tagGay MaleMy First Encounter With a Man

My First Encounter With a Man


I found myself there more by accident than on purpose. Or so I tell myself anyway. The fact of the matter is that I was yearning for this new experience for quite some time. There was just something enticing about man to me even though I was (and still am) quite the ladies man. For years I was "curious". My first true step was to buy a Bi video. The sight I found, repulsive the first time though. Seeing a man penetrating another man nauseated me. I put the video away. In time enough I cam back to it and watched it all the way through. Then again, and again until I was desensitized to the new reality of man on man sex. Soon I found my distaste replaced with a dark, forbidden arousal.

Before long I was purchasing gay mags and dildos. I would ride the dildos as I masturbated to the videos and magazine images. Soon my passive curiosity started moving to the next level and began to wonder how to turn my fantasy into reality.

The online world opened up to me and soon I was chatting with would be partners and surfing sites containing information on cruising spots. Before I knew it I was cruising the local hook up spots - not so much to pick some one up or be picked up, but to see who was picking up who and how it was done. Adult bookstores proved my favorite. Indoors, better lighted and safer feeling. Loitering in the magazine section I would make eye contact with guys how would then immediately try to lead me to the back but my courage failed me each time. I grew to love the booths. The smells men left behind, sometimes the spray marks and dripping semen on the walls aroused me in a very visceral way. I quickly took to a favorite bookstore investigating in at different hours on different days wanking off to gay porn on each visit leaving my evidence for the patron behind me.

One Saturday morning I stopped in on a whim and found in much brighter and busier than usual. Several guys were standing by the entrance to the video booths as if on a scheduled rotation. The thought crossed my mind but I immediately dismissed walking straight to the back making no eye contact.

The booths in the back were surprisingly empty given the amount of activity in the front of the store. Usually I would walk to the back getting lost in the dark maze of halls and doors but this time I stopped midway down the main corridor and took a booth. As always I would lock the door behind me. Inserted a 5 dollar bill and skipped through the channels until I found two hot guys sucking each others cocks. Immediately began to stiffen and took a seat as I was dropping my pants. Then I saw it. My first gloryhole was sitting just left of the waist level monitor that showed the envious picture of a guy with a rock hard dick sliding in and out of him mouth. I was shocked. Everything I had read and fantasized about was right there in front of me on this unsuspecting cool Saturday morning. My excitement turn to fright; almost terror when the thought of some one entering the booth next to me raced through mind. I didn't know what to do.

I contemplated leaving and taking another booth when a tongue flicked up and down through the hole. "What the hell?! I never heard anyone enter! What do I do?" Momentarily paralyzed I stood there staring not knowing what to do. In an instant, the tongue was back flicking up and down followed by an eye peering up at me. I found my self moving for the hole and sliding my semi-hard cock through it. I felt vulnerable and not in control, the fear and terror were back in full force but I felt equally committed. In a sobering instant a warm mouth took hold of my cock and my dread was replaced with the pleasures that only a man can bring to another man. I leaned further and further into the wall trying my best to feed him every inch of cock I had to offer. I did not want any millimeter of me dick to miss out on what was finally happening to me.

It was my first blow job from a guy and it was already the best blow job I had ever had. He sloppily worked my pole up and down taking it fully into his mouth as I practically tried to climb through the wall. I could feel myself readying to explode but I did not want this incredible feeling to end. I withdrew and bent down. Excited and invigorated, I could not let this opportunity pass without tasting my first dick.

Before I was on my knees good, a short, fat cock appeared before me. I was no longer in control of myself. It took him into my mouth and tasted another man for the first time. I absolutely loved it. I sucked him in quickly and worked him the best I could wanting to return the joy he bestowed on me. I stroked and sucked him. I could feel him pressing against the wall. His hard, wide cock filled my mouth nicely. It's fleshy firmness exciting me into sucking him fast and harder. His cock grew. Before I even knew what was happening the warm flow of his cum began to fill my mouth. I never prepared myself for that moment and I was again in shock at what was happening. I continued to let him shoot his cum into my mouth, some of it beginning to run down my chin.

In an instant he was gone. I knelt there looking through the hole as the door opened and closed with a mouth full of his semen. I felt like such a degraded slut. I spit in the empty waste basket and stood back realizing I was still rock hard.

Just seconds latter I heard the door open and close once again. This time not a tongue but a figure jutted through. I could not help but feel compelled to oblige. This time my fully erect cock went through the hole without hesitation. A cold hand began to stroke me back and forth. Then I felt it again. A warm mouth taking me in. Forcing myself against the wall I let him service my cock with his mouth and his now warm hand. The brewing in my nuts was back. The explosion was soon to come. He sensed it and sucked me faster and harder until I shot wave and wave of cum into his awaiting mouth. I was the single best orgasm I have ever had.

Once again I knelt down, still trembling and waited for my second taste of cock and semen. His long slender cut cock was dripping with pre cum. Immediately I lapped it up sucking only the head of his cock trying to extract every succulent drop I could get before going to work on that long pole of his. His taste was salty and dank. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could but he was far to long for a novice such as myself. Harder I worked him and he began to work his cock in and out of my mouth.

I sat there letting him fuck my face through the hole when I could taste more pre cum. I started stroking my dick in the excitement. I could hear him getting close, his moans beginning to drown out the porn playing in the adjacent booths. I wanted his cum so bad. I pressed in towards the hole as far as I could without gagging on his cock and sucked hard every time he forcefully entered my mouth. He blasted cum before he reentered my mouth giving me a hard, warm blast of cum that splashed off my cheek and glasses. He slammed back into my mouth and shot a steady stream that almost made me choke. I clamped my mouth around his cock allowing him to finish as I swallowed over and over. I sucked him until I felt I got all the cum he had to offer me and took his cock and wiped his cum from my face into my mouth sucking him clean each time. Just as quickly as he arrived, he was gone. I finished stroking my cock and shot my nutt on the floor to the before unnoticed sound of two guys in the next booth fucking.

I cleaned myself up the best I could and walked to the car savoring the warm salty taste left in my mouth. I do so love the taste of cum.

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by 4yourpleasureiam11/19/17

I agree

There is no climax good as the one you get when pressed up against the wall shooting into a mans mouth. Moaning your pleasure as you release, thanking him for what he did for you. Sinking to yourmore...

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