My First Halloween Party


"Have you done this before?" I asked.

"No, but it sure was turn-on," she replied. "I'm dripping now."

"Look, maybe we can get together later this week. I'm not promising anything. We both need to think about this and how it could affect our futures."

"Sure, I understand," she said rolling the pantyhose back up and leaving my once again stiffening rod pointed towards the heavens.

She wiped a little of the lipstick smears from my mouth and gave me a quick peck, then led me out to the door. We hugged at the door and I went out to the car. Missy opened her door and slid over next to Billy making room for me in the front seat. The cool fall air was rushing up under my short dress and I wondered how girls ever wore dresses in the winter time. With the nylons providing almost no friction, the dress slid way up when I sat down leaving my sexy legs and apparently my crotch exposed.

Billy didn't say anything, just backed out of the driveway and headed towards my mom's.

"You know, Missy is really hot for a threesome tonight if you're up for it." Missy slid a hand over my crotch and I was quickly back to a full bone and enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing up and down.

"Maybe another time," I replied. Missy started to remove her hand but I grabbed it and put it back on my hard-on. She had a hurt look on her face at the rejection. I turned her head towards me and kissed her, a deep warm kiss. She slid her tongue into my mouth and I felt my cock jerk a little. I just wanted her to know that I wasn't bowing out of her plans because she wasn't attractive enough.

Billy was now furiously trying to open his pants while driving, so I had took Missy's hand and told her to help him instead. She had his pants open in a flash and was stroking his meat. She turned and leaned down to give him another blow job, presenting her cute tiny ass to me. It was easy to move her thong over and slide a finger inside her. She was dripping wet and I pulled my finger back out and started sliding it against her clit.

I plopped my thumb inside her and began massaging her G-spot (or at least what I thought was her G-spot) while still fingering her clit. She stopped sucking Billy's dick as her breathing quickened and she started screaming, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

I pulled my fingers out and she sat back up, still breathing hard. She turned, and then straddled me, kissing me passionately while her hands searched for my cock. Billy was having a hard time watching the road.

"Hey, what about me?" he pleaded, his stiffened prick waving in the air.

"We're almost at the house Billy. Just watch the road." I took her hands off my prick and moved them to my boobs, feeling a little like the slut they had dressed me up to be. She laughed as she played with the squishy balloons.

Billy pulled into the driveway of my mom's house and Missy climbed off me. His rod was still sticking straight up but the purple head was now glistening with moisture.

"Thanks for the ride. Maybe you two should take care of that problem before heading back into traffic," I suggested. They were humping away before I was in the house.

Mom was waiting for me wearing her short, white satin robe and it looked like nothing else. She came over to me and gave me a big hug. As I wrapped my arms around her it confirmed that she had nothing on underneath.

"Your make-up is messed up," she offered. "And isn't Billy coming in to say goodnight?"

"Billy is a little busy right now. Want to watch?"

I went over to the window and opened the curtain a little and mom peeked out. Missy was riding Billy hard and I heard mom gasp. The back of her robe exposed part of her naked butt as she was leaned forward to watch kids fucking. I moved in behind her, raising my dress and allowing my nylon encased cock to rub up against her naked crack. She moaned, pushing back against me while still watching them fuck outside.

"You sure you really want to be doing this Joey?" "As sure as I have ever been in my life mom," I replied, pulling my hard cock out and sliding it from her clit to her asshole and back again. She spread her legs and I eased the angry purple head inside her. She was surprisingly wet and she pushed back again taking even more inside her. Between Diane and Missy and this slutty outfit I was wearing, I was pretty worked up and ready to blow. I started to get into a steady rhythm, pounding her hard.

Mom sensed how close I was and pulled away and closed the curtain. She dropped her robe and lay down on the kitchen table. I put my cock back inside her and started slamming her again while I diddled her clit. She locked her legs behind me and squeezed me closer forcing shorter, faster strokes. The tingling started in the head of my cock and quickly spread to every nerve ending in my body as the cum rushed forth splashing against her cervix.

I held my cock in place as I felt mom's cunt grip tightly as her own orgasm was exploding. Her eyes closed and her back raised up as her body stiffened. She started to relax her back and her legs were pulling me close again. Still hard, I started pumping her and reached down to diddle that large nub again. This quickly sent her over the edge as a second orgasm quickly washed over her body.

A she started to come down again, she sat up and we kissed. It was a kiss of lovers and not a mother and son. The incestuous act may have increased our passion, but it also increased our love for each other.

I pulled my cock out, cum dripping from it onto the floor. Mom reached down and ran her hand over it, taking some of the goo and raising it to her lips. She sucked her fingers into her mouth as I started to fondle those wondrous breasts that still defied gravity. They were soft yet firm and the turgid nipples had been hard since I first walked in the door.

It was an act I had played out in my fantasies occasionally as I masturbated as a teen, but now that it was really happening, it was more exciting and sensual than I had ever dreamed. Her skin was softer than Amy's, her breasts significantly larger, and her face more beautiful.

"Honey, as sexy as you are in that dress, I really think it's time you removed it and wiped off the make-up. Then we can do this again as a real man and woman."

I pulled off the wig and unzipped the dress, letting it fall down my body, tickling my legs as it passed over the stockings. I reached up removing the balloons and tossed them into the kitchen sink while mom unhooked the bra. She sucked my flat breast into her mouth, nibbling on the tiny nipple as it became erect. I didn't have time to remove the make-up; I had to have her again.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, my cock thickening again and poking out the top of the stockings. I put her down on the bed and climber on top of her. The nylons rubbing between our flesh was making me quiver and the reason I didn't want to remove them. It was a new and exciting feeling and I was enjoying every thrilling minute of it.

I sucked her lower lip between mine and ran my tongue softly along it. She then did the same with my upper lip before our tongues started sliding back and forth, a prelude of what was to come for our sexual organs. I moved lower to kiss her neck, her perfume filling my brain and causing some goo to ooze out my cock head and onto her flat tummy.

I nibbled her ear and then sucked her earlobe, tonguing and biting softly. Her fingers started raking softly down my back, the shivers returning again and more clear liquid oozed out. I moved lower kissing her chest, eventually finding her ample breast flesh, kissing it softly until I found the long hard nipple protruding from the white mound of flesh. I sucked it hard and she grabbed my head running her fingers through my hair.

Everywhere she touched me caused my body to quiver helplessly. I squeezed the other breast as I started to kiss my way down her body. Her tummy was flat and taut as I found the puddle of ooze I had left their earlier. I licked up the salty liquid, dipping my tongue into her cute navel. I could feel her body start to quiver now.

I kissed lower, encountering the thin wiry pubic hair of her landing strip. It was a slightly darker shade of blonde than her head, but I figured her hair was colored when it was styled.

She smelled musky, her excitement leaking out like mine had been doing. I lapped it up lovingly, running my tongue over her clit and down through her moist slit. She started to moan as I shifted position, moving my hips back towards her head. I could now move my tongue down her slit all the way to her clean brown hole.

She moaned louder and pulled my leg to get me to straddle her head. I took the hint, positioning my cock directly over her mouth. She pulled it down to her waiting lips as I captured her clit between my satiny lips and began to suck lightly while my tongue danced across it. She was groaning now as she sucked my throbbing tool deep into her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled down more shoving my cock down her throat, a brief vision of Tammi came into my brain as the chills ran through my body.

I nibbled her clit softly, and then did a machine gun flicker of her clit with my tongue. The rapid motions had her hips rising as she convulsed in another climax. She had to let my cock escape to get oxygen back into her body. Her breathing ragged, I sat up and turned around, positioning myself between her spread open legs.

I diddled her clit with my purple monster and she came again in a matter of minutes. She grabbed my ass and pulled me forward, my pulsating tumescence sliding easily into her moist tunnel.

We had a rhythm going in seconds and I precipitously close to another explosion as I pummeled her lovely body. We kissed deeply, her perfume finding its way to my flared nostrils and pushing me over the edge, boiling hot liquid shooting deep into her and splashing against her cervix.

I continued to pump into her even after the flow of cum had stopped and she came once again, grabbing me tight as her body convulsed. Our breathing was a deep gasp as we searched for air. I kissed her softly, then franticly afraid that this could end our relationship.

I need not have worried. Mom was calm as she slowed our kissing and looked me in the eye.

"It's alright Joey. Everything we did is alright. We are two adults, deeply in love and overcome by lust. I realize you will be attracted to other women, but as long as you are attracted to me, we can continue to do this."

"I'm going to ask Amy for a divorce mom. I just can't take her attitude anymore. Would you mind if I moved back home?"

"Mind? I would expect it. This is the generation of the boomerang babies, isn't it?" She was smiling knowing she was getting her little boy back, only he was a man now, more of a man than his father had been.

"When are you going to tell Amy?" she asked.

"I'll wait until tomorrow. She's having sex with Mary right now and I wouldn't want to interrupt them."

"Really? How do you know?"

"I could tell by her voice on the phone when I called her earlier. I interrupted them."

"Might help your divorce if you had pictures. If you went home now you could catch them in the act."

"Or she could come back and try to get evidence against us. It's not worth the risk. She can have the house and the mortgage. I just want you."

"I love you Joey."

"I love you to mom. I guess they were all wrong then. You can go home again."

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