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My First Bi Experience


Phew, what a day, the first day of 4 days interview at Cambridge University, not only am I away from my family home for 4 nights, but I am to be interviewed by university deans and professors with the view to acceptance into the University next summer...

That's the position I find myself in, a daunting one and with so much at stake it's difficult to relax in a dorm room with a stranger; however I was pleased to see that the room had an en-suite bathroom and some privacy away from the bedroom. Mum was leaving me shortly and that would be it, on my own for four days with a stranger in my bedroom.

As it turned out the girl who I was sharing with arrived prior to mum leaving, she had her parents with her and like me she was a nervous wreck, we said our hello's and decided mum would stay a little longer and have a coffee with them to settle any nerves or anxieties.

It was clear we'd get on and I felt at easy with her and of course less worried about sharing a room with her, I am shy but so was she so I guessed we'd respect each other's space and comforts

An hour passed and mum was beginning to look at her watch with the view to her 2 hour drive home in the dark winter weather, similarly Emma's parent were preparing to go and we had to unpack and prepare for our first interview. Back in the room we chose beds without conflict and settled into unpacking and making the room our home for the four days.

My first interview came and went and I wasn't best pleased with how it went, then the second interview which was longer and more intense went ok so I felt a little more at ease and that was it, 5pm and time to eat and get back to my room.

Emma was already there and laying on her bed when I arrived back and instantly we began chatting about all the things 18 year old girls chat about.

As we found out more about each other the more I liked her, the more we laughed and the more at ease I felt with the girl who was a stranger yesterday. Emma had an infectious laugh and an enchanting smile, to compliment that her eyes were big and bright and very welcoming.

I certainly liked her company and thought she was a very pretty girl and was surprised to hear she didn't currently have a boyfriend , but saying that I'd only began my first relationship a few months ago so maybe it wasn't to be expected for her to be in a relationship.

We spent the rest of the evening having a dinner in the main school restaurant and getting to know each other, something about Emma consumed my whole attention and without notice we had been chatting and giggling for a few hours. Suddenly the dining room was closing and we headed back to our room, more relaxed than the first time we entered over 5 hours ago.

Instinctively we lay on our beds chatting and covered all sorts of topics and subjects, never a silence and always warm girly chit chat, I even thought to myself how nice it would be if we both got into Cambridge and share a room for three years, we'd be best buddies for sure.

As the clock ticked it became time to get dress for bed and time to say goodnight, I sorted out my PJ's and skipped to the bathroom to clean my teeth and change for bed. Standing there looking in the mirror I was pleased with what I saw, my pretty face always gets plenty of attention and now my ever growing breasts seem to draw many glances from the boys and the occasional girl.

Recently I'd begun to notice the looks dropping to my breasts and to say I was pleased was an understatement, my sex life had only recently kicked into life with my first boyfriend over the last few months and my sexual confidence has grown and grown. I was now much happier showing a little more cleavage and felt a rush of excitement every time I noticed men admiring me and my new found womanhood. It was almost a case now of looking for the attention and fuelling the sexual excitement I was increasingly indulging in.

Standing there looking in the mirror I turned side on and admired the pretty peach bra I had chosen, it held my pert breasts high and made them look full and very firm, as I turned face on again my eyes never left my breasts and the tingling excitement meant that my nipples were hardening, the thin lacy cups of the bra did little to hide their condition and the sensation only grew as I admired them more.

Unclipped the pretty bra exposed my fleshy breasts and without question both nipples were very hard and very noticeable, as I'm only 18 they didn't drop at all but sat high and proud on my chest. Without the bra my breast are quite "peaky" with dark pink nipples and bobbly areola but month on month they seem to be gathering weight and filling out. I'm currently a 32C but that down to my slight frame and small back, I think I'll end up at least a D cup if I'm lucky.

One thing is for sure is that when Jed (my BF) plays with my breasts and kisses and sucks my nipples my pussy erupts and my mind explodes with desire, it's so amazing to feel somebody else other than me touch them. I have to control my desires and resist the urge to touch my pussy and masturbate to orgasm, saying that though I have also made myself cum just through playing with my nipples and massaging my breasts.

So there I was in my dorm and in my bathroom, I was feeling horny but was in a strange place with a girl I'd met only today, I finished cleaning my teeth and slipped into my strapy PJ top and a small pair of PJ panties.. I liked how feminine I looked and felt a nervous excitement with going back into the room, would Emma notice my hard nipples, did my flush face give anything away or am I just a horny 18 year old excited about her own developing womanhood?

I returned in my PJ's only to find Emma still fully dressed and still lying on her bed; for some reason I thought she'd take the chance to undress and get in her nightwear whilst I was out of the room. It was only when I jumped into bed that she begin to sort herself out, what happened next took me by surprise and began as sting of events which changed my whole mind set completely

Emma was obviously of a similar age to me but where I am a tall blonde with a slim toned figure, Emma is shorter, chestnut brown hair and a full curvaceous figure. Where I am a size 8 and tall she is probably a size 10 but 5 inches or so shorter than me, her clothes were very nice and her appearance was one of style and quality.

What took me by surprise was that as we continued to chat she got off the bed and began to undress right in front of me; it was a casual nonchalant undress like you would with a sister or mother, nothing in the way of shyness and with no apparent need to turn or cover up. I watched her with intense interest and wondered just how far she would go in undressing in front of me, I wouldn't say it was an obvious tease but it most certainly was a slow methodical undress which if you were feeling horny like I was; it became a pleasurable and exciting experience to watch this pretty girl undress.

Its t this point I must confess that I'd sometime thought about other girls that I found attractive, and of course sometimes had private moments wondering what it would be like to make love to another woman, but this was truly the first time I'd been in such close contact with a situation which I was sexually excited about.

There had been times at school in the locker rooms that I'd taken a look around at other girls and also whilst having friends round I wondered about their own sexual development and imagined they were having similar thoughts and desires and like me kept them restrained and private.

Those thoughts came rushing back to me as my nipples began to harden even more and now I felt the tingling in my pussy which often leads to me pleasing myself.

My good friend Sally was the one who was most relaxed about these sort of things and often in the confines of my room or when alone in the house with her she'd talk about sexual things and things such as underwear etc, on a few occasions it lead to one or both of us showing the other a pretty bra we'd just purchased, or some lovely panties. On a numerous occasions Sally seemed more than happy knowing either her panties or bra were see through and on one particular occasion she had panties on that were perfectly see through and seemed happy for me to discover her pussy was completely hairless and smooth.

I always felt aroused when we had our girly moments and I felt excited about showing her my womanly figure, I got aroused knowing she was looking at my breasts, pretending to be shy but highlighting the fact my nipples were erect, pretending to show her my panties when all I really wanted is for her to look at my pussy.

Thinking back Sally is the person responsible for igniting those sexual thoughts about other girls as it was after one of those times situations I masturbated to orgasm whilst imaging having my nipples sucked and making out with a girl. I guess we both know it will happen, but up until now its been tease and counter tease

Where was I?.. oh yes.....Watching Emma was becoming a real turn on but what if I was totally wrong about the situation, what if she always undressed in front of strangers, and what would I do for 3 nights if I made a fool out of myself? Just at that point my attention grew as Emma went to lift her T shirt up over her breasts to remove it, this would give me a brief moment to fully take in a perfect view of her breasts whilst she lifted it over her head, however for me to see her fully she would have to turn more to face towards me.

Just then my phone bleeped and I briefly looked away but as I return to our conversation I'm sure Emma was looking down at partially covered breasts and my obviously hard nipples, my little vest top would not be able to cover them fully and with how they ached I knew they were noticeably erect; adding to that I wasn't leaving much to the imagination with a good amount bare skin on show.

I smiled a knowing smile and one was returned, then without hesitation Emma turned to face me and began to lift her top up and over her breasts, with her hands crossed it pushed her breasts together and with a knowing voyeur she slowly lifted up the hem of her top and pulled it upwards.

It was like slow motion as her white lacy bra came into view and the perfectly full breasts were free to be admired; it was so thrilling and the thought that she was maybe doing it for my voyeuristic pleasure was exciting me so much. The most exciting thing was the shear fullness or her breasts, her bra was holding much bigger breasts than mine and her cleavage was very apparent, not only that but the thin material did nothing to hide large dark nipples firmly protruding from her olive skin.

The moment was brief; but long enough, long enough to be a sign that we were comfortable with each other's space and deliberate enough to make me think she wanted me to have a good look, and if that were the case then I willingly obliged.

I'd previously had other sexual thoughts about the mother of one of my friends who was around 40 and a classy woman, I found her incredibly attractive because she was not only very pretty but also her business type dress and her very alluring look which I guess drove many men to distraction.

I first realised I had a crush on her after the time I saw her with her shirt off, standing in her kitchen in heels, stocking, pencil skirt and a very pretty bra, ironing her blouse. From then on I wanting to see more and more, I knew these feelings were down to my strong sexual development and I personally was not uncomfortable with them. Whenever I visited Valerie would often be found semi naked around the house and so often I saw her in a skirt and only a bra and this was the first time I thought about a mature woman sexually, It led me to imaging her fully undressed and wonder how sexy she'd be naked and only recently I was given the chance to find out.

My friend Nina and I had planned to go late night shopping and so I went to her house as usual around 5pm, Valerie was quick to let me in but told me Nina had missed her bus and would be another hour. Valerie invited me in anyway and as she was getting ready to go out herself she invited me to keep her company whilst she sorted herself out, for the next hour I sat on her bed as she undressed, showered, dried off, tried on various sets of underwear and finally chose an outfit. During this hour we chatted about all sorts of stuff but more excitedly I saw her in some very sexy underwear and then completely naked.

Whilst naked Valerie made no attempt to cover up and gave me many opportunities to feast my eyes on her perfect breast and neatly trimmed pussy..By the time Nina had arrive Valerie was dressed and said nothing of her voyeuristic show and I also said nothing about my throbbing pussy and desire to make love to her mother!

I also had a girlfriend from school who often talked about other women and sexual things. However this was a whole new thing, those thoughts had been momentary pictures of me and another woman, fantasies and not reality, this however was so exciting and so real.

As Emma's pretty face came back into view I made it clear that my eyes lingered on her breasts, for a good few seconds I took in the mental picture of her full round curves, her pretty white bra struggling to conceal her big firm nipples.

I commented on her pretty underwear giving me another reason to look at her and confidently she gave me a twirl. I momentarily wondered about her jeans and if she would also remove them in front of me and to my surprise she began to unbutton her buttons, kicking her boots off she pushed her waistband over her hips and as she slid them down it partial took her matching panties with them, again without embarrassment she continues to undress and before she kicked them to the ground and pulled her little panties back up I managed to see her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair.

This was getting hot now, I was in a situation I was unfamiliar with and one I was scared but excited about at the same time. My few brief thoughts about sex with other women had always given me reason to masturbate, but this was real, this was right now, and the other woman was apparently making it easy for me to indulge myself further.

Now standing only feet away was a pretty 18 year old woman with beautiful olive skin, dark chestnut hair and the most perfect of figures I could ever imaging, her full heavy breasts cradled in a soft white lacy bra, little panties covering her trimmed pussy and a look in her face which tells me she quite like standing there and me looking at her!

She smiled a welcoming smile, one that says "over to you" or "what would you like me to do now?" and all I could do in reply was smile back. I think she knew I was nervous, but she would also be able to sense my excitement and I think that's what made her take the next step. Without continuing the chat she stood facing me and stood upright, her eyes fixed on mine she reach around and reached for the clips of her bra, slowly she drew her hands back with either end in each hand and slowly she released the tension in the straps allowing them to drop to her side, them in the same motion she reached to her shoulders and pushed the shoulder strap down each arm, finally she placed either hand under each breast and allowed the soft white material to fall from her breasts. The bra was quickly discarded and there she was in her most natural womanly glory.

To say Emma was the picture of sexuality was an understatement, just like my friends mother she had very full round breasts and not peaky and pointy like mine, her dark nipples hard and thick and clearly in a state of arousal. I couldn't take my eyes of her breasts and she just stood there allowing me to enjoy myself, my fingers moved to my lips and my mouth fell open, my heart beating so hard and so loud I thought she could hear it.

My trance like state was broken by the soft sound of her voice

"I've never undress for another woman before" she whispered and as she spoke her right hand lifted to her breast and her fingers caressed her already hard nipple.

"And I've never felt like I do now" I replied shyly

There was a pause, a comfortable silence and a deep look into each other's eyes

"I'd like to kiss you" she said

Blimey! This was it, this was the most exciting thing ever, and also the scariest,

"I'd like that too" was all I could say and she offered me her hand.

Taking her hand I was suddenly standing toe to toe with the object of my desires, my eyes in hers, flitting to her mouth and back to her eyes, I wanted to look down at her breasts but her eyes consumed me totally. The desire in them was running very deep and very hot, and then she took both of my hands and pulled me in to her, wow what an amazing feeling!

As soon as I was close enough to kiss her I could feel her heavy breast against mine, my nipples acting like little electric buttons sending sparks through my body, my lips touched hers and my tongue instinctively sought hers. We pulled each other close and our kiss got more and more passionate, we were almost frenzied in our lust for each other, I could feel her nipples big and firm against my pale white skin, my hips pushed into hers and the cries of her pleasure filled my head like the most potent of drugs.

So there we were, standing in the middle of our dorm, Emma in her little panties and me in my skimpy PJ's, my inhibitions had vanished and I knew I wanted to make love to this beautiful woman forever, my mind was flashing to suckling on her breasts, to spreading her pussy lips and to making her cum hard and loud,

I wanted to grind my pussy into her face and feel that woman's touch I'd read, if I was going to explore my bi side I'd may as well indulge myself fully right here right now.

We broke from our kiss as Emma put her hands on my shoulders and that gave me a chance to look down between us, our breast were crushed against each other which provided me with the most sexual sight I could imaging as a young woman exploring her bisexuality. Her big heavy breasts, olive in colour and with big brown nipples squashed against the English rose white skin of my pert firm breasts, my nipples barely covered by my top were so sensitive to every little movement and sending pulses of excitement direct to my pussy.

I put up no resistance as Emma pulled my top over my head and the perfect picture was complete by the exposing of my pink nipples; proud and jutting out without shyness or embarrassment, and Emma's wonderful curves squashed against me, it's a picture I hold now with excitement and memories of things to come.

We continued to kiss only now our hands began to roam, I was desperate to feel her fingers on my nipples and in turn so very keen to explore her body, one of the few fantasies I had about my friend mother is a vision of laying on my back and her bending over me so her breasts would hang in my face and her nipples in my mouth and this was one thing I really wanted to do with Emma.

I was desperate to feel her breasts and didn't take long in moving both hands up either side of her waist and under each breast, she stopped caressing me as we both watch my hands move up and caress the underside of each golden orbs, suddenly I realised I had a big pair of tits in my hands and I loved it!

Emma responded with a sigh of pleasure and I took more and more of the weight of her breasts in either hand and the more I lifted the closer my thumbs got to her nipples, the first touch was amazing, she bucked in response to my thumb flicking over one, then the other nipple, soon I was pressing and probing, caressing and flicking, and with every touch Emma fell more and more into a trance like state.

Unlike my nipples which are puffy Emma's were proud like bullets, every flick made each nipple wobble, and every touch pushed her further and further away from the calm collected young lady I met earlier.

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