tagBDSMMy First Glory Hole

My First Glory Hole


At first it seemed as if this was going to be like any other evening out with Master. Oh, have I never been more glad to be wrong.

"Shower time, Pet," Master announces as he walks to the back of the house.

I run past him knowing full well I better have everything set in the bathroom before he arrives. I turn on the water while arranging the towels and soaps, checking the temperature to ensure it's just the right level of steamy. I kneel on the bathmat, hands clasped behind my back as Sir enters the room.

I open the shower door for him and then step in behind Sir. I wait patiently as he rinses off and eagerly step forward when he beckons for me. I've got his loofah all ready to go with his favorite body wash. I begin lathering him and running my hands all over his body to ensure he is going to be nice and clean.

"Suck my cock, Slut," Sir orders.

I drop to my knees and immediately shove his soaking cock deep into my mouth. Just as I am getting him hard as a rock,

"Up and clean yourself" Master orders as he steps out of the shower.

I rise up a little stunned that play has stopped so soon. Spilling his hot seed all over my face in the shower is one of Sir's favorite things.

"There must be something else on tonight's agenda," I think to myself.

I realize I have just been standing there in the hot water, when the door swings open and Master gives me two quick slaps on the ass.

"I said, clean yourself. Do not make me repeat myself again," Sir says forcefully.

I move into double time and soap up while the conditioner soaks in my hair. Once I'm clean, I dry off and tidy the bathroom. When I enter the play room, I see Master has laid me out an outfit.

"I am going to put your cock sucking skills to the test tonight, Pet. Do not disappoint me," Master states, as I am looking over the clothes.

A soft, white blouse, white cotton panties, a short blue and red plaid skirt, white knee highs and my black Mary Janes. Once I dress, Master kneels me down and brushes my hair, this is how I know he must be pleased with my appearance. I feel him separate my hair into two pigtails positioned just above my ears.

"Stand up and display yourself for me," Sir requests.

I get up and slowly twirl with my arms above my head before facing the bed and bending over the corner, exposing my ass with my legs spread wide.

"Very nice, Pet. Such a perfect, little whore you will be for me tonight."

"Where will we be going or what am I doing for you tonight Sir?" I ask, tentatively.

Knowing I will only be told what Master wants me to know and when he so chooses to tell me.

"Why, you'll be giving head to whoever asks it of you while I watch. I will punish you if I am not convinced you are trying hard enough."

I stand in shock. This was something we had discussed previously but I had no idea it would actually come to fruition.

"Pet, if you are having any doubts or hesitations, you must tell me now. Once we leave, we will see this to the end," Master tells me.

"No sir, no uncertainty. Simply surprise and eagerness," I reply.

"Good," he replies as Master strokes my cheek and leads me out the door.

When we arrive, the location appears to be just like any nightclub in the area. I look around, unsure, that he has brought me to the right place.

I catch up to Master at the door and overhear the bouncer whispering to Sir "I know where I'll be on my break."

I flush crimson, realizing he meant being in line to have me pleasure him with lips, tongue, and mouth.

Master beckons me forward and places a blindfold on me. He holds three fingers against my inner wrist, giving me our sign that it's going to be okay and if I feel scared to know he won't leave me. He keeps his hand in the same position as he begins weaving through the club. Master moves behind me and places his other hand on my hips as he leads me up stairs.

We reach a door and Master leads me inside. The blindfold is removed and I blink to take in my new surroundings. This room is small, perhaps 6' by 6', and very dark. There is a red velvet chair in one corner and black, plush carpeting. I see a kneeling pad on the wall opposite the chair with a hole cut out and I realize this must be my place. I kneel in position looking at Master in the chair.

"Let's begin the show, little Pet," Master says as he flips on the ready light.

I eagerly turn facing the glory hole and am not disappointed as there is already someone waiting. They must have been hovering waiting for the light to come on. The cock dangling in front of my face is tan and already half erect. I reach out and lightly run my hands over the shaft and balls, enjoying the little jumps this cock makes. Using the tip of my tongue, I lick the length of him before taking his head into my mouth.

I hear a soft moan from behind the wall and Master says, "Get on with it, my little whore."

I shove the rest of this mysterious cock deep into my throat and begin to suck him in earnest. Working the length of him with my tongue and cheeks sucking hard. I bring one hand up to massage and pleasure his balls as Master makes encouraging murmurs in the background.

Suddenly, too soon, this cock spasms in my mouth and pumps a load of hot cum down my throat. I do my best to swallow it all without making any gagging noises. The man on the other side of the wall has continued to moan and shakes as a little more cum dribbles out. He withdraws and I hear him gathering his clothing, when a couple of ones are passed through the hole.

I take the money in my teeth and crawl to Master and place the bills in his lap.

"Good girl, Pet, making him cum so fast. Did you enjoy doing that for me?" Master asks.

"Yes, Sir, I did very much," I reply, gazing up at him.

"Ready to do it again?"

I nod and crawl back to the pad on my hands and knees, kneeling in anticipation of the next arrival.

This time, I can hear the man arrive but there's hesitation or maybe he is already playing with me by making me wait, fighting the building curiosity of the next cock I will get to pleasure. Finally, as I feel my pussy swelling with expectation, I was rewarded with another cock coming through the hole. This cock is much larger than the previous visitor and I am so eager to taste him.

I licked the length of his cock before working my mouth like a vacuum sucking hard to get him fully erect. I moved my head down a bit and licked his balls. This got such a groan of approval that I took each one into my mouth in turn and sucked gently.

Then I hear my Master say "Fuck her mouth like the cum slut she is."

And boy, did this stranger not disappoint. I had to brace myself on the wall as his rigid member shoved deep in my throat time and time again, barely leaving me time to catch a breath.

Without any warning, he pulls his cock out and explodes all over my open mouth and face. I lick it up everywhere my tongue can reach and looked back at Master to show off the warm semen dripping down my cheeks. I loved seeing the expression of pride and admiration on Master's face.

"You're lucky to have such a good little whore," mystery man says to Master before walking out.

I crawl to him as Master beckons me forward and he strokes my hair while cleaning off my face so he can bend down and kiss me.

"I want you to handle one more while I fuck your tight little whore pussy," he whispers in my ear.

I tremble from head to toe with the excitement that I may actually get to be double penetrated and I won't ever know who the third party was. I reach to undo Master's pants so caught up in the moment when a sudden hard swat to the ass stops me in my tracks.

"Not until I am ready," Master warns.

He flips the ready light back on and shoves me towards the hole. I hurry into position and await the next cock that is so ready to be sucked off by the cum slit in the next room. I can hear Master undressing behind me but instinctively understand that I am not to look back but simply wait to be used by both men.

I jerk with surprise as a semi hard cock hits me in the cheek and I realize I've been too focused on Master while this man was waiting. I tilt my head to bring the cock to my mouth with only my tongue, tasting a bit of precum. As I take this member deeper into my mouth, I feel Master readjusting my legs so that I'm bent over in just the right position to have a cock shoved into my pussy.

When Master's dick brushes against my soaking cunt, I moan deeply onto the cock shoved in my mouth.

"You want me to fuck you, little whore?" Master asks me.

I can only nod, knowing I cannot let this erect penis out of my mouth. Even though, I was expecting it, the ecstasy of Master's cock in my pussy while someone else is fucking my mouth is unbelievable. My thighs begin to quiver as I orgasm onto Master, squirting my hot cum all down his member and dripping onto the floor.

Master and the stranger begin to move in tandem and as Master withdraws, the stranger moves deeper into my mouth. Unexpectedly, I feel cool lube dripping onto my ass. Master begins by brushing my tender opening with his fingers, just feeling and stroking, never letting up on my pussy. The stranger is still fucking my mouth in perfect time with Master.

As I massage the stranger's balls with my hand, moving my head up and down, more and more quickly, Master abruptly slides his middle finger deep in my ass. In an uncontrollable spasm, due to being triple penetrated, I scream and have to try my hardest to keep stranger's cock inside me while I cum again, the hardest I can ever remember. Master uses his other hand to brace my hips to keep my ever tightening pussy from squeezing him out.

Stranger asks, "Is she ready for a full load?"

Master responds with a simple "yes" as he begins to fuck me in earnest, never letting up on the finger playing deep in my ass.

And as Master increases his speed and thrust, stranger sprays a full load of hot cum into my mouth.

"Yes, this is what I've been waiting for," I think to myself as I swallow as much as possible.

Master finally loses control and spends himself in my dirty little pussy, yelling out with the intensity of his orgasm.

After cleaning myself and Master up, he just holds me for a minute, stroking my hair to tell me how proud I made him and how I was such a good little whore for him.

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