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My First Boyfriend


Well, in 6th grade my parents decided that they didn't want me anymore, so they sent me away. Well, they sent me to a week-long overnight camp anyway =D West River, it was a Methodist Christian Adventure Camp... I thought they were evil because I was still a pretty shy little person. But I went. There were 4 girls to each room in the cabins and on one side of the cabin it was all guys and on the other side of the cabin it was all girls, and there was a common room in the middle, and a little hallway from the common room between the two bathrooms. you could get into both bathrooms from the hallway, the doors were right across from each other (very important for later in the story =)

Well, one of the first things we did was do a lot of ice-breaker games of course, and one of the first games we played was the Human Knot game. That's where each person takes two other people's hands and everyone's holding hands (standing in a circle holding hands with people across from you) and then you have to unravel yourselves to stand in a REAL circle. It's a lot of fun.

Well to introduce us to the game they said "Alright, someone put your hand out into the circle" for a couple seconds no one moved and I thought 'well this is retarded' and so put my hand out since no one was moving. Then they said "Now someone take her hand" and immediately a brown hand reached out and took mine... I looked up...

Well, if I'd cussed at all then, the first thing I would've said was "Damn..." instead i just stood there kinda speechless as i got my first sight of Ricky.

Ricky was just one of those guys that just exudes... something. Something that makes you attracted and makes you want to get to know him and do lots of things with him!!!!! Not that I understood any of that in 6th grade. This was the first guy I had ever really been attracted to. He's just standing there smiling at me with a sparkle in his eyes. Damn.

It was "like" at first sight - not love, not real love. Maybe puppy love, but definitely "like" at first sight. For the rest of the week, we were together a lot.

On Wednesday I had an accident.

Remember the hallway between the girls and boys bathrooms in each cabin that you could use to get into both bathrooms??? Well during the day the boys would be totally obnoxious and run back and forth between the bathrooms, either scaring the girls who were in the bathroom, or knocking on our doors, opening our doors, whatever, while we were in our rooms and then running back THROUGH the bathrooms to their side of the cabin. It was REALLY obnoxious, and after they opened the door on one of my roomies who was changing (they didn't see anything though) we decided that we really needed to catch the little tweps who were doing this.

So we took turns bolting out the door after getting the knock or the opening of the door, and chasing them back through the bathroom. I was the last to go, and on my turn, apparently they had just cleaned the bathroom floor before the little twerp decided to come over. Well, he didn't slip on the wet floor, but I did.

All I can remember is running in, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and then hurtling through the air head first towards the ground, the girls had all chased after me and so they all saw my feet slip straight up in the air. I was doing gymnastics at that point in my life and so was aware enough of my body that I managed to get my head out of the way and hit shoulder first... and then the rest of my body and my head... but that was a LOT of force coming down onto my shoulder

I SCREAMED... just once and then just lay there. Everything was REALLY fuzzy (I had taken a knock to the head after all, even if it wasn't the first thing I fell on) and I remember seeing one of the girls standing there with her mouth in this perfect "O". After a second of staring at me one of them ran to get a counselor.

They called an ambulance, and they weren't sure what I had hurt because I knew my head hurt even though I knew it wasn't the first thing to hit, and I couldn't feel my entire right arm anymore (which was very scary for me because when the paramedic had me squeeze his hands I COULDN"T with my right arm and I'm a STRONG girl), and I couldn't move my hip very easily, plus my knee was throbbing in a way that I had come to associate with it being sprained (that wasn't too big a surprise to me, I was ALWAYS spraining my knee).

I remember them cutting through my favorite purple shorts because they had to check out my hip, and that I really wanted the counselor that I really liked to come with me in the ambulance because I was scared, and I know she wanted to come cuz she was arguing with the head counselor lady, the head counselor ended up coming and not her.

They put me in a neck brace, an arm brace and secured my hip and put me onto one of those wooden boards because they weren't sure if i'd hurt my back or not, and then they carried me out to the stretcher. Mostly I remember being more scared that hurt (well, for a little bit at least, I'll get to that in a moment) when they were carrying me out. I think I remember Ricky running up and trying to get through the people and going "What happened? What happened"

Well, the road to the camp is about a mile long and made of gravel. The whole trip in the ambulance is very hazy, but I remember two things. I remember that on the gravel bumpy road, the feeling in my right arm started coming back, and i started SCREAMING again because every bump just sent more and more pain shooting up it and made it clearer and sharper. And I remember that at one point a lot of traffic got into the way so the nice lady paramedic told me "They're going to turn on the siren now, it's not because we think that you're in any danger or anything, we just want to get you to the hospital as quickly as we can so that the pain can stop." I didn't really believe her, but I figured that either way was good. I still hate hearing ambulance sirens now though.

Well, we got to the hospital and I really can't remember any of that except that my dad showed up. I know they took X-rays and everything and that the head counselor was there for awhile.

The final verdict on my injuries was a mild concussion, a partially dislocated shoulder, a rotated hip (whatever that means) and a sprained knee (I could've told them that). All in all, it was a pretty impressive fall for slipping on a bathroom floor.

I DO remember that at the very end of it all they were asking me if I wanted to go back to camp or not, and of COURSE I did - hell, Ricky was there and I knew that we were only gonna be a "couple" for that week! - So the counselors left to go back since Dad would be able to take me back to camp (I think he and mom wanted me to come home) and the people in the hospital wanted me to stay for another hour or two so that they could be sure my concussion wasn't anything serious.

Well, when I did get back of course I was the hero of the day, and that's when Ricky got all possessive and protective over me going "How's my girl???" and stuff like that. He was trying to act all big and bad and stuff, but my friends told me later that he'd been all freaked out while I was gone and that he was the first person to run up to the head counselor and find out if I was coming back and stuff. I'm pretty sure that that's why he was trying to act like it was all no big deal =P I'm rather surprised he got all jittery like that when i was gone! He was uh... very cool and chill usually.

It was the first time any guy ever paid that kind of attention to me... I beat him constantly racing in swimming... he loved to pick me up by my waist and hold me up into the air in the water... hell I loved it when he did it!!!

At the end of the week we said goodbye... hugged... and I never saw him again. But you know, it was 6th grade. You can't do long distance relationships then. I like it just the way it was, and I now have a very sweet memory of him. I guess you could say we weren't REALLY going out, but I've always considered him my first boyfriend =D

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