tagGay MaleMy First Gay Fuckbuddy Ch. 01

My First Gay Fuckbuddy Ch. 01


About one year ago, I had my first ever gay experience, and I will never forget it, I now recount this life changing story to you to enjoy.

I was quite well built, but thought I could shape myself even more. I have long light-brown hair, which is "lusciously" thick. I have strong broad shoulders which extend into nice strong arms. Going down my body, I have a thin layer of fat covering my nearly showing six-pack, but I am not disappointed. (I have stepped up my work-out however). I have a nice smooth 8 and a half inch cock which was nicely wide. My legs are powerful.

Anyway, my story starts with me deciding to look at some gay porn. That time, I was merely experimenting, but that I would just look at the man on man action, and turn away in disgust. However, after watching a few seconds of this hunk getting fucked by this 10 inch cock, I found myself with a rock-hard erection. Next thing I know, I'm cumming long strings of cum all down my legs. I now had a new mission. I needed to find a man to fuck and suck, to confirm my new-found curiosity.

I was 18 at that time, and I was in my last year of school. I went in to meet one of my friends and saw someone walk past me who made me remember my fantasy. His name was Robert, and I had always assumed him gay, even though he hadn't come out of the closet. I followed him into the toilet, and found him pissing in one of the urinals.

"High", I said to him, standing to urinals down from him, pulling my nob out from my trousers. He muttered a reply. I commenced my pissing and had a quick glance down at his cock. It was, beautiful. It was about 8 inches and it was slightly brown, very smooth. He had a small circumcision, and I loved every bit of it. I was now fighting the urge for an erection. That settled it, Rob was going to be the first person I experimented on. He had a good shape. Not as thin as me, nor as tall, but was very strong, and his legs were beautiful. I couldn't wait to see his ass in the flesh. From what I knew, he was a virgin. Unlike me.

At lunch I managed to catch up with him.

"Hay, how you doin'" I quickly asked, and without waiting for a response asked; "do you wanna come over to my house this weekend and watch a movie or summing".

"Umm, yeah, I guess so." he replied simply (he was never very good with words). And with that I walked away, again, fighting off an erection as I imagined me sucking his glorious cock.

The next two nights, I wanked simultaneously over him. But on Friday, I decided to save up. I wanted to give him everything I had.

At three o'clock, he arrived, and we went upstairs to play some table football, and some Fifa. With my parents away, I definitely new I had to do it soon, or else. So, casually, I asked him if he had any favourite porn sites. He named a few lesbian sites, nothing to get my hopes up. So, I asked him if he wanted to watch some of my favourite sites. I drew up a chair by the computer, loosened my jeans a bit, and opened up a straight porn site.

For a while, we watched this teen get fucked, while she screamed in ecstasy. I glanced over to see his eyes watching the screen, but the cock in his jeans did not seem too impressed.

"Hmmm… No joy from that… lets try something else…" I said to him. He nodded in recognition, then, as I typed in one of my favourite gay porn sites, saw his eyes widen.

"Do you mind? Or are you not into that?" I asked inquisitively.

"Ermm, I didn't know you were gay." He said with a grin.

"I'm not. I'm bisexual. Enjoy" I casually replied as I started up the movie of this really hot twink sucking off his mate. After a while, I started to see a sizable lump growing in his trousers (along with my own, which was already hard). I decided to make the first move. I reached over and started massaging his cock. He shivered slightly, but did not object, so I continued to massage his now growing member.

"How about we get a bit more comfortable?" I asked. As I reached to undo my belt, he stopped me and stood up. Bending over me, he kissed me. It was a long passionate kiss in where our arms explored each other's bodies. It was extremely hot, and one of the best kisses I ever had to this day, man or woman.

I pulled off his shirt and he unzipped my jeans as I stepped out of them. I started kissing all the way down his body. Starting with his chest and his powerful arms, working still down to his belly button, which I licked and sucked, then finally, I took of his jeans, and found a beautiful cock standing to attention. I marvelled at it for a few seconds, and then continued to kiss and lick around his cock.

I took one of his balls into my mouth and started to suck it. I heard him very audibly moan as I did this. I then transferred to the other, sucking it deeply, then finally taking both into my mouth and swilling them around while he shouted "Fuck, that feels sooo good! Please, suck my dick uhhh!!" Obeying his orders, I started to lick up and down the side of his cock, being careful not to touch his head, then, after much more pleading and swearing on his behalf, I took the head into my mouth.

It was a sensational feeling which I will never forget. I licked the precum off of his head and started to work my way down. Suck on it, and licking it. He started to moan again, as I slowly bobbed up and down on his throbbing member.

After a few minutes of this he started to moan even louder, and I took this as a cue to quicken my pace. I licked and sucked, and even tried to deep-throat, but I could stop myself from gagging. "YES! OH MY GOD YESSS!!" He cried as his orgasm approached. "Oh my god, I'm cumming!!!" At this, I put his cock as deep as I could in my mouth, and then felt the power of his load shoot into my throat. He cummed so much that some started to slowly seep out of my mouth. After his barrage of cum subsided, I licked the remains off of his cock, and we stood up and took our actions to my bed.

I turned him over, and he lay there as if I was going to give him a massage, and slowly started to bite and lick his ass and glory hole. I reached his glory-hole and started to lick it clean. He gently moaned out loud as I stuck my tongue into his but hole. I tongue fucked him for a while, and then got the lube from the ledge next to my bed. I spread some onto my finger, then gently around his anus, before slowly putting in one finger and finger fucking him. Then I added a second. He started to moan. I added a third finger and he gasped.

"Are you OK, do you want me to go on?" I said.

"Don't stop" he replied. So at that, I lubed up my throbbing cock, and fed it very slowly into his virgin asshole. It felt so amazing as I pushed, inch-by-inch into his but. Finally, my full 9 inches was submerged, and I was ready to start. I bent over him and whispered into his ear to check he was ready. He nodded. So I slowly started to go in and out. "Relax" I said softly as his gasps penetrated the air. After a few more pumps, I felt him loosen a bit, so I quickened the pace. It was such a fantastic feeling to be pumping his fine ass bareback. The events of the day made me quick and nearly already ready to cum. We were both moaning now, as I felt him add to my motion. We continued. I felt my self spasm from a mini-orgasm, as I continued to fuck his ass. "AHH, I'M CUMMING!!!" I exclaimed, as I continued to fuck his ass. I pushed forward, then he pushed back, and I shuddered and started to cum lengths of my cum into his ass as I shouted in pure joy and relish. It was an amazing feeling as I collapsed onto the bed.

"That was great" I gasped towards him. I rolled towards him and started to kiss him.

"Yes" he replied (not one with the words).

"You know, I think we should become fuck buddies" I said

"Definitely" he said.

This is not the last encounter with my fuck buddy. There will be many more tales where this comes from.

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