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My First Gloryholes


Me and my friend are total sluts and proud of it. We're both 18 years old and in our last school year; enjoying each other's company in the same classes. The entire school knows that we are sluts by what we do, act, and dress. A lot of girls look at us in a disgusting way, but honestly I don't care... We chose to be like this, and take everything that comes with this life style. Most boys are drooling over us so we never lack attention, and it doesn't take much to make them do anything for us.

One thing my friend and I love to do is playing games, and not just innocent games you might have played at school, but I mean real slutty games. They are like truth or dare games but only by doing dares. We always try to make it as sexy as possible and try to expand our limits, which is part of the fun. The game is played by having one of us give the other a dare. Only one can be given a day until we complete it. Completing it means the other gets a turn to give dares. Since yesterday it has been Susan's turn to give me a dare and she told me to jerk off one of the nerds during lunch break. I really didn't feel like doing it so I didn't, and today she gave me a new dare...

My friend told me to give a blowjob inside the 'Erotic Kitten'. This is a sex store in town where they also have private rooms. My first thought was, like no way, but on second thoughts the idea made me very excited and got my pussy a little wet. After school I went home and put on different clothes to make me look a bit older. You have to be 21 years old to get inside the 'Erotic Kitten'; but I'm only 18 years old. I put on a black ruffled mini skirt, a light pink crop top, hot pink panties, matching bra and light pink heels. I put my hair in a ponytail with a little pink bow attached and used light make up with pink lipstick. I especially accentuated my eyes with black eyeliner and somewhat darker eye shadow to give me that older look.

I looked into the mirror and realized that I went a little too far... I looked like a young cum hungry pornstar, ready to shoot a slutty porn movie. I wasn't too sure if my older look would work well with my ponytail with pink bow and my belly on display, but decided that it had to do once I looked at my clock. I didn't have any time left because it's already 4pm and the store will close at 5pm.

I'm now standing across the street from the store and I'm incredibly nervous. I didn't expect to be, but I think that's because I've never been inside such a store before. I walk up to the door, push it open and walk inside. The door closes with a creaking sound which made half the store goggle me when I enter. All I can see are men and most of them just keep staring at me as if I'm an alien. I shrug off the stares and decide to start looking around, genuinely interested in what they sell here.

I see a lot of DVD's with obvious porn content in them, with women on each DVD cover who look just as slutty as I am right now. Only some of them have cum on their face or on their tits. A little further I see all kinds of fetish tools like handcuffs, collars, chains, ropes and the craziest outfits in leather and latex. I see they also have all kinds of vibrators and dildo's. Especially it is the different shapes and sizes of dildos that got my attention, thinking about how they would feel like inside my pussy. I wonder if you could try out dildo's like you can try out clothes...

I almost forget, I'm here on a mission and don't have time to stand here and admire the many toys, so I force myself to get to the store counter. A nerdy bad shaved, skinny, tall guy with dark hair and glasses is standing behind the counter and looking me up and down with a slight grin on his face as I walk up to him. Without any delay I bend over the counter and whisper near his ear "I'd like to give someone a blowjob." He looks me in the eyes for a few seconds and turns away to walk around the counter.

"Come with me," the nerdy store guy says to me. I follow him through the store and sense all men following me into the back while staring at my ass. We reach a door at the end and he opens it, I follow him inside until he suddenly stops. "This room is probably what you're looking for, you can do whatever you want here," he gestures towards the door and without saying anything I go inside...

The room is small. At the end of the room I see a television screen displaying a porn movie, without hearing any sound. I turn around to see the side walls and see several holes in the wall; I turn to the door and see it being shut behind me. Fortunately I'm not claustrophobic, it's just really small and I can hardly turn my ass around in here. Being left alone in the room is making me a little nervous with goose bumps and the room feels a little cool, probably because of the air-conditioning.

In the middle of the room is a small seat to sit on, so I sit down and wait and see what's going to happen while watching the porn movie. The movie showed a scene with one man and one woman having sex in all kinds of positions. While watching I notice myself getting aroused and then suddenly from behind the wall, I hear a voice.

"Take of your panties if you want cocks."

With my mission in mind I decide to do what the voice said and take off my pink panties. I drop them next to the seat and sit down again and see the television screen being shut off. A few seconds later I see movement behind one of the holes and suddenly a big black, not yet fully erect cock appears through the hole. I'm speechless because of the size and also wonder if it's a real cock. I gently touch it underneath and stroke it, as I do this I feel it pulse slightly. It feels real, it feels warm and smells like a real cock.

I have a mission and in front of me is a real cock ready to be devoured. I push my head forward and start licking the tip of this big cock while holding it at the base with my hand. Slowly I feel the cock becoming bigger and I push my head a little bit more forward and start to take the cock inside my mouth. The head is inside my mouth and I start to suck and kiss the tip, slowly moving up and down on this beautiful cock. It's still growing and I push myself away so I can see the entire cock in my little hands.

The view makes me shiver in excitement and I can't wait to get it inside my mouth again. I push forward and put a bit more of this cock inside me and suck it a little harder until I start to move up and down on it in full speed, sucking it hard and taking it a little deeper with each forward movement until I have difficulty breathing. I move my head back off his cock and feel a good amount of my spit dribble down my chin on my chest and legs.

Not caring about the mess I'm making I see a second cock popping out of one of the other holes... Without thinking I move my head towards this big erect white cock and push it into my mouth while keeping hold of the black cock in my hand and jerking it off. My mind now just going blank, not caring about where I am or what I'm doing... Like a mindless bitch enjoying the cock that tastes so good... Sucking it like a proper whore and licking it from the tip to the base, hungry for cum to get out of these big toys.

After 10 minutes of sucking and jerking two delicious cocks I start to wonder when they are going to finally cum; they must be getting desperate for release. While taking a short break I see a third cock, another big black one appear from the wall opposite from the other two cocks. With a horny gaze on the new cock and without thinking I just grab it with one of my hands and start stroking it, while I keep stroking the other two cocks on the other wall, alternating from one to the other. Three fucking cocks just for me... it makes me so wet; my pussy is twitching and needs to be touched. So for a minute I ignore the cocks around me and get myself off while masturbating myself under my skirt. Not wearing panties and a really short skirt makes it really easy to reach myself down there...

So while masturbating I get this crazy idea that only comes to me when I'm this horny. I push the seat away, bring my skirt up over my waist, bend over and with my pussy directed to the delicious cock I push it inside my pussy. I feel it slide in slowly, getting accustomed to the size and then slide in a bit more... Feeling cock inside my pussy is so good, that I keep a good grip on it as if my life depends on it. After a minute I can feel my ass cheeks against the wall, telling me I can't go any further.

While I have my pussy filled with a big black cock, I'm looking straight towards the two cocks in front of me touching my slutty looking face. I grab them, one cock in each hand and open my mouth and take one deep inside my throat. I notice doing this made the cock in my pussy slide out a little bit which feels really good. My pussy needs to be fucked... HARD. I move my whole body backwards and forwards causing my mouth and pussy to be fucked simultaneously. Sucking cock while being fucked is just so amazing; going slow first but now I need it harder...

I go back and forth more rapidly taking cock deep in my mouth, switching between the two in front of me. As I go faster, I feel my pussy being fucked harder and harder. The cock in my pussy seems to hit me deeper and I'm sure it must have grown a little bit more since it entered my pussy. The inside of the room is starting to smell like sex; the room feels hot and damp and I listen to myself moan and suck while I hear my pussy slam on the black cock in my pussy with every thrust I make.

All my senses are going wild and not caring anymore about anything, I start to suck and fuck like a wild animal... I go crazy over the sensation of cock sliding into my pussy while sliding the cock out of my mouth... and then feeling the cock sliding out my pussy while taking cock deep in my mouth again. I try to take cock in my mouth as deeply as possible so the cock in my pussy is making big strokes... This is a really good feeling. Getting myself off is all I'm thinking about while pleasing these huge cocks. My face is a mess, my saliva is all around my mouth and chin, my ponytail is getting a little loose and my pussy is feeling filled more than ever before... But I'm feeling so good and need to cum so badly...

I really need to cum now and I just want to have their cum... I don't care where or how; I want to get them off like they are getting me off. I can't see them but I know they must be close by the feeling of their cocks in my pussy and mouth.

"Fucking cum all over me you dicks," I shout in between my moans.

Not even a minute later, I feel hot spurts getting shot into my pussy, realizing I'm getting a cumshot inside my snatch, giving me a messy creampie. This cock is still going in and out of my pussy while I suck these other two delicious cocks. All of a sudden the cock in my mouth spurts all its sperm on my tongue and inside my mouth... The taste of cum and the feeling of cum inside my pussy is making me explode with an orgasm. While I'm coming hard I can barely feel the hot sperm hit my face and spurts in my hair coming from the other cock near my face.

I slowly sit down on the seat with a big smile on my horny face. Feeling the cum drip from my cheek I realize that I just got a load of cum on my face from the last cock while I already had a big load of cum in my mouth and inside my pussy. I keep the cum in my mouth because I expect my friend to be outside, waiting for me to see if I actually did it, and I'd love to show it to her. I get up and leave the sex smelling room, walking into the store where I was earlier. Men are watching me, and seeing their horny looking faces gets me wet all over again. I wonder if any of these guys were responsible for fucking me so good in there. Getting wet in the middle of the store makes me realize I would let them gangbang me right here in the middle of the store, if they wanted to fuck me now. But all I'm getting is horny stares while I seductively walk out of the store into the street...

The look of me must be unforgettable for my friend. I am standing right in front of her in the middle of the street. Traces of cum running down my leg from under my skirt, traces of cum on my cheeks and in my messed up hair and ponytail, looking like a cheap fucked up whore. I look at her with a big grin and she looks back with a surprised funny look. I open my mouth to show her the cum I kept in my mouth and I see her eyes getting larger which is exactly how I wanted her to react like! With open mouth I gargle it in my mouth and then swallow it... like a dirty horny cumslut.

Mission Accomplished!

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What a delicious girl.

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