tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First CFNM Show

My First CFNM Show


Since I stumbled upon CFNM online it intrigued me. I loved looking at the websites and videos and reading the stories. The more I watched and read about it the more I wanted to try it. It took me a bit but I finally figured out how I could.

I had a couple of female friends that lived a couple of hours away that I talked to on instant messenger. We had never met but had chatted for a long time on messenger to where we felt we knew each other well. Amy and Misty were their names. They were often together and we all chatted at the same time. We joked and flirted. I had a web cam and got on it for them sometimes. I told them they were my cam bosses and I had to do as they say while on the cam. We had fun and from time to time they tried to get me to strip. One time they tried so I took of my shorts and only had on my boxers. They finally got me to flash my cock at them quickly and only for 5 seconds. The next day they told me that they loved the 5 second show and that they and their other two friends watching with them wanted more. I was shocked and turned on that their friends were watching me too. That is what gave me the ideal.

The next time we were on messenger I asked them about the other two girls. Amy and Misty said that they all loved them telling me what to do and me flashing my cock at them. So I asked them if they would like a live show. They said that they would absolutely love one. So we begin to plan it out. After we talked about it we decided that I would be handcuffed. I had four pair of novelty underwear. Each girl would get a pair and take me into another room and change me into the pair they had. They would change me and do what they wanted as I was handcuffed. They could do anything as long as I did not cum. Then they would bring me out and model me in front of the other girls. We decided on a date and it was set.

As I was getting out of my car at Amy's house I was nervous walking to the door. I had this CFNM fantasy in my head but had never lived it out in front of anybody. I was trying to calm down as I rang the doorbell and Amy and Misty opened the door. We greeted each other with a hug and small chat as they were both grinning from ear to ear. They led me to the living room and introduced me to Lisa and Joy. All they could do was smile and giggle. After a few minutes Misty declared that it was time for the show. They drew names to see who was first. As Amy and Joy handcuffed me Mist announced that she was first.

Misty reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of undies. She then led me off into the side bedroom and closed the door. We kind of laughed a little as she begins to undo my pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped them and slid them off. Then she quickly pulled my boxers off. She cupped my balls in her hand and played with my cock. She licked it and even sucked it some. It quickly grew. She flipped it a time or two and then begin to put on my thong bottoms. They had a thong back with black mesh in front with a little purple covering my cock. She smacked my ass and gave me a deep wet kiss as she led me into the living room. The other girls clapped and cheered. She led right over to them as they were all eye level to my cock. They all took turns touching my cock and smacking and grabbing my ass. They asked Misty what she had done to get me so turned on. Then Joy led me away reaching into the bag as she led back into the bedroom.

Joy shut the door and immediately begins to kiss me. She told me how turned on and wet she was. She then removed the bottoms and put my cock into her mouth. She really knew how to suck a cock. It felt great. She stopped just in time as I wasn't far from cumming. She put on pair of g-string bottoms with an elephant front. She put my rock hard cock into the trunk part. It stuck straight out and showed the length of my 8 inch cock. Joy led me out to the other girls. They were all in shock by how big this pair made my cock look. They each stroked it and played with my ass. They had no idea how close I was to cumming. Lisa reached into the bag and pulled me into the bedroom.

Lisa shut the door and nervously removed my elephant bottoms. She just looked at my cock. She then said that her husband did not have a cock that big. I shockingly said something about her having a husband. She then told me the only one not married was Amy. She said that Joy, Misty, and she loved this because their husbands were boring. She said this as she gave my cock a peck kiss and put on pair of undies similar to the first. This pair had a perfect outline of my cock. It was much of the same as Lisa led me around in front of the other girls. Then Amy got the last pair out of the bag and tugged me back into the bedroom.

Amy shut the door and pushed me onto the bed. She pulled my bottoms off and jumped on top of me. She kissed me deeply and kept kissing me as she made her way down to my cock. She licked my balls and cock. I had a little pre-cum leak out and she licked it right off. She laughed as she asked if I was close to cumming. I laughed and told that she had no idea how close I was. She slid on her pair of bottoms. This pair was like a mini tuxedo. It was all the girls favorite. After I was paraded around in front of them again I was pushed down into the chair in the living room.

I was still handcuffed as the girls circled around. Misty and Amy each grabbed a side and pulled my mini tux off. I then had eight hands all over my cock and body. I started to tense up as I was getting close to cumming. I felt only one hand on my cock stroking it as I blew a huge load of cum. It felt so good to finally get released. I was shocked when I opened my eyes to see that Lisa was the one stroking my cock. She had cum all over her hand. Joy had it on her shirt and Misty had some on her neck. Amy was the only one that didn't have any cum on her.

We all laughed about it as my cock went back limp to its normal size. I was still handcuffed in the chair. After about ten minutes of being in the kitchen I knew something was up with the girls. Joy, Lisa, and Misty came back in with Amy behind them. They all said they wanted to but Amy won. As I was about to ask what she won Amy bent down and took my limp cock into her mouth. She begins to fondle my balls. My cock grew back tot full hard size. Amy struggled to keep it all in her mouth. She would pull it out and run her tongue up and down it. God it felt good. All the girls could tell I was about to cum again and alerted Amy. She pulled her mouth back as I begin to squirt my second load of the day. A lot of went into Amy's mouth and some went on her nose between her eyes. She swallowed all in her mouth as the rest dripped off of her nose.

The handcuffs were taken off and I got dressed. All the girls wanted to know if I would come back. I told them to pick a date and I would return. They told me to expect a bigger crowd. I got a hug and a nice kiss from each before I left. They all told me that they couldn't wait for next time. As I drove home I thought the same thing.

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by rds_muskrat01/22/18

I love the whole CFNM thing...I would've made a career out of it back in the day had I even known about it. Good story line.

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