My First Halloween Party


I stripped off all my clothes, taking the time to fold them like I had been taught. My little monster was starting to rise again as I opened the nylons and pulled them on. It was a sensual feeling that I hadn't been expecting and my cock gave a little lurch as I ran my hands along my legs. Could I really go through with this in front of my mother?

I forced the thoughts from my mind and grabbed the bra, noticing that it hooked in front. I wondered if mom bought that special for me to make it easier or if it was one of hers. I brought it to my nose and inhaled, her perfume fresh on the soft material, an affirmation of her ownership. I felt even naughtier as I slipped it on, knowing that she had worn it recently and not washed it for me.

I stepped into the dress, a little more snug than it had been Sunday night when I first tried it on. I adjusted the front and then reached back and pulled up the zipper. I glanced in the mirror and noticed how well I filled it out. Having inherited my mother's round ass had always been a plus for me with the ladies, but now it looked even better than in tight jeans.

"Everything alright in there?" mom quizzed, evidently worried that I couldn't dress myself.

"Doing fine, mom. Be out in a minute."

I grabbed the wig and situated it properly on my head while looking in the mirror. To me, my face still looked like a guy's and my chest needed a little help, but the rest of me didn't look to bad. I slipped on the pumps and they were almost a perfect fit. A little narrow but the length was right. I guess Aunt Alice did have boats for feet. I took a deep breath and opened the door, the anticipation once again building along with the throbbing piece of meat between my legs.

The heels were only a half inch and I found them fairly easy to walk in as I strolled back to the kitchen. Mom was just finishing her first beer and set the bottle down slowly as her eyes traveled up from my feet to my face.

"Wow. Well the body's almost right. We'll need to fill that bra with something and try the make-up to be sure. I'd still shave my legs if I were you." She was studying me, checking my legs and butt, then my top and wig.

"Any idea what you want to fill your bra with?" she asked. "I've got oranges or you could try pair of your father's socks," she offered.

"I was thinking water balloons. They should bounce around like silicone implants if I fill them right. I brought a bag of balloons with me just in case," I said. "If anyone gives me a hard time at the party, I can just whip them out and throw them at them."

"That's a great idea," she laughed. "Why don't you fill them up and I'll get my make-up kit."

I downed half my beer before going to the sink and filling the balloons, making sure both were about the same size and tied tightly. I lifted the top of the dress and placed each one inside the bra, adjusting them so the balloon opening was away from my skin and towards the material of the bra. I stepped back over to the table and the jiggle felt right as I sat down and polished off the rest of my brew.

My manhood was stretched down the leg of my pantyhose now, and I could feel it dripping down my leg. I hoped it would stay in one place and not go down far enough for mom to notice.

She came back with her kit and stopped, her eyes going straight to my chest. She started to get that hungry look that Amy had on Sunday night.

"That is a definite improvement, honey. They fill it out and spread at the same time. Great idea."

She grabbed two more beers and set the kit down on the table. She pulled her chair directly in front of mine and positioned her legs outside mine so she could get closer. She had to raise her skirt to do this and it was now open almost to her crotch.

My cock gave a little lurch as I imagined what her snatch looked like and my blood pressure rose as I thought that I might actually see it if she kept moving around. What are you thinking you fool? She's your mom. Stare straight ahead and stay focused. My conscience admonished me every way possible until I lifted my eyes and looked straight ahead.

Straight into those crystal blue eyes. I remembered looking into to those as a child and how warm and secure I felt. They still made me feel warm, but not in a childish way. She was spreading the make-up on my face, her hand passing in front of my eyes and breaking the trance I was in. She started to smooth it out with her fingers, her touch now electric in my heightened state.

I looked at her inviting lips, most of the lipstick worn off from drinking, but there was still a very sexy shade of pink and I wanted desperately to lean forward and kiss her in a manner not befitting a mother and son. She brushed some powder on me next.

"Close your eyes sweetie. Don't want to get anything in there and I'll be doing your eyes next anyway."

My hard rod was pulsating now and I could feel the precum flowing down my leg. She moved in closer and I could smell her perfume again which didn't help my situation at all. I felt myself getting light-headed and reached out to steady myself, my right hand finding her left thigh.

"You alright honey?" she asked, true concern in her voice. "You look a little flushed."

"I'm fine mom. Just feels a little warm in here. Maybe if I sip my beer I'll cool down a little."

She stopped for a moment, a slight chuckle escaping her lips, an indication that I didn't have her fooled one bit. I downed about half the bottle and took a deep breath. I did feel cooler and I think my normal color started to return.

Mom went back to work as I closed my eyes again. I could feel what felt like pencils and brushes and she alternated the instruments of my demise.

I placed my hand back on her thigh to steady myself but got no response from her this time. Her leg felt warm as she finished my eyes and started drawing an outline on my lips. Her left hand touched my face as she tilted my head back slightly to apply the lipstick. The smell of her perfume, the light touch of her hand, and now the sensuous feeling of the satin lipstick being smoothed on my lips was causing the pressure to build down below and I knew if we didn't break soon, I was going to blow like a geyser and probably be forever banned from this house.

Mom stopped and took a hold of the hand I had on her thigh as she stood up. I stood up, opening my eyes and looking at those beautiful blue eyes again. They had a look of longing, no hunger, in them as she continued to appraise her work. She let go of my hand and stepped back.

"Damn but you're beautiful. Ahem, sorry about the language sweetie. Let's get you into the bedroom and see if we can do something with that wig."

While mom was clearly flustered, she was still more in control than I felt at that moment. I could feel my throbbing manhood pushing against the dress and knew it was tented out. Fortunately, mom was currently fixated on my face and didn't notice.

As I followed her into the bedroom I couldn't help but notice an exaggerated wiggle of her mesmerizing hips. She had to be feeling similar thoughts as mine and that idea only stoked my fire more. I sat on the bed facing the mirror as she climbed onto the bed behind me, brush in hand, and started stroking the hair.

She styled it so it spread a little more right to left and it seemed to balance better with my face. My face! I looked into the mirror not recognizing the slutty bitch that was staring back at me. There was enough eye make-up for me to be doing a photo spread for a trashy porn rag. My skin looked flawless and my lips glowed a deep red like Jessica Rabbit.

Mom dropped the brush and placed her hands on both sides of my face, twisting it left, then right as she admired her handiwork. Her nostrils flared as she let her hands brush against my ears sending chills down my spine.

She lowered her lips to my ear, kissing softly as I heard a throaty voice say, "You look good enough to eat."

My cock lurched again and I wanted so badly to just turn around and take her, but she is my Mom! Her face was against mine as we looked at each other in the mirror and she wrapped her arms around me. I was a quivering tower of mush as I sat still staring at the two beautiful women in the mirror. My mind was telling me that I could fuck either one of them, the reality that I was one of them still not settling into my brain.

Mom hugged me tight and kissed my cheek before lowering her arms and grabbing both of my faux tits in her hands and shaking them wildly, laughing in that mom way that I had become so accustomed to over the years. I had to laugh with her, falling back on the bed and pulling her down with me. Our faces just inches apart, I pulled her closer and kissed her right on the lips, still laughing. She stopped laughing and her eyes told me everything I needed to know.

She leaned forward, taking the lead as she kissed me deeply, a kiss of lovers, of incestuous lovers. I was burning up trying to control the pressure building in the pantyhose as I my cock strained and slid along my soaking leg. I slipped my tongue between her hungry lips and she sucked on it hard, and then slid her tongue softly against it, a duel in the dark.

My cock was aching as the cum exploded against the tight nylon hose, soaking out through and I was sure spotting the dress. I grabbed my mother's round bottom and pulled her hard against the towering geyser between us, the pressure causing a second flood of juices to spurt forth as stars covered my complete field of vision. I held her tight, my schoolboy crush finally realized, with an endless stream of cum exiting a cock that refused to die.

She pushed back but softened the kiss, realizing what just happened and for once in her life, not sure how she should respond. We continued to kiss softly for several minutes as my body returned to normal, the eight inch monster retreating back into the pantyhose to hide.

"I love you mom. I know you think that's wrong, but it's just the way I feel. You are a beautiful, vibrant woman who deserves the best things in life."

"Honey, I have the best thing in life. God gave me you and I have been forever grateful. But you and I both know this is wrong and right now we both have spouses, regardless of how we may feel about them. "She grabbed some tissue off the nearby nightstand and lifted my dress, trying to sop up the mass of white goo that seemed to be everywhere. She grabbed more tissues and pulled my cock from the hose, the first time she had touched it since I was small child. It grew instantly at her touch and she squeezed more cum from the head and wiped it clean.

She tucked it back inside and looked at me, a stern motherly look on her face. "You had better strip the clothes off and hop in the shower. Der Furher will probably be wondering where you are. And it's a work day for both of us tomorrow." I wanted to return the favor to her but I knew she was still conflicted about her feelings so I thought this might give her a chance to mull over our options.

I unzipped the dress, pushing it over my hips and allowing it to fall to the floor. My long cock was perfectly outlined against translucent material of the nylons. Mom watched like a starving POW eyeing a perfectly cooked steak as I lowered the nylons. I knew there wasn't much hope of salvaging them so I wasn't too gentle as I pulled them off, fully exposing my manhood to my mother. She stared longingly but made no move to assist me. I removed the wig and tossed it on the bed. Mom unsnapped the bra for me and she kissed me on the neck and shoulders before pushing me away and getting up to gather my clothes.

I used her make-up pads to get most of the stuff off my face, then hopped in the hot shower and used a wash cloth to get the rest. I scrubbed every inch of my body almost torturing myself as I did it. Once done, I toweled off and wrapped it around my waist to head back to the bedroom where my normal clothes waited. Mom had taken my costume and I heard the washer start in the basement as I dressed back up into my suit, not bothering with the tie in my pocket.

When she came back upstairs, I gave her another deep kiss, but she stopped it and stepped back. "A lot has happened tonight darling. Why don't we both just think on it for a few days and we can talk about it in more depth once your party is over." I knew she was right, nodded in agreement and headed out the door.

When I got home, Amy was waiting. "Well how did it look?"

"I was the sluttiest whore this side of Vegas." I said it like I knew there could be no other outcome.

"It was a lot of work and I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed now." I kissed her cheek and left the room before she could say anything. She may have suspected something was wrong, but she didn't bother to respond.

I slept like a baby that suffers from night terrors. I kept picturing my mom and I having sex and then having a deformed baby nine months later. The alarm clock couldn't ring too early for me. ************************************************

I got a call from mom on Friday to tell me dad was back in rehab. He'd had a nervous breakdown and they wanted to keep him for at least two months. She informed them that it should be long enough for them to find a new place for him to live. She was filing for divorce. She also suggested that Amy and I should be at her house at least two hours before the party Saturday to get ready. I agreed and avoided Amy as much as possible after dinner.

Mom's talk of divorce got me thinking about my own marriage as well as that of my friends. Jack, Billy and I had all grown up in the same neighborhood and had been friends a long time.

Billy was the first to marry, not because he wanted to but because Mary told him they were getting married. Mary was a petite girl with short brown hair and a pretty face and no one that knew her would have suspected that she was a worse shrew than Amy. She had been starring in plays in school and local theatre companies since she was a child and was used to getting her own way.

Billy was just easy going and her personality didn't seem to bother him that much. He always had a joke for her nasty comments and loved going to her plays and hanging around afterwards with the female cast members. He never said if he was getting any action from it, but it would explain why he didn't care that he rarely had sex with Mary.

Jack thought he was a comedian. He had more one-liners than Henny Youngman. He was a little shorter than me but also a little more muscular and liked to be the leader of the group. For some reason, he enjoyed picking on his wife Diane much like Amy did with me. I think he was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he married some one more attractive than he was.

Diane was a gorgeous blonde about two inches taller than Jack which made her almost my height. Her breasts and hips were perfectly proportioned to the rest of her frame and she looked great in a bikini. Her shoulder length blonde hair framed her angelic face which rarely had any make-up except for a light coating of lipstick. She had a sweet personality and everyone loved her. She was the girl that every guy wished they had married. She tolerated Jack's jokes and put-downs in public, but when they were alone she would put him in his place.

We had taken one group vacation once and Diane and I always seemed to be paired together in pleasant conversation while the other four were arguing and slamming each other with insults. Amy and Mary were always at odds with Jack about what the group should be doing next. Billy usually played peacemaker.

Saturday came around and I awoke early and went into the bathroom. I decided to shave my legs and get that out of the way, placing a towel on the floor and using my old electric razor as I watched the pile of hair that ended up on the towel. I felt my legs expecting nice smooth skin but it was all stubbly and I knew I had to use my regular razor. The sharp blade could now glide easily over the stubble just like shaving my face. The skin was baby-butt smooth after and I felt my erection grow as my fingers tickled the sensitive nerves.

I kept trimming hair, doing my balls and most of the area around my engorged prick. I wanted to jerk off badly, but resisted and finished cleaning up and got dressed. Amy was just waking up as I finished my breakfast and headed outside to start my fall raking.

I found myself anxious and somewhat exhilarated by what was going to be happening that night. My daydreams carried me past lunch as I kept raking leaves all day not realizing what time it was until Amy called to me.

I quickly ran into the bathroom for a shit, shower, and shave. I used Amy's deodorant, the sweet smell getting a rise out of me once again. I pushed that idea from my brain and pulled on the clean clothes I had brought in with me. I walked out of the bathroom to find Amy already dressed in my baseball uniform, her hair pinned and tucked neatly under the cap. But even her small breasts stood out against the stretchy uniform material and I told her so.

I got an old ace bandage I had and had her raise the uniform up so I could wrap it around her. In my heightened sexual state, even her small breasts and hardened nipples got a rise out of me and I fondled one before she loudly protested. I wrapped the ace bandage around her, probably a little tighter than it needed to be, and hooked it. She lowered the top and tucked it back in now looking very much like a scrawny ball player. The scowl on her face and lack of any make-up gave her a gruff appearance.

We grabbed the food and drinks we were taking to the party and headed over to mom's house to get me ready. Mom met us at the door wearing tight pink shorts and a white tank top with no bra. Her large firm breasts stood out proud and stretched the material to its limits. Even Amy was looking at her differently.

"Hey babe, wanna go to party tonight?" Amy drawled, trying her hardest to sound like a guy. She slipped an arm around mom's waist and pulled her close like she was going to kiss her. But mom pushed her back.

"Sorry Dude, but my heart belongs to another," mom countered as she came over to hug me. Her nipples sent chills through me as she ground them into my chest like a stripper would during a lap dance. I separated from her and then stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. My turn to grind as the hard-on she created was now between the lovely cheeks of her ass.

"Yeah, sorry Dude," I said to Amy. "She's my girl." Mom was blushing as I kissed her cheek and turned and jogged to the bedroom. The clothes were laid out just like Tuesday night. I shut the door and quickly stripped, the anticipation rapidly building inside me. My cock was standing out straight and I gave him a few quick rubs thinking about burying him between mom's cheeks again.

I pushed those thoughts from my mind again and picked up the lacy, black bra, getting it in place and hooking the front clasp. I stepped into the dress and zipped it up like I had been doing this for years. I sat on the bed and rolled the stockings, then pulled them over my smooth skin, shivers coursing through my body from the sensuous feeling. As I pulled them over my once again growing beast, I decided to push him up against my belly instead of having him grow down my leg and risk tenting the dress.

I gently picked up the wig and placed it on my head, my fingers giving it a few pulls here and there to get it to look like the styling mom had done before. I slipped on the patent leather pumps and headed out to the kitchen to finish my look. Mom had the water balloons already and came over to place them in my bra. Her fingers roamed more than was necessary as she got them properly positioned, a hungry grin on her face as she looked up at me.

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