned to a reclining position as Lisa started taking more pictures.

Kathy seemed restless and uncomfortable as the photo shoot progressed. "Let's take a break. You seem less relaxed now, Kathy." Lisa handed her the robe.

"I don't know, I feel uncomfortable being nude while you two are clothed." Kathy held the robe. "It's silly, I've been nude with both of you and I've made love with both of you, but I'm rather uncomfortable right now."

Lisa looked at me. Then she pulled her sleeveless top over her head. "Get undressed, Rich." In a minute we were both nude. Kathy looked at both of us then dropped the robe. She returned to the couch and resumed the reclining pose. Lisa moved to the couch and made some adjustments in the pillows and the way Kathy's legs were positioned.

I stood off to one side and watched Lisa and Kathy work. After a short time, I went to Lisa's equipment cabinet and found a digital camera. I returned and began to take photos of Lisa photographing Kathy. I noticed Lisa was spending more time adjusting Kathy's pose. And the adjustments seemed to require a fair amount of touching and caressing.

The chiming of the doorbell interrupted the photo shoot. Lisa stopped and picked up the robe. "Damn, I wonder who that could be. I'd better go and see, so they, at least, will stop pressing the button."

We heard the front door open and we heard Connie say, "Hi, Lisa. I thought I'd drop in and visit, if you aren't busy."

"Well, I'm doing a photo shoot of a model for a sculpture."

"That sounds interesting. May I watch? I've never seen a photo shoot or seen anyone model before."

I was looking around for Kathy's and my clothes. Before Lisa could answer, Connie, closely followed by Lisa, walked into the far end of the studio. "Sorry guys, Connie was in before I could say anything."

"What kind of sculpture are you doing that needs naked men and women?"

"Connie, I did a male torso and now I'm working on a female. You know I work mostly from photos and Kathy is kind enough to pose for me."

"Why is Rich naked?"

Kathy answered, "I was uncomfortable being nude while they were clothed, so they took off their clothes too?"

"I still don't understand why you need pictures of naked people to do a sculpture, Lisa."

"I work from the photos. Look at the photos over there. I want a model chestier than I am. I don't know why I'm telling you this."

"I'm sorry I interrupted your work. I'd better leave."

"No, please stay. I'm almost finished. Are you up for a few more shots, Kathy?"

"I guess so." Lisa took off the robe and returned to her camera.

Connie watched, then turned to me. "Kathy does have a nice figure and her breasts are especially fine." I looked at Kathy as she rolled her eyes. Connie started to undress.

Lisa looked over at her. "You don't need to undress. We're almost finished."

"I interrupted you so the least I can do is to try to make it up and maybe help you out by modeling for you too. You said you wanted a model with a chest and I think I have a pretty nice rack." Connie took off the last of her clothing and moved over into the light by the couch.

"Scoot over, Kathy." Kathy moved her legs and Connie assumed a similar, but mirror image, reclining position on the opposite end of the couch.

Connie was taller and slimmer than Kathy. Kathy had broader hips and her breasts were fuller. Connie was correct, though. She did have nice breasts. Both women had dark shoulder length hair. And both women had full curly pubic thatches. The contrast between the color of their skin was erotic.

Lisa, on the other hand, was shorter that either of them. She had a lithe, slim build with small breasts and a flat, almost boyish, butt. Her hair was up in two little ponytails and, I hadn't noticed before, but she had shaved her pubic hair into a thin strip - a racing stripe or landing strip.

Lisa sighed and went over to adjust Connie's pose. She returned to her camera and I picked up the digital camera and began taking snapshots of the three women.

The photo shoot went on for about ten minutes more when Connie announced that she was bored. "Sit up straighter and turn your shoulders more towards me and the camera, Connie."

"Like this?" Connie sat almost upright. She arched her back and thrust her breasts towards the camera.

Lisa laughed, "This isn't 3-D. You don't need to stick your tits in the lens." Connie lay back. "A couple of more shots and we are done. Connie, can you tuck your feet under you, please?"

I looked. Connie was rubbing Kathy's calf and ankle with her foot. "I'd rather not, if you don't mind."

"Well, I guess we're finished then. Thanks, Kathy. Thanks, Connie."

Before Kathy could move, Connie crawled towards her on the couch. She had straddled Kathy's legs. "I love your breasts, Kathy." Kathy responded by turning more onto her back. Connie cupped own her breasts in her hands. Then she leaned forward and placed her hands under Kathy's. She rubbed the nipples and areola with her finger tips. Lisa took a sharp breath as she watched. I took photos with the digital camera.

Connie leaned over Kathy. She pressed her breasts against Kathy's, then leaned down to kiss her. The two women continued to kiss as Connie lay down on top of Kathy. Kathy put her arms around Connie and began to caress her back. I took some more pictures as Kathy spread her legs. One leg was dangling off the couch with her foot resting on the floor. The other was thrown over Connie's legs.

I looked a Lisa. She was raptly watching as the two women began to make love. I walked up behind her, put my arms around her and kissed on the side of her neck. Lisa turned her face towards me. We kissed as she moved one of my hands up to her breast. I slipped my other hand down and cupped her cunt.

Her cunt was warm in my hand. I wriggled a fingertip between her outer labia. I could feel her getting more moist as I touched her. "Why don't you go join them? You want to, don't you?"

"Yes, I do." Lisa kissed me again and then walked over to the couch with Connie and Kathy.

I moved over to Lisa's tripod mounted camera. Lisa got on her knees by the couch. She placed one hand on Kathy's shoulder and the other on Connie's back. She moved her hand in unison with Kathy as they both caressed Connie. Lisa pushed her head in under the two women's hair and joined them in kissing and tonguing.

Kathy moved one of her hands down Lisa's back. Connie rolled back off Kathy and onto her side. "Hello, Lisa. I'm glad you've joined us." I took photos as Lisa began to kiss Connie's breasts.

Connie cupped a tit and held it as Lisa began to suck her nipple. Kathy's hand had moved down to Lisa's butt and Lisa was stroking Kathy's thigh. The women's movements knocked several of the pillows onto the floor.

Kathy tried to set up. "Let's get off the couch so we have more room." Lisa pulled several more pillows down onto the floor. She turned towards me. Her face was flushed and her nipples looked like hard little raspberries.

She moved aside as Connie lay down among the pillows. Kathy got down on her knees and straddled Connie's shoulders. She adjusted herself so her cunt was positioned over Connie's face. I used the digital camera to snap photos as Kathy spread her pussy lips and lowered her pussy to meet Connie's waiting tongue.

Lisa lay down beside Connie. She began to rub and stroke Connie's belly. Lisa slowly worked her caressing hands down to her crotch and thighs. She repositioned herself so she was kneeling between Connie's legs. She began to kiss and lick Connie's inner thighs.

I continued to take photos as Lisa first rubbed her cheek across Connie's cunt then used her fingers to spread and open Connie's pussy lips. I used the digital camera for close ups as Lisa licked Connie's pink slit from bottom to clit.

I moved back to take some photos of three women engaged in some serious pussy licking. Kathy moved around on her knees so she could watch Lisa. She was still straddling Connie's head. Connie reached for a pillow. I helped her position a couple of pillows under her shoulders and head. Connie resumed licking, sucking and kissing Kathy.

Connie stopped long enough to stick her index finger in her mouth. Kathy let out a little gasp as Connie pushed her wet finger into Kathy's tight butt hole. Kathy balanced on her knees and one hand as she began to tweak her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

Lisa, in the meantime, had moved so she was lying astraddle one of Connie's legs. She was humping her hips and pressing and rubbing her cunt against Connie's knee and lower leg. She would lean down and kiss and suck Connie's clit and pussy lips.

I moved the tripod and camera around as Lisa began to finger fuck Connie. She inserted one, then two fingers into Connie's pussy as she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Connie stopped lapping Kathy's pussy. She began to groan and move her pelvis as Lisa finger fucked her. I watched as Lisa stopped thumbing Connie's clit and inserted three fingers. She was rotating her wrist and flexing her fingers.

Kathy sat up. She swung her leg over Connie's head and shoulders and moved down next to Lisa. Connie spread her legs wider as she began to twist and pinch her nipples. Lisa was so engrossed in pleasuring Connie that she probably didn't realize, or care, that Kathy and I were intently watching her.

Connie groaned more loudly and Kathy sort of sighed as Lisa worked four fingers into Connie. She rubbed her thumb around Connie's clit as Connie arched her back. I shot a photo as Lisa tucked her thumb into the palm of her hand.

Then I, along with Kathy, stared as Lisa slowing rotated her wrist back and forth and pushed her hand into Connie's vagina. Connie stopped groaning and lay quietly. Kathy was cupping and rubbing one of her breasts as she ran the fingers of her other hand around her clit and pussy lips.

I snapped out of my inaction and began to snap quick photos with the digital camera as Lisa's hand, then her lower wrist slipped into Connie's cunt. Connie exhaled deeply as Lisa stopped humping her leg.

Lisa lay down atop Connie. She extended her other arm and hand towards Connie's breasts. Connie took Lisa's hand in both of hers. Lisa was slowly rotating her wrist as she fisted Connie. They lay quietly together until Connie began her orgasm.

Connie clamped her thighs tightly together as she twisted her body. She began a soft wail that quickly became a loud cry. She rolled and twisted and arched her body as orgasmic waves rolled through her. Lisa moved with her.

She was still holding Lisa's free hand in what looked like a crushing grip. Kathy had stopped finger fucking herself. She was staring a Lisa's wrist surrounded by Connie's pussy lips.

I don't know how long Connie's orgasms lasted, but she finally exhausted herself. Kathy leaned over her. She began to kiss both Connie and Lisa and to stroke and caress their backs and shoulders. Connie was breathing hard and almost sobbing. She had pulled Lisa's hand up to her lips.

I decided it was time for me to go and let the three women bring themselves down together. I gathered my clothes and went behind the screen to dress. I took the digital camera with me. I never noticed that I had a tremendous hard-on until I tried to pull up my shorts.

When I finished dressing and stepped out from behind the screen, the women were quietly kissing and caressing each other. Lisa's hand and wrist were still inside Connie's cunt. I took one more photo, wrote a note to Lisa that I was going to take her camera to download the images, put the note in her equipment cabinet, then let myself out.

It was late afternoon when I got back to my apartment. I downloaded the images onto my desk top computer. I decided to eat a really late lunch or an early dinner before processing the images.

I also decided that I'd better go out and buy several packages of photo paper before I got started. My plan was to make a disk for each of us and to make a set of prints for each of us.

It was going to be a busy evening and I decided I'd better buy at least one additional color ink cartridge.

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