tagAnalMy First Bisexual Fantasy

My First Bisexual Fantasy


I find myself in a room, laying on a narrow table, and I am blindfolded.

I try to yell out for help, but my voice will not make a sound. Have I been abducted by aliens, is my only thought!!

I noticed my knees are tied up, and I am spread. My hands and feet are tied to the table so I cannot move them in any way, plus I feel I might have been drugged, as I cannot really move.

I hear soft voices, not many, 2, maybe 3. I hear one hush me with a long, soft "Ssssssshhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"!

Suddenly, I feel a cock head rub back and forth across my lips. This goes on for a few minutes, then the whole cock. Either he is doing this really slowly, or his cock is really long. Suddenly, they are straddling my head, and I hear what sounds like a female say, in a very soft voice, "Open your mouth." I do, and he gently puts his balls in. She tells me to suck and lick them, which I eagerly obey.

He goes away, I think, after what feels like an hour. But, I feel him pull me toward the head of the table so my head hangs off, and down. Someone opens my mouth, and he inserts his cock. She tells me to relax.

He slowly begins to fuck my mouth. Slowly, at first, then a little faster, then slowly, then faster. This goes on for, again, what seems like an hour.

Each time he slides back in, it's a little deeper, until he is touching the back of my throat. The female voice says, "Just relax." He slips into my throat, and I realize I have no gag reflexes. He slides all the way in, BALLS deep.

I realize at that point that, yes, he was rubbing his cock on my lips slowly, but, he was also long. I guessed from how much cock that was in my throat to his balls hitting my nose, at LEAST 9 - 10 inches, and he was a decent diameter. I was definitely full.

He fucks my mouth like that for again, what seems like an hour!

He pulls out, and I feel someone slip between my legs. Again, the female voice says to relax.

I have not been lubed, but I can feel a wet cock head pressing against my asshole, and I realize, that wet cock was the one just fucking my mouth. With a long, slow push, he pops in, and goes ball deep slowly with the first stroke!! Slowly, in and out, each time grinding his balls against my asshole. I want to scream out, but again, I can't, and my body is confused. Do I want to scream from pain, or from pleasure? A good ass fucking and he pulls out, and is at my mouth, again. He fucks my mouth, again, for what seems like HOURS, but, then he is back in my ass, and fucking me hard, and deep, and occasionally, fast! It's brutal, in a way, and in a way, I am enjoying it. IMMENSELY!! Without warning, and with a loud moan, he shoves his cock in all the way with a HUGE hard thrust, and unloads a full load of cum my ass, his hard cock pulsing with each pump of cum.. Taking a few minutes to catch his breath, he slowly pulls out. I can feel his juicy cum running down the crack of my ass. My GOD. How much did he dump in me????????? It feels like a GALLON!!

I am given a short break, and starts all over again, this time with my mouth. I am fucked for another eternity, then another deep thrust, balls on my nose, and a stomach full of cum. He pulls out enough to finish that off by dumping a good 2 or 3 tbsp. on my tongue, and she tells me to swallow every drop, which I do, do, GLADLY.

I am released from my strains, and aided up to a sitting position.

Suddenly, my blindfold is removed. The light is dim, but slowly gets brighter.

Standing in front of me is a well-built man with the biggest cock and balls I have EVER seen, and she tells me to take a good look at what just brought me so much intense pleasure.

I have often dreamed of this scenario, wondering IF it will ever come true.

I have had many dreams like this in the past, all of them ending pretty much the same way.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/14/18

I'd like

To be the one to offer you that. Would love to cum up in your ass.

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by Anonymous07/11/18

Please, keep dreaming.

They tell me that dreams are a reflection of inner fears and desires so this was a nice combination of both.

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by Anonymous07/11/18


Like the way you think.
What is your next fantasy?

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